Follow Up – today is a GREAT day

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No, not just TGIF, I want to give a follow up post to my announcement of  a few weeks ago for my loyal readers because many of you had invested yourselves in my personal challenges.

As many of you know, my family had a huge medical challenge recently. It was  all about this familiar symbol.

Back on the week of October 18th, my lovely wife went through a double mastectomy, which seemed to be the best option given the situation. The surgery was succesfull, with no complications, but we had to wait for final lab results and follow up scans. It’s been a rough couple of weeks, and to top it off we lost a beloved family pet of 15 years Monday. Minners is finally drinking clean water somewhere.

So dear readers, please forgive me if I’ve been dour and a little snippy here. I know I have been a bit rough around the edges. I’ve been so frazzled I forgot to do our weekly Sea Ice News last Sunday. I forgot to take out the garbage Wednesday, and at coffee yesterday morning I couldn’t remember the name of a person I’d known for years. Stress is a weird thing.

Late last night, after two days of follow up at Stanford Medical Center. We got the news. No metastasis, they got it all. Now it’s just the long but certain road physical therapy.

I gotta tell you it was like somebody cutting the guy lines to the giant lead balloon I’ve been tied to for the last three months. It took off into the stratosphere, never to be seen again.

I want to thank you all for the kind words, prayers, and most especially for the support of WUWT with ideas and guest articles. I want to give a special thanks to Willis Eschenbach, Tom Fuller, and Steve Mosher for guest posts. Special thanks go to Evan Jones and D.B. Stealey for their support and the kind letters they sent me, and to Charles the Moderator for keeping the chaos managed.

If I’ve missed anyone, please don’t feel left out, I’m just a bit scrambled mentally. Everybody gets gold stars.

In a day or two, I’ll be back to chasing errant weather stations and missing “M”‘s in METAR reports.




304 thoughts on “Follow Up – today is a GREAT day

  1. Know how you felt. Been there done that got the tee-shirt. and our moggy is 19 yrs old groaning and grumpy like her very old patrons.
    Best wishes to you wife a

  2. Been there! Done that – over ten years ago! Total recovery is indeed possible.
    My wife and I wish you all the best.

  3. Great news re your wife indeed. speedy recovery.
    and my condolences for Minners,15 years is lot of love to say goodbye to.:-(

  4. Sometimes miracles happen through modern science. Remember, to those who think
    this would happen under full blown Obamacare, if it goes the way of NHS, or the
    Canadian system-unlikely this would not be the happy outcome that Anthony and his wife had. Godspeed, Anthony and Wife. this is a good day….

  5. Anthony,
    Great news, indeed. So pleased for you and your family. As one of your many dedicated followers and supporters here in the UK, we are grateful for the energy, commitment and knowledge you put into this inspiring blog. Now pour yourself a glass of Irish whiskey to to help with the de-stressing – you deserve it.

  6. That’s good news, Anthony. I hope your wife continues to enjoy good health for years to come. Wishing her a speedy recovery.

  7. So many family members and friends stricken by this killer.
    Can there be any greater news than this?
    If there is, I’d sure like to hear it.
    As we say in Maine…”Good on ya.”

  8. Anthony,
    I know I’m not the only one sitting at my computer feeling a little choked up.
    You, dear man, are the one of the finest of exemplars of our species.
    Courage, honesty, decency, modesty, loyalty and that salvaging wry sense of humor.
    All good wishes for your precious wife’s continued recovery and health.
    I like to think that Minners is frolicking somewhere with our Wookie and Chowder :0)

  9. Great News!!!!!
    Here’s to a rapid and full recovery of life and vitality, for your wife and yourself!

  10. Actually, I kind of liked your edginess… But then, that’s just me. 🙂
    Glad everything worked out!

  11. Phew! No news had to be good news, but good news is outstanding! Very pleased for you both. Blessings.

  12. Anthony,
    Condolences on the pet.
    But, we are all so happy to hear the wonderful news about your wife. Best wishes to her for a speedy recovery and to both of you for many more happy years to come.
    Again, thanks for all the great work you and your associates do here.

  13. This may not be popular here with some, being a science site and all, but praise God for this wonderful news Anthony!!

  14. Fantastic to hear Anthony.
    By the way, with regard to handling stress and other emotions, I’ve had fantastic results by using the Sedona Method. I’ve been using it regularly for the last year and it is by far and away the most effective method I have found for ‘cleaning out the trash’ and staying on top of things. I couldn’t recommend it enough to you and your family (and of course to everyone else here @ WUWT).
    Just for the record – I have no financial stake whatsoever in the Sedona Method!

  15. Anthony,
    Thanks for sharing. I have fly rods bearing that symbol; and there can be few of us, who don’t get the message it portrays. My best wishes go out to you and your wife; and I hope she gets fully recovered quickly. I’ve had long time friends go through the same challenge; and they have come through and returned to near normalcy; so tell your lovely wife to keep looking forward, and not backward.
    Yes; it IS a great day.

  16. “..I gotta tell you it was like somebody cutting the guy lines to the giant lead balloon I’ve been tied to for the last three months. It took off into the stratosphere, never to be seen again…”
    I agree…having those lead balloon ties cut makes the outlook on life change with a rush.
    Congrats and all the best !!!

  17. Glad to hear things are better. Take the weekend to rest and be back bright and early Monday. Sounds like you could use a few days rest.

  18. Long time lurker, first time poster.
    I’m really glad to hear that everything is on the mend, best of luck for a much less traumatic run up to the holiday season and for a continued trouble-free recovery for your wife.

  19. Anthony,
    I hope your wife had the Oncotype DX genetic testing on the tumor.
    If she is at low risk of recurrence on that test, she may be able to avoid the worst of the toxic follow on treatments (radiation and chemo), as they have future risks, and little advantages in that case.
    Maybe just some hormonal treatments if the tumor had Er and/or PR receptors.
    Over treatment is a bad as over treatment.
    I wish your wife well, as the healing can take months.

  20. Our prayers for you have been answered.
    God bless you and your family as you come out of your trying time.

  21. Very good news indeed! I am glad to read that things are looking brighter now. All the best wishes for good progress!
    Thomas (from Bavaria)

  22. Please pass on my very best regards to your wife, I hope you both recover and go on to a well deserved happiness.
    The struggle is not over and the after effects may well appear to difficult for you both but a positive attitude and a determination to work together will help no end. May every coming day be a happy one.
    Word to the wise, family first blog last.
    Best wishes to you and yours from me and mine,
    Cassie K.

  23. Glad the sun is coming out from behind the grey clouds for you and your family. Here’s wishing your wife a full and speedy and recovery over the weeks ahead.

  24. Race for the Cure. We are doing our part. My nieces daughters finished in the top 10 at ages 9 and 12 out of 500 plus women in the race. Their cousin sets world records in the 5k. There will be a cure one day.
    Yes it is an anxious time waiting for them to give a report on the lymph nodes.
    I will admit this health issue is much greater than the potential fear of health issues pushed by the greenies.

  25. Here’s to a full recovery and best wishes to you and all the family after a very trying time.

  26. Over the bloody moon for you and your wife Anthony.
    Please pass on my (and your frequent readers) greatest regards and best wishes to your wife.

  27. Anthony,
    I have been thinking of your wife every time I saw you comment during this past week.
    You two take care.

  28. I’m with Cathy (October 29, 2010 at 7:47 am) on this…and may I add a sincere “WOO HOO!!!”
    Best to you and your family. You’ve done a great job despite the lead balloon–and that is a testament to your true ‘stuff’. Thank you!

  29. Happy to hear the positive news. My prayers to you and your family. I know how stressful that situation can be.

  30. Dear Anthony: We are glad all went Ok. without complications. In south America we have a bark of a tree which prevents cancer and cures it if not too much advanced; here you can get it in every super market, in the US you can get it in pills or extracts. If the original bark it can be taken as tea, with about ten grams per cup. The medicine is called in English: “Cat’s Claw”:
    It really works, and it can be taken daily with no undesired effects whatsoever.
    For heavy smokers, who do not follow the liberal fanatic preach of not smoking, it is good to take it once in a while to avoid cancer. 🙂

  31. I am so happy abut your wife’s good news. We all hope that she continues in good health.
    I am sorry about your pet, 15 years is a good age.

  32. Absolutely fantastic news, Anthony – I’m so pleased for you both.
    Didn’t know lead balloons could float though; must be something to do with GCD 🙂
    My mother had her first mastectomy 30 years ago and when I went to visit her in hospital the next day she was sitting up in bed writing a furious letter to the local paper about some issue or other. She had the second mastectomy 25 years later, aged 80, and was pretty chipper after that, too. Us birds are pretty tough you know.

  33. It’s always great to read good news.So glad for your wife and you(and the children).
    Condolences on the loss of that beautiful cat,looks to be asleep on the toilet?Waiting for someone to open the lid?

  34. Let me simply add my best wishes to all those above. This is excellent news.
    (And I’m sorry about your cat too. I had a cat once and I actually cried when the poor thing died. I’ve seen some things, over the years, and I don’t cry much).

  35. Delighted to hear the best news possible. All your extende family can breath a sigh of relief. Lots of rest now for Mrs Montford and hopefully a complete recovery. I am certain that this good news has been shared with thousands of people and it really gives one a lift.

  36. We went through a similar situation a couple of years back and I know that the stress can put you off your game.
    I’m very glad to hear that everything is working out well for your family.
    God Bless.

  37. Take some more time off and relax. Good luck too.
    The Warmists are beginning to see the cooling in the ‘hottest’ year on the record, don’t worry about losing any ground.

  38. Good days are great, specially when they lead to even better tomorrows.
    Keep by your wifes side and give her all the love and attention she needs and wishes…. There’s still plenty of healin’ to do yet…… As fer us mob out here in blog land, we can get along fine fer a while longer if needs be.
    Get well Mrs Watts 🙂

  39. Very pleased to see all has worked out, Anthony. May your wife recover fully and you both have a long, happy life together!

  40. Great news!
    On the other hand I think the global CO2 level may go up as all your readers collectively breath a sigh of relief!

  41. Fantastic Anthony! Life’s challenges can be scary, but valuable in hindsight….
    God bless you and your wife.

  42. Our elderly cat died just at the time my partler’s mother was taken into hospital for what proved to be her final visit – so I know how these things can be very rough. I’m glad the news is better now, and if you get a bouncy kitten will help as well!

  43. I am so pleased for your wife and yourself. The other mods did a great job while you were away, but there was a hollowness to the site, if that makes sense. Hope all your problems are small ones from here on in.

  44. Great news Anthony! Best wishes for your wife’s recovery. Having witnessed the ravages of this disease among too many friends and family members we long ago became strong supporters of the Susan G Komen organization. Too bad we can’t take back some of the billions wasted on AGW research and use it to find a cure.

  45. Very best wishes to your wife and her great news. I hope the recovery goes perfectly. Nearly two years ago I had a slightly rising PSA number. My regular doc thought I should see a urologist. An ultrasound showed nothing, prostate biopsy showed two of eight samples had a small amount of cancer. I guess I went for the male equivalent of what your wife went through. Radical retropubic prostatectomy three weeks later. I simply couldn’t handle the possibility of any cancer being left in me – cut that son of bitch out once and for all. Two weeks after my surgery we too, lost our wonderful little eleven year old dog Sam to congestive heart failure. Just the sort of emotional hit we didn’t need during recovery. I think of losing Sam more than I think of my own medical problem. I hope your wife’s recovery goes as well as mine did. Nearly two years later I hardly think of the surgery or recovery period. Everything is more or less back to normal and regular check ups show absolutely no recurrence. When I hear of someone as a “cancer survivor” I often think, Holy Toledo, that’s me too. I think your metaphor of the lead ballon fleeing upward is exactly right. Its a feeling of relief that you really can’t fully explain to anyone else. Again, congratulations to your wife’s successful surgery and good news. Keep up the great work on WUWT. I check it first in the morning and many times during the day. Always an informative and fun read. By the way, I’m sort of your neighbor by living in Redding.

  46. My own spouse has had medical problems (heart) and is now recovering. She spent many days in intensive care units. Each day I visited I thought of Clarke’s Third Law — Any sufficiently advanced society is indistinguishable from magic.
    Then I would visit with a doctor, nurse, or technician and know they are not magicians – they are smart, well trained, very dedicated, and compassionate. The machines, instruments, devices, and medicines seem magical but they too are created by individuals.
    I applaud them all.
    Still, the most amazing person in the story was the patient. Each day I left the ICU thinking of the words And I thought I was tough to Craig Morgan’s song — Tough.
    So, along with the rest of the “been there” crowd I will say that we know the true star of your story and heap our admiration on Mrs. Watts.
    Take care, Anthony. And thanks for sharing.

  47. Went through the scare with my wife a couple of years back. Glad to hear everything turned out well for Mrs. Watts.
    God bless.

  48. Wunnerful, jes’ wunnerful, A. I’m sure you know the caveat that BC metastases can be extremely indolent about presenting themselves, so enjoy evy minint. We lost a young cat this month to traffic. More tears for this one than previous ones, perhaps because she was only six months old. Yea, verily a vale of tears, a dale of fears, and unceasing hills of joy.

  49. Yippeeeee!!!!!
    (Been through something similar and I know how great the relief is when the good news comes. I’m very happy for you and your family.)

  50. Sun’s well over the yardarm, so ‘splice the mainbrace’.
    Rum not allowed these days, so single malt all round, and make ’em doubles.

  51. That’s wonderful news! I wish you and your wife all the best.
    Condolences on your pet. I had never been an animal person until the last couple of years when my irresponsible son stuck us with his two puppies. They are now part of the family and I can’t imagine losing them.

  52. Anthony
    The report of your wife’s positive surgical result is indeed the greatest kind of news. I had begun to worry that the delay in hearing an update suggested other possibilities. Thanks for taking the time to bring us up to speed and congratulations on the hopeful prognosis.
    I’m sorry to hear of the loss of your long term pet. Having had a number of animals in my own life that lasted much more than a decade, I know how ingrained in the fabric of one’s life they can become and that the sense of loss when they go can be much more profound than we anticipate.
    Do continue to take whatever time you require to care for your lady. I think the last few weeks have shown that this blog has the power to persevere and I would like to add my thanks to all those who have pitched in to keep things going. If anything it seemed that the pace of postings increased.
    You asked forgiveness for your increased irritability, but none is required. Even at your most stressed moments, you still displayed much more forbearance than I, or I think most people, could present in much less trying circumstances.

  53. I am sorry your wife had to go through this, but am very happy that it appears to have been contained and a good outcome is highly probable.
    My best wishes to all of you and please stay healthy in the future.

  54. Great news!
    I hope she doesn´t has to pas chemotherapy. I also was lucky 6 years ago , had a tumor in the back of my tongue.
    Best wishes

  55. Anthony, wonderful news. My wife and I are further on this trajectory (she was diagnosed in April), I can tell you that hitting the no-metastasis lottery is the best news of all. You still have a hard slog ahead – they always want chemo, and maybe radiation (we hit the lottery big enough to avoid the latter), followed by reconstruction. But being alive to be annoyed by those is far better. 🙂 From here on out it’s mainly turning the crank on those steps.
    Again, best of luck to the both of you. I look forward to you declaring an all-done in 9-12 months!

  56. Very happy to hear that news about your wife Anthony.
    Sorry your happiness is tinged with sadness. Your cat had a long life though.

  57. Oh boy, some good news for once! It really is much better than we feared – and I had a bit of a senior moment there, distinct wetness around the eyes. Well done medics, too!

  58. Fantastic news, Anthony! So glad to hear the worst part is past, and continued best wishes to you and your family. Thanks also for being mature/humble enough to acknowledge that you’ve been a bit snippy the past while. As one of the commenters who was getting a little snippy back atcha’ I apologize for not remembering that you were going through this trial and not cutting you more slack.
    I look forward to more station updates and METAR analyses!
    Keep up the great work!

  59. Anthony — please hang in there and wishes for a fast and complete recovery to your wife. I too am a breast cancer survivor, so is my older sister, my oncologist (she had the same surgery your wife had), my many friends in our local Komen chapter, and on and on… I personally know how hard this is to deal with and that this personal struggle is no different in others; however, it is true, “the best is yet to be”.
    I know the time is not right for you now but any pet’s last wish is that you replace them….. : )) Take care of yourselves and please keep us all posted on your news. rkh

  60. Congratulations Anthony and my best wishes. I can very much understand what you are going through as I went through the same thing 8 years ago with my first wife (of 20 years). Unfortunately the outcome was not as good.
    But it looks that you and your wife got it licked.
    Here’s a little joke to cheer you up:
    A congressman was in the hospital. He got a get-well card from his fellow comittee members that read:
    ” With 22 votes for and 9 against we wish you to get well soon!!”

  61. My wife had breast cancer that had metastasized into 3 lymph nodes. She had a radical mastectomy and one year of chemo when the science was still primitive compared to now. She is healthy and active 32 years later. She survuved because she is resolute and positive in life.
    The best medicine is still strength and optimism. I am confident that your wife is the latest addition to the long list of cancer survivors.

  62. Lots of people have already said it, but I feel I must add another voice to the chorus of good wishes to you both. Welcome back from one of your many fans this side of the pond.

  63. Anthony, congratulations to you and your wife with this wonderful news and all best wishes for the future.

  64. Very pleased for you and your wife.Prognosis should be excellent.
    Warm regards to you both and I wish you a happy and healthy future.

    All the best to Mrs. Watts and of course the rest of the family.
    Mike Hodges

  66. Good news has been flowing out of your blog for years. Glad to hear some of this commodity has flowed back to you and your family.

  67. Splendid news, Mr. Watts! I come to your site to learn and understand the science. It’s easy to forget how “big” science is. Medicine can be absolutely terrifying to those who don’t practice it for a living. Oncology is not my thing but it is absolutely amazing how the practice of “real science” has advanced our acumen in the treatment of breast cancer in just the last 20 years. Compare the survival rate in the US with the numbers from the UK. In the UK the “science is settled”.
    I am very pleased and grateful you chose to share this news with your readers. My prayers and best wishes are with you and your wife.

  68. Anthony,
    I’m sure I can’t add anything new, so I’ll just say what I feel:
    I am *very* happy for your wife’s good news, very happy indeed! I can only imagine the relief :). Congratulations, and the best of health from now on to you both.
    Regarding Minners, I am so sorry – having grown up with and had cats around all my life, I know all too well what a hole they leave when they decide to head off for Rainbow Bridge. But, Minners will be waiting for you.
    As for being snippy – completely understandable (not that I’d noticed it), and anyway, it’s your blog… you can do what you like with it ;). It just remains for me to say “thank you” for running it in the first place.

  69. The importance of family and good health is often subsumed by the things in life that are comparatively less important. Congrats on the great news and may your wife’s health rebound quicker than Arctic sea ice recovery 🙂
    Sorry about the loss of Minners.

  70. Truly great news – and to hear of a personel success story of the benefits of many years of the medical community’s research into cancer detection and treatment, demonstrates a true investment in a real science.
    Unlike this huge crap sandwich of man-made global warming gloom and doom that is sucking up huge amounts of tax dollars, that could be put to better use elsewhere and result in successes such as this, that reach us all on a personal level at some point.
    And told to me by a Jamaican nurse after one of my father’s cancer treatments, from here on, “all days are good days mon, just some days are better than others”

  71. Thanks for sharing what you and your wife have been going through, Anthony. May God bless you and Mrs. Watts – I suspect that while mental worry is much reduced, there will be many months of recovery ahead. I want to thank Mrs. Watts for sharing you with us – you are both terrific and selfless people!

  72. Anthony:
    Wonderful news!
    Please accept the addition to those stated above of my hopes and prayers for your wife’s full recovery. And please convey to her the sincere good wishes of this world-wide community.
    Your wife is more precious than this blog, so if the stress gets too great then abandon us again and look to her. We value you and we do not want you to get ‘burnt out’. We can wait for your return when – and only when – it is appropriate.

  73. My blessing for the day is this good news for your familys health and i am saddend for you loss of faithful friend and companion. I to lost 2 of mine this year to old age.

  74. Great news. In 2002 we attended the funeral of a 102-year old family friend who had had the same operation in the early 1950s when medicine was not so advanced.
    Our best wishes for a full and speedy recovery.

  75. Well done Anthony, for your perseverance, and thanks for keeping us informed. All the best for your wife’s recovery.

  76. Good news Anthony, just leave it to your fellow contributors & mods to keep things ticking over here.
    Family first, then your real job.
    This little hobby can wait.

  77. All the best to your wife and yourself!
    May you have amnt more happy, healthy, years together.
    And I hope you find a pet that eventually will be an adequate replacement for Minners.

  78. Cathy said it right, I’m one of the many with a tear in my eye. Great news for you both, am happy for you!

  79. Ant, those of us who know, know that this changes everything.
    Welcome to the next , exciting, fascinating, rewarding and wonderful part of your lives.
    Makorokoto, you have received a gift that not many get. Make the absolute most of it.

  80. Brilliant news – I am truly happy for your lovely wife, for yourself and your family, and congratulations on your fortitude which saw you all through.
    It is sad about your pet – but if a door had to close, it was better it was that one.

  81. All the best to both of you . Don’t worry about the garbage – I forget to take it out too . Sometimes the days get blurred .

  82. with a loyal following of web folks like us, the results had to work in your favor.
    glad to hear all is well.

  83. Very welcome news Anthony. Best wishes to you, your wife, and family during her time of recovery from surgery. My father beat cancer and the Mrs. can too.

  84. So pleased to hear this, my MiL had a mastectomy some 15 years ago and got the all clear, I’m sure they are even better at them now.
    Wishing you both strength and happiness.

  85. Best wishes to you and your wife, Anthony. I know what’s happening inside your minds, and I share it: my wife and I went through the same thing 3 years ago, and that was her second major bout with cancer (first one was Cervical.) So far so good. She goes in for her periodic checkup(s) in 10 days. May the gods see fit to continue to allow you to bask in the presence of your beloved; every day is a gift.

  86. Why our wives tolerate us I’ll never know.
    Something like this really brings home just
    how special they are. I’m so glad to hear she
    is doing well. Best wishes to her and your
    family Anthony.

  87. Thoughts with you and Mrs Watts. Been down the road and got the T shirt, so know how it feels. Its funny how at terrible moments other things seem to go wrong as well- had this happen myself— my dad committed suicide and within 10 days my favourite dog got kicked by a horse and its hip shattered ( he made a good recovery but it took its time)
    Some off my friends have beaten the “C”. I think as science gets better they can do so much more—- cheers to real science

  88. I hate the waiting game, I had to wait almost two and a half year once to get some neurology tests done only to have to understand that the results was neither positive nor conclusive, rather the tests were inconclusive and of which without further testing they couldn’t say either or conclusively, so in all practical manner I’m still waiting after five years and I hate to wait, but It’s more important to me to be able to spend my time and money as I see fit, which is why I went into the whole fabled yellow balloon business, smiling of course like having an apple pie (or hippie), to boot.
    Count yourselves lucky but be sure to have money to count I say. 😉

  89. Anthony–
    As a cancer-surviving cat lover, I think I can safely say I know how you feel. With best regards and thanks for all you do.
    Dave H.

  90. Wonderful news, Anthony! I hope all sorts of good news just keeps coming for your family. You have no reason to apologize though, you were outstanding and I’m sure the missus would agree. I hope you don’t mind, but I will be using the photo for this piece (which I’ve saved off as ‘good news anthony’) as my desktop background. Here’s to a speedy recovery and many, many happy years in each other’s company.

  91. I (as an Englishman) once heard an American say this to me and couldn’t understand the context. Now I think I do (and I shall snip it myself):
    ‘F*ckin’ A man!’

  92. Been there, done that…Sister in Law and also a dear choir member/friend of 20 years.
    In the case of the Sister in Law, one of the first 4 graduates in Chemistry from a small college in IL in the ’60’s with my Brother became an MD. Then 12 years ago, when my SisinLaw was struggling with the decision(s), my Brother’s friend and fellow graduate of 30 years plus before, drove to a major metro from his country practice (about 300 miles away) and paid a visit. Let’s just say decisions were about equivalent to your wife? Result: Cancer free for the last 12 years.
    My Sis in law? Two sisters. SAME THING. And one “delayed” and didn’t do the right things. She had a ROUGH GO.
    SO I read what happened with you too folks, and I say: BRAVO ANTHONY AND HIS WIFE DID IT RIGHT!
    And you can BET I have a pretty good understanding of the “emotional stress”.

  93. What a wonderful result! This is, indeed, great news. I hope her recovery is speedy and without complication.
    And Mr. Watts, if you are around Palo Alto again any time soon, drop a note if you would like some company, it would be great to have coffee. I drive past Stanford Medical Center every day and work within “lunch” range of there.

  94. Wonderful, wonderful news. Know the family team will be there for the physical therapy/recovery as well. The loving support counts as much as the skillful doctors.

  95. It’s nice to see the compassion and empathy expressed. I believe that 1 in 5 women will face a similar diagnosis, so most likely everyone is affected by it in their families or circle of friends.
    I give thanks that you and your wife and family are at this better place now. There are many realities ahead, emotionally and physically, requiring patience and adjustments for you folks. One is forever changed by this experience. So I continue to send out best wishes and prayer for you all.

  96. We all rejoice. Perhaps, when recovery is well along, you and your bride might get away together and share some laughter and cuddles. I’m sure guest posters would be willing to take up some of the slack in order that you two could celebrate together.
    A merry heart doeth good like a medicine …. -Proverbs 17:22 (KJV)

  97. Like many others I had glistening eyes when I read your post, I ran to tell my wife the news. Silly 47 year old boy that I am.
    She is as thrilled as I am about your wife, and just as saddened by the loss of your pet.
    Thank you for thinking of all of us, and keeping us updated in your time of stress.
    A speedy recovery to you both.
    Roy (UK)

  98. Anthony,
    Glad things worked out on it. Very glad they caught it in time. I have a cousin and sister in law that have gone through this, both successfully. Now if we can rid climate science of its cancer, we’ll be in really great shape.

  99. A great day indeed, Andrew! My wife had a large tumor removed a few years ago, and we know exactly the dread of waiting for the new results even after the operation has been successful. More than 10 years, and it’s never recurred – I hope the same and more for you and yours!

  100. I’m glad the worst is behind you and your family, Anthony. Here’s hoping you all enjoy a speedy and strong recovery from this ordeal!

  101. Anthony, thank you for the update. My very best wishes and good health to you and your wife and family.

  102. Dear anthony
    Although I do not know you, I have been thinking of you as I read your blog each day. I am very pleased to hear your glad news. Stress does indeed do weird things to body and mind, so do chill and enjoy winter. I have bought a 4×4 on the back of all of your bloggers predictions (and I live in mad is that) .
    I do really enjoy this blog and would like to thank you for all your hard work and I am really delighted your family is now well

  103. I’m so glad you and your wife have this good news, Anthony! It must be such a relief. My best wishes to you and your family. Condolences on the loss of your cat though. And thank you for sharing, so we can share your joy. A great day indeed!

  104. Excellent news. Give yourselves some time. After all WUWT now has a life of it’s own. A kind of Linux version of a blog.

  105. Congratulations to the Watts couple. Anthony, take your own time in getting back into things. We missed you but WUWT still functioned effectively and informatively.

  106. From the land of OZ downunder we extend our very best wishes to you and your wife for a full recovery. It is the hardest thing to watch a loved one suffer. At least for you and your wife the sun is quietly rising again. We also hope that you find another pet to love as much as Minners. At least noone can take away your fond memories.
    All your work on the reality of climate is very much appreciated.
    Kind Regards

  107. Fantastic news regarding your wife, best wishes to you both.
    Condolences on the loss of Minners, our pets are huge parts of our families.

  108. My dad just had heart surgery, so I know what it’s like to scramble over that latest mountain.
    God Bless The Missus with a successful and speedy recovery.

  109. Terrific news, Anthony. We admire the courageous way you held up (your protestations to the contrary), and appreciate the way you shared what was a huge burden for you. Couldn’t be happier and more grateful for you. God bless.

  110. Anthony: Hallelujah. What a relief, what a liberation. May life be very fresh and renewed for you and your family.

  111. This puts everything in perspective.
    You’re doing a heck of a job Anthony. Time for a visit to the tip jar.

  112. So very glad to hear this good news. Wishing you both all the very best. And thank you for this place too.

  113. You guys must have been wrought with fear. Thank God it turned out well, though not easy. God bless.

  114. Anthony,
    My own wife has also been through all the heartache and stress, and I’m delighted to say that she is also cured.
    I know roughly what you’ve been through, and I admire your courage in the face of your nearest and dearest suffering.
    My heart goes out to you both.
    All good wishes for the future.

  115. A family crisis sure puts life into perspective. You and your loved ones have a huge global, extended family, who wish you well.

  116. Late last night, after two days of follow up at Stanford Medical Center. We got the news. No metastasis, they got it all. Now it’s just the long but certain road physical therapy.
    My apologies, Anthony, and I certainly don’t know your wife’s case and wish you both the very best, but I’m obligated by my nature to advise you to make them do a 6 month follow-up at the latest. Imo, the average follow-up for even an average “cancer free” woman is too long. For example, one year is too long, at least for the first follow-up check. Some people fall through the cracks here. I personally know of one case for sure.

  117. Dittos to all the expressions of relief, good will, and best wishes for the future above!
    My wife recently had a biopsy, which fortunately turned out negative, but there was that tinge of apprehension in the back of my mind, so I can easily imagine how grateful you are to have that ‘giant lead balloon’ cut loose.
    Thanks to you and your colleagues here for carrying on these past few weeks, making this easily the most fascinating site on the ‘net, and clearly one of enormous importance.
    /Mr Lynn

  118. Haha, I love the pic – rest in peace Minners 🙂
    My mother had the same procedure you describe a few years ago – she’s doing just great today.
    All the very best to Mr and Mrs Watts for the future.

  119. give thanx. maybe take a vacation – when mrs. watts feels ready – to some relatively stress-free destination.

  120. Anthony,
    This is great news. Earlier this year my partner had a similar scare, but fortunately the doctors got onto it early and we have avoided the drama of follow up chemo or radio. We know of the lead balloon you mentioned. I am glad to hear yours has also been cut loose. My best wishes to you and your wife.

  121. Gosh, this is good news. (I hope the good luck charm had a hand in it.) My very best to your wife for her recovery.
    Sorry to hear about your cat, though.

  122. I felt the bit about the lead balloons! It’s like having the weight of the world lifted. But the work isn’t done yet, old son. She will need you more than ever now. She has been to war and come back scarred, but alive. Keep being a strong and attentive shoulder for her to lean on. She will need your strength.
    We all owe you a debt of gratitude for being our voice these past years. I join with the rest who celebrate your family’s good fortunes.

  123. Let me just add my best wishes to all of the other posters here and thank you as well for going public in a very stressful time.
    Too often we only hear bad stories about cancer when a lot of people beat it and have a perfectly normal life. Good luck to your better half ‘cos I know there will be some tough times ahead in recovery, but thanks for letting us know you are doing OK – it gives hope to others who may just have had that initial bad news.
    And, as a PS – I can’t say as a I noted too much snippy-ness Anthony. Methinks you are being hard on yourself again.

  124. Am SO glad for you and yours Anthony, and absolutely NO apologies needed. Omg what a load of stress you normally handle in your life – and then these challenges on top of all! I don’t know how you do it.
    Speedy recovery to Stacey, my thoughts and prayers with you both.

  125. Thanks Anthony. You put your hand out when I needed it. I’m always here to help in anyway I can

  126. Cathy at 7:47 AM
    The best comment. How did you know I was crying too?
    Anthony, God be with you and your family.

  127. Good to see that we only have positive messages on this thread. Maybe the Warmistas have gained some humility and respect? (or Maybe just the mods doing a good job 😉

  128. I’m very glad that all went well for your wife, Anthony. The leaps and bounds in medicine are remarkable. They’ve allowed many people near and dear to me to live longer and happy lives.

  129. wonderful news Anthony from an Aussie fan – I’m addicted to your blog and I’ve been waiting for an update to your personal trial and it’s wonderful to see you back; your guest commentators during your absence have kept us informed and entertained but it’s nice to have the captain at the wheel once again

  130. So glad things have worked out well for you and your wife. I wish you both many, many more years together.

  131. Anthony,
    Great news about your wife. I understand (just a bit, having never gone through anything with my wife that even is distantly comparable) and am sorry about minnies (I know exactly how you feel).
    When we had to have a pet put down a friend (who is also no longer with us) sent us a sympathy card that had the perfect words inside.
    They will not go quietly,
    the pets who’ve shared our lives.
    In subtle ways they let us know
    their spirit still survives.
    Old habits still can make us
    think we hear them at the door
    Or step back when we drop
    a tasty morsel on the floor.
    Our feet still go around the place
    the food dish used to be,
    And, sometimes, coming home at night,
    we miss them terribly.
    And although time may bring new friends
    and a new food dish to fill,
    That one place in our hearts
    belongs to them…and always will.
    Cry when you need to and laugh (and remember) when you can. Each one leaves us just a bit different from the way we were before.

  132. Anthony,
    Your description of your medical emergency inspires me with its simplicity and gratitude and the warm reception from your readers demonstrates the enormous goodwill you have earned around the world. Great news. Best wishes to you and your wife.

  133. Very, very good, Anthony! I’m pleased that your wife’s treatment was so successful. If you need to take extra time to support her emotionally, do so–family always comes first.

  134. You are a very fine man, Anthony, it is so apparent in what you do and who you are. But give attention where attention is due. Forget about this blog for a while. Take another three or four weeks off. As you can see, others can handle it, and have done a magnificent job. Go celebrate somewhere with your lovely wife and forget about us. We’ll still be here when you get back. We’re nothing in comparison. I’m so pleased about the news for you both. Sincerely, Mike S.

  135. Excellent news. Very happy for you both.
    You have told us on a couple of occasions that you have a hearing disability, so I’ll say it louder.

  136. Excellent news! All the best to you and your family. And, sincere condolences on the loss of a dear pet. Something like that can truly feel like the last straw. So happy to read that it’s all upwards from here.

  137. Dear Anthony and Mrs. Watts,
    Of all the WUWT columns I’ve read & participated in, this is, without a doubt, my favorite!
    Congratulations, God bless, and may you continue on the road to healing and good health. Cheers, Chuck & Ginny

  138. May I nominate particularly Charles the Moderator to carry load for you, Anthony?
        Over the past few weeks he has been the one to stay fiercely true to your mission; and I feel is the one who shares that mission with you most completely.
        Around the world people are sharing your family situation with you, and wish wife, children and yourself well.
        We, perhaps even “the world”, need your work time — but we (and I believe I can speak for most) will only very reluctantly take your family time.
        Go well; and go easy.

  139. It is heartening to hear that all is well. We get wrapped up in our discussions and debates, but our families always come first. Glad to hear that you and your wife have good news.

  140. Great to hear the good news. Thanks for sharing. Thanks for all your hard work, and those who assist!

  141. Anthony,
    Absolutely great news. Been there. May Mrs. Watts and you live long and prosper.
    Again, congratulations.
    Mr. Clark.. great poem. that is a keeper.

  142. Great news Anthony. I met you in Perth, Australia, during your recent tour “down under”. It’s nice to see that good things do happen to good people!

  143. Anthony, God bless you and your family. I’m really glad to hear that the prognosis is so good. You sure have gone through a lot recently, stay strong!

  144. Thanks for the update Anthony. I hope you and your wife are getting to take some nice, long walks together. The K~Missus and I wish you our best!

  145. Great news about your wife, give her the worlds biggest hug from us all. Shame about Minners, lovely picture, she looked very cuddly. Perhaps a little Minners to replace?
    Looking forward to the next see ice update seeing it seems to have hit a brick wall ! 🙂 Us AGW folk can have our day in the sun, except there isn’t any up there of course at the mo’.
    Once again excellent news.

  146. see ice, sigh …. I’ve only written about it on blog posts for years as well. The Queen will be ashamed !

  147. Will continue to pray for you both as your wife continues to recover from all this and may God continue to bless you and your family.

  148. Wonderful news Anthony and especially Mrs. Watts
    Wishing the best in the recovery phase.
    Best wishes also to the WUWT readers and posters in similar health situations.

  149. Hey Anthony
    Absolutly fabulous news. I’m away with my family in bucketing rain in a boat and we’re just loving it. The just being together part.
    Wishing your Boss a speedy recovery and for you the heart felt relief.
    Cheers Jack

  150. Great news for you and your wife Anthony, if by mischance things don’t go according to plan, my wife and I went the alternative way. You have my e-mail address. Best wishes to both of you.

  151. I can identify with your stress. My first wife died from a spinal Astrocytoma; while she was alive I would do anything in the world for her. When she passed, I missed her so much, but I felt so much lighter. Life can be bittersweet! I’m so glad you are on the recovery side of your situation. May God bless you both.

  152. So happy to hear what you said. Will keep you and your wife, and your family, in my prayers. Cancer affects so much more than the tissue in our bodies. It’s usually a mayor lifechange for those of us who have it, and that impacts everyone around us.

  153. Great news. If she is undergoing chemo, you might want to consider the cold cap, which keeps hair from falling out. It is being widely used in Europe.

  154. I didn’t know it was so much going on. Stanford is a long drive from Sacramento. How do you do so much?
    I hope all things continue to get better. My heart and prayers are with you.

  155. Dear Anto! All the Irish saints here in Ireland are saying “slainte” to you and your family.
    As Dave Allen used to say at the close of his act – “May your god go with you”!

  156. I’m glad things are looking well for your wife. I don’t imagine it’s easy for her at the moment but she’s had a fantastic start to her new future and her complete recovery. I’ll remember her in my prayers.
    Ad multos annos and happiness to both of you.

  157. Anthony,
    Thank you so very much for sharing this glorious news with your readers. Since your first cryptic announcement we have all been on tenterhooks as to what was involved.
    To discover that it was something of the magnitude you have described and that the actions to resolve this dreadful matter have been successful has enlightened the day for many, many people.
    We all share in your relief and joy. Might I add my own mite and wish both you and your wife the best of fortunes in the future.
    Somewhat OT, but it might serve to impress just how wide-spread our collective concern has been if it were possible to plot on the globe from whence came all of the responses to your first, somewhat ominous message and those to this far more enjoyable thread!

  158. Terrific news about your wife. So sorry to hear about the passing of your beloved family. That is a very hard thing to go through. So glad you are getting back up to speed. And, thank you so much for this terrific blog site. Best regards.

  159. If my Mum had done what your wife had done I would still have her to hug today. Unfortunately her medical advice wasn’t as far-sighted, and cancer came back for a second bite and took her. Best wishes and good tidings.

  160. So sorry to hear what you’ve been going through, but so happy to hear you received the best possible news! Thank you again for your commitment to truth and for your good character, which I greatly respect. Your wife is a fortunate woman. God bless!

  161. Anthony,
    I can’t believe that I almost missed this great news post (that’ll teach me not to let myself be diverted from my daily lurks!) This is wonderful news for both you and your wife – and I join with others here in wishing Mrs. Watts a speedy recovery.
    My condolences on your loss of Mimmers … that picture reminded me so much of my much loved (but similarly aged and now departed) Tokka, a Maine Coon cat whose domain, afer a few months of mourning, is now inhabited by Amber
    May you, your family – and this blog – continue to go from strength to strength.

  162. Great news Anthony–hope and prayers that the recovery continues to go well for your wife.
    And my heartfelt condolences on the loss of Minners. For what its worth, we plugged the kitty-less hole in our hearts when I rescued a kitten out of the middle of the road after he’d been hit by a car just a few months ago. Lucky (yes, that’s what I named him) is a joy in our home now. May you be so lucky yourself as to find a friend who needs you.

  163. hro001 says: October 31, 2010 at 2:47 pm
    I can’t believe that I almost missed this great news post (that’ll teach me not to let myself be diverted from my daily lurks!) This is wonderful news for both you and your wife – and I join with others here in wishing Mrs. Watts a speedy recovery.

    I, too missed this post. I want to echo the well wishes expressed above. My wife and I went through this recently. The initial operation perhaps is not as difficult as the recovery period on a marriage. This may not be the venue, but I want to suggest what we learned from 3-6 months post procedure experiences. There is some pain and inconvenience involved, but if at all medically possible, pursue reconstruction. Self esteem is very important in a relationship.

  164. Dear Anthony
    I wish your wife a speedy recovery and best wishes for the future.
    Kind Regards

  165. Wonderful news to say the least.
    The Climate of Health
    As you have discovered with climate research the establishment have much to offer but as you have also discovered there are often many points of view which don’t always align with the establishment’s and yet which may also have validity.
    The field of Health is no different. Health, as with everything is about using the established methods for what they can do but also taking control and doing our own research – something which you seem to be good at.
    You are now in a great position use all of that great research skill to take preventative control and there are many good web sites out there with a wealth of health advice – sort of wattsupwith health matters sites – which can help you.
    Best wishes to the both of you.

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