Visualizing Arctic Coverage

By Steve Goddard In recent articles, I have have been discussing GISS’ claim that their divergence from Had-Crut over the last decade is due to better Arctic coverage. They use the two images below to justify their claims. Advertisements


Pew poll: 2 of 3 Americans think Congressional action on climate change is not a priority

From the Pew Research Center. I wonder if Senator Kerry has seen this. Once again, climate change is dead last. Since energy comes in second, watch now as “climate change” gets morphed into “energy needs” as the new target of our climatic friends. The public views tougher regulations on financial institutions as an important priority…

NOAA goes for National Press Club with hurricane outlook

It looks like they aren’t monkeying around. After delaying the release this week, NOAA plans to showcase the news in a more “robust” setting. Contact:          Susan Buchanan, NOAA FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 301-713-0622                                                  May 21, 2010 NOAA to Issue 2010 Atlantic Hurricane Season Outlook