Joe Bastardi resigns at Accuweather after 32 years

From Joe Bastardi’s Fan Page at Facebook:

Farewell to Joe Bastardi who has left AccuWeather after a distinguished 32-year career. We appreciate Joe’s dedicated service to our clients over these many years and wish him luck with all his endeavors. In addition, a hearty congratulations to two great meteorologists who will both be taking on expanded roles — Paul Pastelok is now leader of AccuWeather’s Long-Range Forecasting team and Henry Margusity is taking an expanded role with the Pro site.

We can answer any (reasonable) questions here (at the Facebook page). Thanks for your support over the years.

Further info from

“ community director Jesse Ferrell stated in the AccuWeather forums that he has not spoken to Joe [Bastardi] and does not know his reasoning, or what he is planning to do next.”

And, in the comments section, Jesse Ferrell left a note:  “Can definitively say that his stance on Climate Change did not have anything to do with his departure.”

[Addition by Anthony below]

“Can definitively say that his stance on Climate Change did not have anything to do with his departure.” I’ve been aware of Bastardi’s departure since early last week, and I can second that. It’s simply about economics and workload.

Though, that doesn’t stop Joe Romm from spinning into a “climate related” issue, insinuating that Bastardi was “let go” over Romm’s idiotic postings about Bastardi’s views on climate change. Heh, it’s fun to watch the self delusion going on over there.

No, this is all about new opportunity. Mr. Bastardi can forecast without a net, he doesn’t need Accu-Weather to perform the job, only data.


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a jones

Well WUWT? Anybody.
Kindest Regards

Joe Lalonde

Thanks Ryan!
I hope now that Joe has the time, he parks his butt outside of Al Gore’s joint.


I’ve become addicted to Joe’s posting/videos. Is there still somewhere I can get my fix? Good up to date info. Honesty.


If they say that his stance had nothing to do with it, then it probably was the main reason. 🙁

Tom T

So now Accuweather can be entirely made up of global warming alarmists.


Good luck Joe,
Whither next Sir?
More time for family and training perhaps?

James Sexton

Joe, I hope you’re reading……..I wish you wouldn’t have, but I wish you well in all of your future endeavors. It is my sincerest wish that you stay very active in the climate discussion.
Best wishes,


Stormy Weather.
When we are not together.
When my baby and I are not together.
Stormy Weather, keeps raining all the time.

R. Gates

I don’t agree with Joe’s stance on several key climate issues (not the least of which was his position on the future direction of sea ice extent)…but I respect him and wish him well. Somehow I suspect we’ve not heard the last of Joe…

Eric N. WY

I heard he’s going into pro wrestling…gonna miss the Monday morning sea ice report

Sean Peake

Well, that sucks. Did Al Gore or AOL buy AccuWeather?

Not well treated at Climateprogress
no wonder!


Who owns accuweather? Anybody know?
REPLY: Three brothers: Dr. Joel Meyers, meteorologist, Evan Meyers, meteorologist, and Barry Meyers, attorney.
– I know them personally. Like Joe, I used to work with them. – Anthony


He’s leaving Accuweather for the same reason that LeBron left Cleveland.
Accuweather has never been a big enough outfit to pay him commensurate with his public stature.
watch for it, he’s got a new deal cooking.

Al Marinaro

Why would anybody associated with a lame socialist entity known as the “Climate Progress/ Center for American Progress” funded by Soros and other globalists treat JB with respect? Climate Progress isn’t about science, it’s about a bunch of numb skulls getting hood-winked by Eurocentric Elitists to push environmental regulation, global warming, and carbon taxes.

Bob in Castlemaine

What about a collaborative effort between Joe Bastardi and Piers Corbyn?
Seriously though, the best of luck to Joe whatever his new endeavours may be.

Bryan Short

I was disheartened to hear this as a loyal subscriber to Accuweather Pro for 8 years now.
I also have to agree with Ryan Maue’s reaction to CP. That place truly is full of horrible people who base their fanatical climate religion on dodgy science and inexhaustible panic.
One thing Joe Bastardi did many times that I’ve never seen Romm do… was admit it when he was wrong.
I always point out that I am a proud liberal member of the Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor party… because I think it shows that all political perspectives can respect a great weather forecaster. And as a liberal, I can’t tell you how disgusted I get with Climate Progress. Joe Romm and his legion of panic-ridden alarmist doomsdayers truly are nothing more than a stain of you know what on the underwear of life.


don’t worry folks, he loves doing the weather so much he’ll still be around

Ben U.

Seasons change and all that. Well, I guess that time will tell.
In many a language the same word is used to mean both “time” and “weather.”

Layne Blanchard

Joe, where are you? How am I supposed to get my laughs over “the death spiral”?
Hopefully, you’re busily setting up your own pay service. Please pay us a visit now and then.


Joe, do let us know where you lite. Ryan’s site? How are we really going to know about the weather now?
Joe was the only reason to have any links to AccuWeather that’s for sure… there, gone.



Baa Humbug

Say it ain’t so Joe!!!
How about a weekly guest post here at WUWT Joe?
How can we make that happen?
You won’t need it but good luck to you anyway Joe in whatever you choose to do.


This is good news in a strange way, isn’t it Phil?

Dick Meyers

Say, maybe he’s going to do weather updates during the Olberman show on Current TV.
No? Ok, maybe not.


So much for the accu part in accuweather ;P

Ray B

I have been a JB fan for many years. I wish him well and hope that he pops up again soon.

Joe and Anthony could be setting up a “Watts Up With That Farm Weather?”

All the best to Joe, he has been humorous, direct and a great asset to the community

Doug in Seattle

Well, there’s a lot of weather out there! And Joe will find a good spot to tell us about it no matter where he lands.
And remember – Enjoy the weather!

Les Francis

If Joe sets up his own site, I’m sure there will be many from here who will contribute to keep it going.


Sean Peake says:
February 21, 2011 at 8:55 pm
Well, that sucks. Did Al Gore or AOL buy AccuWeather?
Sean, Google should be added to that list.

D. King

juanse barros says:
February 21, 2011 at 8:58 pm
Not well treated at Climateprogress
They fear the truth!

P Walker

Bummer .


You were asking about what you might add to WUWT. How about a regular post from JB? Then WUWT will have some of the most accurate climate science and the most accurate weather prediction. JR may just choke on his own foam 🙂

Nigel Brereton

Good luck Joe and thanks for all your input.. I hope we haven’t heard the last of you.


I hope Mr. Watts can keep us informed if he learns where Mr. Bastardi lands. I greatly value his outlooks on things and would like to continue reading them if possible.


Best of luck to Joe B, having exchanged several emails with in the past, he has always come over as a complete gentleman and is one of the few people who have the guts to stand up for what they believe in.

Stephen Richards

James Sexton says:
February 21, 2011 at 8:25 pm
Joe, I hope you’re reading……..I wish you wouldn’t have, but I wish you well in all of your future endeavors. It is my sincerest wish that you stay very active in the climate discussion.
Best wishes,

John R. Walker

He could work as a consultant for the UK MetOffice… I’ll wake up in a minute!

Ken Hall

I followed the above link to Climate Progress and really regret adding another single unique visitor stat to their logs.
I guess the “Progress” word in their title is the left wing meaning of the word, instead of the true meaning, as in ‘develop in a positive way; advancement: gradual improvement or growth or development.’
The left wing meaning of Progress is ‘to force into conformity; restrict; prevent independent thought; penalise real progress.’

Congratulations on putting the new deal together. I know it will be a huge success. You are one of my heroes. Count on me to watch/read your stuff every day.

john edmondson

One door closes, another one opens. Good luck Joe.

Beth Cooper

Good luck, Joe, and keep posting. As Freeman Dyson said, science needs heretics.


Sorry to see Joe leaving Accuweather, I enjoyed his down-to earth spin on weather events – actually made sense!
Perhaps the Met Office have taken him on to teach them the forgotten art of forecasting. They seem to be having a spot of bother in this department… 🙂


We won. Now go home. Fix dinner. Tell your mate she’s the bees knees. Snore.

Alexander K

I will miss Joe and wish him all the best, but I suspect I won’t miss him for long as his talent for saying it as he sees it and putting his hand up immediately he makes a mistake will see him pop up somewhere on the net or in the mainstream.
Like others commenting, I followed the link above to CP – wow! What a bunch! It’s impossible to take people seriously who whip themselves into a fury of smearing and hating others who don’t follow their peculiar religion . The personell there take the definition of ‘Rednecks’ to a new and dreadful level.

Les Francis

Joe IS one sane voice in a cacaphony of noise. I wait with baited voice to see where he pops up.