By Steve Goddard Satellite data vs. normalised surface data during the 1998 El Niño A few days ago I discussed the amplification of satellite temperatures relative to surface data. And Dr. Roy Spencer posted a very helpful description of the root cause. Advertisements

Livetooning the ICCC

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach Well, I’m at the International Conference on Climate Change in Chicago, where I’m one of the speakers. Since I’m a cartoonist, rather than liveblogging the conferenceI figured I’d livetoon it instead … these are my summaries of the main points that each scientist made in their presentation:

ICCC Conference day 1 – Chicken of the Sea and BBC

Sunday was speaker orientation and the evening reception/dinner. I met up with Willis Eschencbach, watched and listened to him play the piano in the lobby. I took some photos with my cellphone camera, but they turned out badly. Willis and I had an interesting talk with Gary Sharp about Tuna acting as ARGO buoys. Apparently…