Not a joke: Gore's "Inconvenient Youth"

Somebody really should take Mr. Gore aside and explain the imagery this name and the “personal blessing” by Gore conjures up. Newsbusters has a story on the creation of this group back in 2008, with the backstory on the connections of the people involved.

Press release:

Inconvenient Youth: Al Gore’s Alliance for Climate Protection to Launch New Initiative on Earth Day

The Climate Project Will Invite Five Teenagers to be Trained Personally by Gore

Inconvenient Youth Will Build Next Generation of Environmental Leaders

For immediate release: Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Press inquiries: Carrie Criado, 615-327-7577,

Laura Burton Capps, 202-567-6800,

Washington, D.C. and Nashville, TN — Teens who want to make a real difference in the fight against climate change will now have a place to share their pledges, actions and ideas. Inconvenient Youth (, the new teen climate education initiative of The Climate Project, a program of the Alliance for Climate Protection, will launch on Earth Day, April 22. Inconvenient Youth will also enable five teens to participate in The Climate Project’s upcoming Our Choice Training with Nobel Laureate and former Vice President Al Gore, to be held in June. The initiative dovetails with the Alliance’s Repower America “youth surge” campaign to organize students on college campuses across the country.

“Inconvenient Youth is built on the belief that teens can help lead efforts to solve the climate crisis. It will give this generation – which has a unique stake in this issue – a chance to organize and exchange ideas with other young people who want to do their part to address the climate crisis. Perhaps most importantly, this initiative was inspired by youth and shaped by youth with their unique viewpoint guiding it forward,” said Gore.

more here:

Here is a video trailer, note the laptop. Mr. Gore is on the board of Apple. The VW says “powered by vegetable oil”. Only one problem, it still produces CO2 when the oil is burned. Since Mr. Gore’s focus is on CO2 and not NOx or Soot, or SO2, you’d think they would have labeled the VW as “electric”.

The other problem with vegetable oil is that it is a finite resource. There is only so much used vegetable oil in a city available, so it really isn’t a “sustainable” concept beyond just a few vehicles.


NOTE: I know there will be a temptation to draw parallels with a another “youth” name, please commenters, don’t go there as all such comments will be snipped.- Anthony

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Xi Chin


I know a few yutes and it’s really frightening the things they ‘learn in school’ — a lot of which is not true.
Fortunately it is quite easy to get them fixed.


Why just 5 teenagers? Shouldn’t there be 12?

Henry chance

Earth Day. Lenin’s birthday.
Maybe long-time Earth Day advocate Ira Einhorn took the whole “recycling” thing a little too far when he “composted” his girlfriend’s remains in a trunk in his closet…
Back in 1970, Earth Day was a grassroots hippie event. The organizers chose April 22 – which just “happens” to be the birthday of their Soviet Communist hero, Lenin:
“One of the self-identified ‘founders’ of Earth Day, Bay Area activist John McConnell, has written that in 1969 he proposed to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors a new holiday to be called Earth Day on the first day of spring, the Equinox, around March 21. But, he writes, in 1970 local anti-Vietnam War and Environmental Teach-in activists ‘who were planning a one-time event for April 22, also decided to call their event Earth Day.’

Henry chance

So after this start, Algore is going to press for youth re education camps.

enneagram (10:44:20) : [snip]
Xi Chin (10:45:54) : [snip]

Rather snippy, today 😉


Well, he’s losing the battle with rational adults, so terrifying and manipulating children is the logical next step, before they’ve got to Piaget’s stage of rational thinking.


When you name your group “Whatever Youth” can you really be suprised when parallels are drawn? It’s like he is asking for it in order to get more attention and maybe sympathy.


The other problem with vegetable oil is that it is that it requires a lot of people eat a boatload of french fries.


Computer models have indicated that brainwashing needs to begin at a younger age.

R Shearer

We can hope that indoctrination isn’t a permanent change. Some will learn to see it for what it is.


When anyone goes after the kids (either Captain Crunch or politicos) I get the creeps. The eco-shriekers have no soul.

Steve in SC

Absolutely disgusting.

tim maguire

Can you leave one parallel up? You’ve piqued my curiosity and I’m drawing a blank.
To your main point, if I still believed in global warming and didn’t think the science had been tarnished, I would still want to distance myself from An Inconvenient Truth–a movie a large plurality (soon to be a majority) of the public has come to realize is manipulative, unscientific propaganda.
Gore should be looking to cut ties with his past sloganeering and try to appear fresh and new.
If he can.

Ah dang….I’ll just snip myself then: SNIP.

god help us, 5 mini me’s a la Gore. bring back Austin Powers.

Tom in Florida

Al Gore is preying on those that do not have fully developed cognitive abilities and lack any real world experience because he can no longer fool anyone else.
Perhaps he will issue brown shirts and arm bands to them.


Looks like child abuse to me.


When I read the heading I thought It referred to plastic surgery or botox, but it is much more insiduous, it is about the indoctrination of teenagers in the creed of Global Warming! . Is it not enough that, all over the world (and this is a reality) kids, my grandsons among them, are already indoctrinated with all that politically biased crap?


I am reminded of that old saying, “Youth is wasted on the young”.

Kevin G

They should be Convenient Youth, since they have apparently already been brainwashed as to develop such ideal “unique viewpoints.” Does the VW also say Transfat free?


“The Climate Project Will Invite Five Teenagers to be Trained Personally by Gore.”
Personal attention by Al baby?
Hmmm. I’m almost tempted to mention some other ongoing scandal …
What other machinations must he have in store?

Karl Maki

Why bother with contentious, skeptical adults when it’s so much easier to scribe one’s will on the blank slate of youth who will ask no difficult questions.
Further proof that it’s not the harsh martinet of science that lures Gore, but the siren song of an appealing narrative.


@Tim Maguire
Look up an old German dictator for the one specific parallel he is refering too.

The CULT expands to the next generation. Sigh.
Yes, the issues IS important. He is right. However, what’s important is to MAKE SURE WE GET IT RIGHT before jumping off the cliff of TERRORFORMING the planet and the Global Economy! It matters that we get the science right.
Doomsday Claims based upon Plausible Science just isn’t good enough. We need hard science backed up with hard facts. Hard science is science that can make verifiable predictions and have them actually happen. Newton passes this test. Einstein does. Climate Science DOES NOT. When climate science can pass this hard test of Objective Reality then let’s talk about what it means. Till then it’s premature (no pun intended) to jump off crazy cliffs based upon wild soothsayings of doomsday.
There would be no green without CO2. Inconvenient Fact.

templar knight



By a strange coincidence the evil Moonbat from the Guardian has recently organised a gang of trolls to haunt the internet and mess up sites. These guys don’t like loosing.

paul revere



I’m loving the image of Al Gore personally training 5 youth to become the future environmental leaders. I’m going to retire to my cave and write a script for a broadway style musical. I like to start with the songs:
Global Warming (Think Oklahoma!)
Shaping Young Minds (Think of an effeminate busy body brown nosing event planner who coordinates and color codes the whole process)
Reversing the Signs (Think Michael Mann)
Propaganda (Think Oklahoma!)
Climb Every Scissor Lift (Don’t even think about it)
CO2 (Think that starts with C and rhymes with cool – well it doesn’t but think about it)
Can we Get a Little Air in this Classroom?
Climate is not Weather Unless it’s Warm (Think Mares Eat Oats)
This Trade is Crap (The students begin to sense deceit)
If I Only Had Some Heat (Think the Yellow Brick Road)
O The Decline! (Think Inspector Javert)


No joke: Based in Menlo Park, California, Inconvenient Youth is a non-profit group looking to “mobilize young people to educate their communities about environmental science” in order to solve global warming
This is the same Hugo Chavez is doing, mobilizing young people to defend his “XX1 century socialist revoilution” or: -From Wikipedia-
The first NSDAP-related organization of German youth was the Jugendbund der NSDAP.[1] Its establishment by the Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei or NSDAP, the German Nazi Party, was announced on 8 March 1922 in the Völkischer Beobachter, and its inaugural meeting was held on 13 May the same year.[2] In April 1924 the Jugendbund der NSDAP was renamed Grossdeutsche Jugendbewegung (Greater German Youth Movement).


I substitute taught high school for 5 years and the indoctrination by the left leaning educational system has been going on for a long time. “Pseudo-environmentalism” has been a major part of their pseudo-science education for at least 15 years that I know of. History is all but gone, everything has to be “fun”, no winners or losers are allowed, failure is a lost concept (and so we also lose success, by definition), unpleasant items like diagramming sentences are too stressful and no fun, same for flashcards and arithmatic memorization, etc, etc.
If we want to fix things the first thing we need to do is take back the educational system from the NEA.


Youths really are inconvenient. They use up the earth’s precious resources and expel CO2. Plus the whole diaper thing. Not to mention, youths are anthropogenic.
I wonder if that vegetable oil run car was filmed in California? I hear the police ticket them out there for not paying federal and state fuel taxes.

In cases of political or religious indoctrination, or just bad overly restrictive parenting, when the truth conflicted youth finds that reality is not as it has been taught. They go through a period of confusion, then outright rebellion, as they find that more and more of the propaganda is proven false.
Those who are able to see the corruption clearly from up close and personal, will be especially interesting to watch as they become aware of the reality that conflicts with Big Al’s programing, as they get out into the real world and learn the truth for themselves.
The most active members of social revolutions are the ones that have seen the inner workings of the empowered corrupt government in action and find it personally revolting in it’s principals. I see this as a self actuating self destructive mechanism and will watch with interest as the drama unfolds.
As a dandelion blooms yellow and then closes to process what it has gathered into seeds, that set out on their own days later when the white fluffy tops come back to send into the world the fruits of their labors, so all social and political changes end up turning loose upon the world, the seeds of all things, and what finds fertile places and grows is what survives.

Don B

Al Gore had an inconvenient youth, it seems to me, living in Suite 809 of the Fairfax Hotel, surrounded by old people and bellhops.
But he has risen above it, to be even better than you and me.


tim maguire (11:05:22)
The moderator is referring to the [SNIP] during the years of [SNIP] when [SNIP] [SNIP] [SNIP]. Throughout history [SNIP] has drawn parallels to [SNIP] [SNIP].
Make any sense now? I’m glad to help.
At this point, nothing Algore (et. al) does surprises me in the least. He’s been at it a long hard time. The man surely isn’t lazy, at least that can be said of him. And he sure has brass, too. Thus, these are the qualities that should also be present in those who seek to oppose him. Even then the truth may not suffice. Humans have an aggravating way of choosing delusion over truth. I do not understand it, even though I’ve been a party to it. HORRORS! Could it be that Mankind is flawed!


From its blog, :
April 21, 2010
cierra123 – earth day!
since tommortrow is earth day we all need to do 5 good things for the earth! recycle cans and bottles,paper,pick up any trash, or anything that will help the earth


Children should not be subjected to political pressures like this.
They should be left alone, and allowed to be …. children.
The crime here is stealing their childhood by burdening them with adult concerns.
Also, enslisting children in a cause should be challenged as a violation of child labor laws.
Violation of separation of church & state: Using a political machine to rob the children of free choice by sustituting an ersatz religion for moral values that their parents should be instilling. It says the State wants to raise your kids.
Children usually grow up to either accept the values given, or they temporarily rebel against their parents when teenagers.
The State will crush any rebellion of choice.
This could and should be argued at the Supreme Court.

SNICKER !!!!!!!!!!!
Neo (11:00:17) :
The other problem with vegetable oil is that it is that it requires a lot of people eat a boatload of french fries.
Just like we found out that they were using searchlights in Spain to produce “cheap” solar power, we will find out they purchased new cooking oil off the shelf.

William Lindqvist

Complete with jack boots I suppose – green color of course and not made from cow leather!


It makes me think of this commercial I hear regularly on the radio from fightglobalwarming dot org, featuring children taking turns to say that today’s adults are giving them ‘draughts’, ‘floods’, ‘dying corals’, etc because today’s adults are causing global warming. UN-BEA-RABLE.


“Al Gore is preying on those that do not have fully developed cognitive abilities and lack any real world experience”
Tom in Florida (11:07:57)
Which when you think about it is what he’s been doing all along.


Al old fat, singing:
There’s a drought at the fountain of youth, and now I’m dehydrating


rbateman (11:36:44) :
This could and should be argued at the Supreme Court

What if its veredict is also “inconvenient”?
No, No, the old american fashion works better: Get feathers and tar!

Craig Moore

Hilarious. I guess science is being redefined as the mangling of facts to reinforce a predetermined policy.

Al Gore's Holy Hologram

So we’re going to get more idiots claiming the temperature of the Earth’s mantle is millions of degrees under “hot crust”.

Bob Kutz

Neo (11:00:17) :
The other problem with vegetable oil is that it is that it requires a lot of
people eat a boatload of french fries.
That is a sacrifice I am willing to make ‘for the children’. Who’s with me?


Or do you mean the Orwellian youths as spys who tell on their parents?


The boy pictured at the beginning is not a teen; he is prepubescent. There is more than a little hint of pedophilia here.

Robert of Ottawa

The invitation to [self-snip] is strong because of the ominous parallels to [self-snip] and communist youth movements. This is an eco-youth movement; can we call them GREENSHIRTS
Al Gore is a seriously dangerous and his youth movement is truly distrurbing