Bill Gates to Control Hurricanes: DOH!

From the “would you, could you, with a boat department”. Bill goes macro. The Simpsons are cited by patent watcher. Patent watcher “theodp,” who tipped us off to the filings, says he was reminded of “The Simpsons” as he read through them. “The richest man in the world hatches a plan to alter weather and…


Ken Tapping: Still no sign of the next cycle

More on the NRC 10.7 observatory here JohnA writes in: Just in case you wondered whether the recent large sunspot indicated an upswing in radio flux from the Sun: I went and asked Ken Tapping. The answer: This could be the first “radio quiet” solar cycle Previously on this blog, I’d mentioned my skepticism…

Quote of the week #14

“Sometimes, we hear that global warming causes cooling. In this case, global warming causes global averageness. In all three cases, it is bad news.” – Luboš Motl in UAH global temperature anomaly – hitting the slopes