It was the blueberries wot dun it…

It’s not hard to find something silly to catch eco snuff film producers 10:10 doing these days. It’s so easy to do, it’s almost a guilty pleasure.

Speaking of which, readers may recall when I called out Franny the founder on some hypocrisy over emissions cuts, denouncing air travel, and  “blueberries not in season” coexisting on the same page:

I pointed out that the blueberries have to be flown into the UK. Oops. Then somebody didn’t like that, and signed me up as a supporter. That meant calling them out to remove me. Double oops. Then it was discovered a whole bunch of the signups were bogus, and 20,000 plus supporters disappeared overnight. Triple oops. Then, the whole silly story got picked up in the UK by the Telegraph and by the Herald Sun in Australia. Oops again.

Tonight, after the “global day of doing”, I thought I’d have a look to see if anything changed on the 10:10 UK website. Wow did it ever! They deleted the whole UK team from public view.

It used to be that you could navigate to this page using the website menu system:

That’s where I found Franny’s page on her need for blueberries.

But it is gone from the menu now, you can’t get there from here:

The page is still there, and the navigation indicator shows the menu path you would take, but the click path has been scuttled from the left hand menu:

They hid the shame of those guilty pleasures that each team member has, like imported wine transported from the other side of the world in New Zealand. It’s no biggie, just 11,682 miles (18,800 km) and certainly justifiable when you take public transportation in London, right?

But, unless you know where to look, the bios on the entire UK team and the guilty pleasure things have been removed from general public view by taking them out of the website menu system.

Yep, it was the blueberries wot dun it. Heh.

127 thoughts on “It was the blueberries wot dun it…

  1. that’s something that bothers me about the tentennies. They want to reduce emissions, and they also (many of them that I know) are passionate about Fair Trade food.
    I’ve nothing against Fair Trade food, except when – for example – one local charity shop sold honey from Chile when there was a struggling farm selling honey up the road. But if you think that emissions are causing climate change, surely you would be against Fair Trade? As one writer said, to hold both views simultaneously takes a lot of therapy.

  2. Maddy Carroll – ancient history, restaurant management and now lecturing the world on the environment- with no science in between.
    Science– We don’t need no stinking science!

  3. Now that 101010 is over I hope this means that we won’t be hearing any more from these yahoos…
    Wistful thinking?

  4. HAHAHA, The 8th deadly sin, blue berries, Guilty as charged!!!! Now where is that red easy button, Oh Noooes it’s blue now, Ps: don’t press the blue berry button, because it is not really blue, it’s green!!!!! HEHEHEHE!!!

  5. Grief. So those awful people really are runnign and hiding; rightfully so for the scum snuff movie they produced. Shame!

  6. lol, first they hide the decline, then they hide the data, now they’re hiding the bios!……..that’s it, just pretend it never happened! hahahahaha

  7. Note to mods: runnign is an ancient Lapp word meaning “avoid being eaten by fast animal”; see Q.E.D. sec 11 para 2, 1103 edition (just below the ornate Sabre Tooth Tiger shaped letter “T”)

  8. Too funny, they both wear eye glasses, I guess they’d be pretty blind if it wasn’t for industrial ways. But then we’d hear them complaining about another topic I’d guess!!

  9. Making a mockery of the organization for their “No Pressure” video was entirely appropriate, but when we continue to make fun of individual team members for their inconsistent (but ultimately trivial) food choices, I feel that’s taking things bit too far. It achieves nothing and borders on just being mean.
    Golden rule. Let’s not forget it.
    REPLY: I hear you, but hey, I’d have nothing to talk about if they hadn’t taken out the bios. The golden rule is good, so is the first rule of holes. But after this, I can’t imagine they’d want to do anything else to call attention to themselves. So, it will probably fade away quickly, much like the Catlin expedition. – Anthony

  10. Silicon Valley and the “virtual” world of the dotcom bubble only lost $5 trillion on the Nasdaq – CAGW can surely perform better!
    10 Oct: San Jose Mercury News: Silicon Valley joins Global Work Party to combat climate change
    by Sharon Noguchi
    Silicon Valley on Sunday rolled up its sleeves to join the 10-10-10 Global
    Work Party, intended to not only draw attention to the need to combat
    climate change but also to do something about it…
    With a grant from the National Science Foundation, students from five San
    Jose State departments are designing a 100-square-foot zero-emissions home,
    using sustainable materials, solar panels and battery backup. The idea is to
    make the tiny portable home — large enough for one person, Thibodeau
    said — so that it can be put on display in different areas. On Sunday, they
    built frames to test the solar panels….
    While the immediate point of the 10-10-10 projects was to make a practical
    difference, another was to send a political message, founder Bill
    McKibben said in a statement. “When they put down their shovels, many will
    pick up their cell phones to call their leaders and say, ‘We’re getting to
    work. What about you?’ ”

  11. The best thing to do with this bunch of self-important misfits is to simply ignore them.
    Not easy when they’re in bed with the Guardian perhaps but a sea change is coming to the UK. People are having to wake up to the reality of telephone number debt levels produced by a decade of socialist nut jobs in government. Dealing with that will hit the air-freighted consumer air-heads the hardest. Back to basics for the fluffy triviatta of North London then, no more blueberries and cheap imported designer label frippery. Let them eat cake, learn to love turnips and do something productive again.

  12. I wonder what their favourite movie was??? It didn’t say on the bios, But i bet it’s revenge of the nerds!!!!!! Someone should tell them that stuff only happens in the movies and not reality!!!!HAHAHA!!!

  13. This Eco-economy that offers products made out-of-sight, out-of-mind is for the globalist corporate birds.
    Put a cap on import quotas to make room for the struggling honey farms down the road.
    When the struggling small business owners finally have a market in their own backyard for thier products, and begin hiring, only then will this Great Recession end.

  14. Excellent. Very funny…I’m trying my best to have a global day of shirking. Getting quite good at it too.

  15. We grow blueberries and Sauvignon blanc here in Washington State. I plan to continue picking my own blueberries but to the New Zealand winegrowers I pledge to take up the slack when Maddy Carroll gives up her guilty pleasure. And Maddy, if you stop by here, I’ll pour you a glass of Cloudy Bay.

  16. There are SO many things
    Foundations and all
    Powered by C02, coal, petrol…
    Everything, all the time,
    There’s just no escape…
    Everything shipped – C02
    All manufacturing – C02
    All food – C02
    Bicycles – tires, spokes, aluminum, chrome, gears – C02
    Public transportation – C02
    Electric cars – C02
    Trucks – C02
    SUVs – C02
    Lightbulbs – C02
    “Green” lightbulbs – C02
    Clothing – C02
    Polyester – C02
    Rubber – C02
    Leather – C02
    Pet food – C02

  17. I’m with you Madds when it come to fine wines. The 19,000 kms “food miles” can go to hell and those eco fascist greenies you work with each day can go jump in the lake when it come to self indulgent pleasures.
    Couldn’t make this stuff up.
    Thanks for the laugh Anthony.

  18. Here is the irrepressible, unrepentant ,burner of fossil fuels in copious amounts,
    caution, adult content, and lots of smoke and noise generated in the making of his current post…
    Happy 10:10 -one other thing wasn’t 10:10 the anniversary of Che Guevara’s
    well deserved death?

  19. Nice choice John H. If Maddy ever visits the province that produces her guilty pleasure I’ll happily take her on a vineyard tour and introduce her to some other labels.

  20. AJB –
    “sea change in the UK” – not likely:
    11 Oct 2010: Guardian: Mark Sweney: Government’s £6m climate change ads cleared
    Ofcom has cleared a controversial £6m government ad campaign on climate change, which featured images of the UK wracked by floods and drought, after more than 500 complaints that it was a form of political advertising that broke the broadcasting code…
    The complainants to Ofcom argued that the TV ad, which featured a father telling his daughter a scary bedtime story based on the impact of climate change, broke broadcast rules banning political advertising.
    According to the Communications Act, the government is allowed to run advertising of a public service nature, such as warnings about obesity or drink driving, but is not allowed to run political ads that aim to “influence public opinion on a matter of public controversy”.
    However, the Communications Act does allow exceptions for advertisements which qualify as being of a “public service nature”, such as those promoting healthy eating, armed forces recruitment, tax self assessment and road safety.
    Ofcom noted that there is “ongoing and polarised” debate on climate change but that there is a “broad level of consensus across the major political parties”….
    ACTONCO2 “Bedtime Stories” TV advertisement, October 2009

  21. Drawing attention to the tentennie situation is valuable in my view.
    If the tentennies were sincere and mildly practical, they would set up a commune, grow their own food, and leave everyone else alone.
    As they don’t seem to have set up a commune and left everyone else alone, I am drawing my own conclusions.

  22. Are any of the people on “the team” aged over 40? Doesn’t look like it from the photo. Certainly there is not much experience to be found on the 10:10 team. Perhaps if they would listen to their elders they would know some history and not repeat the mistakes that others have made. But they have no elders on their team to speak to them. No wonder they are blundering fools.

  23. It’s not hard to find something silly to catch eco snuff film producers 10:10 doing these days. It’s so easy to do, it’s almost a guilty pleasure.
    Whatever else it is, rubbing their hypocritical noses in their own dung is a duty!

  24. “REPLY: …But after this, I can’t imagine they’d want to do anything else to call attention to themselves. So, it will probably fade away quickly, much like the Catlin expedition.” – Anthony
    Catlin who?

  25. Oh dear, I bought fair trade, organic honey from Palestinian bee keepers, am I in line to be blown up? Maybe my granddaughters, 4 and 2, who will surely get these bad habits from me? I live in California, maybe I will suffer a double penalty :-[…

  26. pat wrote:
    “While the immediate point of the 10-10-10 projects was to make a practical
    difference, another was to send a political message, founder Bill
    McKibben said in a statement. “When they put down their shovels, many will
    pick up their cell phones to call their leaders and say, ‘We’re getting to
    work. What about you?’ ””
    These guys use cellphones? What a waste of resources. They should reduce CO2 emissions and use public phones when calling their local reps. Remember, members of the eco-community, do your duty and reduce your emissions. Buy local produce, do not travel long distances or use airliners, do not buy products that are shipped from overseas on carbon emitting ships, planes or inter-state diesel trucks. Do not buy anything made of oil. This includes pharmaceuticals and anything made of plastic or uses lubricants. Do not marry. Do not have children. Both are wasteful and use valuable resources.
    Reduce your CO2 footprint.
    Reserve space in your local community cave.
    You know it makes sense.
    This message brought to you by “r u a hypocrite”

  27. It reminds me of an eco-concious relative of mine who a few years ago used to supply his mother with “bio-degradeable” detergent every month by driving it to her house – a round trip of eighty miles!

  28. pat says:
    October 11, 2010 at 9:10 pm
    Bedtime stories: Ebeneezer Scrooge and Tiny Tim all over again.

  29. Proud to be from the land producing Sauvignon Blanc for Maddy. I get excellent quality Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc for NZD8.99 a bottle at my nearby supermarket (that’s about USD6.73 or GBP4.23 at today’s rates). We have good blueberries too, but I don’t know if they reach Franny’s table.
    The idea that air travel and air transport are evil is one of the wackiest ideas of the eco-movement. I fly (when I do so) because it is the cheapest, quickest and most energy-efficient way of getting myself from A to B. Ditto for the wine and fruit on Franny’s and Maddy’s tables. They have nothing to be guilty about. If they did a detailed cost and energy audit (I am not sure such a thing is possible, but I believe some have tried), they might find that the locally produced wine and food takes more energy and fossil fuels to produce than the imported stuff. That’s one reason it’s more expensive.
    All the best.

  30. Uhhh … guys. Sorry to disappoint all of you, but their “Guilty Pleasures” are still there. You have to click the “Read more” link on the left underneath their bios. They just hid it a little better.
    I still think they are a bunch of nutjobs and hypocrites though.
    REPLY: Yes, that’s been that way with the “read more” pulldown since day one. But the point being made is that the “insider” page is missing from the “about” menu. You can only get there if you know the URL, not by menu. – Anthony

  31. Breathe deeply. Try and stay calm.
    Whilst this blog is falling about laughing at the hypocrisy of Franny’s out of season blueberries or Maddy’s NZ wine, you should note that these are GUILTY pleasures. That is, things that you know you shouldn’t do and which therefore make you feel guilty. In the context of an eco-fanatic website the only logically permissible entries under ‘guilty pleasures’ would be environmental ‘misdeeds’.
    They know the food miles involved in their pleasures: that is why they are ‘guilty’ about it.
    All this talk of hypocrisy is therefore missing the point. Just think of the eco-religious fervour that is implicit in the phrase ‘guilty pleasures’ and the rather creepy public ‘confessions’ of failings by the tentenners. Ecofascism IS a religion.
    Let’s save our outrage for the way ecofascist activism has infiltrated educational systems around the world and got kids squandering their days in ‘ignorant goodwill’. Now THAT really gets me hyperventilating.

  32. I should reeeally read more carefully. *facepalm* Crawls under desk.
    REPLY: No worries, honest mistake- Anthony

  33. These folks are too young to know how wrong they are. But, life will beat they hell out of them, just like it does everyone else, and they may come to feel ashamed of what they are now. With how what they are doing blew up in their faces the past 2 weeks the lessons may have already started.

  34. Lets pick a few more guilty pleasures from the 10:10 crew:
    Lizzie Gillett: “Out of season strawberries or blueberries”. Sounds familiar. Wonder where they come from.
    Olivier Blond: “I love immersing myself in long hot baths and read the press to be cold”. Oops. Heating water. Bad.
    Rhys Taylor: “Having to drive, although in a shared car, to reach our organic vege garden and orchard in South Canterbury.” Nice for some to get organic veg. Shame about the oil for the car.
    JOÃO PEDRO BARRETO: “Music, music, music, all day long, so my stereo and mp3 player spend some KWh every month.” Oops. Power bills. And think of what the neighbours must go through.
    Ben Margolis: “Oooo – heating in the winter”. Gee, don’t most of us want that?
    Julika Niehaus: “Long hot showers”. More water heating just to shove it down the drain.
    Tony Lowes: “High powered cars”. OMG. No shame. No hypocrisy here. Look away!
    Daniel Nemet: “I love to travel and therefore I fly often.”. And you preach to the rest of us?
    Beth Stratford: “long showers”. See above.
    One has to wonder at these people.

  35. Seems self indulgent in itself that they used time and expenses to create these pages describing themselves in the first place. Why does having these bio pages help to save the world? The time and money could have been used somewhere else. Maybe they don’t really feel a real urgency that the world needs saving.
    But here I am pointing out things that don’t add up, again, in ‘global warming’.
    Does Al Gore still ride in a Gulfstream Jet?

  36. The pronunciation is a no-brainer, but the choice of spelling is tricky – do you emphasize the consumption or the hiding – Berrygate or Burygate ?

  37. @ScottD, 10:48: Peccavi!
    Watts: an honest mistake… be at peace my son…
    @ScottD: Mea culpa. Mea maxima culpa!
    And there I was thinking the tentenners were spookily religious…

  38. actually maddy’s sav blanc shipped from nz has less of a carbon footprint than some second grade french wine trucked across from france.

  39. Ha, I bet they all puff away on tobacco as well, that’s the most obvious sign of the Eco hypocrite like leanardo decraprio who chain smokes through his movies while narrating an agw scare movie or the Goracle from a family of tobacco growers!
    Like blueberries and NZ wine tobacco is a far far worse contribututer to CO2 just in the worldwide distribution chain before accounting for the methane and additional greenhouse gases with the smoking itself.

  40. @Cadae
    It has to be Buryberrygate, surely?
    Sounds just like a disease to me, which is exactly what these eco-mentalists are.

  41. At first I though this post was amusing, but on reflection it is missing the point.
    These “guilty pleasures” are a light-hearted and self-confessed list of things that would lead the 10:10 people to break their environmental principles – at least occasionally. You can’t call them hypocrites for being honest.
    OTOH it is another example where a feeble attempt at humour by 10:10 has back-fired.

  42. Harry the Hacker says:
    October 11, 2010 at 11:00 pm
    One has to wonder indeed. Someone made the very good point that none of these people can do without their guilty pleasures yet their goal is to make each and every one of us do without the bare necessities. And to pay for that privilege as well. Bunch of tossers.

  43. Sorry to spoil the fun but New Zealand wines ( wonderful stuff) is imported by sea to the UK, which I am told by my local wine dealer, improves the stuff in much the same way as India Pale Ale did after being sent to India. I imagine that fuel is still burned by the ships, but somewhat less than by aircraft. Wine, unlike blueberries keeps rather better once bottled so time is not a factor.

  44. Slightly interesting (I hope) is the way that the Gaurdian seems to have dropped the UK 10:10 campaign anywhere. They have a puff article showing pictures of the big day – not that I noticed anything locally here mind.
    Loads of pictures of happy, smiling, eco people. Nothing wrong with that.
    No pics from 10:10.
    All from
    You know, the people who divorced themselves from 10:10.

  45. I find it amazing how the green movement has been subverted and allowed itself to become involved in this ridiculous scam. I’m sure John Muir, the founder of the Sierra club, must be spinning in his grave!

  46. Jenn Oates says:
    October 11, 2010 at 7:34 pm
    Au contraire, Jenn. We don’t have the sort of budgets the Alarmists have and need all the friends we can get …

  47. Here’s what I found, sorry if any repeats from other commenters.
    Ayesha Garrett:
    Guilty pleasure: Avocados [Jimbo notes-do avocados grow wild in the UK?]
    Alexis Rowell:
    Guilty pleasures: High speed trains, ice skating rinks,
    Duncan Clark
    Guilty pleasure: Cut flowers. [Jimbo notes-flown in or home grown?]

  48. REPLY: So, it will probably fade away quickly, much like the Catlin expedition. – Anthony
    Yes and whatever happened to the intrepid Welshman Pugh and Branson’s son, who found out that paddling canoes in the arctic got you a cold bum. We call that empirical evidence. Wasn’t Pugh going to swim on Mount Everest?
    A couple of days ago on WUWT I was pointing out that their web master was bit of a twit, in not pulling down most of the site until they had sorted themselves out, so I cached their PEOPLE page, for when he wakes up. Seems I didn’t need to worry, they simply don’t have a clue. He thinks that removing a link from one page solves the problem. He ought to get some advice from HARRY over at UEA, he’s a pretty good programmer.
    And O2 and Sony gave these folk money. Absolutely barmy, you’d think that they would tell them to take their site down, it’s beyond parody.

  49. The 10:10 Campaign is all a bit embarrasing for the Guardian..
    10:10’s Strategy Director: Duncan Clark:
    Is also the a Consultant Environment editor at the Guardian…
    Guardian Profile:
    “Duncan Clark is a consultant editor on the Guardian environment desk and strategy director of 10:10. His most recent book is The Rough Guide to Green Living.”
    Duncan’s Guilty Pleasure: Cut Flowers
    So, THAT is how the Guardian got the 10:10 ‘scoop’
    Guardian: “Our friends at the 10:10 climate change campaign have given us the scoop on this highly explosive short film, written by Britain’s top comedy screenwriter Richard Curtis, ahead of its general release.”
    The Guardian and George Monbiot are utterly compromised..

  50. Am I alone in thinking that enough fun has been poked at this bunch? They were after all only calling for a 10% reduction and I think it is unrealistic for any campaigner to be held 100% to their own hair shirt principles? They do after all describe their pleasures as guilty.
    I think that those of us who believe that their alarmism is misplaced, and I am certainly one of them, are not helping ourselves with this rather puerile continual p***-taking.
    I do not want to be brought down to their level, and difficult to resist as it may be , I would suggest a line be drawn under this. I do not think it looks good.
    I would not suggest for one moment that it be forgotten, however.

  51. Franny talking about revolution

    Below 10:10 Version of science, some of this is hilarious Franny @4.17 “CO2 is the most interesting for a reason I don’t know”

  52. Nobody likes having their hypocrisy exposed …… and there is nothing better than exposing it ….
    Reminds me of when the Hustler King Larry Flint exposed all the sordid little affairs of those trying to depose Bill Clinton.

  53. The tentennies are self-obsessed wannabe socialists and see all sorts of ridiculous portents in their own navel fluff.
    Knowing that wine makers at home in NZ are having a tough time due to the current worldwide economic problems, I suggest everyone in the UK and the US include a bottle of good guilt-free NZ wine in their weekly shopping basket. You will not only be doing yourself a favour, you will be helping rural producers in one of the few places in the world that operates totally without subsidies from the unwitting taxpayer.

  54. I honestly, I just can’t see the point of this.
    Certainly the video was stilted, unfunny, divisive, ineffective and puerile. That much we can agree on.
    But as far as this woman’s profile comments go, there’s a reason it’s listed in a straightforward manner as a *guilty* pleasure and not just a pleasure; the writer knows full well that it clashes with the principles of the site and acknowledges it’s a (human) weakness.
    The whole point of stating it is to hold her hands up in a “nobody’s perfect” fashion.
    You didn’t unearth this as a piece of investigative journalism, so I don’t understand why you’re parading this particular woman’s head on a pole.
    “Uncovering” these statements doesn’t weaken their position one little bit – not that it matters because, God knows, they’re in a totally buggered and indefensible position anyway as far as the facts are concerned.
    But harping on this particular theme is pointless – you’ve missed the point of these statements appearing alongside the profiles.

  55. Anthony,
    the team page is up:
    Looks same like before.
    REPLY: and you’ve missed the point completely. I never said that page was missing, only that menu navigation to it had been removed, effectively hiding it from public view. You find it because I had a direct URL. Try finding it by starting from the main page. – Anthony

  56. No We should not leave them a lone..
    There ‘carbon footprints’ are MANY times higher than mine..
    Yet they preach/patronise/bully…
    and come out with statements that people that do not believe in the way they want:
    are ‘afflicted’ – Franny Armstrong
    “What to Do with those people.” – Franny Armstrong
    It is not a small fringe group, 10:10 is VERY politically and socially connected in the UK…
    Especially the MEDIA. – Hand in glove with the Guardian…
    Duncan Clark above.. (Stratgey Director 10:10 – Guardain Environment)
    The head of environment at the Guardain, was the editor of New Scientist website(totally pro CAGW), a BBC science reporters (totally pro AGW,) etc..
    Damian Carrington
    “He was previously editor of the New Scientist website for seven years, during which time he was awarded the British Society of Magazine Editors (BSME) Online Editor of the Year award.
    Prior to this position Carrington, who holds a PhD in earth sciences, was a science reporter for BBC News Online.”
    “Damian is one of the most experienced and imaginative online journalists in the country and is the perfect person to take our green web offering to a new level,” said Ian Katz, the Guardian’s executive editor in charge of environmental coverage, in a press release.”
    Ian Katz – Deputy Editor – Guardian.
    Guardian – Ian Katz – 6 Dec 2009
    How the climate change global editorial project came about
    Today 56 major newspapers in 45 countries speak with one voice on climate change ahead of the Copenhagen summit. This is how it happened
    10:10 – The time for action
    The politicians failed in Copenhagen. Now we must take up the fight. But what has the campaign has achieved to date?
    The Guardian and the editorial level and the environment team, is just FULL of CAGW activists..
    Guardain takes the lead: Ian Katz
    “Hence today’s Guardian-led initiative in which 56 major newspapers in 45 countries speak with a single voice (albeit in 20 different languages) through a shared editorial. As Guardian editor-in-chief Alan Rusbridger put it: “Newspapers have never done anything like this before – but they have never had to cover a story like this before.”
    Aside from trying to provide a wake-up call about the urgency of the emergency facing us, the global leader carries a simple message to the politicians and negotiators gathered in Copenhagen: if all of us who disagree about so much can agree on what must be done, then surely you can too.”

  57. I don’t care where the berries come from – just so long as somebody knows how to ferment them.

  58. Gareth Phillips says:
    Sorry to spoil the fun but New Zealand wines ( wonderful stuff) is imported by sea to the UK, which I am told by my local wine dealer, improves the stuff in much the same way as India Pale Ale did after being sent to India. I imagine that fuel is still burned by the ships, but somewhat less than by aircraft. Wine, unlike blueberries keeps rather better once bottled so time is not a factor.

    I think you will find that container ships are horrendous polluters, burning MASSIVE amounts of fuel for a comparatively far longer duration than a simple airplane ride. Their emissions are also pretty much untrackable and unenforceable when out on the open sea.
    One of the reasons for using air transport is speed, most important for perishables, but another is efficiency. Only the heaviest of heavy goods actually have an advantage by container ship.

  59. Barry Woods
    There are many, many *substantive* reasons why they should be criticised.
    Confessing a liking for blueberries / wine and indicating in the same breath that they acknowledge it’s a “guilty” pleasure / weakness just isn’t one of them; this is a rare misjudgement.

  60. Despite being responsible for one of the most repellent pieces of film-making imaginable, I guarantee these endlessly creative media types will soon be casting around to make something else hard hitting and even more effective. Perhaps instead of threatening to kill all us ugly, surly non-believers they might try to persuade us to terminate ourselves instead. Once they have a World fit for Trendy Media Types they will be able to guzzle NZ Sauvignon Blanc and blueberries without guilt because the Earth will be happy, the supermarket car parks will be dug up and turned into vegetable gardens tended by re-educated, salt of the earth proles. TMTs don’t need car parks, they always travel by cab.
    Imagine if you can the montages of Polar bears frolicking with penguins, the stately groves of strip-bark bristlecone pines, devastated by centuries of helicopter logging, sweeping down, once more, to the sea. Los Angles and London with their glaciers restored to their former beauty. Goldman Sachsony (formerly USA) and its magnificent capital, Goreopolis………. Ah, if only….

  61. How about this then blatant lies, media manipulation:
    That is interesting:
    On 10/10/10 the number of people on the website went up to 96,000 plus…
    (the day before ~73,000)
    ie to back up their CLAIM that a 100,000 people in the UK had signed up..
    Even though one at least was – Exploding Mr Cresote –
    (I have a screen cap, if Watts up wants it)
    Now, today. it is back down to 73,000.
    cheating *****

  62. When I googled ” blueberry harvest England”, the first return was from, 9/2/2010.
    They state ” recent wet weather has produced a huge crop of blueberries”.
    You were told two days ago that blueberries are a European crop. Do you never `factcheck? Who writes your stuff Wegman?

  63. Maddy Carroll:
    “I am trying a full year of public transport having found myself carless for the first time in a decade.Strangely liberating.”
    That doesn’t sound to me like she was totally committed to public transport before she became carless if she had been driving for a decade. A decade of driving!!?? Not exactly an eco warrier then.
    “Favourite 10:10er Vivienne Westwood”
    Vivienne Westwood’s clothes – fabulous but the woman’s barking if you’ve ever heard her speak, especially about “global warming”.
    I notice that she was head of PR of Ecotricity. Ecotricity is a company I know well – and ask Christopher Booker about them – I cannot continue as the rest of this response would be a long line of expletives. Suffice it to say that Ecotricity are trying to put up wind “parks” where they are not wanted, where there is not enough wind, close to houses, and won’t take no for an answer, presumably because of the squillions they can extract through subsidies. ‘Nuff said.
    These people make their living moving around from one green sanctimonious project to the next, never actually “doing” anything productive, hectoring and lecturing all the while, and drawing a salary (where does the money come from?).
    I would find it “strangely liberating” if she went back to archeology, presumably something she knows about – how about sending her on a dig to discover Viking settlements in Medieval Warm Period Greenland?

  64. mrsean2k:
    ‘so I don’t understand why you’re parading this particular woman’s head on a pole.’
    That’s pretty rich since that seems to be precisely where they would like to see Anthony’s and the rest of us realists, even dissenting schoolkids. They need to be shown for the hypocrites, deceivers and gravy-trainers that they are.

  65. Perhaps the 10:10 crowd could borrow the fake, repetitious “bio” data from the Catlin group in order to avoid the embarrassing CO2-loving guilty pleasures they enjoy.
    Sure, it’d be fake… but at least it would be “realistic.”
    Then they could team up together for an Arctic expedition to search for blueberries and wine…

  66. Robert of Ottawa says:
    October 11, 2010 at 8:01 pm
    Grief. So those awful people really are runnign and hiding; rightfully so for the scum snuff movie they produced. Shame!

  67. Jimbo @ 1:13am.
    Avocados growing wild in the UK? We’ll need a heck of a lot more global warming before that happens!

  68. Blueberries and New Zealand wine being flown into the UK? Franny and Maddy ought to be glad that the “no pressure” red Button exists only in their wildest fantasies otherwise they might find themselves on the recieving end of it 😉

  69. A lot of people seem to be missing the point. This post is up because the children at 10:10 are apparently embarassed by their own admissions (or should it be emissions?) and have attempted to hide the page from public view. I think that action, more than anything else, makes them fair game for critical comment.
    Re John McManus
    I Googled “blueberry consumption in England” and got from a Latin AQmericam web site (—blueberry-production):
    “We’ve seen an explosion in UK blueberry consumption over the past two to three years,” says Hortifrut’s Francisco Ortuzar. “Unlike some other parts of Europe, the market is familiar with blueberries and category managers have done a good job of promoting the fruit.”
    The Chilean season began in late October and while it is early days, marketers have reported a good start to the season. “For the past few weeks, weather conditions have been excellent,” Ortuzar said in mid-November. “We’re in good shape for the new season in terms of volumes and marketing activities.”
    Now where in England do you suppose blueberries are grown during the winter?

  70. So these are the gentle people who thought that depicting young children’s heads exploding in a classroom was “extremely funny”…
    This organization needs to be defunded NOW!
    And I will NOT do any more business with Sony, O2, and any of the other companies that originally supported these deviants…

  71. Cadae says:
    October 11, 2010 at 11:12 pm
    The pronunciation is a no-brainer, but the choice of spelling is tricky – do you emphasize the consumption or the hiding – Berrygate or Burygate ?
    Tony B (another one) says:
    October 11, 2010 at 11:46 pm
    It has to be Buryberrygate, surely?
    Sounds just like a disease to me, which is exactly what these eco-mentalists are.
    Thank you both, I laughed so hard I choked on my coffee 🙂
    I see Maddy Carroll studied archaeology. Didn’t she notice the Phoenican warm period, the Roman warm period, the Medieval warm period, the Little Ice Age, etc etc? Did she ever wonder why the MWP is also called the MCO – Medieval Climate Optimum? You know, optimum, like best? Honestly, I have to wonder whether they even teach people to think these days.
    Blueberries and ice-cream for tea tonight, I think.

  72. Jason F says
    “Ha, I bet they all puff away on tobacco as well…”
    Of course they do; more smoking = shorter life = smaller population, one of their primary goals.

  73. Be fair to Sony, they were oblivious to the video.. and they pretty much immediately pulled out..
    Unlike O2

  74. QA_NJ – speaking of Orwell:
    “Twelve voices were shouting in anger, and they were all alike. No question, now, what had happened to the faces of the pigs. The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again but already it was impossible to say which was which”.
    – Animal Farm, George Orwell 1946

  75. Pulling the bios was just plain silly. In today’s connected, always on, never off, ship anywhere, buy anywhere market economy it would be darn hard to not incur some element of 1000km plus transportation in everyday life. The only sensible thing you can do is try to reduce it by practical means – for instance I grow veggies, keep chickens etc – can’t do much about clothing and other items – not really practical to make my own socks…
    I’m also fond of NZ wine, but I don’t beat myself up over it – BTW the best NZ wine remains in NZ…

  76. It’s a pity that Montgomery Burns isn’t a member of the Team. His guilty secrets might raise a few hackles as he brags about his gorilla skin vest, and donuts made from the tallow of three different animals – 2 of them now extinct.

  77. From the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s website–Their “Guilty Pleasures”?
    Conservation is an Everyday Commitment
    at the Aquarium
    “We believe it’s important to “walk our talk” in the ways we do business every day….
    In our store, we won’t sell dried seahorses, shells or other sea life, and our restaurants have phased out plastic water bottles and paper cups. Additionally, the Aquarium is currently pursuing a Green Business certification with the city of Monterey. We know there’s always room for improvement so we’ll continue to explore creative ways that we can “go green” at the Aquarium.”
    Next time you’re at the aquarium, check out the wonderful things in the gift store….just don’t look at the labels that say “Made in China”

  78. Ed says:
    October 11, 2010 at 7:23 pm
    one local charity shop sold honey from Chile when there was a struggling farm selling honey up the road.

    Going back a few years in the UK the high street Charity Shops didn’t have to pay business rates… so with a few volunteers, tax breaks plus some government grants and subsidies they decimated the local high street while swelling their coffers.
    With all this additional money they then increased their publicity budgets and fund raising activities so they could open even more Charity Shops… now that is what I call a really good business model… especially as some lucky Charity Executive could then jet-off with the small change to some poor benighted sunshine state where their good works would undercut and decimate local businesses.
    I think they called this original business model Sustainable Development because it helped the Charities grow into big businesses aka NGOs… but still they wanted more… so now this business model has expanded into Renewable Energy which is managing to renew their coffers while decimating more that just the western high street… I think they now call this business model Killing The Goose That Laid the Golden Egg

  79. ‘Hide the decline’, ‘delete the emails’….. in another forum I look at that’s completely unrelated to AGW, it had an off-topic thread it where an AGW believer attempted to sway disinterested bystanders over to his side. When the thread ballooned to 66 pages with over 650 replies, many containing questions that completely undermined his original assertion, he ultimately just deleted the whole thing.
    And, as I pointed out in my 7/6 American Thinker article, “Smearing Global Warming Skeptics” ( ), the 1991-era ‘smoking gun’ document that supposedly proves skeptic scientists are paid shills of big coal & oil has been HIDDEN from the public ever since 1991 despite all the viral internet references to it, but I found it tucked away in Greenpeace archive scans. When folks are embarrassed by something, they hide it.

  80. Russell C. that’s like hiding a full catbox when company comes.”What’s that smell?”
    10:10 efforts come to mind, too.
    good article for perusal…

  81. 1010 UK… are you sure?
    Darn, I could have sworn that they were from Santa Cruz, California. It was the dirty hair & dirty T-shirts & wool scafs in summer… I mean, saving on shampoo & not doing any laundry either. Save the world… don’t wash!
    Santa Cruz, after Burlington, Vermont, is the (2nd) capital of the world for old VW busses… they are everywhere! So well painted too… rainbows, rainbows, everywhere. And coffee shops blaring: “Free the chilly coffee pickers of Chile!” Rasta-mon everywhere… they don’t use shampoo & insist on wearing wool caps in the California sun… Puuuuuu

  82. It must be fun, the life of an arrogant eco-fascist extortionist. Jet setting about, threatening corporations who don’t support your fantasy. Luxuriating in your self importance. Over-Utilizing the very trappings of the developed world that you then spit upon. Time to shine the light of truth on the Franken-Frannies of the world.

  83. John McManus says:
    “October 12, 2010 at 3:20 am
    When I googled ” blueberry harvest England”, the first return was from, 9/2/2010.
    They state ” recent wet weather has produced a huge crop of blueberries”.
    You were told two days ago that blueberries are a European crop. Do you never `factcheck? Who writes your stuff Wegman?”
    Blueberries (Vaccinium myrtillus) grow WILD almost all over Europe, but they are not the same species as the farmed north american blueberries (Vaccinium corymbosum and Vaccinium angustifolium). The european species tastes a lot better, but is only available fresh for a short period in autumn, and are not at all easy to farm.
    You said something about factchecking?

  84. I liked the low carbon chocolate cake. Hmmm cocoa and vanilla aren’t very British but I’m sure can be shipped over very efficiently but I’m highly dubious of fairtrade sugar (assuming that is something like sugar cane from the Caribbean or similar) when we grow lots of our own sugar beet, down in Norfolk in particular I thing (UEA land..)
    Also when do the climate models predict Avocados in the UK… and Rambutans, Mangoes, Mangosteen and…. that doesn’t seem the most catastrophic part of a predicted temperature rise.

  85. Lets see how long this method works.
    You can still find out that Franny Armstrong likes out of season Blueberries by visiting the global site->about->team at You can also find out all the guilty pleasures of all the other global team members. Surprisingly most like long hot showers. I would have thought cold showers more suited to the green eco fraternity.
    Note to Franny Armstrong (or who ever is reading this and supports the 10:10 campaign and is letting them know about these woopsies) – the cat is out of the bag. Taking the link off the website (but leaving the page active for deep linking) doesn’t stop anyone from finding out that you like Blueberries out of season (Oh, I’ve already saved a copy of the page too). Anyone searching for Franny Armstrong via google will probably find WUWT and this message and find out that Franny Armstrong is a hypocritical eco facist.
    * Did I say Franny Armstong enought times for Google to notice? 😉

  86. So let’s see, their contributions are – NOT doing things (at least they beat Gillian Anderson in that regard), and their favorite past times ARE poluting?
    Anyone got a button for hypocrites like them?

  87. You were told two days ago that blueberries are a European crop. Do you never `factcheck? Who writes your stuff Wegman?
    You have missed the point completely. Her guilty secret is not blueberries as such but “blueberries not in season.” i.e specifically not the regional crop.

  88. Their (and the producers, actors, etc) use of planes to attend movie premieres and the like is far more embarrassing than blueberries.

  89. Wat:
    Please tell me how the phrase “blueberries not in season” is not the regional crop. Blueberries can be stored.
    What we have here is poor old Tony, desperate for attention, galloping to a conclusion without a fact to go on or a thought in his head. He obviously ahsn’t concidered blueberries and the chunnel. What makes this even more pitiful is the minor nature of the complaint.
    Its OK. No pressure.

  90. tty:
    Factcheck please. High bush blueberries.
    I don’t know what kind of blueberries she eats or where they come from, and neither does Tony.
    But BURN THE WITCH. Why bother with evidence.
    REPLY: Mr. McManus (if that is your name), please note the tags to the articles which is “humor” and “satire”. Of course nobody of your ilk complains when other websites satirize me or my work. Heh. They are allowed, I’m not. Good job defending free speech there pardner. Good to see you are taking up the causes of defending people that would explode children who dare criticize them, or even act indifferent. Be as upset as you wish.- Anthony

  91. It was the strawberries blueberries . . .
    I liked Humphrey Bogart in the role.
    [Consider, if not for her being a vegetarian . . . then it would probably have been imported New Zealand lamb.]

  92. Anthony, you are a creepy stalker. Attacking the artists, female ones even. Too much pressure to dump as many articles as possible?
    REPLY: Wow, this is the overreaction of the year. Anonymous cowards like yourself that don’t put their names to their words who can’t handle a little light hearted satire (note the post tags) call me a “creepy stalker”. You sure talk big hiding behind that curtain.
    Yet with your anonymity and constant harassments here, that could also describe your behavior. Heh. Too much Greece in your food maybe? But just to be on the safe side, you are now safely and permanently in the troll bin. Only factual comments from you will see the light of day, attacks like this go to the bit bucket. – Anthony

  93. mrsean2k, Would it be OK if we just called the entire carbon fueled world economy a guilty pleasure. Since we would be admitting guilt and all it shouldn’t be subject to scrutiny?
    Notice that the 10:10 gang’s “guilty pleasures” are presented to either #1 show how environmentally pious they are because they tear their hearts out over the most mundane of environmental sins or #2 demonstrate how simple yet sophistiqué their tastes are. What a bunch of phonies. yet people will defend them to the ends of the Earth.

  94. Timoteo says:
    October 12, 2010 at 3:41 pm

    Come out of your anonymous closet and play with us. Direct sunlight is good for science and the philosophy of science . . . n’est pas?

  95. @Justa Joe
    Perhaps some people will defend them to the ends of the earth: I certainly don’t. I haven’t made many posts here or on other climate blogs, but finding any one of them would make it pretty clear where my sympathies lie.
    My issue with this particular post is that it’s a rare dead duck; the hypocrisy being trumpeted here is already acknowledged as such in the original text, so the reveal falls flat.
    And, IMO, it *does* leave open the door for people to accuse WUWT of unnecessarily harassing the individuals involved (and yes, yes, yes, I *know* it’s small beer compared to the sentiment of the original wretched advertisement, but our standards *should* be higher).
    Anyway, enough time wasted on this particular tangent – the rate of CAGW fallout is so high it’s getting difficult to keep up.

  96. mrsean2k, I really wasn’t refering to you as defending the 10:10 gang. It was more directed at the trolls. I disagree with you that the 10:10 gang’s hypocrisy can be let slide because they acknowledge their own hypocrisy in selected minor issues. In fact it is silly to admit to minor selected “guilty pleasures” when someone like Ms. Frannie uses as much or more energy than anybody else does.
    As far as piling on the 10:10 gang. All they’re getting is a few people poking fun at their pomposity. A slice of humble pie would serve them well. On the other hand the 10:10 gang and their fellow travelers are costing people their Livelihoods, retarding development in Africa, and costing people big money (that need their money), and they do this without batting an eyelash.
    If you haven’t seen “Not Evil Just Wrong” there is a scene towards the end where a very sincere mother of a lower middle class family in Kentucky poses a question to the warmists as to why are they promoting policies (anti-coal) that would harm her ability to support her family. The warmist gave trite responses and pretty much laughed at her with one “green” gal saying that she would like to smack her. If there are people that need to be admonished for what they’re doing to others it’s the warmists not the realists.

  97. I just watched the movie clips again, it’s always good to watch faces, over and over, you find the real truth in the “thinking” behind the reaction. In one of the movie clips, when the interviewer tries, again, to get straight answers from Franny, she looks at him with a clear facial expression of utter disdain, just before she turns away and just before the interviewer is booted out.
    Real job: Extracting money from powerful people. Yeah, I hear ya! But can you possibly leave my taxes alone?

  98. John McManus says:
    October 12, 2010 at 3:20 am
    …Who writes your stuff Wegman?
    Loved the casual, and topical ad hominem.

  99. Watch someone called Ed supporting 10:10 in Bangladesh..
    “I’m visiting a sandbank….”

    All ”apprently’ at risk due to climate change..
    (why do they always leave out man made)
    Not because they have homes, on sandbanks in the world’s biggest river delta.
    Geography lesson required, for ersosion chnages in river flow, etc.
    Someone said that 10:10 is just a small group with no influence..
    Well.. Ed –
    is ED Milliband – Former UK Minister of State for Energy and Climate.
    He is now the Leader of theUK Labour party, in opposition to the new UK coalition government

  100. Franny Armstrong (1010) giving ED a hard time pre-Copenhagen
    Climate change secretary feels the heat from the director of ‘The Age of Stupid’

  101. I wish that Canada would take this approach with 10:10. It seems appropriate.
    MONTREAL – It was like a scene from a Wes Craven movie Wednesday outside the Montreal courthouse.
    There were about 20 demonstrators, dressed as ghouls and zombies, around the building to protest criminal charges being laid against a maker of gory films.
    Remy Couture requested a jury trial and pleaded not guilty to charges of moral corruption and distributing obscene material, laid under Section 163 of the Criminal Code.
    Police say they arrested Couture after international complaints about the extremely gruesome and realistic-looking violence on his website. That site, [innerdepravity dot com], is temporarily shut down.

  102. Their webpage is ugly and loads slowly. Why am I not surprised they fail at being anonymous? I guess for them, hindsight is 10:10.

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