CO2 Optical Illusion

By Steve Goddard People see what they want or expect to see. A great example is in today’s NASA Earth Observatory image of the day article. A heat wave scorched…

Friday Funny

Albuquerque has reached a tipping point!

A spot check on NOAA's "hottest so far" presser

From the story:  The Australian’s overheated time warp misses half of 2010 which had a NOAA press release in it below the fold, Dr. Richard Keen weighs in and does a…

NOAA: behind the curve

Sol and NOAA predictions have a gap. Here are some other graphs. The Ap magnetic index is up at least, but radio flux lags just like the spot count.

From DMSP munching microbes to global climate

From the University of Technology Sydney press release (Note: unfortunately the actual paper was not provided with the press release) Tiny marine microbes exert influence on global climate 16 Jul…