Skeptics win one! NOAA/NCDC to hold the CCSP report

NOTE: In the headline, the word “pull” has been replaced with the word “hold” which better represents the process that will now occur. My thought for that word was “pull from the planned schedule”, but that was the wrong word to use. Note the paragraph below that speaks of the plan, based on criticisms received, to publish all parts of the Unified synthesis report first. These must be published before the main report, containing conclusions, can go forward. – Anthony

Regular readers may recall on August 1st a posting where I stated my views on the NCDC report being produced by Dr.’s Karl and Peterson of NCDC (National Climatic Data Center) called Global Climate Change Impacts in the United States. They also had a little help from Susan Hassol, writer of the HBO Special Too Hot Not to Handle, produced by none other than Laurie David. That explains the “emotionally based graphics” in a science document.

I wrote then:

To say the least, I’m shocked that NCDC’s leadership has changed from being the nation’s record keeper of weather and climatic data, to being what appears to me now as an advocacy group. The draft document reads more like a news article in many places than it does a scientific document, and unlike a scientific document, it has a number of what I would call “emotionally based graphics” in it that have nothing to do with the science.

About the same time, Dr. Roger Pielke Jr. revealed that Ms. Hassol appeared to simply move some of her website’s claims into this self-proclaimed official U.S. government “highly influential scientific assessment.”

In that posting, Dr. Roger Pielke Jr also noted that we had a post outlining how NCDC had used a photoshopped image to illustrate flooding. Something of a no-no in  “science” document:

Image above taken directly from the CCSP report. Read more here

And finally you may also recall the posting where I advertised for comments on the NOAA CCSP report, shown below:

Dr. Ben Herman of the University of Arizona was kind enough to offer a guest post outlining the flaws of this document. You can read his essay here.

Dr. Herman writes:

It is my feeling that these bullets and the additional detail discussions contain much information that requires further input due to it being still controversial, incomplete, and in some instances very misleading.

Readers were invited to submit comments to NCDC about the CCSP Report, and I’m pleased to report that many of you did. The National Chamber of Commerce also got involved, and submitted a very strong rebuttal to this document.

Chris Horner writes on NRO Planet Gore:

…the U.S. Chamber pointed out that a preponderance of the 21 reports that had purportedly been “synthesized” had not actually been produced yet. Sure, that sequence sounds odd in the real world, but is reminiscent of the IPCC, to which the USP appealed as the authority for certain otherwise unsupported claims (though the IPCC openly admits that it, too, performs no scientific research). This is a point we also made in our comments. I’m informed that NOAA has now agreed to publish the underlying documents first and then put out their desired USP. The Chamber should have a release out soon.

…Key absurdities included breakout points in the Executive Summary of “Urgency of Action,” “Irreversible Losses,” “The Future Is in Our Hands” and ‘Tipping Points” (even though nowhere else did the document actually offer a discussion of “Tipping Points” that could be summarized), as well as calls for adoption of a certain policy agenda, all in a supposedly scientific document.

What a concept; publish the basis for the claims first, THEN publish the document that outlines the claims (The CCSP report seen above). But nobody is rushing anything, right? “Tipping points” with no definitions, calls for policy? That’s advocacy, not science.

We’ll keep a watchful eye on this as there remains potential to “synthesize” abuse of the public trust.

My sincere thanks to everyone from this blog who provided comments and insight. And lets give the U.S. Chamber of Commerce a salute for taking point on this. Lots of people contributed to forcing this change; including Pielke Jr and Senior, Joe D’Aleo of Icecap, Fred Singer, Pat Michaels, Steve McIntyre, Chris Horner, Marlo Lewis, and  dozens of bloggers who helped get the word out, plus thousands of readers.

Warning, strong opinion follows: This report’s contents and the “cart before the horse” way it was produced is the biggest official “crock” perpetrated on the American public I’ve ever been privy to. On a personal note, there are days when I struggle to keep doing this, at times I think I’ll just shut down the blog, turn off the surfacestations website, and return to a normal and hassle free life. Days like this keep me going.


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It’s Tarentella and the dissonance is dizzying.


Well I would have never beleived it. Unreal someone slap me, am I dreaming?

Kudos to Anthony, who was probably the real reason this propaganda was stopped. Lots of other blogs picked up on the story from here and ran with it. The resulting flood of critical emails made the difference. The NOAA/NCDC was cornered and wisely backed off.
REPLY: I was just a small piece of the puzzle, there were many more powerful forces mustered behind the scenes that you didn’t see.


Testament to the steadily increasing power of blogs to mobilize people to act. I like the fact the environazis are having their maumauing tactics used against their agenda by smarter and better informed people.


Keep up the good work.


Now that this is over, let’s start the wholesale firing of the individuals involved.
REPLY: It’s not over, just shelved for the time being.

Wow, I got the sense when I was reading through the document that the authors intended it to be published with no changes. The total pressure that forced the withdrawal must have been impressive. If only the flies on the wall could report….

Leon Brozyna

Now that the science fiction has been retired for the time being, perhaps the focus can turn to science fact. That since the 18th century the climate has warmed and the mechanism that caused such warming is not clearly understood; that the current climate appears to have begun cooling and it is not known for sure if this is a brief decade pause or if cooling will get serious for several decades. And let’s make it clear that climate models are merely an exercise for computer programmers in the very early years of developing a climate/weather AI system.


Hey, I read this site almost everyday. I hope you don’t decide to close it down…
And good job on getting this report taken care of!
As for the photoshopped house, not a big deal to me. Now if it was something like a photoshopped melting glacier, that would be a different story.

old construction worker

Hats off to Mr Watts. Thank you, again.


Congrats and my sincere personal thank you to Anthony and all involved in outing this polemic dressed up in the guise of science. As a lifelong ‘science guy’ it really bothers me that a blatant advocacy propaganda piece could have gotten this far. Had it been issued, it most likely would have become part of most Earth Science curriculae in the western world.
And Anthony, the price for freedom is eternal vigilance. Like Batman in “Dark Knight” you’re doomed! 🙂

Mike Bryant

Thanks, Anthony, for your important part in correcting this sorry affair.
Mike Bryant


The people that wrote the document are still on the governments payroll. They will be paid to resurrect the document because they have invested so much work in said document. They still believe that CO2 is the problem and that ‘global warming’ is a man made event. They will be back with a new scheme, new and improved models etc. Hopefully the sun gets it spots back in spite of the government spending huge dollar amounts to produce worthless papers.


It’s never over. People with an agenda will keep trying hoping that the rest of us eventually become exhausted or distracted enough so that they manage to get something through. The rest of us have lives, they have dogmas.

Leon Brozyna

One little glitch won’t stop the voracious gravy train:;_ylt=Anhs8T.QnA4Js6H5VGRzvQWs0NUE
Money, we want money, we want lots and lots of money…

It’s okay to celebrate for a little while. But that report will resurface. The question: Will it be in a similar form? All NOAA has agreed to do is publish the rest of the underlying 21 references for the CCSP report first. Is there any reason to believe the report we’ve just seen will change? Not unless they have a reason to change it. The real work will be to critique each of the references when they are released for public comment. That should be fun. I’m actually looking forward to it.

Anthony, thanks for all that you do. You are my inspiration for continuing to follow the global warming issues and alert people to the political consequences. Yes, there are times when I think about hanging up the pen and shutting down the blog as the pile of stupidity grows high and higher. But, there you are every morning with another useful thought, and another important fact, another bit of inspiration. Please take sustenance from this win and continue the fight. We are winning, slowly but we are winning, and with the help of Mother Nature, the truth will be know sooner, rather than later.


Good job, the increasing flow of pebbles coming down the slope have dislodged their first big rock. Keep it up Anthony, Science eventually corrects itself, but it takes people like you and those you mentioned (and those movers behind the scenes that we don’t know about) to get it done.
There are millions of us who want our Science back, out of the hands of the politicians. Science should speak truth to power, not the other way around. Keep up the good work.


Congratulations from a non-scientist for Anthony Watts’ and others’ wonderful success in squelching propaganda. It is time that those who “mis-perform” get fired. Science is science and the unknown is the unknown — as yet. Pretenders at science in jobs for scientists should (indeed, must) be shown the door. Democracy depends on competence and a modicum of integrity. We are in some of the darkest days of our democracy, it seems, because too many incompetents and those with malevolent intent are slapped on the hands or promoted (or their report is simply shelved).


“Money, we want money, we want lots and lots of money…” Leon Brozyna
Can’t we just pay off the Science Phd’s with a guaranteed $200,000 a year and let them not be motivated by grant money?
A mere $1billion dollars might buy some integrity from 50,000 science Phd’s.


We owe you, Pielke Jr and Senior, Joe D’Aleo of Icecap, Fred Singer, Pat Michaels, Steve McIntyre, Chris Horner, Marlo Lewis, Lucia a heart felt thank you for all your efforts.


It seems the greenies are against CO2 scrubbing.
Now I know they are against progress.

Robert Wood

Is this a sign of a hidden struggle going on within NOAA. I mean, there are scientifically trained people in that organization and only the most obtuse couldn’t notice the facts and lack of facts concerning global warming.

Hmm, sorry for the lack of notice, but do we have anyone on Cape Cod? says

Global Climate Change: Impacts in the United States.
Unified Synthesis Product Committee Meeting # 3
*Day 1 – Thursday, August 21, 2008;
Convene at 8:00 a.m. EDT, Adjourn at 5:00 p.m.
*includes a 30-minute public comment period from 8:00 a.m. to 8:30 a.m.
Day 2 – Friday, August 22, 2008;
Convene at 08:30 a.m. Adjourn at 5:30 p.m. EDT
J. Erik Jonsson Center of the National Academies
14 Quissett Avenue
Woods Hole, MA 02543

I imagine the public comment session may not happen as it’s been rendered moot, but perhaps one reason to can the doc was the timing of this meeting.

Gary Hladik

With apologies to the “Mummy” movies: retraction is just the beginning…

Robert Wood

ironically, man-made global warming is man-made. Just like any other work of fiction.
And I too thank Anthony for his enormous work.
I’m not in the States, but urge everyone who can to help with the survey. Even if it is only one just round the corner from where you live.
The final results will, I suspect, be devastating.


Anthony and Russ Steele:
I share your opinions. Sometimes the power and epic idiocy of “heroic” politicians and activists involving this fraud make me feel like ignoring climate science blogs and issues and just turn my attention as far away as possible, and not come back to it until I start taking Earth science classes in 2010. And, even though the Lieberman/Warner Climate Bill is Freddy and the CCSP report is Jason, this does show that this is a winnable “war”. Thank you Anthony and the the growing rebel fleet. (cue Star Wars music) 🙂


NObody, noBODY, nobody beats the Rev!
And for heaven’s sake, don’t go away! Not after all you have accomplished. There is simply no one to replace you.

As the great Yogi Berra used to say, “It ain’t over til it’s over.”
Although this appears to be a short term victory, I suspect it’s only the beginning of things to come. The Pogies have seen the crack in the dike getting wider and wider and will not tolerate a permanent stop to publicizing this crazy thing. Goffy Gore and Hansen, along with so many other parasites in NOAA and NASA, must have all kinds of plans in the works to torpedo anything us skeptics do.
So hang onto your hat, the ride has just begun! But the way Anthony has been able to retain so many fine bloggers on this site, along with his leadership, I personally think we’ll prevail and restore a sense of integrity to science and the scientific method!
Way to go, Anthony!
Jack Koenig, Editor
The Mysterious Climate project


@ Leon Brozyna (17:38:41)
Excellent succinct balanced summary of the situation. Spot on.

Jack Simmons

I guess sometimes city hall listens.
What an amazing development.


I appreciate your efforts to make the truth fit the facts but I would uderstand if you ever gave up the ghost.
“it is hard for thee to kick against the pricks” Acts 26:14

Jon Jewett

It may be true:
“REPLY: I was just a small piece of the puzzle, there were many
more powerful forces mustered behind the scenes that you didn’t see.”
But your work is the link that I and many of us need.
Keep up the good work!
Steamboat Jack


Anthony, you have my (our) heart’felt thanks for establishing and maintaining this blog at great expense and personal sacrifices.
YOU PERSONNALLY ARE MAKING A DIFFERANCE in this quest for the “truths” about AGW and World Climate Change.


“at great expense and personal sacrifices.” buck036
Well, there is the donate button. And lest I be a hypocrite…


Thanks so much for your websites, Anthony.
You turned me from a Gore-wannabe to a true sceptic, much to my father’s delight… and I *know* that I’m not the only one who has had her head turned around by your work.
Now if you could just do something about that quiet sun… 😉

Jim Arndt

Here here enough said, keep the faith and the Open Mind. LOL thats a joke from Tammyland!

If you are planning a scam
donot invent the internet

F Rasmin

Anthony. I am a Biotechnology scientist not a ‘climate expert but, as a somewhat ‘biotechnology expert’, let me just say that we should all be very, very interested in what the future climate is going to turn out to be because within the next ten years, human aging is going to be either stalled or reversed leaving those who wish to be recipients of these technologies around for a long time to endure either global warming or global cooling!
REPLY: Sage advice. I have significant sensory-nueral hearing loss. Anything on the horizon for cochlear nerve cell regeneration?


Thanks for your efforts, Anthony.
A bit OT, but have you seen this? According to AP, the Farmers Almanac is predicting colder than average temperatures.
REPLY: Yes I have. As a television meteorologist, I loathed the Farmers Almanac, because I’d run something that looked a few months ahead, and I’d inevitably get telephone calls telling me how I either agreed or disagreed with that publications forecasts.
A colleague of mine, Jan Null, the former lead forecaster for the NWS in northern California did a study a few years back on the farmers almanac forecasts, which you can read here:
and here is what he found:
In Region 15, the Pacific Northwest, there were a total of 13 precipitation forecasts. Only 23% of the forecasts were correct, 38% were quantitatively wrong and 38% were not only wrong but had the wrong sign. For the 21 Region 15 temperature forecasts 33% verified as correct, 38% were quantitatively wrong and 29% had the wrong sign. Overall in the Pacific Northwest only 29% of the forecasts verified as being correct.
For California, Region 16, a total of 11 precipitation forecasts and 19 temperature forecasts were evaluated. Of the precipitation cases 36% were correct, 27% were quantitatively wrong and the remaining 36% had the incorrect sign. The temperatures for region 16 were only correct 16% of the time, had the wrong sign in 32% of the cases and were quantitatively wrong 53% of the time. Overall the California forecasts were correct only 23% of the time.


I too have been reading this site every day since I found it.
I can sum up my reasons for doing so in one word – integrity.


statePoet1775 (19:56:05) :
“Well, there is the donate button. And lest I be a hipoctite”
Yes you are, stick to writing poem’s that rhyme. most of them I enjoy, but that isn’t one of your better ones.
My post was not intended to be blog “donate button”, just admiration for a job well done, by a dedicated man voluntarily providing his time, effort and resources for the benefit on us all.
Thanks again Anthony!

J. Peden

I’ve never heard of anyone having to withdraw a Fairy Tale before. This has to go down as a first.

April E. Coggins

The Farmers Almanac = Ouija Board. Though for myself, the Almanac’s complete failure to predict weather and their continued public credibility year to year, led me to recognize the Global Warming hoax very early on. This is not the first time that weather has been used a political tool and a get rich quick scheme.

[…] perpetrated on the American public I’ve ever been privy to….” Anthony Watts Watts Up With That? […]

Another hairline crack in the conspiracy:
Canada Free Press
“Fossil Fuels are the New Green Power”

christopher Hanley

Forgive what is probably a stupid question.
Who is Susan Joy Hassol?
REPLY: See this site
Don’t let the “all seeing eye” freak you out.
Notice this graphic of the front page of the CCSP report BEFORE she did her work on it
And see the current CCSP cover in the post above

Pierre Gosselin

A step back to sanity.

[…] Watts Up With That? Thursday, Aug 21, 2008 […]

Joe S

Appreciate your efforts, Anthony. I don’t know how you do it: The revenue bearing work, Surface Stations and this site. Beyond all that, you’ve got a family life to keep on the rails…and an electric car you need to find some fun time for. Guess you’re just one of those tuff individuals.
jeez, thanks go out to you, too, for helping to keep things going.
No doubt, I would last only about half a day trying to monitor the volume of comments that roll into THIS site. ugg!
By the way, how IS that electric car doing? Any costly maintenance or down-time?
REPLY: The first electric car has been sold becuase I purchased a newer, faster, more powerful model. And I have yet another one coming even better than that. Working on these and learning the details has been my sanity saver. I’ll blog on it soon.