2nd day – Arctic sea ice is again on the rise

Yesterday I looked at JAXA data and ventured that: “Arctic sea ice melt appears to have turned the corner for 2009” The Sept 15th JAXA Arctic Sea Ice extent graph was published this evening about 8PM PST (and updated overnight which is the image now shown) and shows an increase in sea ice for the second…


El Niño Events Are Not Getting Stronger

I knew the moment I pressed the publish button yesterday, that Bob Tisdale would have something useful to add to this discussion on El Niño and influenza. He didn’t disappoint us. – Anthony Guest post by Bob Tisdale The Texas A&M press release in the WattsUpWithThat post “Possible Linkage between the 1918 El Niño and…

A significant SC24 spot may be in the making

Leif Svalgaard (via Frank Hill) writes to advise me that National Solar Observatory GONG is showing a significant spot on the far side of the sun that appear to have the right latitude for SC24 in addition to being fairly large. Here is the GONG plot, note P87. The stereo behind shows some activity also: