Friday Funny – Lord Oxburgh's CRU Pie

Pizza Pie Parlor, Boise, Idaho Image: hillary h via Flickr

One of our always sharp WUWT commenters made this excellent Oxburgh pie in response to the story:

Lord Oxburgh’s whirlwind whitewash tour


stevenlibby says:

The way I read the schedule, it looks like most of the discussion time included CRU members since only one 60 minute spot was marked “panel private”. Please note that this “discussion” time is somehow different from meetings with specific CRU members so where they strategy discussions or what?

If WordPress allows it, I’m including a pie chart (since pie goes well with coffee!) breaking down the minutes spent in different activities based on the schedule provided in the link above. Please note that I included the “working dinner” as it’s own slice and assumed it was 90 minutes since nothing was scheduled after it so I don’t know how long it went and I left out the taxi time. By my calculations, they spent 750 minutes, or 12.5 hours in discussions (excluding meals and coffee time other than the “working dinner”).



Pie does make some people humble…

More time combined at the working dinner, coffee, and meals than “Questioning CRU members”? Sweet.

20 thoughts on “Friday Funny – Lord Oxburgh's CRU Pie

  1. Wow, what a shock and honor to see my post on the home page of the esteemed WUWT site! I’ve followed the CAGW debate ever since climategate, having been suspicious before then but not getting involved until that happened and have since mostly lurked along with the thousands of others here and at ClimateAudit.
    I’d like to add my personal thanks to Anthony, Steven M., Ross, Montford, Willis, Lord Monckton and the many others who have led this revolt against corruption in science. I love science and nature and have learned so much from you guys and have a deep respect for each of you!
    Back to the Oxburgh Pie…is it reasonable to assume that all of the discussion times listed in the schedule that were not marked “panel private” included at least some members of the university in the discussion? If that is true, it means that only one hour of the two day schedule would allow the panel members to openly discuss issues that might shed a bad light on the university and to strategize on what else should be asked. One hour. Unbelievable.

  2. That’s roughing it, I’ll tell you. But they forgot to document the (working) hot stone massage and bubble bath.

  3. Since Steven’s chart is copied here I’ll copy my comment also …
    Remember that’s the intended schedule. Now my experience of such gatherings tells me they would start at least 15 minutes late, if not more. There would be some time going over material that was already covered for people who were not paying attention/texting/asleep/left the room to take a call/arrived late (yes, late for a meeting that started late). Then they’d wrap up 5 to 10 minutes before the scheduled end of the session so people can visit the bathroom/wakeup/check email.
    Lunch, however, always starts on time and goes over at least 10 minutes.

  4. Humour aside, it does show how facile, shallow and irrelevant the whole enquiry was.
    The enquiry is worth nothing, the chairman is now worth a lot more.

  5. Have you ever been to Norfolk ? It’s cut off from the rest of the UK on three sides by the sea and on the other by the British Railway system. It doesn’t do to spend too long there.
    Noel Coward, in searching for something to say about Norfolk in Private Lives, had his character say “It’s very flat, Norfolk”
    Apologies to all Norfolk residents 🙂

  6. I’ve been trying to buy some old fashioned whitewash for my fence posts on my 20 acre property. It seems whitewash is no longer available (here in Oz at least).
    Now I understand why……..governments the world over have cornered the available stocks.

    An excellent account of the latest House of Commons Commons Science Select Committee look at the UEA “Inquiries”, trumpeted everywhere in cAGW la-la land as a total vindication of Phil Jones and the other heroes.
    Even though only one guy on the Committee (Stringer) is a scientist and several of the others would be challenged to f*rt and chew gum at the same time, it looks as if Lord Acton and his merry crew may not be off the hook just yet.

  8. “Please note that I included the “working dinner” as it’s own slice and assumed it was 90 minutes ” Would not that depend on the quantity and quality of the wine served?

  9. Golly, 30% of the time spent in combined “Coffee” “working dinner” and “meals”…
    Almost 1/3 of the spent at the feed trough…., the rest spent posturing and gossiping… must be a government operation…

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