What a difference a year makes: Another record month for WUWT

Today at 00 GMT (5PM PST) a new month started. Every time a new month of statistics starts being logged by WordPress for Watts Up With That, I say to myself, “there’s no way I’ll get this sort of traffic again”. And yet, again I’m surprised that WUWT not only met last months stats, but…


Quote of the week

This sums the banking issue well. “Is anyone even paying attention to these Wing Nut AGW people? With 1/2 of America worried about having to eat cat food during their retirement, global warming is the last thing on their mind.” From “Jeff” in comments

Small sunspecks emerging on both solar hemispheres

In comments, Jonn-X wondered: Dead pixels or new sunspecks (pore-ettes) ? At first I was pretty sure I was looking at nothing, then I saw the official NOAA bulletin http://www.swpc.noaa.gov/forecast.html and the usual phrase, “The visible disk was spotless,” was omitted – typical practice when there’s something there, but too small to be “officially noticed.”…