Both RSS and UAH global temperature anomalies are out for Feb 09

I’m unable to setup a graph for these while I’m on the road, so a short table will have to do: RSS (Remote Sensing Systems, Santa Rosa) RSS data here (RSS Data Version 3.2) RSS Jan09   .322 RSS Feb09   .230 UAH (University of Alabama, Huntsville) Reference: UAH lower troposphere data UAH Jan09  …


ICCC conference 2009 – Day 2

Above: At left – Myself, James O’Brien from FSU, and Steve McIntyre at podium. Photo by Evan Jones This morning’s breakfast program featured congressman Tom McClintock of California. He quipped: “I was the first to discover global warming during a grade school trip to a natural history museum, where I deduced dinosaurs were destroyed by…

La Niña conditions: still there

Click for larger image. I don’t have tome to do a pixel analysis (anyone is welcome to do so and post in comments) but it appears by eyeball analysis that we may have about a 50-50 cool to warm anomaly over all of the oceans surface. h/t to Bill Illis