After "Global Climate Disruption": next name?

My friend Kate in Saskatchewan is running a poll on what the next name might be. Here’s a screencap of the poll choices.

My own personal favorite  in “Irritable Climate Syndrome”.

You can vote here.

130 thoughts on “After "Global Climate Disruption": next name?

  1. I love it when the climate alarmists make fools of themselves.
    Another term I have heard is “weirding weather ” which sounds like “Dune”.
    Climate scientists must have had their spines removed at birth so they huddle beneath their desks and avoid being questioned about the most recent loonyness.
    Like Al Gore’s journey to the US capitol to demand reparations for the poor Peruvian farmers who froze to death last winter. So now CO2 causes cooling too ?
    Some people respond that Al Gore isn’t a scientist and they are right. Why are the scientists silent about this absurdity ? Silence is assent in this instance. Where are their backbones ?

  2. ‘My own personal favorite in “Irritable Climate Syndrome”.’
    Oh no it is worse than we thought, if that is like irritable bowel syndrome things could get uncomfortable and messy.

  3. The climate disruptions due to reduced solar activity can’t come soon enough to teach the warmists a lesson the will never forget. Especially for those eco-terrorists down under.
    New Zealand: Snow from storm collapses stadium, continues to cause havoc; ‘We’ve never had a snow fall this big before, in our history’
    “Heavy snow has severely damaged one of Invercargill’s most important venues.
    The weight of snow caused the roof on the main netball court to collapse at the multi-purpose and world-class Stadium Southland this morning.
    Stadium Southland General Manager Nigel Skelt said it was lucky it did not happen during a busy time of week.
    “We’ve never had a snow fall this big before, in our history. We’ve been going ten years and unfortunately in this instant it just hasn’t been able to sustain it.”

  4. Post-normal climate. “Post-normal” being the kitschiest new jargon word any PhD ever thought up. And it sounds so much better than “we don’t know”, or SWAG, and if you MSU (make stuff up) you get a free pass because your intentions are pure.

  5. I just wish they’d settle on something. I’m getting tired of recalibrating my weather rock.
    * If stone is wet, it is raining.
    * If stone is green, it rained a while ago.
    * If stone is white, it is snowing.
    * If stone is shaking, there is an earthquake.
    * If stone is dry, the weather is fair.
    * If stone is swinging, it’s windy.
    * If stone is warm, the sun is out.
    * If stone is not visible, it’s dark outside.
    * If stone is under water, there is a flood.
    * If stone is gone, there is a tornado (Run!!)
    [REPLY – Ah, yes. The Serpent River Weather Station. Most reliable equipment I ever observed ~ Evan]

  6. How about “Scientifically Transmitted Disruption”, or STD for short. It’s not restricted to just the climate.

  7. “Planet Death Watch” works for me, since that is the longtime obsession of Jim Hansen and his “Venus Syndrome”!
    Hansen believes that governments don’t yet recognize the urgency of climate change. “There are a lot of governments who say they understand the problems, but a lot of it is greenwash,” he said. “The Venus Syndrome [in which Earth undergoes runaway warming and the oceans boil off] is the greatest threat to humanity’s existence. Earth is Goldilock’s choice of the planets – not too hot, not too cold, it’s just right.”

  8. “…* If stone is gone, there is a tornado (Run!!)…”
    If stone is joined by others, glacier’s retreated.
    If stone is stoned, out with mates last night…

  9. Instead of any of new names , they should make a climate armageddon clock , much like the clock that the nuclear war clock of a few decades ago . If the climate begins to cool down as expected we can all watch it run backwards – kinda like the Bill Clinton watch .

  10. RE: netdr:
    Al Gore has taken the job of the Earth’s defense attorney. He’s not even qualified for that, though. He’s been a politico most of his career until the majority of people in his constituency caught on to him.

  11. Timothy Birdnow says:
    September 19, 2010 at 11:02 am
    Climate Flatulence is a good one.
    Breaking Wind in the Greenhouse: the Alarmist once again forgot to open a window.

  12. Curiousgeorge says: at 10:57 am “weather rock”
    As with CAGW, mine was faulty — made of rock salt.

  13. You could have ‘Hansen’s syndrome by proxy,’ but anything with syndrome in the title would work well as it invokes health issues. Frankenclimate is a bit too radical enviroloon to really catch on.

  14. I had suggested “New Coke” as the results will be the same. Perhaps A.D.D. = Anthropogenically Distracted Disorder

  15. There is a very useful word in greek, “lagneia”, translated by Lidell an Scott as “lust”.
    It is useful because new words appropriate to the lust for a new vocabulary that the modern left is imposing will be called “lexilagneia”, i.e. lust for words.
    There is “thermolagneia” , i.e. lust for heat which describes AGwarmers, and “tromolagneia” which describes the lust for apocalyptic terrors.
    We have a bad case of lexilagneia with our recent government, which has renamed all ministries in creative ways. The ministry of “public order”, i.e. police. has become the ministry of “protection of the citizen”. The ministry of “education and religions” has become the ministry of “education, lifelong learning and religions”.

  16. To make it accessible to Proles and Sheeple, we should invoke NewSpeak:
    “DoublePlus UnGoodful Weatherwise”

  17. For those who may not be weather rock aficionados, recalibration can be a tedious task. It involves precise measurement of the length of the supporting wire, string, etc., possibly changing the shape, weight, and texture of the rock, and of course, placement. This is to avoid undue influence by winds (light or aerodynamic rock errors), excessive or too little accumulation of precipitation, etc. I’ve seen many rocks that were poorly sited or otherwise prone to error, which has a significant impact on the Global Weather Rock Network, and subsequent modeling using current Weather Rock Software. It’s really quite irritating.

  18. ‘Ralph says:
    “Irritable Climate Syndrome”
    I had that once. It was easily cured by eating less Greens…….’
    If it gets rid of Caroline Lucas, a little disomfort would be justified!

  19. Global Climate Perturbation
    That’s what it really is. The stratosphere reaching volcano plumes are much more numerous nearer the polar regions. When they go temperature gradients get sharper. Aerosols and altitude! The mixing starts and all heck can break loose.
    Its not man, stupid!
    Its not the sun, stupid!
    Its the volcanoes, stupid!
    The ‘weather rock’ now that is priceless!

  20. Lets not play the alarmist’s game let give it a name that reflects the truth, like “stupid nonsense” as in “I don’t believe this climate change stupid nonsense” or better yet “stupid non-science”.

  21. ” Kirly says:
    September 19, 2010 at 9:56 am
    WMD – Weather of Mass Destruction.”
    Applause. Sustained applause. Standing ovation.
    That response is worthy of its primary position.
    Consider the background as to why WMD has become a well-known acronym.

  22. My own entry would have been: “Planet in Peril” or something like that. It has the usual wheedling and weeping that accompanies most hysterical propaganda. “Protect the Hive!” is perhaps more fitting, given their inability to convince even themselves.

  23. “Planetary Climate Pandemic!”
    Even better… PCP.
    And never mind the content of Kate’s site. She’s kinda our Ann Coulter. Best taken with hard liquor.

  24. I like ‘Death Weather.”
    How about….
    “Every Bad Weather Incident Is Your Fault From Now On Because You Are Pure Evil But If You Send Us A Bunch Of Money Then It’s Okay Thx Bye”

  25. Give the former divinity student a moral crusade — climate degeneration. Then he can work the marks up a bit with global climate degeneration. And when he wants ’em in a frenzy, pour it on with anthropogenic global climate degeneration.

  26. Global Climate Instability – is ‘instability’ more scary than ‘disruption’?
    I do like Irritable Climate Syndrome though.
    I thought of ‘calamitology’ the other day for climate change research, only to find 680 hits already via Google. I thought it was too good not to have someone else already suggest it.

  27. The next naming will have no reference to climate. It will be:
    Anthropogenically Changed Earth

  28. They will try to get back to their roots, but due to brain damage they will not quite remember the words, and will call it “Global Warning.”
    No matter how they try to change things I insist upon using the original phrase, “Global Warming.” I find it really irritates some Alarmists.

  29. Why not be honost about it? Make mankind feel guilty about existing tax. Or,
    Anthropogenic Climate Gone Wild. Now on DVD. Sure to win all awards weather they exist or not.

  30. David Ball says: “Picked up a great new book on anti-gravity. Couldn’t put it down!
    It’s full of levity.

  31. ‘Climaticum al forno’
    …. okay, so I’ve been spending too much time checking fossil species lists and just had pizza!
    I blame Linnaeus.

  32. INGSOC says:
    September 19, 2010 at 2:42 pm
    My own entry would have been: “Planet in Peril” or something like that. It has the usual wheedling and weeping that accompanies most hysterical propaganda. “Protect the Hive!” is perhaps more fitting, given their inability to convince even themselves.

    CNN has been using “Planet in Peril” for a couple of years at least.

  33. As I look at the global mean temperature trend for the 20th century, I see a cyclical pattern as shown in the following graph.
    And since 1998, the global warming rate is zero at 0.4 deg C as shown in the following graph.
    What is this consternation about this theory of “Global Climate Disruption”?

  34. Mutual Anthropogenic Disruption (MAD)
    Make it clear it is EVERYONE’S fault so EVERYONE must pay to fix it!
    Hey you, destitute West African villager! Why are you trying to cut down that tree? Don’t you realize that’s a biological carbon capture and sequestration unit? Are you trying to kill EVERYBODY?

  35. Hey, don’t forget, it’s not only about the weather (or climate etc.)!!
    How about “Ocean Assidification”?

  36. Just an observation and to quote!
    “The pen is mightier than the sword”. [Edward Bulwer-Lytton ]
    It is most noticeable that over the last few months, a change has come to the comments on anything to do with Global Warming / Climate Change / Climate Disruption in the skeptical and even the luke warmer’s blogs.
    The comments are increasingly tinged and coloured with increasing levels of confidence and sarcasm towards the various claims and proclamations of the Wamistas and Doomers, something that is becoming ever more evident every-time the apparent desperation of the Warmists and Doomers causes them to resort to changing their descriptions of the supposedly imminent global climate catastrophe to even more apparently doom laden descriptions such as Holdren’s “Climate Disruptions”.
    The appearance of this increasingly confident and somewhat sarcastic trend in the skeptic’s comments towards the warmista / doomster’s camp is a big shift from the quite defensive attitudes of the skeptics prior to Climategate.
    The new and somewhat desperate description “Climate Disruptions” is a total non goer with the public as it does not have a ring to it which the public can identify with and in any case, it is now too late in the act to yet again change the description of the climate horse during mid race and expect the public to keep on swallowing it.
    About all the attempted introduction of the new description will do is to reinforce the public’s perception that the whole of the claims on the supposedly imminent catastrophic global warming has again, for the second time in months, morphed into something completely different.
    And in doing so the Warmista’s and Doomers are losing even more credibility.
    From the public’s point of view it is all becoming just so much more political hype and spin, particularly coming from the likes of Holdren who is seen as right in the thick of politics and all that entails.
    If the Warmistas and the Doomers can’t even stick to one description of the fate that supposedly awaits us, a fate that the public is still waiting to see any evidence at all that it might actually exist, and a fate that even the most aggressive of the Doomers has to keep changing the name of then the whole global warming debacle and scam is in the first phase of what will be a long drawn out, very messy and very nasty but ultimately the final death throes of this whole debacle.
    The real consequence of the Great Global Warming Scam will be a very substantial loss of trust in science and scientists for at least a generation.
    Perhaps a necessary happening in that it will remove the preening group of self indulgent practitioners of climate science from that elevated pedestal on which they have in their own estimation been entitled to elevate themselves to in recent times and that in their opinion towers far above the smelly and somewhat uncouth throng far beneath them.
    A very high proportion of that smelly and uncouth bunch who have to pay for all of this have about had enough of warmista science shenanigans and the constant exhortations of the climate Doomsayers all of whom are now increasingly seen to have their snouts deep in the public trough and intend to keep it there.
    Yep! The Pen is Mightier than the [ political! ] Sword.
    It is just that it will take a little longer to destroy the cult but it also ensures that there will be no tragic heroes left from the sword carrier’s for the believers to mourn over.

  37. The name hardly matters anymore it will always translate to ” help me I’m stupid”.Its the coulda, shouda woulda syndrome. Nitwits R us in old speak.

  38. kadaka (KD Knoebel) says:
    September 19, 2010 at 5:29 pm
    Mutual Anthropogenic Disruption (MAD)
    Don’t you mean Meteorological Anthropogenic Disruption?

  39. Everyone is missing the fact Holdren is sending a signal. In fact, I believe his is throwing in the towel on AGW. The definition of ‘disruption’ is:
    1. To throw into confusion or disorder.
    2. To interrupt or impede the progress, movement, or procedure of.
    3. To break or burst; rupture.
    Using definition 2, interrupt or impede means to halt the progress of some process. This then translates to ‘Climate Change Halt’. Holdren is saying climate change has stopped. The remaining definitions are less likely:
    1. Global Climate Dementia.
    3. Global Climate Hernia.

  40. jorgekafkazar says:
    September 19, 2010 at 4:28 pm
    David Ball says: “Picked up a great new book on anti-gravity. Couldn’t put it down!
    It’s full of levity.
    I found it to be light reading although it was hard to weigh the merits of its major premise.

  41. A modest proposal:
    Dr. James Hansen of NASA GISS has long wanted to accomplishing something that will ensure enduring fame for himself. I propose that a new term be introduced in his honor in the field of science, the Hansen Scheme. A Hansen scheme is a scientific fraud, perpetrated with governmental knowledge and assistance, that includes vigorous efforts to stifle attempts to expose said fraud, and is intended to enable said government to fleece and further restrict the lives of its citizens. Global warming is currently the most serious example of a Hansen Scheme, but not the only one now out there. Also, Hansen and Charles Ponzi belong in the same class of characters in our history.
    REPLY: I don’t share this view. Never assume fraud or malice where simple incompetence will do. That said, have a look at this:

    Above is a blink comparator showing the before and after of GISS adjustments to the surface temperature record, 10 years apart. – Anthony

  42. From: Andrew W on September 19, 2010 at 6:23 pm

    Don’t you mean Meteorological Anthropogenic Disruption?

    Nah. They already blame everything on Anthropogenic Global Warming. Mutual Anthropogenic Disruption (MAD) can cover ANYTHING they want to blame on humans.
    Plus imagine the T-shirts!
    “MAD = MAD” on the front,
    “Mutual Anthropogenic Disruption = Mutual Assured Destruction” on the back.
    It’s perfect! Add in a polar bear cub on an ice chunk, and watch those babies sell. Think of the WWF fundraisers!

  43. 82 responses so far, what a kindergarten performance over a non-issue. Humour? My almost one year old grandson does better.
    REPLY: Well then send us a video of him saying “global climate disruption” and we’ll take you and your claim seriously. In the meantime, enjoy your bafflement. – Anthony

  44. How about Climate Collapse, or (is there a rule of 3s before the onamatopedic (however it’s spelled) word can be used) Catastrophic Climate Collapse. If they’re right this time, we’d wind up with Complete Catastrophic Climate Collapse. Oh my!

  45. baffled24 says:
    September 19, 2010 at 7:56 pm
    “82 responses so far, what a kindergarten performance over a non-issue. Humour? My almost one year old grandson does better.”
    Yes, baffeld, it’s humor. There are many more definitions, but here are a couple. If you can’t see the humor in Global coolingoops, Anthropological Global Warming, missed again, Climate changeerr, Climate disruption, then you’ve no humor at all! I don’t care what side of the fence you ride, this is laughable. Come on, you know this is funny.
    ‘We don’t know what to call it, but we know its bad and we know it is people that are doing bad things. First, we called it global cooling, but then it started to warm. It really wasn’t the cooling that bothered us, but it was the people! But when the warming came, we called it global warming, because the people were making it hot. But then it quit getting hot and so we called it climate change, because the people were still screwing with our weather! Still, that wasn’t scary enough and more, if we left it in that context, it would be apparent that we didn’t know chit from shinola or our azz from a hole in the ground, so we called it Climate Disruption!
    Humor: a comic, absurd, or incongruous quality causing amusement: the humor of a situation. Or, the faculty of perceiving what is amusing or comical: He is completely without humor.
    If you can’t see the humor here, then the second observation of the word humor would apply to you.

  46. The only trouble with the book on anti-gravity was it was a big let down when you finished it.
    As for a new name a few spring to mind –
    More weather.
    Different other weather.
    Yet more weather.
    Weather that is different.
    Unexpected weather (as we were looking at something else)
    Sorry for the above I have just come off a night shift!

  47. Pete of perth September 19, 2010 at 6:00 pm

    It’s hard enough to pronounce that without your concluding lysp!

  48. James Sexton says:
    September 19, 2010 at 9:08 pm
    baffled24 says:
    September 19, 2010 at 7:56 pm
    If you can’t see the humor here, then the second observation of the word humor would apply to you.
    Is there a third or fourth observation? The only thing that seems remotely funny is the fact that the comments are, supposedly, made by adults.

  49. baffled24 says:
    September 19, 2010 at 7:56 pm
    82 responses so far, what a kindergarten performance over a non-issue. Humour? My almost one year old grandson does better.
    REPLY: Well then send us a video of him saying “global climate disruption” and we’ll take you and your claim seriously. In the meantime, enjoy your bafflement. – Anthony
    I’ll see what I can do, at least it will be a response at my grandson’s level Yes I’ll enjoy my bafflement just as you may enjoy this topic’s wafflement. Now 95 responses, after 100 it’ll run out of steam, even humour has its limits.

  50. Curiousgeorge,
    I can see from your post that you are totally taken by your weather rock.
    In Oz we gave up on them nearly a century ago in favour of the weather stick, it gives all the same details of the rock but with many enhanced features. At this point I have to say that I am not a weather stick expert, but do understand many of its salient features.
    A carefully prepared stick of set length and diameter is available through our Met office, the preparation of the stick and its species a closely guarded secret. Set in the ground in a plumb position to the correct height this gives all the features of your rock,plus.
    Rocks are used but only as permanent markers on the ground, thus a system of accurate time keeping for the observations. The winter and summer solstices can be predicted with accuracy. The fine calibration of this stick also gives wind speed by deflection and direction by observation of the fixed cardinal stones.
    Please refer also to E.M. Smith The Chiefo for the correct procedure of the stick to ascertain the exact measure of the second and the definition of the yard the foot and many other extremely useful applications.
    I fail to understand your preference for a rock in a modern world.

  51. I’d vote for this one:
    Neo says:
    September 19, 2010 at 10:28 pm
    Global Climax … it always happens when thing get real hot
    With a slight addition:
    Anthropogenic Global Climax…it’s not just for climatologists, and it can even happen (“localized”) in an igloo ;>)

  52. baffled24 says:
    September 20, 2010 at 3:12 am
    C’mon you old stick-in-the-mud! Then laugh it up!
    Sheeesh…For all the fearmongering that has gone on, along with people wringing their hands with worry over the polar bears, and boiling oceans, etc ad nauseum, we all have to stop once in a while and smell the roses.
    For all you (or we) know there’s a comet impact occurring in 6 hours that will destroy the planet: no more weather to worry about! We are finite, our days are numbered…take a break and laugh. If I had your stodgy, condescending outlook I’d probably be hoping for the end of the world too.
    That said, for me anyway, and obviously others here, I think we’d prefer to hang with your Grandson.
    Smile and the world smiles with you, frown and…welcome to CAGW.

  53. Just another 2 cents worth, but:
    How egocentric is the phrase ‘climate disruption’ anyway? As if…
    [As] Mariss says:
    September 19, 2010 at 6:45 pm
    “…2. To interrupt or impede the progress, movement, or procedure of…”
    …’ of ‘ what? Us? Yea, sometimes weather impedes our progress and movement…get used to it, it’s chaotic. It’s not margarine! (get it? it’s ‘not nice to fool with’…oh forget it, I’m stopping now 🙂

  54. In this modern world of climate controlled offices (A/C makes the outside seem warmer still) the persistence of weather to be unruly and unpredictable has resulted in:
    The situation.
    Short and to the point, it may require a licence from MTV’s Jersey Shore, however….
    This just in: Seen on a Tee-shirt; Climatologists do it, with models.

  55. wayne Job says:
    September 20, 2010 at 3:36 am
    That is an exciting development that I was not aware of! Perhaps we could combine the two into a projectile to sample clouds. I’ll have to give some thought to developing a suitable launching technology.

  56. baffled24 says:
    “Now 95 responses, after 100 it’ll run out of steam, even humour has its limits.”
    But up-thread you complained that 82 responses was approaching your limit.
    The average climate alarmist blog gets maybe a handful of comments — if that. So I for one enjoy seeing you bowing down before your skeptical overlords.☺

  57. I kind of like the previously used term, “inadvertent climate modification.” It sounds so accidentally friendly.

  58. The humor is not to mock the sadly pernicious CAGW stance as much as it is to help us deal with the enormity and the difficulty of the task at hand.
    When you consider the degree of belief (in the party line) and the lack of awareness (of REALLY inconvenient truths), remaining stalwart in the face of daunting odds requires perspective as well as perception.
    Being a one-viewpoint holder restricts and limits cognitive ability. Travel may broaden the mind, but humor lightens the load and you can go a lot farther without a heavy load weighing you down.

  59. Climeaphobia?
    Global Incontenance?
    Global Climate Modulation?
    Over Population?
    Global Constipation?
    Global Dispepsia?

  60. I am just glad they have acknowledged that we no longer need worry about “global warming” and that “climate change” is ever-present, hence also not a concern.

  61. While it’s fun to mock them, the next name for climate will in fact be….drum roll….. climate. Eventually the madness ends, and this climate insanity appears to have pretty much run its course. Thank Gaia.

  62. My immediate reaction also was “Irritable Climate Syndrome”.
    Seems to encapsulate the whole sorry tale, somehow.

  63. Since we will never be able to get rid of this, the next logical devolution will clearly be:
    Anthropogenic Intervention and Disruption Syndrome
    to be better known as AIDS

  64. Well, since this seems to be a religious debate, and since this involves the role of fossil fuels, what do you think of:
    “Original Carbon Sin”?

  65. I’m sticking with “Wrath of Cthuhlu” for obvious reasons ( fear of cthuhlu) besides, if I remember correctly, Cthuhlu lives at the south pole, and the warmers worship the ice already.
    Failing that, I did like Anthropocalypse.

  66. wayne Job says:
    Please refer also to E.M. Smith The Chiefo for the correct procedure of the stick to ascertain the exact measure of the second and the definition of the yard the foot and many other extremely useful applications.
    I fail to understand your preference for a rock in a modern world.

    For those wondering what this is about, you can make a decent time standard with a couple of sticks, a rock, some string and the night sky. Length (and through it area and volume and thus mass standards too…).
    I probably ought to add a sundial and the nocturnal description (“star dial”), and maybe I’ll quote the weather stick description too ;-0

  67. Call me a luddite, I really like that rock.
    You clever dicks are just making more work with your sticks and plum bobs .
    That has all the appeal of setting up a home computer network.
    I already have a measuring stick.
    What am I to do , carry everything outside to measure it against shadows ?
    I can install a Rock in seconds and easily maintain a network of Rocks front back and sides, with no trouble at all.
    OF course I also have a Master Rock, Which my wife bought to kill me with.
    That one took 4 grown men and a small tractor to be eased into its commanding
    Precise orientation, and I will be darned of I am going to talk her into replacing it with a stick.
    Stick, bah !

  68. I do not expect the new name to hold, but I find it rather hard to imagine what they might actually try next; perhaps something like ‘anthropogenic global contamination,’ ‘anthropogenic global climate destabilization,’ or ‘anthropogenic global climate endangerment.’ Of course, the term ‘anthropogenic global warming’ seems to have a life all its own.

  69. How about: Climaterrium? Gaia’s Climaterrium?
    Too sexist, you say? Then: Anthropausa!
    BTW: I like the weather stick thing. With two ot it, you can also have a viable Alaskan portable, eco-friendly W.C. That is: one to hang your coat, the other you brandish to keep wolves at a distance.

  70. How about that Mauder Maximum Manufactured Monster:
    Just in time for the Halloweenies haunting IPCC, HadCRU and NASA

  71. I say they should go right back to their original roots:
    ‘The Sky Is Falling! The Sky Is Falling!’

  72. Thanks for the laughs! Some of the suggestions were outstanding! (and I am sorry I was not around to catch it live). However, one comment stands out:
    baffled24 says:
    September 19, 2010 at 7:56 pm
    82 responses so far, what a kindergarten performance over a non-issue. Humour? My almost one year old grandson does better.

    Baffled, just because the limit of your mental proces is that of a one year old, does not mean that everyone’s is. At least your grandson did not inherit that from you since he is on your level at that early age.

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