New pix of Iceland volcanic plume

From ESA (zoomed image below the read more line) New satellite image of ash spewing from Iceland’s volcano 19 April 2010 In this image taken [at] (14:45 CET) by ESA’s Envisat satellite, a heavy plume of ash from the Eyjafjallajoekull Volcano is seen travelling in a roughly southeasterly direction. Advertisements


Royal Ash: Royal society jumps on magma driven worry express

Guest post by Steven Goddard Wikipedia Image of Disaster Movie poster While volcanic ash falls on Britain, in yet another assault on reason, the Royal Society has warned : In papers published by the Royal Society, researchers warned that melting ice, sea level rises and even increasingly heavy storms and rainfall – predicted consequences of rising temperatures…

Clean air, a problem?

Here’s a headline I thought I’d never see. In the 60’s and 70’s we were bombarded with images like these: Now we hear that may be a good thing. Make up your minds! Though I think oceans have a good share of the cause too. From the LA Times Why cleaner air could speed global…