Repeat after me… I [state your name]

Hilarious video clip of climate crusader turned opportunistic occupier Bill McKibben leading a flock of protestors in chant.

It reminds me of this classic scene…

h/t to The Daily Bayonet who named McKibben “hippie of the week”. Kenji got props too.

BTW, those wiggly five fingers in the air you see behind McKibben are “twinkles”, which is hippie sign language for “I agree”.




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Hu Bris

reminded me more of this

“We’re all individuals” . . . “I’m not”


The the guy guy is is an an idiot idiot.



Mike McMillan

November 2012

G. Karst

Sounds like a priest leading his congregation in prayer. Can anyone doubt that we are witnessing a new wave religion, with gaia paganism at it’s center. Are any of these followers capable of speaking and thinking for themselves. Like the Hare Krishna(s), protein starvation (vegan diet?), seems to be an element affecting cognitive capacity. Warmist have finally filled me with alarm, for the future of a liberty enabling civilization.GK

Mike Bromley the Kurd

Now Now Be Be Nice Nice! No no Calling Calling idiots idiots idiots idiots!
“BTW, those wiggly five fingers in the air you see behind McKibben are “twinkles”, which is hippie sign language for “I agree”.”
And here I thought it was the secret salute of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster….


Oh lord, I am so glad that I am hundreds of mile from this nonsense. On the other hand, being there to heckle this crap, could be a moment of destiny for the right person…

TBear (Warm Cave in Cold-as-Snow-Sydney)

Are you guys in the USA not just a little bit embarrassed by this?
Wow. What a moron.

Warren in Minnesota

I thought the twinkle is a sarcastic comment in sign language meaning “Ooo la la, fuddy duddy” as said by Ralph Cramden.


If it’s true that the company building the pipeline got to choose who conducts the environmental review, then I believe that has to be changed. I find this similar to- let’s say- conducting an investigation into Climategate without consulting a skeptic, to name an example.
Also, that is 1.37 rallies a day, which makes me think that the term “rallies” is being used rather loosely.
On a funnier note: after overhearing the video my girlfriend (who is liberal and doesn’t hold any strong views on climate change) turned to me and said, “Is that a parody?” I feel that sums up the way I feel about McKibben nicely.


He thinks it is all about him.

I got as far as the rigged environmental impact statement. So this Bozo is upset that they hired a consulting firm, they had used before, to do the environmental reports required by the government? HMMM, been doing that for 3 decades.
Yes, Tbear, we are a bit embarrassed by this. We are a lot more disgusted with the way the press and the pols are handling it.

Steve Oregon

This is all very good news.
The lunatics are exposing their insanity to the world like never before. With the ease of immediate and global sharing they are quickly moving beyond losing all respect and credibility. With this obviously happening more frequently, by more of them, they are entering the foyer to the institution of the absurd where history will hold them forever.

Baa Humbug

Is it me or are the likes of McKibbon, Ove Hugh Goldberg and Clive Hamilton all look alike?


Bill, could you please repeat that last sentence?

John Wright

Raise your right hand, open your wallet and repeat after me: – “Help Yourself”.
BBC Radio, Goon Show: “Tales of Old Dartmoor” (I think); 195(?).


Finally, finally, it will be “game over for the climate”. I’ve been waiting for years.


That 5-finger “I agree” looks very similar to what people in gospel churches do when they’re agreeing with the preacher, by the way.
This is not to say that there are any similarities between political indoctrination and religious indoctrination. Why would I imply that?

Gary Hladik

(sigh) A mind is a terrible thing to waste.


Bill McKibben, the man who helped convince Julia Gillard to introduce the Carbon Tax. This country is in deep do-do’s.


Seems someone has leaked a bunch of e-mails about this “grassroots” movement.
The whole this is a staged joke. E-mail seems to keep leaking from all these groups hehe maybe they should go green now and stop using it.

Stephen L

I’m as down on McKibben as the next person, and don’t buy the global warming myth, but still there is this to consider: A story that got buried said that the authorities wouldn’t let these people have bullhorns, so that is why they resorted to the bizarre cult-sounding repetition. They can’t be THAT out there, can they?

Lew Skannen

This is hilarious. Judging by the accents I hear it seems that once again American jobs (parrotting speeches in this case) are being outsourced to immigrants.

Mike D in AB

As mentioned on another forum (possibly smalldeadanimals) the chanting masses act as a megaphone for the central speaker. Assuming that there’s more than 20 of them, it will help the folks outside the inner prayer circl……er, group hear what the main speaker has to say. Regardless, it still reminds me of Hu Bris’ link more than anything else.

Cole Burner

Is there an anti or negative “twinkle”? If so, would it put you at risk of a repeatative strain injury?

Jimmy Haigh

I watched 21 seconds of it before I couldn’t take it any more. They were doing OK until they had to recite: “…that the company building that tar sands pipeline…”
And why is the guy to McKibben’s left not joining in the chants? He looks pretty serious – maybe he’s too cool to chant.


It’s only slightly less strange when you know the repeating is their “human PA system”.

Eric Anderson

If the pipeline gets built, it is “game over for the climate,” says McKibben. And this is the conclusion of the objective scientists, he states.
Wow, one large infrastructure project and the climate is doomed. It is not even about rational argument anymore . . .

So, what was gained by having the audience repeat the gospel according to McKinnen? Learning device? Help keep the audience awake? Bill just likes to hear his words? Make the You Tube clip twice as long?

Anthony… your late to the party…. Blogged on this last week!!!! 🙂

D. King

Occupy Home Depot?

Jimmy Haigh

I tried to watch it all – honest. i couldn’t take more than 1 minute 20 seconds of it. It’s toe curlingly awful – a bit like the “Borat” movie.

The most disturbing and perplexing thing about this whole group is their primitive GROUPTHINK where the “leader” recites and the others repeat.
It is really bizarre. And apparently endemic among their species. They are doing it all over.
[Personally….I don’t give a f*** as to how GOOD a speaker you are. Don’t care if you are Henry the 5th or Churchill. You recite….and I am NOT going to repeat afterword. Just not gonna do it.]
Observe the same weird phenomenon in DC recently. PS this video is also funny.
Get ’em Adam.

Norfolk, VA, USA

Jimmy Haigh,
Unfair to Borat! He was making fun of himself while McKibben is deadly serious.


G. Karst says:
October 16, 2011 at 8:12 pm
“Sounds like a priest leading his congregation in prayer. Can anyone doubt that we are witnessing a new wave religion, with gaia paganism at it’s center. Are any of these followers capable of speaking and thinking for themselves. Like the Hare Krishna(s), protein starvation (vegan diet?), seems to be an element affecting cognitive capacity. Warmist have finally filled me with alarm, for the future of a liberty enabling civilization.”
I happen to be fond of many pagan traditions, and I also favor vegetarianism because I don’t like contributing to the suffering of animals. To speak so disparagingly of paganism is bigoted and unjustified. If Christians and others who ridicule pagans or treat them like devil-worshipers bothered to research their own traditions, they might discover that almost none of them originated with Christianity, but with the very pagan religions and cults Christians later attacked and wiped out, ushering in the Dark Ages. Krishna was one of the models for Jesus; his mythological history provided many of the elements of the Christian gospels. So did Mitha’s. So did Buddha’s. In the field of astrotheology, these “beings” all represent the same thing.
Yes, the global warming scare has turned into a substitute religion for crazy people, but don’t try to disparage it by labeling it pagan. These are not real pagans; they’re political activists cashing in, and wouldn’t know a genuine pagan teaching if someone shoved it down their throats. And in case you missed the news, the current Pope is a True Believer in AGW.


savethesharks says:
October 16, 2011 at 10:22 pm

ahaha, really? they’re in a public place and they don’t want to be filmed? That’s hilarious.
If you’re embarrassed about how absurd your behavior looks to others, don’t behave that way in public. They act like Cops who have something to hide. This is supposed to make me feel like these people believe in freedom?
What a joke these people are.

Dr. Dave

Gosh dang it! Somebody’s got to go back to town and bring back a shitload of dimes!

Dr. Dave

Sorry…forgot the video reference.

WUWT gave a link to “Occupy Wall Street” a couple days after it began. (It was in a comment.)
I followed that link and have watched the movement ever since with a sense I was following something much bigger than a few crazies tripping.
The crazies are there. There is also something much deeper which is having an effect which could become momentous.
Today, Krugman in the N Y Times appears to be saying much of what I feel.
Laugh, sure; but keep up with it just in case it is history in the making. You would not want to miss that.


Crispin in Waterloo

Re Borat
It would be really funny to have Cohen make a parody of climate nonsense. There is SO much material available! “Borat Goes Green.” Maybe it would be better for a certain Austrian fashion personality to take on this subject. It is after all, fashionable in some circles.
PS Loved the reference to “Beyond the Fringe” above. Ah, memories. “So you want to know about the Wa-ar….”

Paranoia, anyone…..?

… or perhaps just a really strong need to be important ….

Jeff D

Repeat after me:
I promise I wont lick the toads anymore

Andrew Harding

It sounds like a parody of someone making their marriage vows (badly)!

Honest ABE

They say they have to do this because the police outlawed using voice amplification….but I could swear I saw a video where they used both voice amplification and this.
Creepy brainwashing cult.


One more time, the repetition is to pass the message out to those who wouldn’t otherwise hear the speaker because they weren’t supposed to use bullhorns. They’re still idiots but not chanters. I wonder if, like the game “telephone” the message changes with each wave of repetition. It might be interesting to hear the last iteration 😉

Americans can be very strange.

Rick Bradford

McKibben has been relying on his Global Warming Weather Rock again.
If the rock is wet, it’s raining (due to AGW)
If the rock is swinging, the wind is blowing. (due to AGW)
If the rock casts a shadow, the sun is shining. (due to AGW)
If the rock does not cast a shadow and is not wet, the sky is cloudy. (due to AGW)
If the rock is not visible, it is foggy. (due to AGW)
If the rock is white, it is snowing. (due to AGW)
If the rock is coated with ice, there is a frost. (due to AGW)
If the ice is thick, it’s a heavy frost. (due to AGW)
If the rock is bouncing, there is an earthquake. (due to AGW)
If the rock is under water, there is a flood. (due to AGW)
If the rock is warm, it is sunny. (due to AGW)
If the rock is missing, there was a tornado. (due to AGW)
If the rock is wet and swinging violently, there is a hurricane. (due to AGW)


Why did anyone think it was a good idea to take a routine from the two biggest comedy films of all time and assume people hearing it would take them seriously?