Are today's poorer generations morally obliged to solve problems that may or may not confront tomorrow's much wealthier generations?

Guest post by Indur M. Goklany Some people argue that we are morally obliged to reduce greenhouse gases aggressively because otherwise the world’s current development path would be unsustainable, and our descendants will be worse off than we are. But will a warmer world indeed be unsustainable, and leave our descendants worse off? I…


Leaving The Ice Pack Behind

Leaving The Ice Pack Behind Guest post by Steven Goddard 2009 Arctic ice extent has jumped into a big lead over the previous four years.  Danish Meteorological Institute Ice Cover April 21, 2009 NSIDC shows Arctic extent continuing to close on the 1979-2000 mean

Solar ISN mean dips below 1.00 –

While the sun still struggles to form cycle 24 spots like seen in this weak plage area (upper right)  in today’s SOHO MDI and Magnetograms (shown below) Paul Stanko of NOAA writes to tell me of an interesting development in his tracking of the International Sunspot Number (ISN).