Target: Monckton

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Target: Monckton

Target: Monckton

Have you noticed the kicking around that CFACT Advisor Lord Christopher Monckton’s been getting lately?

Add to the title “Viscount of Brenchley,” “whipping boy du jour.”  Seldom a recent day goes by without some new name calling or conspiracy theory attacking Lord Monckton echoing through the left-wing blogosphere.

Why is Chris Monckton the victim of a global warming attack campaign?  Effectiveness.  Few have been so brilliantly effective at debunking the global warming scare as this compellingly articulate British Lord.

Lord Monckton does his homework.  He scours the scientific literature.  He devours every word and graph.  He is in constant contact with a vast network of leading scientists throughout the world.  He wades past the executive summaries and masters the details.  He checks the math, checks the logic, and checks the consistency of what is claimed about our climate.  He synthesizes global warming science and policy raising vital questions that provoke thought in the mind of any expert or layman with an open mind.

Despite the nearly unimaginable sums available to the global warming folks – despite their command of the media, the politicians in their thrall and the carbon profiteers lining up at the taxpayer’s trough, Lord Monckton and his allies are winning.  Like the child who revealed that the Emperor had no clothes, Lord Monckton wakes the good sense of those who hear him.  The public has caught on.

The warming propaganda machine has lost its momentum and is desperate to get it back.  They want to silence Lord Monckton and remove him from the field.  To that end they’ll say anything.  They attack his title hoping we won’t notice that every British Viscount has a right and by long tradition is called “Lord.”   They attack his graphs and charts, hoping we won’t bother to learn that most of his data comes straight from the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and the sources it cites.  Lord Monckton had hoped that by using the IPCC’s data warming advocates would be forced to debate the merits.  Sadly, they continue to alternate between mocking the data and restating their conclusions as received wisdom.  Yet when granted a fair forum for debate, it is Monckton who triumphs.  Just weeks ago his team of experts were voted the winners in a warming debate at the Oxford Union – a treasured haven of free thought.

Last year Lord Monckton gave a presentation on global warming in St. Paul Minnesota that became a sensation on YouTube.  This inspired Prof. John Abraham of the University of St. Thomas to attack his presentation in a lengthy video.  Lord Monckton has refuted Prof. Abraham using his own medium.  The first of a series of videos setting the record straight are being released today and we invite you to view them.

As CFACT has said before, the chain of logic behind global warming claims does not hold up.  Lord Christopher Monckton will neither be silenced, nor ignored.  As Mahatma Gandhi told us, “first they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win.”


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He’s intelligent, knowledgeable, articulate, and tenacious. Ergo he’s a great to the Orthodoxy and must be attacked. All we’re seeing is the current rendition of the Two Minute Hate, with Monckton standing in for Goldstein.


Er, he’s a threat…maybe I meant great threat (and I need a new keyboard obviously as well as a better proofreader).

Jeff in Calgary

“first they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win.”
I like that quote! I think I am going to have to use it.

Henry chance

Trump “The Donald”, says bad publicity is better than no publicity.
Too bad the arguments are emotional and he refutes them with facts.
Is the break up ice Denyberg floating south?


His name is turning into a useful shortcut – I can decide quite quickly who’s worth paying attention to and who’s worth ignoring completely just based on their reaction to him.
Those who chose not to engage his ideas seriously deserve the favor returned.


Well said, Anthony. Monckton is articulate, accurate and tireless. Long may he be a thorn in the side of the green propaganda machine. Victory cannot come too soon.


As a Brit, I’m proud of our tradition of free speech. Whatever your views of Monckton, at least he is open to debate; he will respond to emails, he will even stop in the street to talk to people throwing insults at him. I don’t know if he is right or wrong, but he deserves room to talk and I’m pleased we have people such as him standing up to be counted.
It will only ever be to the detriment of AGW-ers that they attack him personally.


Try sending emails to Lord Monckton and the Goreacle. See which sends you back a personal response. Lord Monckton makes my “Good Guy” list.

Dave Lowery

Well, I for one would love to see a properly moderated debate on national TV between Chris Monckton and anyone the AGW camp would care to put up… Gavin S maybe?
Would he/they dare?
I somehow doubt it.
BTW – has a transcript been made of the recent Grauniad sponsored debate which Steve McIntyre attended? I have not been able to download the audio file when it was up so still don’t know the details.


Long may he continue. He is haunting the AGW movement with common sense and logical reasoning. The shriller, nastier and more ad-hominem his attackers become, the more apparent it is that they are trying to drown out what must be most obvious in their own minds – that they have bought into a cult of belief far removed from science and reality, so full of confirmation bias and contradiction that the only way to maintain its momentum is to constantly stoke it with fear and hyperbole. They might not even be entirely wrong, but by now they are too far lost in hubris to find out either way..
– a ‘climate cynic’.

I love Monckton. Really excellent!

Julian in Wales

So often I am ashamed of being British, our politicians, media and “scientists” are so often second rate. It is good to have someone to be proud of.
I like your Gandhi quote, exactly right

James Sexton

Monckton’s refutation of Abraham was epic and spot on. From Abraham’s mischaracterizations to his strawman attacks, he(Abraham) was exposed as intellectually fraudulent at almost every thought he attempted to express. Monckton’s refutation is a thing of beauty. I wish him well in his future endeavors and look forward to hearing more from him in the near future.

Neil Jones

Love the quote “first they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win.”
Let’s hope it holds true.


I think a crosshairs on Monckton picture should not be used.
AGW fanatics have enough bad ideas … like sending us off to live on icefloes.


What’s going on with the sound?


Lord Monckton is an inspiration and an excellent example to us all. He takes the brickbats and insults thrown at him with good grace and fine manners. Assuredly, we non-believers in AGW will see the overthrow of pseudo-science, until the next Soros onslaught. However, CCX is in dire straits and should Soros try to bolster its chances, do not remind him that bad money drives out good*. With any luck, he’ll bankrupt himself
*Sir Thomas Gresham

Cassandra King

Cometh the hour cometh the man!
We are blessed that people of good faith are stepping up to the plate and taking the battle to the enemies of logic and freedom and common sense, the vested interests and the big money gang.
Men like Inhoffe and monckton are rare beasts indeed, they stand up when many others shrink away in fear, you cannot blame those who stay silent for fear of the revenge of the AGW mob because only a few have the courage to stand up and fight.
We will win in the end, in fact the end comes closer with every month that passes, they know it and we know it. All the money in the world and all the power is meaningless in the face of truth.


Dr. Abraham should know that you catch more flies with honey. Lord Monkton will dissect his claims and arguments with such a calm demeanor and a gentle smile that it will undoubtedly have him wondering why there is nary a husk from his strawmen left behind. Sadly, for the warmists, it is a case of two steps back once again.

Al Gore's Holy Hologram

Leftists are very vicious in their personal attacks and even more scandalous is the way they rewrite history and science to fit their worldview and then coordinate themselves to spread their ideas to young, gullible people or other envious power hungry people as themselves. I know this because I was one of them and knew every trick in the book, I just didn’t see it as a bad thing at the time. It’s basically a cult and you have to feel sickened by its frequent failures, selfishness and ignorance to free yourself from it.

Methow Ken

If historians finally record an unbiased record of the struggle between the hoardes of politically-correct acolytes of CAGW and ruthlessly objective science, surely Lord Monckton’s name will stand high on the list of heros.
IMO one sentence from thread start best summarizes his contribution:
”Like the child who revealed that the Emperor had no clothes, Lord Monckton wakes the good sense of those who hear him.”
Pretty much everything Lord Monckton writes is worth a ”SAVE-local”. . . .

dave ward

A well known phrase from the English TV comedy series “Dad’s Army” – “They don’t like it up them!!” (For those not familiar, this is referring to a fixed bayonet…)


I think James Delingpole (a skeptical blogger on the UK Daily Telegraph) is on BBC Radio’s “Any Questions” on Friday. If that’s the case he’ll follow Dominic Lawson who is Lord Monckton’s son in law (I think) and son of Lord Lawson a well known skeptic and ex-chancellor of the Exchequer (Finance Minister).
Perhaps the BBC is relaxing a bit, maybe Lord Monckton himself is due an appearance on “Question Time” or “Any Questions” ? We can but hope

R. de Haan

I am confident he is honored by the attacks. The more the better. It’s the ultimate proof of is success and free publicity for our case just like the negative press of “Our Climate” creates a sales boost.

Bill Sticker

Lovely quote; “But why should you want to watch one person throwing dead cats at another..” @3:56
Indeed; and the weather was once thought such a safe (but dull) topic of conversation.


It may be true that Lord Monckton is being targeted but he didn’t do himself any favors over at real climate by being shown to be incorrect. And then being shown incorrect by tamino at
which monckton not so surprisingly did not respond to.
I would love to see monckton enter a pre-prepared with someone like john cook. Boohooing at real climate is one thing but going up against the plethora of scientific evidence shown at skeptical science is another thing.

Mike Jowsey

“Lord Monckton does his homework. He scours the scientific literature. He devours every word and graph. He is in constant contact with a vast network of leading scientists throughout the world. He wades past the executive summaries and masters the details. He checks the math, checks the logic, and checks the consistency of what is claimed about our climate. He synthesizes global warming science and policy raising vital questions that provoke thought in the mind of any expert or layman with an open mind.”
Sounds like a good charter for the IPCC!

George E. Smith

Well having had a couple of enjoyable e-mail exchanges with The Viscount, relating to some of these Climate issues, I can’t think of anyone less deserving of the vitriol that gets levelled at him.
After all, he doesn’t have any need to bother with any of this stuff; other than he feels he can, and has made a difference to the dialog.
But then we all know that the ad hominem attack is the fastest way to lose debating points; and Lord Monckton is not one to try such juvenile tactics on.

richard telford

“he looks like an overcooked prawn”
Monckton must care a great deal about the finer points on academic debate.

Northern Exposure

Lord Monckton makes for an easy punching bag because he’s out there speaking up. Just like how we use Al Gore as our punching bag.
No wait…
it’s not the same…
Lord Monckton actually has some knowledge behind him and can hold his own on the subject.
Sorry, my bad.

Re: “Lord”.
Let us, for the purpose of argument, assume that Christopher Monckton is in fact a pretender, with no right to use the titles “Viscount” or “Lord”.
If Chris Monckton, common bloke, reading the scientific literature, finds fault with the methodologies of researchers, and has laid out his objections in excruciating detail, could we give those objections a look, and ascertain whether his arguments have any merit, without resort to ad hominem diversions about his alleged delusions of grandeur?
Frankly, if Monckton wants to style himself “Grand and Exalted Poobah”, it says not a damned thing about the validity of his arguments about the science.

Gary Pearse

Having read the John Cook/Joe Romm juvenile “one liner” catchecisms to annhilate skeptical arguments against CO2-caused CAGW:
Link from WUWT recent post on the Climate App.
I can see why Monckton would be a target – he is formidable!
“Henry chance says:
August 12, 2010 at 9:19 am
Is the break up ice Denyberg floating south?”
No, Henry, it is becoming part of the multi-year ice in the Arctic ocean (mult-multi at thousands of years and hundreds of metres thick.

andrew adams

They attack his graphs and charts, hoping we won’t bother to learn that most of his data comes straight from the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and the sources it cites.
No, his graphs are attacked because he claims that they are based on data from the IPCC when in fact they are not.

richard verney

I have always found Lord Monkton on this subject to be quite sensible and a good presenter.
I hope that you will carry a liknk to the remainder of the rebuttal once publishes/available.
Likewise I think that it would be useful to have a link to what Prof. John Abraham broadcast/said. It appears from the intro by Lord Monkton that he plans summarising it, but for the sake of completness/fairness I consider that it would be useful to see the entire broadcast.
I am pleased to note that Lord Monkton suggests that his rebuttal will remain impartial. Personally, I consider it best for the facts to do the talking rather than resorting to over inflated/emotional outbursts.

I thoroughly enjoy the eloquence and humor Monckton employs when delivering his presentations. While not a climate scientist, Monckton admits so. But what is the skill level regarding data and methodology of each?
For some reason climate scientists feel that if a thermometer is in or next to a source of artificial heat in order to derive an accurate (“properly adjusted”) reading one must add to, increase, the indicated measurement. As a layman; Monckton sees folly in such process.
It is a sad day for science when after 400 years of temperature measurements educated scientists (some) still do not know how to proficiently utilize a thermometer.
Then there are those (GISS) who seem to claim that global temperatures can be accurately measured with just a few devices thousands of miles apart. Mann is even better. He only needs dendro data from ONE tree to determine 1,500 years of global temperature history.
Whilst mock Monckton they may, ultimately the Lord will prevail as a shining beacon of truth.

Rod Smith

I think we should all thank Lord Monckton for adding a bit of sanity to all the hype. Here is mine:
Thank you sincerely Lord Moncton for your considerable and welcome contributions on this subject. Don’t let them “grind you down.”


When you are in the right, you can afford to keep your temper and when you are in the wrong, you can’t afford to lose your temper.
Lord christopher Monckton seems to be keeping his.
His opponents on the other hand…………………….
He stands for open debate and for that, i salute him.


Global Warming is the opening of the rabbit hole….. Lord Monckton ….Alex Jones….Max Keizer… Agenda 21….Trilateral Commission……Al Gore….Maurice Strong ….George Soros….Ben Santa….IPCC….WHO…Codex Alimintarus …..Barry Soetoro… Is it all a BAD dream?..zzzz

Russell C

When our AGW friends in the mainstream media and the blogosphere dwell on character assassinations, it indicates they’ve lost the ball in their defense of the underlying science of AGW. Monckton presents staggering amounts of scientific evidence, and critics say “Don’t listen to him, he’s not a real Lord”. The average uninformed citizen is slowly waking up to the problem of “wait a minute, ya didn’t prove how the guy is wrong about what he says….”
Particularly egregious is the MSM’s journalistic malfeasance when they regurgitate such accusations rather than investigate the voracity of them – a point I make in my 7/6 American Thinker article “Smearing Global Warming Skeptics”


The trouble with Lord Monckton is that he uses too many facts and not enough circumstancial evidence 🙂

David T. Bronzich

Another sub-context in this discussion is that liberals hate titles of nobility. I’ve had many discussions with left leaning people on this subject.
So, Lord Monckton has several strikes against him vis-a-vis who will listen to him.
1.He’s logical. His opponents cannot make the same claim, as much of what they say about global warming is contradictory (it causes both flooding and deserts).
2.He’s right.
3.He’s Noble (in every sense of the word.)
4.His research is impeccable, and at least he actually does research. I believe him, and if you disagree with him, he remains noble (as in polite and nice) which, again, my own experience with AGW people has usually ended with them screaming…….

Janice The American Elder

“Lord Monckton makes for an easy punching bag because he’s out there speaking up. Just like how we use Al Gore as our punching bag.”
Al Gore? You mean the “Poodle” Al Gore? We don’t even have to hit Poodle Al ourselves, since he sits in a corner hitting himself in the face.
Lord Monckton and Poodle Al are in such different leagues, that if Poodle Al’s league would explode, it would take three days before Lord Monckton would hear the explosion.

Lord Monckton comes from fighting stock – his father was a career army man as was his grandfather… The present Lord Monckton is the second Viscount, his father was the first and his father had a reputation as a General of being a man who could marshall his facts and figures and present a devastating assessment of any proposed operation or campaign. The present Lord Monckton has the same ability. Not a man to tangle with, I suspect that the glee with which his detractors found a flaw in his data may yet come back to bite them rather badly.


The Warmists are having a melt down.


>> Robert says:
August 12, 2010 at 9:58 am
I would love to see monckton enter a pre-prepared with someone like john cook. <<
I'd love to see it too. Are there any Warmist priests who aren't afraid to debate him?


Personally I view Mr. Monckton as a crackpot. However, I question the wisdom of overlaying rifle scope cross hairs on his image. If a green group did that it would be taken as a not so veiled threat. I know you don’t mean it that way, but still it is best to avoid inflammatory symbolism.
For a fun look at mathematical crackpots see “Mathematical Cranks ” by
Underwood Dudley.


These videos look like they’re going to be a more informal, audience friendly version of Lord Monckton’s super dense, point by point/word by word refutation of Abraham we saw here a couple of months ago.
Which could be a lot of fun, actually 😉

Kevin McKinney

“Monckton keeps his temper. . .”
Well, apart from mocking people’s appearance (“overcooked prawn” and “big-bellied thugs”), alleged politics (“Nazis”), institutional affiliation (“Minnesota Bible College”), and intelligence (“zombie”).
And unless someone insults or disagrees with him, of course.

Mikael Pihlström

As a a person hopelessly contaminated by AGW theory, I am very happy
that Monckton is your front man.
Did you note that the House of Lords wants your Vicount to stop saying he
is a member of the upper house and that Queen’s Chancellor wants him to stop
plagiating the Parliament portcullis emblem? If he wasn’t so great in climate
science one might suspect that he is a pompous clown.

j molloy

a man of decency & honour