The Climategate Timeline: 30 years visualized

The always sharp Jo Nova tips us to this:

Here’s a Spectacular Poster of ClimateGate covering 3 decades

You have to see this to believe it. Look up close and admire the detail while you despair at how long science has been going off the rails. To better appreciate the past and what was exposed by the CRU emails, the time-line chart consolidates and chronologically organizes the information uncovered and published about the CRU emails by many researchers along with some related contextual events. That the chart exists at all is yet another example of how skilled experts are flocking in to the skeptics position and dedicating hours of time pro bono because they are passionately motivated to fight against those who try to deceive us.

ClimateGate Timeline

Click on the image to see it enlarged, but download the full PDF to see the detail.

Download The PDF (788k)

Mohib Ebrahim has created this amazing document. I’ve created a permanent Home page for this beautiful poster that will host the latest updates of this enormous Timeline as a PDF. There are also printable versions in A4, A3, A2, US letter and US tabloid for those of you (like me) who need printed versions to scribble on, and scrawl exclamation marks.

Timeline home page


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Amazing. Truth seekers unite.


This is the script for the movie, “CLIMATEGATE”.

Myron Mesecke

Page one is 34 inches x 98 inches. Maybe I’ll print page one on the plotter here at work.
I’d love to give a copy to every teacher in my city.

Myron Mesecke

Oops. Should have said 94 inches. Don’t want to be guilty of exaggerating.


Very good work Mohib. Thank you.

Rasmus Hochreuter



All I can say is, wow… And yes, I am also a compulsive margin doodler.

O/T – has anyone checked the Cryosphere Today comparison recently? The last day I can get data for is December 9th 2009.
How peculiar is that?

Chris H

Thank you. The detail is staggering and Mohib deserves an enormous vote of thanks. I must either buy stronger glasses or print it out a bit bigger!
Equally staggering is the cost and harm that this deceit has brought in it’s wake. The trillions of dollars, pounds, euros etc wasted. The harm to the 3rd world by the headlong rush to biofuels, the trashing of careers of “dissenters”, the harm to communities in the first world infested with rashes of utterly useless wind turbines. The list goes on and on. I’m sure the erudite contributors to this blog can manage many more.
Many professions, including my own, medicine, have regulatory bodies that can take action when professional and ethical boundaries are crossed. Would that there were such a body to deal with these people. They should be barred from publication and teaching.


Wow. Fantastic work, this will keep me busy reading for a while!

david atlan

Pretty impressive!


Just above this comments section:
Ads by Google
Reduction Of Global Warming
Help Coke in their effort to protect polar bears & their habitat
Uhm. No.


this is the kind of thing we need to get out there, because the AGW’s are rallying the troops for the conference in mexico.
in the U.S., 1/3 of the senate and all of the house seats are up for re-election, need to let them know we are watching! we dodged the cannon balls at cop15, but can’t let them get so close again.

This is a stunning piece of work by Mohib Ebrahim – what a testimony to the real scope and worldwide extent of the Climate Wars. Thank you, thank you.

Indeed, it is a fascinating poster and, although designed to cover the last 30 years, it starts with 1942. Actually, the cooling started in winter 1940 ( even James Hansen says so), and due to the fact that Andrew C. Revkin resigned from the NYT the other day, and that 70 years ago another great NYT reporter submitted a killing story about weather conditions in Northern Europe only four months after the Second World War has started, a tribute has been written at: to praise the excellent reporting, noting that:
“the reporting by James Aldridge from Finland 70 years ago, marked the end of a warming period for almost 100 years and the beginning not only of one of the severest winters in modern history, but also the commencement of three decade of global cooling” ; citing the following text from the NYT (25/12/1939):
<<<24 December 1939: “The cold numbs the brain in this Arctic hell, snow sweeps over the darkened wastes, the winds howl and the temperature is 30 degrees below zero (minus 34.4 ° C). Here the Russians and Finns are battling in blinding snowstorms for possession of ice-covered forests. …I reached the spot just after the battle ended. It was the most horrible sight I had ever seen. As if the men had been suddenly turned to wax, there were two or three thousand Russians and a few Finns, all frozen in fighting attitudes. Some were locked together, their bayonets within each other’s bodies; some were frozen in half-standing positions; some were crouching with their arms crooked, holding the hand grenades they were throwing; some were lying with their rifles shouldered, their legs apart….(T)heir fear was registered on the frozen faces. Their bodies were like statues of men throwing all their muscles and strength into some work, but their faces recorded something between bewilderment and horror.<<<<
Today it is so easy to say: Happy Holiday Season and a New Year 2010!
But may it be so!!

Green Sand

Thank you, now has pride of place amongst our Christmas Cards!

Stephen Brown

Simply magnificent!

Wow – yes, very impressive.
Scientific American (of old) quality.
What do Scientific American have now – ‘how to talk to a denier’ – what happened to the world?

Michael (13:43:38) : This is the script for the movie, “CLIMATEGATE”.
Michael, why don’t you team up with an older and steadier head, and make that movie?

Keith Minto

This is excellent journalism and a poster will last and will be prominent and annoy. They should be produced commercially with ‘fridge magnets. This comment from Jo’s site is a fitting summary……..
Science has come full-circle, taking a page from the medieval Church by using fear and persecution to silence sceptics. The oppressed have become the oppressors. Given that most professional scientific bodies and peer-reviewed journals have been active accomplices in this scandal, one wonders how many other so called scientific consensuses have been similarly engineered and waiting for their own ClimateGates before truth is known.
Yes, one does wonder how many other scientific consensuses have a similar structure. Like a giant vortex, they suck up the faithful adherents and produce an illusion of scientific strength by adherent numbers alone. If, as it seems, the AGW scary story is crumbling, we must be careful that all science is not sucked in.
Merry Christmas and a safe and caring holiday period for all.

I just took a look at the amazing PDF — if only it were easier to print the whole thing out! Guess I’ll need to find a commercial printer . . .

Steve (Paris)

When can I order this in full technicolor poster format? Perfect xmas gift for all my AGW believer friends.


This is a great poster for Senator Inhofe to use on the Senate floor.


US-letter PDF link is broken, anyone got a URL for it that works?

Methow Ken

A technical tour de force and an artistic masterpiece all in one.
A title close to upper left corner of the big sheet sez it all:
I might even have written:
A story of politically-motivated and financially-driven deception and Intrigue.
How did objective science ever sink so far ?? . . .

Michael In Sydney

Absolutely breathtaking!
Great effort Mohib – thank you so much


Saved and forwarded. Reading through it now, but outstanding work.

How important was Michael Crichton?
Does he deserve a blue box?
For example this lecture of 2003
I only read it earlier this year, and dunno his impact at the time.
In particular the analogy with the ‘science’ of nuclear winter and with passive smoking is helpful in understanding how this could happen. Who wants to be on the side of the badies (war mongers, drug peddlers, oil barrons)? etc.
So many folks refused to look at the science because they trusted the scientists and could not understand how there could be a motive for peddling alarmism…whereas the anti-alarmism side had a clear motive – just like the anti-passive smoking folks. Climategate may now work to break the trust in science, but pre-climategate Crichton seemed quite advanced in his understanding of what was going on. But as I say, I dunno his impact and so his historical significance. And perhaps there were others before him…


aber (14:44:05) :
I sincerely thank you for that reminder that fighting men do the unthinkable for the love of freedom ( from a retired Marine).


Climategate global warming deception “much worse than thought.” The AGW CRU plot is “accelerating at a much faster pace….” Jones and CRU team may be “facing extinction quicker than originally anticipated.” AGW theory may “completely melt by summer of 2010.”

Amazing job.

Erik Anderson

Fabulous! Al Gore is shouldn’t have much trouble perusing this 94″ inch-wide document on his triple-30″ Apple Cinema Display setup…×916558
See also:

Douglas DC

In December of 1944 my late father-in-law got a tour of the Belgian forest
a little thing called the “Battle of the Bulge” his account, usually after a couple of slugs of Jack Daniels, was one of cold, misery, and death.Tiger Tanks, too.
Thanks ,Carl.
That said, the unravelling continues….

Michael (13:43:38) :
This is the script for the movie, “CLIMATEGATE”.
I think I would prefer “Hide The Decline”


That´s for Glenn Beck´s blackboard, hope he will attach some photos on and a flowsheet of all associates.

This is truly a great Christmas gift to mankind.. As a nazism survivor I appreciate the revelations deeply, a step to freedom. Thank you all, who worked so hard lately and for years. Your devotion made it happen.

Jimmy Haigh

A superb piece of work.
(And it looks like the sun is ‘cooling down’ again.)

Nicholas Harding

Looks like a TimeMap timeline, an awesome application. Good work. Everyone needs to send a copy to their Senators and to Lisa Johnson.

Ron de Haan

u.k.(us) (14:32:35) :
this is the kind of thing we need to get out there, because the AGW’s are rallying the troops for the conference in mexico.
in the U.S., 1/3 of the senate and all of the house seats are up for re-election, need to let them know we are watching! we dodged the cannon balls at cop15, but can’t let them get so close again.
Wrong, they already have planned a meeting in Bonn in six months from now.
As we write this message Brown is traveling the world collecting signatures to get the Copenhagen Climate Agreement effectuated after all.
They won’t give up.
They know that if they wait to until Mexico they are dead.
So yes, it’s good to have the fraud compacted and visualized like this.
Spread the news, post at any blog you know.


Good Work!! It’s beautiful.


Keith Minto (14:56:11) : “Yes, one does wonder how many other scientific consensuses have a similar structure.”
“The Sound Of Settled Science
What would we do without peer review?
Fraud rocks protein community
The finding by a university misconduct investigation that a crystallographer “more likely than not” faked almost a dozen protein structures has left the field in shock. The fraud is the largest ever in protein crystallography. The disputed structures had important implications for discovering drugs against dengue virus and for understanding the human immune system.
“It’s massive,” protein crystallographer Wayne Hendrickson of Columbia University in New York says of the investigation’s conclusion. “It’s the worst possible thing.”
In a report released earlier this month, the University of Alabama at Birmingham concluded that H. M. Krishna Murthy acted alone in fabricating and falsifying results that appeared in ten papers published during the past decade. The disputed papers have been cited more than 450 times.
I know what you’re thinking.
There’s a protein community?
h/t John E.”


Bradley J. Fikes (14:59:13) :
“I just took a look at the amazing PDF — if only it were easier to print the whole thing out! Guess I’ll need to find a commercial printer . . .”
nobody said the “dark side” was going to easy 🙂

Ron de Haan

Great, the entire scam compacted like a Readers Digest article.
Fantastic. This is what we need. Spread the info.
Many thanks Mohib Ebrahim, Jo Nova and Anthony for publishing this.


There are other areas where the goal of global government is being achieved:
International Criminal Court, International Standards Organization, etc, etc.
Climate Change is but one on these “projects”.

Letter size is 404 Missing. I hope it’s readable at 1200dpi.

Kevin Kilty

I suppose someone else has already speculated thusly, but reading some of the e-mail on this document (pretty darned fun thing to pore over–just like an old Nat’l Geo map), I wondered if the leaker of the e-mails might be one of the gang themselves. Perhaps one or the other was deciding the effort to suppress, hide, run, manipulate, and so forth had become too stressful.

Great piece of work. I’ve forwarded it to several press agencies and university Earth science depts so far.

Wow, shocking–I am amazed! That chart is incredible!
Senator Inhofe does need a full-sized copy.
Better than that, how do we send a full sized copy to each senator?
I wish I had access to a plotter…I need a copy of that thing.
Mr. Ebrahim, thank you.


BBC: Obama says disappointment over Copenhagen is valid

US president Barack Obama says people are justified in being disappointed by the outcome of the Copenhagen summit on climate change.
But he said in an interview with with US PBS television’s Newshour that at least there had not been too much “backsliding” on previous positions.


u.k.(us) (16:07:25) :
Bradley J. Fikes (14:59:13) :
“I just took a look at the amazing PDF — if only it were easier to print the whole thing out! Guess I’ll need to find a commercial printer . . .”
nobody said the “dark side” was going to easy 🙂
meant to say “going to be easy”
it was a joke. sort of.