The Trade Winds Drive The ENSO

Guest post by Bill Illis We have often wondered what really causes the El Nino Southern Oscillation (ENSO) climate pattern.  It is generally understood and this post will demonstrate that it is really driven by the Trade Winds over the ENSO region. The Trade Winds blow East to West at the equator.  Most of us…


Britain's Lessons From The Winter of 2008-2009

Guest post by Steven Goddard Stonehenge saw it’s heaviest snow in many years The UK has been experiencing the coldest winter in several decades, and hopefully policymakers have learned a few basic lessons from this.  Here is my wish list, which seem painfully obvious.

The heliospheric current sheet as solar cycle proxy

Many readers are familiar with a number of solar proxies used to gauge the activity of the sun, the most familiar being sunspot counts and type. However they aren’t the only metric you can use to determine when one cycle ends and another begins. The Heliospheric Current Sheet sounds a bit like a “newsletter” and…