Travel Hockey

I’m travelling the next few days, moderation will be spotty. After tomorrow, you may find that comments may go for 12 -18 hours or more without approval. In the meantime, you can debunk my own “hockey stick”. click for larger image Thanks to all who have come by and participated with comments and ideas! Best Regards, Anthony

Interesting plots of temperature trends: the 4 global temperature metrics according to Basil

I don’t have a lot of time today, but I found this interesting. Commenter “Basil” has offered this for discussion. So I’m putting this up without comment on my part. See also the decadal trends table below. Have at it folks. Click for full sized image 1979:01-1992:12 ——————————————— GISS 0.000783764** (0.094C/decade) HadCRUT 0.000460122** (0.055C/decade) RSS_MSU 0.000498964…