Israeli study shows variable sea level in past 2500 years

From the University of Haifa via Eurekalert The sea level has been rising and falling over the last 2,500 years IMAGE: Rising and falling sea levels over relatively short periods do not indicate long-term trends. An assessment of hundreds and thousands of years shows that what seems an irregular phenomenon today… Click here for more…


Major snowstorm headed for eastern US

This national radar mosaic shows huge amounts of gathering moisture ready to collide with frigid air. The storm gets the label “Nor’easter“. Forecasters all over are watching this storm with concern. From a forecast for the mid-Atlantic suggests Washington DC might get dumped on big time:

UAH global temperature posts warmest January

January 2010 UAH Global Temperature Update +0.72 Deg. C by Roy W. Spencer, Ph. D. UPDATE (4:00 p.m. Jan. 4): I’ve determined that the warm January 2010 anomaly IS consistent with AMSR-E sea surface temperatures from NASA’s Aqua satellite…I will post details later tonight or in the a.m. – Roy YR MON GLOBE NH SH…