Party! ~ ctm

charles the moderator is throwing himself a birthday party this Friday in SF.

I’ve decided to invite a selected few WUWT regulars to attend.

Acceptance will be based on examining your comment history.  No newbies, sorry.

Steve Mosher will be there.

It will go from 10 pm to apprx 4 am or?

If you want to attend post here. You will be contacted via email.

Steve Sadlov, kuhnkat, you out there?

Moderators and Anthony, you are all invited.

214 thoughts on “Party! ~ ctm

  1. Happy Birthday Charles. I won’t be able to call by as the flight time is too long. What about a video hookup?
    Reply: I’ll send you pictures. There will be at least three DJ’s. ~ ctm

  2. I know I’m not a regular enough poster to participate and I doubt I could make it anyways, but nonetheless I’d like to wish a Happy Birthday to Charles.
    Hope you folks have a fine time and get good and “snockered”…I have a feeling with the amount of work that goes into this place combined with your daily lives you’re probably in need of just such an excuse to do so.

  3. Alarmists get flown all over the world at taxpayer expense to Bali, Kyoto, Copenhagen. Will the taxpayer, or at least big oil, pick up the tab for any attendees?

  4. Happy bday ctm.
    Unfortuately there are too many mountains to climb and oceans to cross so perhaps not this time (as Willy says NZ ia a long way away from the US). You are cordially invited to my 50th during May as by now Big Oil must must be funding you full time plus travel perks.

  5. Happy birthday Charles
    Will you be undertaking a world tour so your fans overseas can take part? Are Phil Jones and Judith Curry invited?
    Reply: If Judith was in town I would love for her to show up. Dr. Phil…not so much. ~ ctm

  6. Happy Birthday O Great One.
    Unfortunately the airline tickets you sent me haven’t turned up so I goes to Barry post office and I says what’s occurring. They haven’t a clue,first time see anyone has sent a letter from the US. So in case I dunt make it have a good one;-)

  7. Hi Charles, happy birthday. I don’t post enough (but I learn a lot) and, like NZ Willy, I’m also in New Zealand, so unless you REALLY want me to show up, I won’t be able to be there either.
    But this is to say a very big thank you for all the work that you and your fellow moderators do in supporting Anthony in his outstanding work. Behind every great man is a great team. If I could have been there, I would have led a haka for you.
    There are enough known Kiwis on this site for us to do a monumental haka for you all – we’ll do it down here.
    Dude… that’s just weird.

    ~ ctm

  8. birdfeeders again. We let our holly bushes grow up the last few years. We had a bumper crop of berrys this year. We had hundreds of robins eating them. May you have hundreds of robins at your birthday party . And some robinetts too.

  9. If you shoot an invitation, I will make a rare trip from Nevada to California, and my ’66 will even deposit.a half ton of CO2 per mile along the way.
    Reply: 66 what? My 70 Bronco gets about 9 mpg. ~ ctm

  10. Happy Birthday. I read a lot, comment only a bit (less lately), am on the east coast so won’t even ask to attend….but….Friday is my birthday too!! So I’ll be there in spirit. (I’m sure I’m a LOT older than you….heh)

  11. Happy 21st birthday Charles and thanks for your thoughtful, careful moderation. Sadly La France is too far even for free food and booze.

  12. Here’s a little birthday present 🙂
    Reply: Thank you. That was awesome. Common sense to someone who hangs out in NoCal, but nice to see someone attempting to quantify it.
    What’s the difference between a Californian and a New Yorker?
    When a New Yorker says #$@^@^, you he’s saying hello.
    When a Californian says Hello, he’s saying #$@^@^ you.
    ~ ctm

  13. Happy Birthday, pal.
    (Only 20 more years to maturity… although I’ll let you call on that based on my postings… My only certainty is that at 52 I weren’t…)

  14. I’ll send you a new pair of scissors, the old ones must be about worn out by now.
    Happy snippin’ birthday, Charles!

  15. Dear CTM,
    You share the birthday with
    Bruce Willis
    Glenn Close
    Ursula Andress (I often get flustrered & spell that wronlgy)
    Phyllis Newman
    Patrick McGoohan
    Wyatt Earp
    This group must be about as diverse as the characters you volunteer to moderate. But would you snip Wyatt Earp?
    Many happies from the wonderful land of Oz, you youngster. Have you ever been out here to see the Great Barrier Reef and other nice places? I’ve been to The Original Joe’s, which I suppose is a fair cultural comparison.
    Reply: No and I really do want to visit Oz sometime soon. OJ’s is the place I received the fastest service in my life. I ordered and received dinner in under 20 seconds. ~ ctm

  16. Happy birthday /
    Herzlichen Glückwünsche zum Geburtstag!
    You are at the best possible age – still vital, but wise.
    Strike the iron while it’s hot.
    Post some photos of the party so that we can see how it went!

  17. Gah! not enough notice – I would have chartered a plane from London for your British chums…
    Well, have a great birthday anyway! Party on!

  18. Have a great one, Charles!
    Carl Chapman (00:41:39) : has the right idea.
    “Alarmists get flown all over the world at taxpayer expense to Bali, Kyoto, Copenhagen. Will the taxpayer, or at least big oil, pick up the tab for any attendees?”
    How fast can you whip out a grant proposal so we can all attend?

  19. Nice one Charles, a bit far for me to come, guess I wouldn’t get an invite anyway, you spend too much time on my posts, musing about moderation:-)
    All round top blog(s) – need top people, many happy returns.

  20. Happy Birthday Charles! Have a smashing one! All of you mods and Anthony deserve it and more. I can’t even imagine how you keep up.
    And back at his home Punxsutawney Phil is chirping that he should have made it eight weeks! Here comes the snow. Again. Maybe all of you at the party can figure how to import some of that mysterious, invisible warming back to the U.S., you know, the real stuff.

  21. I’d love to attend, however I haven’t yet received my paycheck this month from big oil, so am unable to afford the plane ticket. 🙂
    I remember when I turned 52, I got three decks of cards as gifts – thought you should be warned.

  22. Happy Birthday. It would take till November to get there, so I’ll just have to have a snifter over here in support, and maybe a tincture or two, and maybe some noggins, and a beverage…
    52! Baa. You youngsters don’t know you’re born. Hic!

  23. CTM: Happy Birthday. I’ve even capitalized your name. None of that lower case stuff for CTM. A respect for elders thing!
    Your efforts at maintaining civility here at WUWT are very much appreciated…as is your sense of humor when you let it fly.

  24. Have a terriffic time, CTM!
    Best regards, but unfortunately, I have to decline your kind invitation, being on the other side of the world, and things like that……

  25. Watt’s the address for gifts?
    Reply: Hold that thought. At some point I will be asking for a favor from our Australian readers. I would like someone to find me some of these:

    Royal Australian Regiment jackets. The one I have is a size 18 from G & S Symons made in 1951. It looks great on me, but I want more of them for when it wears out. I guess you guys can start your research if you want. ~ ctm

  26. happy, happy Birthday, Charles, best year ever, they don’t make em like this anymore 😉 Fred from the Swiss mountains. (Born in 58 too)

  27. Charles,
    Happy Birthday dude! I would humbly accept an invitation but understand if I’m semi-newbie! 🙂

  28. Not a person to give out happy b days on blog/message pages.
    But more I’d like to thank you for your work moding this chaos, WHO would of imagined the like of this in a scientific manner? Too crazy, blog power, thank dog god for the internet and this site. 🙂
    You are one of the keepers of the science and truth. This site and CA are the only bastions of reason for the scientific mind!
    Happy b day and thanks from us skeptics/denier/heretics/scientist, for upholding the truth!

  29. As a decidely sporadic commenter, may I wish you “Feliz Cumpleaños” young Charles. 🙂
    I’d love to come, but as I’m half the world away from SF I’d feel too guilty about my carbon footpr…. Oh! Maybe not. 🙂
    Have a good ‘un!

  30. I’m concerned. Al Gore says the Skeptics missed the 3 day storm(and it’s relevance) in NY area because it wasn’t snow. What are we going to miss because of a birthday party + 3 days recovery?
    Happy Birthday. Another year in this mad new world!!!!

  31. 52? So you remember when the ice sheets still spread thru the Dakotas and the Mastodons were the big CO2 emitters.
    60 is the new middle age.

  32. > If you want to attend post here.
    Being older than you, I remember times when good manners meant responding to RSVPs. Now credit card companies send out RSVP by the millions and have no “decline” box on their form.
    I’d love to attend, but too far for a night trip from New Hampshire.
    Besides, Friday night is pizza night at work. Let’s see, leave at 1900 EDT, which is 1600 PDT, I could make it some of it….
    I will be attending the the ICCC in Chicago. Maybe I’ll make a WUWT sticker for fans to put on their name tags.

  33. ctm, I am a bit late to this party… Thanks again to you, for your attention to detail. Also, your outstanding work and efforts to keep our comments on track and an open forum for the public; all at the same time:) Happy Birthday & Best Wishes

  34. Issue 15
    Increasing biodiversity
    Reducing our impact
    A sustainable supply

    Take a guess which organisation has this advert for their magazine?
    Friend’s of the earth? Green peace? WWF? Green Party?
    How about The UK supposedly scientific organisation who is supposed to be providing accurate forecasts in a magazine laughingly called: “Barometer” and not “Green pansies”.

  35. What a great idea! I would absolutely love to go and meet you and the other keepers of the flame!!! I’d have to start driving from Texas pretty soon though… Happy Birthday!

  36. I don’t know about the rest of you but I’m skeptical its really his birthday.
    Happy Birthday CTM

  37. Happy B-Day CTM!!! Dude you rock, you’ve got 9 years on me and half the time I’m in bed when your party starts! I will raise a beer in your honor though, or a glass of wine whichever you prefer.

  38. More about the Gatekeeper:
    Κέρβερος (Cerberos):is a multi-headed hound (usually three-headed which guards the gates of Hades
    However, being you an Aries you are a Ram: Much like the Spirit of Spring, those born under Aries are forever looking forward, never backward

  39. Happy birthday! Having that and St Patricks in the same week must be a challenge. Will raise a glass or 12 of the black/green stuff in support 🙂

  40. Happy Birthday, Charles the Moderator. I bet you wondered if you would make 52 with all the responsibility Anthony’s inventiveness “forced” on you. This celebration of the day of your birth will also be a celebration of the coming of age of science education. You and your compatriots, who will be putting CO2 to one of its proper uses, downing lots beer and bubbly, can raise a glass to real science and the scientific method. That’s a great asccomplishment for one life time and you have lots more to live. Yes, who said 60 is the new middle age? I agree. My Mom is 91 and going strong with a good mind — not a feeble bone in her body!
    Wish I could join you. Hope Pamela Gray and Anna V are there. And certainly the two Smiths, George and E.M. There are lots of other contributors who have become “friends” because of their fierce strength, commitment to truth, and good hearts.
    Cheers and Kampai. (My children are returning from Japan in a few weeks to make California their home.)
    Reply: Are you asking? It’s like reading Ravetz. ~ctm

  41. Happy birthday, thank you for your great work here. A special birthday song to the approximate tune of the Volga Boatmen:
    Oh happy birthday
    Oh happy birthday
    One more year closer to death
    Oh happy birthday

  42. You don’t look a day over 51! Happy birthday old bean. Here’s to many more.
    And in the off chance that I were to be invited, I would have to decline as I am the only one on staff that doesn’t merit holidays of any kind. The owner/operator!
    Cheers and best fishes.

  43. Happy birthday from Idaho(whee spring means 21 feet of snow at the ski resorts) CTM you are truly one of the best people I have never met. Thank you for all the hard work you have done more for the people of the county than most of congress and the white house combined.

  44. Hey CTM
    Us Aussies have a favour to ask of you.
    After about 6 drinks each, you all get together and chant…
    And take pictures of the chant and post ’em please 🙂

  45. I was not aware that test tube babies actually have a ” birth day”, but hey, any reason to toss back a few ales and maybe a shot of tequila or two !!! 8^D !! Wish I could be there ! If you can afford to fly in a bouncer, I would be glad to fulfill that duty !! Happiest of days to you Charles!! I will be quoffing an ale in your honor. I expect a full report of the party on my desk in the morning ! ( ok, maybe later that afternoon ). Cheers !!

  46. Happy Birthday! From a skeptic who has now been accused, and officially reprimanded, of being in denial of prevailing opinion, not willing to cooperate with the consensus, and not dotting their i’s and crossing their t’s fast enough. As a result I have been excluded from the table. The one voice that says, “hold on a minute”. All because I happen to believe in the heart, soul, and brain of a 5th grader. Being slow to label, wanting more information, and getting it right, is what inquiry is all about. Else we lead ourselves, and those who trust us, over the cliff.

  47. Happy Birthday Charles!
    Great Idea, have a good party and don’t drink to much virtual beer!

  48. A 52nd birthday??? Seems to make it a B-52 party. Order the A-Bomb shooters until no one can flap their wings anymore. Enjoy!!!!!

  49. Happy Birthday, CTM! can’t drink anyomore, but I raise a cup’o Java to you!…
    BTW you are one of the most tolerant Moderators on the web. DW is on a few
    gardening sites that are seem to be run by the Red Queen….
    “You are offering a service?-off with your head!”
    “Hybrid teas! Hybrid TEAS?=off with your head!”
    That sort of thing..

  50. Happy Birthday! I’m actually going to be in San Francisco for the American Chemical Society conference starting Sunday, so I might be able to make it, if you’ll have me.

  51. Happy birthday Charles. I would love to hop across the Bay Bridge for a quick pint or two.
    I’m assuming you will be taking a break from moderating at this event, and colorful language will be allowed ??? …… I mean, there will be AGW talk, right ??

  52. Lovely idea! 🙂 Have a good one – visions of live “moderation by party committee” spring to mind!

  53. With brevity one of the highest expressions of respect in being a large part of the Best Science Blog online, and more: Happy Birthday on Friday, Charles – with many more being possible thanks to…..the Sun?! Sorry alarmists – the Sun, the earth, WUWT & CTM rule!
    I’m sure you’ll have one of the HOTTEST parties in SF. Hide any declines!

  54. Happy St. Pats… and Happy Birthday to ya, Charles!
    Thank You for your mostly thankless work behind the scenes at WUWT, keeping the cogs greased and the ways cleared!
    A Toast to you Sir! May God give our enemies a limp, so we can spot them when they’re coming our way!
    ‘Tup a Cup for me!!!!!!!!

  55. Well done and happy birthday … hope to see you there … I can easily drive from the South Bay.

  56. Happy Birthday Charles!
    I just found out my Brother’s distillery in SF (Treasure Island) won “double gold” for his “China Beach” vodka, meaning it was a unanimous decision among all judges. That might be a nice way to celebrate if you’re so inclined to support a local business & like a fine spirit. I’ve tried it… SMOOOOOTH. I like the one made from sugar cane too.
    Best regards & great job here at WUWT – Mike S.

  57. Have a very Happy Birthday.
    Would like to attend, but logistics are a barrier.
    Please try to blow out all those candles quickly, on the first attempt.
    Don’t want to add an UHI effect.
    Uneasy Happybirthday Incident
    Best Regards

  58. I’m not sure I can attend, as this conflicts with my Friday evening Emily Post meetings.
    Happy Birthday anyway!

  59. Happy birthday! And as you are such a prominent Bay resident, I’m sure Ms. Pelosi will be jetting back for the occasion?
    You’re certainly more important than whatever she may be working on!

  60. Was I that sneaky? Yes, I would love to be asked. I would be honored to be asked. Would have to send regrets, however. Getting ready for those beautiful kids and grandkids has done me in.

  61. I don’t want to rain on anybody’s party but I can’t lie, so here’s my honest reaction: I love WUWT when it looks professional and mature.

  62. Happy Birthday, fella! 1958 was truly an exceptional year all round!! I will be there in spirit, or beer, or wine, or cocktail………………………..!

  63. Happy birthday, Charles. But, yes, you might want to consider how many more birthdays would be safe for you to have! Given the Precautionary Principle and all. See Postnormal Science at work below as it valiantly strives to “democratize” science by demonizing old white males – bolded. So you might want to consider suicide “before it’s too late”!
    PaulsNZ (02:53:21) :
    Happy Birthday… You may be an endangered human judging by the hubris BS spouted here in NZ!

    From PaulsNZ’s reference:

    The meeting brought together not just climate scientists from New Zealand and Australia, but also social scientists who’ve been asked to come up with strategies on how to manipulate public opinion. Additionally, key sympathetic business leaders like Air New Zealand’s Rob Fyfe are understood to have attended.
    As part of the conference, the NZ Government funded Science Media Centre, a climate change propaganda unit, organised for select invited media to attend a briefing from Professor Lowe, and NZ government social scientist Karen Cronin.
    The briefing is a unique insight not just into the mindset of the climate science propaganda units, but in the sychophantic media willing to push their message unquestioningly.
    During the hour long media briefing, Lowe
    ridiculed the scientists working on the Large Hadron Collider, saying money would be better spent by climate scientists
    argued that for propaganda purposes the media should hype-up individual weather events – such as floods in Mozambique – as proof of climate change
    claimed Hurricane Katrina was clearly caused by climate change
    claimed a conspiracy of white, Anglo Celtic elderly males was behind the skeptic movement
    with NZ government social scientist Karen Cronin advocated researching how to foment enough anger in the public that governments who refused to take climate action could be “pushed out of the way” in a political upheaval

    On the other hand as an old white male myself, I’ll have to ask in response, “Is it true – as everyone says it is – that Postnormal Science really is a manifestation of Tertiary Syphilis?”

  64. CTM
    Happy B-Day and make sure you buy carbon credits for each candle!!
    Thanks for everything and keep up the great work.

  65. Happy Birthday Charles!
    The quality of the comments herein reveals a loyalty and appreciation that must warm your heart.
    Of all the comments it’s this one that resonated with wisdom and a request that I heartily second!
    P Gosselin (02:43:15) :
    Happy birthday /
    Herzlichen Glückwünsche zum Geburtstag!
    You are at the best possible age – still vital, but wise.
    Strike the iron while it’s hot.
    Post some photos of the party so that we can see how it went!

  66. Happy birthday Charles,
    Are these Invitations tradeable. You could start an exchange right here on WUWT. It would have to be as profitable as a carbon exchange. What’s the current ask, do both the buyer and seller pay commision, I’m only 50 miles away.

  67. Happy Birthday!
    52 was a great milestone.
    Sorry that I will not be in the Bay area this week.
    May the coming year be your best year yet!

  68. Happy Birthday, Charles.
    I don’t post very often on WUWT, and am too far away in any case, but can I contribute to the beer and silly hat fund?

  69. I can’t make it on Friday, but I hope you’ll let me buy you dinner the next time I’m in SF… or the next time you make it to the North East. Happy Birthday.

  70. CTM,
    Not sure if I’ve been here long enough to meet the time requirement, but I’d like to think the quality, if not the quantity, of my posts sneaks me in through the back door. Plus, I’m less than an hour away by my fuel-efficient ancient Honda Accord. 🙂
    Regardless, have a wonderful 52nd birthday and party!

  71. Happy Birthday to Charles the Moderator!
    If it is any consolation, Charles the Dr.P.H. here is even older (pushing 55, I am eligible for senior discount breakfast at Denny’s Restaurant in 6 months!) See what you have to look forward to? Besides the Depends that is….
    Maybe we could all do a low-carbon, virtual party via Skype or other VOIP? Man, think how weird THAT would be, especially with all the drunk Kiwis doing that haka stuff!!
    Or, perhaps the WUWT virtual community should try to connect at Cancun? Might be equa-distant for many of us. WUWT could even have a display booth, THAT would shave the clams the wrong way!
    Cheers, CTM!! Thanks for everything, have a great birthday bash!

  72. Happy Birthday Charles! The 50s is a wonderful time in life. I’m waiting for my favorite oil company to send their private jet to pick me up for the party, can’t understand why I haven’t heard from them yet. If I’m unable to make it because of some scheduling snafu, please have a martini for me!!

  73. Reply: 66 what? My 70 Bronco gets about 9 mpg. ~ ctm
    1966 Toyota Landcruiser with Chevy 350

  74. Charles,
    Happy Birthday and may you have many more! Thank you for what you do for us.
    Best Wishes!
    Steamboat Jack

  75. Happy Birthday CTM have a good one. I won’t be in California until April, so I am spared the humiliation of being disinvited.
    Dr CRS, I am the same age as you and recommend you pass on the Denny’s meal – the most dispiriting of my 54 birthdays was the one I spent getting a special (!) birthday lunch out of the bastards (no 36 if I remember). Just don’t do it.

  76. I need more details.
    Is the event at or adjacent to a 4 or 5 star hotel?
    Is there is any chance some warmers would crash the party?
    I’d like that.
    How about any late 30s to mid 40s single hot skeptic ladies?
    Preferably one who is tall, with short brunette hair.
    Katie Holmes-like but and an Australian accent.
    Will there be plenty of fine food, drink and music?
    And because it’s San Francisco is it safe to assume there will be some entertaining characters there to observe?
    Just short of a freak show but strange enough to stare at?
    If all of this is expected don’t even think about not inviting me.
    1. Hotel — 3.5 blocks.
    2. Women — yes, but this isn’t a meeting of skeptics, assume SF politics for most. Also a half dozen under 30. None under 18.
    3. Characters — Staring is impolite.
    ~ ctm

  77. I used to post when Anthony first started but soon realized I had little to offer compared to the high quality posters who flocked to the site.
    Happy Birthday CTM, enjoy. (in moderation of course)

  78. Many Happy Returns Chasmod.
    I’d be honored to attend, but will be about 300 miles south of there on Friday.
    Have a good time.

  79. Happy birthday from one skeptical, elderly (not) white Anglo-Celtic male (not, again) to another. Wish I could hop on a plane and join your party, but my husband would divorce me. I always look forward to the humour you inject into you occasional responses to readers’ comments and I would love to meet you and those who make it to your celebration. Hope it’s a happy one, and that many other wonderful years follow!

  80. Steve Oregon (10:43:39) :
    I need more details.
    Is the event at or adjacent to a 4 or 5 star hotel?
    Is there is any chance some warmers would crash the party?
    I’d like that.
    How about any late 30s to mid 40s single hot skeptic ladies?
    Preferably one who is tall, with short brunette hair.
    Katie Holmes-like but and an Australian accent.
    Will there be plenty of fine food, drink and music?
    And because it’s San Francisco is it safe to assume there will be some entertaining characters there to observe?
    Just short of a freak show but strange enough to stare at?
    If all of this is expected don’t even think about not inviting me.
    Hey, I didn’t know WUWT allowed Pachauri to post on this blog!!

  81. Happy Birthday ! I admire anyone who would have a party for skeptics in the SF area – we’re all climate criminals , you know . I will drink to you Friday night . I would even quaff your favorite libation , if I knew what it were ( provided it’s available in Idaho , however , I draw the line at cosmopolitans , appletinis and mojitos . )
    Reply: It’s not a party for skeptics. It’s a wild and crazy birthday party to which I am inviting a small handful of skeptics there will be many more hot Avatar praising girls than skeptics. ~ ctm

  82. Happy Birthday, Charles! It sounds like there’s going to be some “global warming” in SF this weekend. I hope you all have a great time. If you ever make it down to SD the drinks are on me!

  83. Congratulations CTM!
    Wish I could pay your tab for all the hard work you have done.
    Reply: The party is costing 1,250 to 1,500. I would love to be reimbursed. Hit the tip jar. ~ ctm

  84. The vast Canadian-Australian skeptic community (of which I am official spokesperson) wishes you a very happy CO2 emission limited birthday and associated celebration.
    Regrettably, the entire CASC is in Colombia at the moment and would be unable to arrange travel to SF in the short time available.
    The CASC will organize its own complementary festivities with many a glass being raised in your honour.

  85. Happy Birthday, sorry I could not attend even if you were able to invite me (and I doubt you could invite all these responders).

  86. Long time reader but I rather infrequently leave comments. Still…one of my very favorite sites and, as always, we have the moderators to thank. You’re a year younger than me, you lucky SOB.
    I haven’t been to San Fran since 1980 and have no intention of screwing up such a good record. I want to say, however, that this is an EXCELLENT idea. Realists should build a sense of community. Have a wonderful birthday and I extend a warm “hello” to all those fortunate enough to attend.
    In the end you know…it’s just another trip around the sun.

  87. (Robert looks at faux fax machine. Waits for new ticket (round trip, business class please) from Madrid to SFO to arrive so he can attend birthday party……)
    (Other readers suggest that might be a long wait.)

  88. I was 52 once.
    The trick as you get older is to hide the decline.
    Only you need to know the truth – and don’t worry, a lot of people out there think like that.

  89. Have a good day and party Charles. Would love to be able to make it, and put some faces to the names I’ve got to know on here. You’ll have to get everyone to wear their screen-name on a badge. Alas it’s a long way from Aberfeldy to San Francisco so I can’t make it, but hope there’s someone from Scotland who brings you some decent whisky.

  90. Charles,
    Happy Quattuor Triskaidekium !
    Only one in a lifetime !
    Are inventors allowed at the party ?
    Enjoy ! Ken B.

  91. The secret to not getting old is to die early.
    I’m happy for every second, minute, hour, day or year I get.

  92. Sorry to hear no one ever let you in on the secret,
    Hey, have a great one anyway. I’m sorry that I can’t drop by and join you though I would dearly love to meet you and your roomie and to personally thank some of the people helping to keep us SANE!!!

  93. Finally!!! Something I feel qualified to post in!
    Happy Birthday CTM!!!
    You all do a fantastic job and I check this site first thing in the morning!

  94. Happy Birthday Sir Charles (you’ve earned that title!).
    No longer a Young Adult (20-45), now you’re enjoying the equally fun times of a Middle-Aged Adult (45-65). Then, of course, there’s the slightly (just slightly) more sedate period of life of being a Mature Adult (65-85), followed by a brief period of being a Senior Citizen (85-100), and then that open-ended period of being just plain Old (100+). And then you slow down…
    Party hearty!

  95. Have a great birthday Charles! I also have appreciated your very moderate moderation at WUWT. Enjoy!

  96. Didn’t know Anthony allowed children on his moderating team Charles. 😉
    Happy birthday. Can’t attend as, along with others, BIG OIL has been remiss in their remittance. 🙁
    Three bloody years & the cheque’s STILL in the post!
    All the best. DaveE.

  97. Happy Birthday Charles!!!
    I’d beg for an invitation to the party; but I know I can’t make it to San Francisco anytime soon. I’ll be sure to open a good bottle of Napa Cab in your honor this weekend… Maybe even a Far Niente.

  98. HB! ctm
    May the fog forever be at your back and that bright Bay Area sunshine always upon your face.
    I’ll tip one to ya, come Friday.

  99. Happy birthday young fellow!
    It is a bit of a stretch for the ol 82 chevy truck on such short notice so I’ll just raise a glass or 6 in your honor. Go forth and frolic.

  100. CTM,
    Re Aussie RAR gear. Are you after any particular pieces and any particular year? There were different regiment numbers too. Brother who died 3 years ago was in 5 RAR. They got a less-than enthusiastic welcome on return from Nam, including visits from police. He pulled the pin on a practice grenade and dropped it on the floor one evening when he got sick of the bother. Unfortunately they confiscated it when they returned after a change of clothing.
    I suspect I can find you some items, but they would be mainly badges, but who knows? Do you have a wish list? Please send it privately and I’ll see what I can find. I was in the Air Force in 1959, but kept nothing on interest. Dad was in New Guinea in WWII but also in the RAAF and we have some of his gear.
    Cheers Geoff.
    Reply: I will contact you. ~ ctm

  101. Happy birthday Charles!
    You don’t quite qualify for geezerhood yet but you’re getting there. 🙂

  102. Happy Birthday Charles! Have an exceptional time. As one who turned 52 a short time ago, I can say that the best is yet to come!

  103. ctm,
    52 isn’t old if you are a bristlecone pine, otherwise it is rather . . . HA HA. You youngster.
    I will be in SFO weekend of Fri Mar 26 for ~5 days. I offer to buy you a bite and a brew. Will be staying near the Mission area around Alabama St and 17th Street.
    Leif, also, if you are around i’d love to look you up in Petaluma.

  104. CTM, ihve a good one. It’s quite daring to advertise a B’Day party on one of the most popular blogs in the world. Suggestion for party game: “Hunt the water melon”

  105. Alas I shall be at Cheltenham cheering on Kauto Star to win his third Gold Cup on Friday, which I would not miss for the world (nor even for you dear Charles), but I hope you let your hair down in style and enjoy a thoroughly well deserved night of revelry
    And yes, thanks for all the hard work – this blog is the best moderated I’ve been on (several subjects) which takes some doing esp in such a contentious area

  106. Happy birthday Charles. I’d love to meet you guys, but I am working.
    Post some photos and details of the evening.

  107. Have a good time everyone. I’ll visit the tip jar so you can have a beer on me.

  108. Andrew P. (13:06:01) :
    “…Alas it’s a long way from Aberfeldy to San Francisco so I can’t make it, but hope there’s someone from Scotland who brings you some decent whisky.”
    It’s also a long way from Aberfeldy to Lao where I’ve been stuck on an exploration rig for a month. But today I escape and will have a night in a nice hotel in Savannakhet. Friday night I’ll be in Pattaya in Thailand meeting up with another ex Aberfeldy resident for copious ampunts of beer so I’ll raise a glass to CTM et al from there.
    Charles/Anthony: The Aberfeldy Malt is a fine tipple!

  109. Happy Birthday to Charles.
    If you are 52, then you are exactly 10 years +2 weeks younger than my dear wife.
    All I can say is, if Anthony selected you to work for (with) him, then you must be very knowledgeable indeed. I hope to meet you personally someday, perhaps – but I live on the Right Coast.

  110. Happy birthday ~ Charles. Best wishes and thanks for all you do. You do it well. May you have 52 more. I am skeptical about your age, you look much younger. Al Gore and James Hansen have given me their personal assurance that you are not posing a younger man.
    Have a great 52 and beyond!

  111. Happy B Day!
    here in Michigan way to far to go, but would love to be there!
    send me some of your BIG oil money and I’ll fly out there! lol
    your 18months older than me so there
    Tim L

  112. You don’t look 52.
    Happy birthday, Charles. Did you mean it about the tip jar or were you being facetious? I’d be more than happy to rob….er, borrow from the kids’ piggy bank & chip in a few bucks.
    Reply: If you guys want to help seriously defray the cost of my party I would not mind. He said he wanted to pick up the tab. I told him what the tab was. Expenses so far have been about 400 for decorations, some food, beer, and construction supplies. The venue will cost 500. Additional food liquor and things like ice buckets will easily be another 500. I am not a rich man. I just want to throw one helluva party. ~ ctm

  113. I live in The City but, although I visit the site often, I have commented only rarely. I also have a wife and baby son which may make visits to the type of party you describe — problematic. Nevertheless, Happy B-day CTM.
    If I don’t make the cut, I would nevertheless be more than pleased to buy you a drink or two at a local establishment of your choice. If not for your birthday, perhaps for mine (I will be 52 in June).

  114. Happy Birthday Charles. I would love to come but, even if I dropped everything, I couldn’t get to SF for Friday. I wanted to ask you some questions like ‘Do you ever sleep?’. Thanks for all your hard work here.

  115. Have a wonderful time Charles and thank you deeply for your contribution in the last year, especially that little matter starting on my own 52nd birthday, 17th November 2009. What a time to live through and to share with others – whatever their views of all that, they need friendship and fun, like all of us. God bless you – and have a blast.

  116. I’m afraid that Paypal doesn’t work in the PDR of Lao. I’ll put some beers in the barrel tomorrow when I get back to civilisation.
    I wish I was there…

  117. Charles:
    Too late! I was in San Fran 2 weeks ago. Skating around Stanford (still amazed at the number of people NOT inline skating there!) Visiting a local winery (owned by a local medical doctor with Catheter patents, who has enough $$$ to play around), driving up skyline drive. In general having a good time, waiting for the snow to melt in MN.
    BUT your birthday. I think I’d give you several bottles of asprin to compensate for the headaches of moderating. That, and some local brew! Tip a good one for me and for St. Paddy.
    Max H.

  118. Adonde esta de tip jar?
    (Robert fergits he is not in SFO but southwest of Madrid, and is still looking at the faux fax machine for his (business class, window seat, please) round-trip ticket to SFO to join party ….)

  119. CTM. Happy Birthday. Thanks for the great work moderating. If only other sites were this well moderated, they’d be a lot more popular. Enjoy SF.

  120. Jeff B. (13:22:03) :
    “CTM. Happy Birthday. Thanks for the great work moderating. If only other sites were this well moderated, they’d be a lot more popular. Enjoy SF.”
    That is a very good point Jeff. For a sort of example check out the good Bishop’s blog where he reports on the hijacking of a site by Tamino’s rabid gang of hyenas. The ever so eloquent Dhogaza is at the head of the pack with his jaws around a thigh bone… Mind you, I miseds Dhogaza’s ‘fleck spittled’ rants. He’s a straight-jacket job that one.
    40 million of us can’t be wrong. Are you watching Gavin? 40 million!!!!!
    Meanwhile, back on topic, my contribution (ultimately from small oil, for whom I work) is sitting in the jar. Had I not been having to go offshore again on Monday I might have burnt up some CO2 and flown over for the gig. Will Rajendra be there? Bono? Sting? Ed wotsisname?

  121. Bummer, I’ve got conflicting plans.
    Well, I’ll be there in spirit as a lift a glass to ye from where I’ll be!

  122. Thanks everyone.
    I have to spend the day:
    Trucking around parts for the cake.
    Buying liquor, food, and expendables.
    Organizing the guest list for security.
    Looking fine.
    Richard Drake:
    The week of November 17th may rank as the best of my life, and getting the climategate files was only a part of it. There is additional personal stuff happening including a potential new career stemming from that week, that has nothing to do with anything from this site.
    It is turning out to be a good time to be alive.
    Happy Birthday to me!

  123. Sounds great Chasmod. Glad y’alls had a good time; sorry I had to miss it.
    Well there’s always next year.

  124. Ok, so far
    Four cases of beer.
    Ten pounds of cheese.
    6 x 1.75 l Vodka
    1.75 l Jack Daniels
    1.75 l Captain Morgan
    2 bottles Tarantula Tequila
    12 bottles of Barefoot Bubbly
    Next stop Costco for seafood, crackers, and mixers, maybe ice.

  125. Happy Birthday. Have a great party. I believe at least one of the moderators is the life and soul of the dancefloor…after a few beers.

  126. Ok. It is 5:35 am. I got home about 15 minutes ago.
    Thanks to Leif, his wife, Tor, and philincalifornia for showing up from WUWT.
    Best birthday ever.
    Moshpit was an awesome bartender.
    My two female roommates look smashing and broke every available heart.
    There were 3 strippers and at least 4 ex strippers.
    An ex girlfriend from 1987 and her husband showed up.
    Other friends I’ve know for 25 years, people I met last month, and everything in between.
    It couldn’t have been a better mix.
    I purchased 5 times as much hard alcohol as needed and three times as much food, but nailed it on the champagne and beer.

  127. Sceptics have more fun! I’m still recovering from St. Patrick’s day and you’ve got 10 years on me 🙂

  128. Charles – DARN YOU!
    You sucked ALL the warmth out of the Midwest.
    It’s FRICKEN 23 F this morning! Obviously caused by your HOT party out west.
    I was outside INLINE SKATING in 63 F on Thursday. Now this! Obviously cannot
    be due to NATURAL CAUSES. We need someONE to blame. You are it!
    P.S. Sounds like a hoot, I should have paid the $500 for the airfare to be there.

  129. charles the moderator (05:39:55) :
    I purchased 5 times as much hard alcohol as needed and three times as much food, but nailed it on the champagne and beer.
    Glad you had a hoot — you deserved it!
    I can provide a shipping address for all that excess liquor. Just, y’know, in the interest of reducing the clutter…

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