Friday Funny – Bonus Edition

Josh was amused by the caveman reference I made to the Geico commercial Hockey stick falsification – so easy a caveman kid can do it. Here’s his take on it: Advertisements


Hurricanes and Global Warming – Opinion by Chris Landsea

While I was looking into Chris Landsea’s recent activities, I came across a new essay that is a pleasant change of pace from the Climategate Emails. While it is definitely an opinion piece, and a wonderful example of how to disagree without being disagreeable, it’s also a great resource for our current understanding of hurricane…

Climate Science and "The Cause"

One of the very first things noticed on WUWT about the Climategate 2.0 emails is the use of the phrase “The Cause” by writers of the emails. Science is supposed to be about cause and effect, causality, etc, not an advocacy of a position in the name of a cause. Elmer at M4GW offers this…