Quote of the week #28

There’s so much climate news going on I’ve been derelict in keeping this feature up. This QOTW is from our friend and WUWT contributor Willis Eschenbach who writes: I just got my 29 January 2010 copy of Science Magazine, which contains an interview with Rajendra K. Pachauri, the future ex-Chairman of the IPCC. In it,…


New paper on mathematical analysis of GHG

Polynomial Cointegration Tests of the Anthropogenic Theory of Global Warming Michael Beenstock and Yaniv Reingewertz – Department of Economics, The Hebrew University, Mount Scopus, Israel. Abstract: We use statistical methods designed for nonstationary time series to test the anthropogenic theory of global warming (AGW). This theory predicts that an increase in atmospheric greenhouse gas concentrations…

Daily Mail: The Jones U-turn

This headline in the Sunday Daily Mail is quite something: People often note strange ad placement from the Google adwords at WUWT. Seems it’s a global problem. WUWT readers may recall another prominent climate scientist who mentions “no statistically significant warming since 1995”. See this previous WUWT story: