Friday funny? Google to take on climate skeptics

I’m not sure whether to laugh or not, but is this just one more reason to use Bing as a search engine without a climate agenda? Maybe we should make it the official search engine of climate skeptics worldwide?

Full story here

Details on the Google Science Communication Fellows program here

The big bucks backed effort rather reminds me of this “B” scifi movie:

What next? Will we get the finger?

Just in case you don’t know where the scene is from, it is the 1978 remake of “Inavsion of the Body Snatchers



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I have been a Bing user for some time now…. Haven’t used Google is over a year.


I wonder when the establishment will understand it’s the message that’s the problem, not the style of communication?

Al Gored

Just read that article, and I must say that, given that site, the comments were surprisingly hostile. As I noted there, Bing is starting to look better all the time and Bill Gates is too smart to swallow the AGW line and has devoted his philanthropy to real issues.


I wonder who controls Google.


Lots of reasons to not use Google. This is just another. Count me in the Bing category too.


Just wait until the become a victim of their own research, realize the issue is far from cut and dry. Can’t wait for that moment of realization!


Their motto: Don’t Be Evil
Being stupid is perfectly acceptable.


Google has started investing in green energy. This is why.

Stephen Richards

I’m deleting google, I don’t use Facebook (Obama financer) or twitter. I don’t need them, I don’t believe they are secure enough for my liking.
Bing will do for the moment.


Remember, a smuck named Gore is on the Board of Directors of Google, on Apple’s also


According to Wikipedia ; Al Gore “is a senior advisor to Google. Gore is also a partner in the venture capital firm, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, heading that firm’s climate change solutions group.”
I note also that ; John Doerr (a director of Google) is also a mover and shaker at Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers.
Here’s what Doerr thinks about Carbon Trading (the account has since been suspended) found here also
Here’s what he had to say ……
“Putting a price on carbon is the most important thing we can do,” Silicon Valley venture capitalist John Doerr told reporters after the meeting of the president’s advisory board. Mr. Doerr, a partner at, Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield & Byers, is one of a number of tech figures who have invested some of the wealth they earned during the Internet boom in clean-energy ventures that could get a boost from the Waxman-Markey proposal.
So it would seem that there are conflicts of interest at Google at the highest levels. Putting propaganda, censorship and profits ahead of democracy?

Rejean Gagnon

Just changed my homepage – no longer google
[Reply: WUWT is an excellent home page! ~dbs, mod.]


“Al Gored says:
March 18, 2011 at 2:23 pm
“…… and Bill Gates is too smart to swallow the AGW line ….”
Sorry to say that Bill Gates HAS swallowed the AGW line ….. see link
I don’t think we can use Bing either ……

John B

Thanks for the heads up – From this moment on I’ve just become a Bing user….


Ok switched to Bing. Will drop Gmail but I have an Android phone synced to the laptop for contacts , phone numbers using the google system, what alternatives do I have?


”The company has come up with an innovative solution to one of the world’s biggest problems,” (Google)
Let me guess… Global warming?


I would use Bing, except its Microsoft. The only company I distrust more than Google is Microsoft. I won’t use Bing.
That said, I’m truly laughing at Google on this one. This is the first true mistake I’ve seen out of that company. I’m thinking this is proof that the Dilbert principle is finally working it’s magic on that company, and the upper ranks of Google finally have some non-critical thinkers.


“…We’re kicking off this effort by naming 21 Google Science Communication Fellows. These fellows were elected from a pool of applicants of early to mid-career Ph.D. scientists nominated by leaders in climate change research and science-based institutions across the U.S. It was hard to choose just 21 fellows from such an impressive pool of scientists; ultimately, we chose scientists who had the strongest potential to become excellent communicators. That meant previous training in science communication; research in topics related to understanding or managing climate change; and experience experimenting with innovative approaches or technology tools for science communication. This year’s fellows are an impressive bunch …”

Al Gored

GBees says:
March 18, 2011 at 2:47 pm
I stand corrected, and disappointed! From that link you posted:
“Then he said something he’s never said before: that is it because he’s committed to improving life for the world’s vulnerable people that he now believes that climate change is the most important challenge on the planet.
Even more importantly, he acknowledged the only sensible goal, when it comes to climate emissions, is to eliminate them: we should be aiming for a civilization that produces no net emissions, and we should be aiming to live in that civilization here in the developed world by 2050.”
Aaargh! Hadn’t heard that one, and haven’t heard anything more like that.
Maybe someone at that meeting slipped some LSD in his mineral water and then forced him to watch the Copenhagen shock film a few times before speaking? Or maybe he has a wife problem like Arnold?


I’m torn by this. I would like to boycott all google products, but OTOH there’s nothing cheaper, accessible and more comprehensive than YouTube to relieve one’s ‘tension’. What’s a man to do?


This is been know for some time william conolley has moved to google after he was fired from wikipedia LOL


Gogle should realize that they may well lose 50% clients because 50% don’t believe in it anymore. I now use yahoo.

is even more secure.


How many on these people are more activist than scientist?
How many have known associations with environmental groups and organisations?
You see that is the problem with such teams they all come with an agenda, they all come with baggage – none of them approach such matters with an open mind.


Anyone else with a youtube account being forced to use Google mail? I refused and my youtube account is now gone for me..


I had a discussion with some brain washed college students about the global warming “problem”.
I laid this out for them. “Okay, let’s just say I’ll give you global warming, that it is true, what do you want to do about it”?
The answers were all many years away from being reality.
So, I laid out a few things that can be done today, right now.
1. Add solar hot water heaters to all buildings. 3 to 5 year payback. Cuts electricity use by 25%.
2. Upgrade all lighting fixtures to use solar lighting and a centralized advanced technology light bulb for nighttime and cloudy days. 5 year payback. Cuts electricity usage by 15%.
3. Replace oil heaters for heating homes with a “green” alternative. Like hot water space heating, or a geothermal heatpump. There are many options here. 7 year payback. Saves many millions of barrels of oil per year. There are 8.1 million houses in the US that are heated with oil.
These three by themselves have a huge payback in terms of electricity usage or oil utilization eliminated.
The college students had zero interest in this because they could not do their little dances and repeat their little chants on “windmills” or “solar panels”. What I was suggesting wasn’t “cool” enough for them. Idiots.


The supreme irony is that the “climate science” camp always talks about failure to COMMUNICATE the science and never about actually DOING the science. I doubt that there’s a single member of the Google Fellows who has ever had a brass-tacks graduate course in thermodynamics or signal and system analysis. And it’s the true soft-science believers–not the hard-core skeptics–that always have grants on their mind. Google is simply funding a theological camp.


I have read a little of the Google article, but what is this Google “fellow”? Is he a jolly good chap, or a simple watermelon?
Since I have been watching the posts on WUWT, I have learnt a great deal, but I have to say that there are only a few scientists who can prefix that nomenclature with “climate”. None are in the IPCC.
One thing that does upset me, is that scientists such as Cox and Rose are being paid to counter the so-called sceptic motion.
The BBC has a lot to answer.


It would take a lot to push me to use Microsquat, but that did it. Bing here I come.


Google you have become to big and arrogant, you should stick to the business of making money, not social engineering, choosing political sides or favoring only warmist AGW version of climate issues, given the sordid history of the Warming crowd that has been well covered on this site and the internet. There are hundreds of millions of us skeptics worldwide and we are growing like a tidal wave. Businesses like Google should always work under the maxim of the customer is always right or at least appear to be neutral, in other words Google keep your stinking nose out of picking sides, winners or losers. This has angered and alienated me no end! I have just converted all 3 of my home browsers and computers to Bing. and come Monday I will start with my company’s computers. Remember Google you ain’t the only game in town and we can and will leave you and every product you try to sell or introduce. It starts with a trickle into a stream, a stream into a river, a river into an ocean.
Adios Google and I don’t mean see you later!

Parse Error

I already tried to switch to Bing earlier this very day, but unfortunately it did much the same thing as I was trying to get away from on Google.

Showing results for what we wanted you to search for. Search instead for what you actually wanted to search for in the first place

Bing just says “including results for [something that has nothing whatsoever to do with what I was searching for],” which makes it sound nicer because it should also give me my real search results. Unfortunately, though, no matter how many pages I go through nothing resembling what I searched for shows up until I go through the same additional step of telling it that yes, I really am interested in getting results for the term or phrase I typed into the box rather than what they decided for me at random.


Been using Bing since it took so long for google to index material on climategate.
’bout 2.5 years I’d say 🙂


A Google fellow is, I believe, somebody like a fellow at the Grantham Institute at the LSE. Basically, Robert Jerremy Grantham of GMO Boston pays their way. A bit of moonbattery there. I know RJGs sister is a medical doctor in the Caribbean, but really Jeremy, you need not use carbon taxes to pay for their stoves. Just get the local dictators to cough up the money. No science background. Sad. And yes, I do know him personally.

Anything is possible

“We are seeing very clearly with climate change that our policy choices are currently not grounded in knowledge and understanding,” said Paul Higgins, a Google fellow and an associate policy director for the American Meteorological Society.
Paul Higgins is 100% correct in this assertion.
Our policy choices are not grounded in a full knowledge and complete understanding of the climate system, for the very good reason that this “Utopia” only exists in the minds of certain climate scientists who are too arrogant and too full of hubris to acknowledge that this is a science still in its’ infancy, and that many crucial uncertainties remain to be resolved.
Until such a time that ALL climate scientists open their minds, and start analysing data in such a way as to let it drive their conclusions, instead of manipulating it and interpreting it such a way as to fit in with their pre-conceptions, then the entire science will continue to be mired in inadequacy.
Not only that, but if nature refuses to co-operate with their world view, and the Earth refuses to warm as CO2 levels continue to increase, then they will deservedly lose all credibility. Politicians, if their climate change policies prove, in time, to be ill-conceived, have the perfect get-out clause : “We only did it because the scientists advised us to.”
Does anyone seriously think, if it comes to it, that politicians will hesitate for a second to throw climate science “under the bus” in order to save their own skins?

It wouldn’t hurt to leave some skeptical replies on the google article. So far there are quite a few. More would help.


I have decided to go back to a previous favourite: Altavista.


Yeah right and Bing isn’t leading to an non free, fully subjective internet in which you get dependent of all sorts of products and to Microsoft alliased organisations. Never will I go to Bing. Instead of whining here get your problems with Google to Google itself. Explain that these “scientists” are in no need of extra help and get yourself some help from Google in order to get an honest debate going. An honest debate is were this site is good at, or not?

Mr Green Genes

Sorry, but I don’t do Microsoft.

The Hobbs End Martian

I’ve absolutely no problem using Goooogle, outside under a couple of patio heaters.

Meh… What Ev’s.
They’re free to do as they like. I get this feeling they are still acting under the assumption that people have still not heard of climate change. They’re still trying to raise awareness to a problem that everyone and their mothers dog is aware of. This smacks of Live Earth pt 2. I bet they won’t get much more traffic than Real Climate. The target demographic has already been defined and tapped by everyone else on the pro-warmist side.

Heh. I stopped using Google in 2009. Spent a couple of weeks comparing search results from assorted engines, and saw how… _selective_ Google’s result were (Yahoo’s bias wasn’t so blatant, as I recall, but its returns weren’t particularly comprehensive; Bing was mediocre). These days, if I really need to research anything, I use a mix of engines. I don’t like Bing for some of the same privacy reasons that Google worried me about even before I saw the search results.
NB- I did open open a Gmail account, not to use, but to prevent someone else opening one using a userid too similar to my name. I try to remember to log in sometimes, so it won’t lapse.

Robert of Ottawa

It’s very strange when a computer company pushes a political agenda upon its customers. BING is an option.

Robert of Ottawa

Hey, altavista, I didn’t know they were still around


“Big Oil” is being replaced by “Big Search.”
These fellows were elected from a pool of applicants of early to mid-career Ph.D. scientists nominated by leaders in climate change research and science-based institutions across the U.S.
Searching for truth.

Gord Richmond

I have long considered Google to be evil (despite their motto, heh!), and avoid using it directly. And I set my “home page” to “none”. Who really needs a home page, anyway?
I have Dogpile set as my default search engine. It’s a search engine aggregator, and they don’t seem to have a political axe to grind. Dogpile does use Google, and Bing, as well as others. I have always been able to find what I’m looking for, if it exists.
[Reply: Why not set WUWT as your home page, and get new science articles every day? You can try it free, limited time offer. See how much you like it!☺ ~dbs, mod.]

richard verney

I have concerns regarding the big brother attitude and invasion of privacy manifested by Google such that I have not used Google for approximately 2 years. I don’t know much about Bing but have been using this as my main search engine for some time now and it seems to work OK.
As other commentators have said, there is something reprehensible about Google seeking to force their political views on others, and it would be some justice if this leads to free thinking individuals boycotting their services.

I prefer

Now it makes sense. Of all the people Google had to choose as a fellow, they chose a former student of the late Dr. Schneider,
Most recently, at the last AGU meeting in San Francisco in December, Dr. Schneider visited the Global Change Education Booth …and also met with his first GCEP GREF student, Dr. Paul Higgins
The picture says it all,
That is about as alarmist as you can get.

Andy G

“We are seeing very clearly with climate change that our policy choices are currently not grounded in knowledge and understanding,”
Wow ! This is sooooo applicable to current Lab/Green policy in Australia !!!