Global cooling – hail to the chief!

“He’ll stop the globe from getting warm; fuel your car with nuts and corn”

(h/t to Tom Nelson)

The link for the YouTube video is below. It is very well done.

The folks at JibJab have really done an excellent job of animation. Whether you agree with the parody or not, they did an excellent job with their craft.

If the video preview does not appear, here is the direct link:

59 thoughts on “Global cooling – hail to the chief!

  1. That ad for “Trip Footprint ” is ridiculous too.Right now it’s 46f. and snow in the
    mountains in NE Oregon for tonight…
    Jib Jab’s got another hit here…

  2. I am very lucky my monitor isn’t currently covered with my coffee…..
    Very funny stuff.

  3. Personally I think a frosty old woman like Hillary Clinton would be more effective at cooling the planet.

  4. “Personally I think a frosty old woman like Hillary Clinton would be more effective at cooling the planet.”
    You mean a crusty old nanny like Carol Browner

  5. Faster than congress spending money.
    More powerful than the MSM.
    Able to leap at photo ops in a single bound.
    Look! Up in the sky!
    It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s Super Obama!
    Yes, it’s Super Obama – strange visitor from another party who came to presidency with powers and abilities far beyond those of mortal men. Super Obama – who can change the course of mighty leaders, bend over with King Abdullah, and who, disguised as Commander In Chief, mild mannered politician from the great metropolis, Chicago, fights the never ending battle for Cap and Trade, Global Warming, the Al Gore way.

  6. They managed to be respectful of Obama at the same time they were poking fun. I almost spewed when his ears started flapping as he flew through the air. That was pretty funny.

  7. would have been more appropriate to portray him as jesus christ’s second coming, or a misguided moses leading his people back into denial….

  8. Notice in the media (especially the BBC) that Obama’s photos are always taken from a low angle with some form of light or stars appearing behind his head. This is how leftists like their leaders – a replacement for traditional religious icons with big government taking on the duties once held by big religious theocracies.
    Photos of Bush on the other hand were usually taken from higher camera angles and the media typically used photos where he was caught between two expressions to make him look utterly confused rather than mostly confused. But at least with Bush you know what you are getting instead of a media spun superhuman image to be worshipped and followed by the masses.

  9. A president is no better than his advisors.
    Framing the facts to support the agenda to force the policy.
    Now, where have we heard that one before?
    AGW dosen’t chop down the cherry tree, it picks at it.
    Always finds the wormiest sourest fruit.

  10. I like the way his ears were portrayed – but then, he does have a Mickey Mouse brain too.

  11. Hmmmm ~~ let’s see ~~ what to say ~~
    Ahhhh ~~ Jib-Jab did another good fun piece.
    As for the subject …

  12. Well as seen in another thread I did catch wind of the common El Nino cool pool developing.
    If that means NOAA is right we may see 50 AGW believers descend upon this site shouting ‘game over’. Though standing in their way still is the Climate Forecast system forecasting negative anomalies over a good portion of North America until the end of the year. Perhaps the next El Nino won’t heat the planet as much with the volcanic eruption, the quiet sun, and the effect of 1998 starting to wear off.

  13. The animation in that is absolutely gorgeous. Very well done.
    “Punch a robot in the face!!!”

  14. Listen to the media, what are they talking about?
    Health care and the Sotomayor nomination, little about cap & trade legislation.
    Because the American People inspite of the media have turned against cap & trade legislation: Democrats are going soft, and saying, “Now is not the right time, Republicans are gearing for a fight.
    And the Science is getting to the American People, thanks to websites like this one.
    And the American People are realizing this is the mother of all tax hikes — a job killer and a recession proloner.
    And a license for Government running the economy and crony capitalism.
    It’s a bad deal all around.
    Cap & trade legislation could be Obama’s Waterloo.
    Does he want that?
    Not unless he wants to be Jimmy Carter.

  15. Hey, the latest realclimate thread, post #30, I pointed out that the Copenhagen report has a chart showing Greenland shrinking for the last 5 years, and asked if this was valid science to show a 5 year trend like that. Gavin OKd it.

  16. Hey, gang, “He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands”! – the reference is to an old ’60’s song which went quite high in sales to the overall market in spite of its religious motif. Back in the day, every “genre” could be heard on Top 25 radio, at least where I grew up. Now, we’re all just stereotyped “identity groups”, but perhaps this old song should be reissued for big profits and propaganda value, and maybe even played behind ABC’s upcoming Service broadcast from the Whole World Church White House?

  17. rbateman (17:38:23) :
    A president is no better than his advisors.

    But what if that president is the one who picks the advisers? Oh wait, he is.

  18. Newspaper post of 21 June 2009:
    There is a definite similarity between modern-day Carbon Credits and early Church Pardons “Hot from Rome”, as described by Chaucer in The Canterbury Tales.
    Al Gore, the climate change saviour, uses about ten times as much energy as the average person, and yet he thinks this is OK because he buys Carbon Credits – from himself!
    Carbon Credits are already a total debacle in Europe. So many FREE Carbon Credits were handed out to industry that some companies were able to sell their Credits for more than their entire companies were worth! An enormous unearned windfall profit!
    The bottom line is the poor European consumer is being hit hard, as the costs of electrical power skyrocket. This is what will happen here in North America if we go down this ridiculous path.
    This entire climate change scam is costly and foolish. The assumption that CO2 drives catastrophic global warming is false. Earth has been COOLING for about a decade, in spite of increases in humanmade CO2 emissions.
    This year crops in North America are ‘way down, due primarily to the cold weather this Spring.
    As crops fail and food prices rise, and people yearn for a return to the warmer summers of our recent past, the whole global warming fraud will be fully exposed and global warmers will become objects of ridicule.
    Remember how long and cold last winter was? Get used to it. Get used to cooler summers as well, and rising food prices.
    At the same time, scammers will be telling you that you need to make big sacrifices to fight global warming. If you dig a bit deeper, you will find that these scammers are making money by trying to scare you about global warming. Don’t be fooled.
    When you next hear someone way we need to fight global warming (or “climate change”), be wary – that is the sound of someone trying to pick your pocket.

  19. Douglas DC (11:39:18) :…snow in the
    mountains in NE Oregon for tonight…

    Did anyone tell those mountains today is the first day of summer?
    There’s a cold wind here in the San Francisco Bay Area tonight, again. It actually felt like summer for the first time on Thursday. But by Friday afternoon that was all gone.
    You see? Barak Obama really is making the planet cool! Maybe it’s how “the sun glinted off [his] chiseled pectorals” sending heat back out in to space.

  20. Weather or not you like or dislike Obama, this is a genius work of anitmated art. The body language, the ears, the facial expressions, the hand movements. These guys have a big future.

  21. Does Tony Blair know that Obama has nicked all of his pipedreams?
    As for Glastonbury, I’ve been to one of those and the overall colour that people tend to display is mud brown. However, with current chilly temperatures, attendees won’t need to paint themselves in order to turn blue…

  22. Rob (02:22:12) :
    Wheren`t the Smurfs blue.

    Sorry, but that won’t smurf.
    “Most of the Smurf figurines smurfed away as promotional material (e.g. by British Petroleum in the 1970s and McDonald’s in the 1990s)”
    Also in the smurf of big oil.

  23. Coolest June weather since before Arizona became a state in 1917.
    Thursday, however, was the 14th consecutive day to stay below 100 degrees. That’s the longest stretch of its kind in any June since 1913.

  24. Anaconda ,
    Unfortunately , not discussing cap and trade is playing to the advantage of those who wish to pass it . I understand that the Speaker is pushing for the bill to come to the floor this week – don’t know if that will happen . However the American people need to be diligent on this , as they would love to slip it past us asap .

  25. Jib Jab always does great animation… It’s just sad to see how the media has abandoned their traditional roles as “skeptics” and are simply Obama cheerleaders. There has been very little balanced coverage of president and his agenda. What little coverage there has been that is contrary to Obama is always decried as partisan and tuned out anyway… Is there something about this man that I am missing? I keep being told everyone loves him… but I don’t see it. I don’t see how people think he is so smart, I have never been moved emotionally by a speech he gave… I feel like I am missing out – and I really wanna be part of the fad!

  26. AZ cooled down because it sent all its heat to my part of the country, it’s like we’ll have similar temperatures as AZ but a lot more humid. The heatwave is picking up here as Intellicast shows the heatwave winding down in the Southeast. Now the epicenter of heat is from Texas to here in Kansas and the desert regions near Death Valley as Intellicast seems to point out.

  27. Pierre Gosselin (07:20:14) :
    At least AZ has cooled down…
    I saw that and living in Tucson have been quite cognizant of our relatively cool summer so far. In an of itself June can be explained away as due to a meteorological anomaly. In the mix I don’t think it has a large effect due to the mild La Nina winter we just had. I have not looked but it seems to me we had few freezing days.
    It will be interesting to see what the Monsoon season is like this year. I anticipate a fairly dry one. That will bring cries of global warming drought from some camps.

  28. This is funny.
    Yet, I feel like this blind admiration to everything Obama does – from killing flies to farting the national anthem – Could one day lead to disaster. The president of the US should feel support from his people, but he should also fear them, for they are his boss.
    This Obama overload might one day blow up in out faces

  29. VG (16:52:11) :This explains why in Australia Anthropogenic Global warming will exist for centuries!
    Tom in Texas (17:22:13) : VG: And the total is?

    I get just over A$202million. It seems a tidy sum of taxpayers money – I hope they got a good return on their investment.

  30. Lee Kington (12:07:07) : I did an expanded version of it on my blog titled:
    Russia Playing Others For The Fools They Are

    Russia beat America in to space with Sputnik. Now Russia is beating America again. Wouldn’t it be funny if Russia beats America at the capitalism game!

  31. Very funny they did a fine job making the man that will bring us to our demise look like an idiot, I loved it!

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