10:10 exploding skeptical children video "disappears"

Well, well, somebody came to their senses. About two hours ago, around 6:30AM PST, 10:10 took down their disgusting video showing school children were skeptical of carbon reduction suggestions from their teacher, get blown up in a gory bloodbath that covered other students with gore. It was first covered at WUWT here:

O…M…G – Video explodes skeptical kids in bloodbath

The is what the “No Pressure”website at http://www.1010global.org/no-pressure says now:

The movie title is rather ironic now, isn’t it? Surely, they felt some pressure. Here’s what happens when you visit the clip on YouTube.

The preview thumbnail is still there:

But when you press play you get this:

The URL for the video:


Directs you to the main page of YouTube now, so you can’t view the hundreds (perhaps thousands by this morning) of angry comments left about the video.

Even the “behind the scenes” making of the movie has been disappeared.


There’s nothing on their main website and nothing on their Twitter feed about the removals. They seem more than a bit embarrassed, and rightly so.

Richard North of the EUReferendum has a nice summary, complete with screencaps here

Finally, here’s my badge of honor, courtesy of “Hot Topic”, the major pro AGW site in New Zealand:


Yes, it was “obviously effective”….at making you all look like hateful fools.

Thanks for noticing!

But, the video continues to go viral, it’s been copied and is spreading across the Internet now, and there’s nothing they can do about it now. The rat is out of the bag.


The 500+ comments for the original video are still visible here:


And, dozens of copies are now appearing in various places all over the net. Have a look in comments below for the links of your choice.

James Delingpole has some commentary.


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It looks like they are erasing things from recent history in much the same fashion as they erased the medieval warm period. ;->


If you “need” it, I have it.

Xi Chin

Wonder if anyone made a copy?
REPLY: oh, scads, to be sure. I’ve already had about a dozen solicitations. It keeps showing up on YouTube now under various names – Anthony


Excellent of you and others to keep this visible.
Thank you for the work that you do, on so many fronts.


So Anthony finds it vile.
That is meant as some sort of lame slam.
Nevermind the thousands of other people that find it vile………
Now where did this ignorant, racist, bigoted, redneck leave his gun and bible……


If you are late to the show (like me) you can see it here:


How did they not realize that this video would backfire?

John from CA

power of the web : )
Note: you need to proof the article for typos.


downloaded my copy from youtube via Vidoe Downloadhelper plugin for Firefox

Douglas DC

“the rat is out of the bag.” Being a fan of “Ratatouille” I love it….
May these rats infest the internet- and I have helped where I can…


With the Internet and caching, it’s getting awfully hard for INGSOC to shove things down the memory hole isn’t it?


here’s a reality check for 10/10.
“UK renewable energy production falls for second time in 2010”
and the UK taxpayers are only donating billions in subsidies to the “renewable” industry.
They can advertise, in apparent desperation, all they want. 10/10 is beyond a bad Monty Python sketch.
Lancez les vaches !


get blown up in a gory bloodbath that covered other students with gore SIC
He?: Coincidence or cabalistic?, this shows an “esoteric” relation 🙂

Leo Norekens

I have a copy on my disk, curisously entitled “O…M…G… – Video explodes skeptical kids in bloodbath”


Anthony, I sent an email to Tottenham last night just before 1am GMT and got a reply almost straight away from one of their Directors stating that it was the first time they had seen the clip, 10:10 had released it without having shown Tottenham.
They said that they would be discussing it with 10:10 first thing in the morning and showing them my email.
In anticipation of this, I have a copy of the original however it makes the club look so bad, and it is otherwise run so well, I don’t plan on releasing it.


It is kind of proudly presented (text only) on their wikipedia site.

“No Pressure”
On Friday October 1, 2010, 10:10 released a short film in which people, including schoolchildren, are graphically blown to pieces for not taking action on climate change.[40] Written by Richard Curtis and Franny Armstrong, directed by Dougal Wilson, and featuring celebrities Gillian Anderson, David Ginola, Peter Crouch and Radiohead, the film has been described as ‘attention-grabbing’ and ‘pretty edgy'[41] It aimed to challenge the “no pressure” attitude towards climate change mitigation, since 10:10 believed there were only four years left in which to stabilise carbon dioxide emissions.[42]

Later on the day it was released, 10:10 removed the film from their website and YouTube following public disgust and outrage.[43]

“Doing nothing about climate change is still a fairly common affliction, even in this day and age. What to do with those people, who are together threatening everybody’s existence on this planet? Clearly we don’t really think they should be blown up, that’s just a joke for the mini-movie, but maybe a little amputating would be a good place to start?” […] “We ‘killed’ five people to make No Pressure – a mere blip compared to the 300,000 real people who now die each year from climate change”
—Franny Armstrong, founder of 10:10

CRS, Dr.P.H.

Anthony, for all we know, this may be “the shot heard ’round the world”!
The falling polar-bear commercial was bad for its imagery (and mocking the jumpers of the World Trade Towers), but this will resonate with parents and grandparents everywhere!!
Who do these people think they are? A day of reckoning may be coming, this video could be as significant as Climategate in moving people’s opinions. If they removed it, they know that they have gone too far.


Too late, baby.
People know nasty psychos when they see them.
And seeing what 10:10 really thinks shows exactly that.
This video needs to be completely viral, and everyone needs to see what AGW extremists really think and really want to do.


And good for WUWT – it shows how you and other sites are influential.
I posted under the YT video to say that it displayed the same psychology as terrorism, and that the victims of atrocities in Omagh and Dunblane would not be able to see the funny side of the blood spattered scenes.


Another re-upload:


The whole thing is disgusting. It incites and condones violence against skeptics.
Gives a whole new meaning to Gore. So that’s where Al got his name.


Even the disappearance of the offensive video smacks of 1984esque totalitarianism.

Latimer Alder

Amusing commentaries on this at Delingpole’s blog. The British sense of humour involves a lot more personal banter and punning than is usual in North America. There are no sacred cows, and few take ‘political correctness’ as anything other than a pomposity to be deflated. Be warned, but enjoy.


Delingpole’s site gives email addresses for the commercial sponsors of 10:10, Sony and 02. It can’t hurt to drop them a line.

Sean Peake

Love the comments on YouTube. Definite FAIL for 10:10 and the eco-idiots who worked on it.

John Whitman

It is like case of Stockholm syndrome in reverse. Does the ideological 10:10 environmentalist group consist of voluntary captives listening to their own PR inside an echo chamber where no incorrect ideas can penetrate (or you get “blown” up)? So, are they are out of touch with the mores of the actual world of normal modern civilization? If so, then we can see why they showed self-defeating judgment in producing / showing the No Pressure video.
They look totally clueless outside their own groupthink.
A little humor: What is next? It would be humorous if they claim an illegal hack into their computer system obtained the video illegally . . . imagine if they say it is private info and is just work in progress . . . . . ha ha . . . nothing to see here . . . . move on. Hey, they might say it was just a joke . . . . all you critical skeptic and critical AGWsupportes have no humor? Right?
Come on 10:10 leadership, looking for some really good eco-spin ASAP. I gotta go get some popcorn and some scotch before your upcoming eco-spinning fantasia begins. Give me 10 miuntes.


don’t worry, all 501 comments on original youtube video are still available here for entertainment..


No doubt our “Friends” in the mid-east and elsewhere have copies by now, and are using it as a training film.


It scares the Hell out of me that no one during the long production of this piece could see the catastrophe in the making that it was. Lucy Skywalker names it: ‘Florid Psychosis’.

I hope this makes people wake up to how sick, vile and evil the AGW movement has become. I saw on the Guardian newspaper website that many commentators thought this was just fine, even very funny. When people can laugh at massacring people who have a different opinion or lifestyle then it is a short step to have them commit the atrocities themselves. And people wonder how man can be so evil as to commit wholesale genocide. Just look at the evil, and the delicious pleasure this 10:10 organization has in funding and promoting this.
They’ve lost the argument. This is what they are reduced to. Base evil.


Here it is 🙂 Enjoy!

DJ Meredith

What really troubles me is the veiled threat of violence, Taliban style.
Couple with the religious fervor, it’s downright scary.
What can we expect Hansen to do next?


Oops! Meant to add:

A lot of indignation over a cheap B horror flick. Overreacting looks radical too.
Nobody should think they own the moral high road.
I’m a little perturbed that people have seized on it to score moral points. That also looks bad. It’s just a poor-taste flick with dark humour that stepped out of bounds, and nothing more. No bloody murder was actually committed here.
I suppose one could read into it that they’re calling for bloody murder…jihad! Seems like a stretch to me.

Patrick Davis

Thank Gore for the Interwebby!!


The 1010 website is not responding for me. Either it’s overloaded, removed, or currently hit by some sort of cyberattack.

Kojiro Vance

Dellingpole has it now at:
Very unfunny, if that was what was intended.


wobble says: “How did they not realize that this video would backfire?”
Fairly simple. THEY know what is right. THEY know what is best for people. The ends justify the means. THEY have no shame.
However, people are not as stupid as THEY think people are.
It would be interesting if the “carbon footprint” of all contributors to this travesty would be divulged. If the “carbon footprint” of these participants is greater than that of the average inhabitant of the planet earth, THEY should explain why THEY haven’t blown themselves up


So… They demonstrate free human beings being liquified because of their opinion, and this isn’t vile?
It seems we’re truly seeing a new facism take over the world. I have no other explanation for humans who cannot see that video for what it is, blatant bigoted propaganda.


It’s unbelievably sick. It also smacks of the coercion I believe we’ll be subjected to by a ‘world government’.
After more years than many people I have spent trying to do the right thing by not being wasteful and polluting, I now feel like going out and really indulging. Time to increase the plant food in our atmosphere, so that we don’t all starve!


Actually, I really felt the shades of communism and nazism were abroad in that utterly sickening piece.

Grey Lensman

Is nobody going to challenge this statement
We ‘killed’ five people to make No Pressure – a mere blip compared to the 300,000 real people who now die each year from climate change”
—Franny Armstrong, founder of 10:10 ”
More fear mongering and so misleading. I understand that it is quite possible that climate change has killed billions of people starting with the Toba event 75,000 years ago that nearly bought mankind to extinction. Were they driving SUVs? No, but climate always changes, always has and had dramatic effects.
Nor only are these kind of statements stupid, they are very dangerous.

It should stay here for a while.. (video here)
North will not let this one go…..
What a Friends of the Earth Board Member thought (Guardian comments)
An UPSET Friends of the Earth -BOARD MEMBER
From the Guardian comments (I’ve put some asterisks in….)
1 October 2010 1:33AM
“Actually, I have to say something stronger,
this film is ****ing ridiculous.
I am a local Greenpeace coordinator, and a Board member of Friends of the Earth and I just can’t believe that you have produced a film that is so ****ing stupid.
There, I’ve sworn on the Guardian.
Jesus, where is your common sense. We’re trying to win hearts and minds.
This is just ludicrous.”
Presumably this is John….. And I salute him!!!!!
John Halladay
Friends of the Earth Trust and Limited Elected Board member for South Central
Member of: Engagement Committee
Elected: 2008
Due for re-election: 2011
John’s particular interests in the environmental field include recycling, the concept of individual carbon allowances and the effect of increasing world population on the environment. He works as a Human Resources consultant greening the employment practices in UK companies and is also the joint co-ordinator of Bracknell & District Friends of the Earth.


The guardian have taken the story down from their website. I hope someone got a screen cap.


I’m not sure these 10:10 people are simply winging it. In my opinion, they knew exactly what they were doing when they created such an outrageous yet slickly professional video. They must have know that the reaction would be swift, and that the video need only be hosted on their site for 24 hours before it would go viral. Now it’s gone from their own site, but it’s on YouTube and many similar video hosting services, with the usual “you won’t believe this” headlines and comments.
Their message is out, and people are talking about it. And I’m sure they are basking in the glow of “any publicity is good publicity” right about now.

“…incites and condones violence against skeptics”
“…1984esque totalitarianism”
“…mid-east and elsewhere have copies by now, and are using it as a training film.”
LOL! Have any of you ever watched the games your kids play on the PC? Are you aware of the movies they watch. You’all from the Victorian Age or what?
Wake the hell up! This little 10:10 thingee here is rated PG compare to the crap out there kids play with daily.