"Climate Reality" is Al Gore's Gettysburg

Story submitted by Stephen Rasey On  July 12, I wrote a comment cautioning not to underestimate the Gore Climate Reality event scheduled for Sept. 14, 2011.    Mixing metaphors, I said that this was an “All In” bet and that this was Gore’s D-Day. Pickett’s Charge from a position on the Confederate line looking toward the…


Curious summer weather in China

From NTD Television Snow Covers Sichuan State Highway 318 in Summer While people in other regions of China, are enduring the hot summer, a bizarre scene of drifting snow covered the Zheduo Mountain section of the Sichuan State Highway 318 on Wednesday.

Devastating paper on IPCC consensus

I’m pinched for time, so I’ll unashamedly pinch this from Bishop Hill (who I don’t think will mind): A devastating paper by Jane Goodwin on Iowa State university is discussed at Judy Curry’s blog. The subject is the IPCC consensus: