Sunspot group 1158 produces an X class solar flare

Solar expert Dr. Leif Svalgaard says the last X class flare was Dec 13th, 2006. The flare today is the first Solar Cycle 24 flare reaching X class level. See the Xray plot below: Advertisements


Pielke Sr. on the 30 year random walk in surface temperature record

First some background for our readers that may not be familiar with the term “random walk” See: ============================================================ New Paper “Random Walk Lengths Of About 30 Years In Global Climate” By Bye Et Al 2011 There is a new paper [h/t to Ryan Maue and Anthony Watts] titled Bye, J., K. Fraedrich, E. Kirk, S.…

The Met Office link-buries the CET

The Central England Temperature Record has been getting some inconvenient attention as of late. Joe D’Aleo at ICECAP pointed out recently: The Central England Temperature record is one of the longest continuous temperature record in the world extending back to the Little Ice age in 1659. December 2010 was the coldest December in 120 years…