How not to measure temperature, part 7

I found this when I visited the old Army Airfield (Derby Field) in Lovelock, Nevada. The official airport for the city also has a NOAA weather station that has been there since the airfield opened around WWII.


In addition to the air conditioners, there’s nothing like an occasional jet blast or propwash to complement your high temperature measurements. Thats not a museum piece, its a working jet. The aviation ramp is in fact just 10 feet from the Stevenson Screen. This station has since been replaced with a more modern ASOS, about 200 yards south of this location, but this Stevenson Screen measured data for years in the exact same spot.

And yes, the data from it is in the NASA GISTEMP database used in climate modeling which you can see here

It looks like the whole thing may in fact be a Soviet plot. 😉 (Its a Russian MIG parked there)

Oh, and they like light bulbs in the screen here too. Notice this screen is the old kind with doors that open side by side.

At least somebody had the good sense to put in a timer.

Lovelock Army Airfield shelter interior

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June 10, 2007 6:01 pm

Great Site and I love these Temperature Station posts, it shows that Global Warming is Man-Made, heh.
Also you need to tag all these with the Climate-Change tag so it is easy to find them via the category on the right. And if you would some way to email you. Maybe setup a gmail account of something and link to it on the right.
Thanks again, great info!

June 11, 2007 12:10 pm

Hi Anthony,
great series! looking forward to the next site.

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