Captive Clients Determine the Success of Energy Initiatives

Guest post by Tom Fuller Something went terribly wrong with wind power. Preached to us all as a solution to climate change, it fell apart in one year. Some have blamed it all on the recession, ignoring the fact that other renewable energy sources and energy efficiency strategies have continued to grow. Advertisements


Scafetta on 60 year climate oscillations

    People send me stuff, my email is like a firehose, with several hundred messages a day, and thus this message was delayed until sent to me a second time today.  I’m breaking my own rule on Barycentrism discussions, because this paper has been peer reviewed and published in Elsevier. George Taylor, former Oregon…

New in paleoclimatology: pseudo-rodent piss as climate proxy

Here’s that great story about Rock Hyrax urine as climate proxy you’ve always wanted to read. From the University of Leicester news: Ancient urinary deposits provide a unique insight into Africa’s prehistoric climate change. image: Wikipedia  The Rock Hyrax is a remarkable animal. Native to dry, rocky environments throughout Africa, you would be forgiven for…