Yesterday it was triangles in the desert…

…today it is arrows carved in the forest.

What is it? Answer here

20 thoughts on “Yesterday it was triangles in the desert…

  1. I was just perusing some Google Earth in Africa. Some interesting stuff out there in the middle of nowhere surrounded by jungle.
    Some of what look obviously like military compounds.

  2. I was taught that if you crash a plane in the desert, and you have to leave the crash site, you draw a big arrow in the direction of your travel. but this one looks a bit OTT…

  3. They spelled the name of the Air Force Base wrong. It should be Eglin, not Elgin. I was there for a bit back in my Air Force days.

  4. At the pointy end there’s a sign with a map and an arrow on it that says “You are here”

  5. And the same thing can be seen at Alexandria Air Force base,which is now closed.Nothing to see here,move on.

  6. What a blast! A gunnery range, no less. Talk about a nice CO2-positive site, love it!

  7. I thought it was the Climate Change Cursor. Point, click, and the climate changes. /sarc

  8. Arrow points to small landing strip and sign saying ‘Last avgas for 3000 miles’.
    If I ever get to be really rich and shameless, I think it could be great fun to make strange things visible from google. Or just an excuse to play with earth moving kit.

  9. A push pin locator for Fun in the Nevada Desert via Google Earth
    Desert Art Work
    In Rachel, Nevada – a few miles to the NNW from "Area 51"

  10. re
    Kelvin Vaughan says:
    May 14, 2011 at 2:24 am
    If you click on it it takes you to a porn site.
    If you have a Hyperlinket “IT” in the text that takes you to a porn site, it is because you have unknown software that was downloaded into your PC likely from just such a site. There is no blue linked “IT” anywhere in the text of the original post or website linked article.

  11. it is often refered to as malware of spamware that creates hyperlinks between unrelated websites and various unrelated text within a webpage and is resident on the PC experiencing the undesired links. For some reason, they think you want the links

  12. Is it a stealthy russian targeting device, to guide soviet era ICBMs to Eglin AFB? If so, it seems to be slightly misaligned with Eglin…
    “Missed it by THAT much, Chief!”

  13. It’s a crop circle rapid deforestation “vector” caused by aliens climate change. The fact that it is shaped like an arrow proves beyond a doubt that it has alien human origings.

  14. there is a similar formation between Foley AL and Pensacola which I remember from my private flying days. currently shown on google maps as Summerdale Nolf. it was shown on vfr sectional charts for 30+ years. from memory, the legs were about 4,200 ft long; which was sufficient for WWII navy fighters to practice touch and go’s. most runways are oriented in a cross or parallels with a crossing runway and the ones in So AL were the only ones I recall with this distinctive delta design.

  15. “Forest Circles” are a lot more tedious to make than Crop Circles, and aliens are notoriously poor at time-management.
    Come back tomorrow, they’ll have more of it finished!

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