Earl sputters and the Atlantic quiets down a bit

Hurricane Earl is quickly losing steam as it barrels northward and begins its recurvature in the middle latitudes.  The main threat to New England will be a broad area of tropical storm force winds with gusts near hurricane force.  Yet, the threat will be relatively brief as the transitioning storm moves into Canada.

Open Thread

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ESA shows movement of Petermann berg

The “deniersberg” is on the move. Chances are though it will not leave Nares strait before the refreeze occurs. Like most everything to do with Arctic ice, winds are the biggest factor. Earth from Space: Giant iceberg enters Nares Strait ESA’s Envisat satellite has been tracking the progression of the giant iceberg that calved from…

Drifting Back to the Center

Guest post by Thomas Fuller Climate Central’s interview with Harold Shapiro, head of the InterAcademy Council which reviewed the IPCC, had the money quote–but it didn’t come from Shapiro, it came through him. Shapiro reported that John Christy said, “if they do this, if they adapt both the letter and the spirit of what you’ve…

NASA probe to ‘touch, taste and smell’ the sun.

From Science @NASA: Let’s hope it doesn’t taste like chicken or smell like feet. NASA’s daring plan to visit the sun took a giant leap forward today with the selection of five key science investigations for the Solar Probe+ spacecraft. Slated to launch no later than 2018, the smart car-sized spacecraft will plunge directly into…