Clinton's solution for the jobs crisis – painters

UPDATE:  have a look at Clinton’s house below. Yep, that’s the big plan. Paint your roofs white. From the Atlantic: Advertisements


Breaking news! Trees store carbon!

Who would have ever guessed trees store carbon by utilizing the gas of plant photosynthesis, carbon dioxide, and in an “immense, profound” way? From the Institute of Arctic Biology, where they seem to see no positive benefit to this, but worry about fires and insect damages instead. In a previous story, it was shown by…

CERN: "Don't interpret the CLOUD experiment results"

From the Register and Nigel Calder’s blog via bunches of people who submitted in Tips and Notes, hints of a new project, the RCC (Real Climate Collider) /sarc. CERN ‘gags’ physicists in cosmic ray climate experiment What do these results mean? Not allowed to tell you The chief of the world’s leading physics lab at…

Climate scientists need protection from pirates

From the truth is stranger than fiction department… Scientists ask for escort in Indian Ocean due to pirates From the Independent By Roger Maynard in Sydney Scientists are seeking the help of the Australian and US navies to repel Somali pirates who are threatening one of the world’s key climate monitoring programmes.