Archibald on sea level rise and solar cycles

Guest post by David Archibald Anthony’s post of the Jason data reminded me that I had produced this graph: It is derived from a post on Climate Audit of Holgate’s rate of change of sea level rise over the 20th century. Advertisements


NSIDC Raises The Bar

Guest post by Steven Goddard In past years, NSIDC has referred to “declining multi-year ice” as the problem which the Arctic faces.  Mark Serreze at NSIDC forecast a possible “Ice Free North Pole” in 2008, based on the fact that it had only first year ice.  This year, multi-year ice has increased and NSIDC is now…

Catlin Crew Officially Has Hypothermia (and Frostbite)

From the Catlin web site today – Hypothermia Posted by Gaby Dean Monday, 06 Apr 2009 15:58 In disadvantaged inner cities it’s known in medical circles as Urban Hypothermia.  GPs adopted the term after seeing an increase, during winter, of elderly patients who have switched off their heating, fearful of the cost, and become ill…