Weekend open thread – What are you doing for the rapture?

Somehow, standing in line for this just doesn’t do it for me. So the world ends tomorrow, May 21st, so some people say. What will you do?

Polar bear population – no change

From CNS News: From that article:

Indirect Solar Forcing of Climate by Galactic Cosmic Rays: An Observational Estimate

By Dr. Roy Spencer, PhD (reprinted from his blog with permission) UPDATE (12:35 p.m. CDT 19 May 2011): revised corrections of CERES data for El Nino/La Nina effects. While I…

Google fails the "Don't be evil" maxim when it comes to climate censorship?

First the background on “Don’t be evil” as reported by Wikipedia: In their 2004 founders’ letter prior to their initial public offering, Lawrence E. Page and Sergey Brin explained that…

Friday Funny – Hansen's Horror Scopes

The motivation for this cartoon comes from this essay on The Hockey Schtick, which was prompted by a post on David Stockwell’s blog Niche Modeling, which I highly recommend bookmarking.