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    ” Lead author Dr. Harriet Ridley, from the Department of Earth Sciences at Durham University, said: “The research presents strong evidence that industrial sulphate emissions have shifted this important rainfall belt, particularly over the last 100 years.

    “Although warming due to man-made carbon dioxide emissions has been of global importance, the shifting of rain belts due to aerosol emissions is locally critical, as many regions of the world depend on this seasonal rainfall for agriculture.

    “The role of sulphate aerosols in repositioning the ITCZ was previously identified using computer modelling, but until now no suitable climate record existed to support those ideas.”

    Compare Roy Spencer – a few % reduction in clouds is equivalent to anthropogenic CO2 global warming.

  2. This is from last week but I’m not sure if it had been posted here or not:

    UN Climate Chief: We Are Remaking The World Economy

    The United Nation’s climate chief says that reordering the global economy to fight climate change is the “most difficult” task the international body has ever undertaken.

    “This is the first time in the history of mankind that we are setting ourselves the task of intentionally, within a defined period of time, to change the economic development model that has been reigning for the, at least, 150 years, since the industrial revolution,” Figueres said.

  3. This from the BBC -“Ocean carbon release ended last Ice Age” Dated: 12th Feb 2015.

    It includes “The world’s oceans absorb about a third of the atmospheric carbon dioxide from burning fossil fuels – causing ocean acidification” and “. . . .scientists predict that as the oceans warm, their ability to absorb atmospheric carbon dioxide will be reduced, potentially leading to faster global warming.”

  4. Blocking the Sun to cope with global warming

    Modified jets spewing sulfuric acid could haze the skies over the Arctic in a few years “for the price of a Hollywood blockbuster,” as physicist David Keith of Harvard University likes to say. For a mere billion dollars a program to swathe the entire planet in a haze of sulfuric acid droplets could be ready as soon as 2020, he avers.

    That’s geoengineering, or “the deliberate large-scale manipulation of the planetary environment,” as the U.K.’s Royal Society defines it. This hazing, which mimics the cooling effect of a volcanic eruption, is so cheap that almost any country—or any random billionaire—could afford to do it, if climate change got catastrophic enough that a crash course in cooling the planet came to seem a good idea. Already, a rogue geoengineer has tried to draw down atmospheric carbon dioxide by fertilizing the ocean with iron to promote the growth of photosynthetic plankton. That’s why the U.S. National Research Council empaneled a group of scientists and other experts to take a deeper look at a variety of geoengineering options in two reports released on 10 February—after all we may need them given the rising concentration of heat-trapping atmospheric carbon dioxide, which has now touched 400 parts per million.

  5. This has been in the pipeline for sometime now and it’s just been covered by Notrickszone. It covers consensus, cholesterol and dietary advice. Now set to change. The parallels with climate science consensus are unnerving. How many years do we have to wait? Maybe one funeral at a time. In the case of the US and diet it’s 100 Million Funerals At A Time!

    “Government (Junk) Science Advances 100 Million Funerals At A Time”
    German physicist Max Planck once wisely remarked, “Science advances one funeral at a time.

    10 February 2015
    “The U.S. government is poised to withdraw longstanding warnings about cholesterol”

    10 February 2015
    Butter ISN’T bad for you after all: Major study says 80s advice on dairy fats was flawed


    And here are some articles I found earlier on the issue.

    Wall Street Journal – 2 May, 2014
    The Questionable Link Between Saturated Fat and Heart Disease
    Are butter, cheese and steak really bad for you? The dubious science behind the anti-fat crusade
    “Saturated fat does not cause heart disease”—or so concluded a big study published in March in the journal Annals of Internal Medicine. How could this be? The very cornerstone of dietary advice for generations has been that the saturated fats in butter, cheese and red meat should be avoided because they clog our arteries……..

    Our distrust of saturated fat can be traced back to the 1950s, to a man named Ancel Benjamin Keys, a scientist at the University of Minnesota. Dr. Keys was formidably persuasive and, through sheer force of will, rose to the top of the nutrition world—even gracing the cover of Time magazine—for relentlessly championing the idea that saturated fats raise cholesterol and, as a result, cause heart attacks.

    This idea fell on receptive ears because, at the time, Americans faced a fast-growing epidemic. Heart disease, a rarity only three decades earlier, had quickly become the nation’s No. 1 killer. Even President Dwight D. Eisenhower suffered a heart attack in 1955. Researchers were desperate for answers……

    Critics have pointed out that Dr. Keys violated several basic scientific norms in his study…..

    Annals of Internal Medicine – 18 March, 2014
    Dr. Rajiv Chowdhury et al
    Association of Dietary, Circulating, and Supplement Fatty Acids With Coronary Risk: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis
    Conclusion: Current evidence does not clearly support cardiovascular guidelines that encourage high consumption of polyunsaturated fatty acids and low consumption of total saturated fats.

    Primary Funding Source: British Heart Foundation, Medical Research Council, Cambridge National Institute for Health Research Biomedical Research Centre, and Gates Cambridge.

    BBC – 23 January 2015
    Scientists slow the speed of light
    A team of Scottish scientists has made light travel slower than the speed of light.

    They sent photons – individual particles of light – through a special mask. It changed the photons’ shape – and slowed them to less than light speed.

    The photons remained travelling at the lower speed even when they returned to free space……

    The speed of light is regarded as an absolute. It is 186,282 miles per second in free space.

    Light propagates more slowly when passing through materials like water or glass but goes back to its higher velocity as soon as it returns to free space again.

    Or at least it did until now……

    Guardian – 23 March 2014
    Why almost everything you’ve been told about unhealthy foods is wrong
    Eggs and red meat have both been on the nutritional hit list – but after a major study last week dismissed a link between fats and heart disease, is it time for a complete rethink?
    Last week it fell to a floundering professor, Jeremy Pearson, from the British Heart Foundation to explain why it still adheres to the nutrition establishment’s anti-saturated fat doctrine when evidence is stacking up to refute it. After examining 72 academic studies involving more than 600,000 participants, the study, funded by the foundation, found that saturated fat consumption was not associated with coronary disease risk. This assessment echoed a review in 2010 that concluded “there is no convincing evidence that saturated fat causes heart disease”……


    Butter and cheese better than trans-fat margarines, says heart specialist
    Aseem Malhotra says saturated fat is not a problem, low-fat products are often full of sugar and statins are over-prescribed

    Butter, cheese and even red meat are not as bad for the heart as has been maintained, a cardiologist has said in a leading medical journal, adding that it is time to “bust the myth” of saturated fat.
    Trans-fats found in many fast foods, bakery goods and margarine are indeed a problem, Malhotra writes in the British Medical Journal. But saturated fats in milk, cheese and meat are another matter.


    BBC – 14 October 2014
    Should people be eating more fat?
    …..Scientists from Oxford, Cambridge and Harvard, amongst others, examined the links between eating saturated fat and heart disease. Despite looking at the results of nearly 80 studies involving more than a half million people they were unable to find convincing evidence that eating saturated fats leads to greater risk of heart disease.

    In fact, when they looked at blood results, they found that higher levels of some saturated fats, in particular a type of saturated fat you get in milk and dairy products called margaric acid, were associated with a lower risk of heart disease……

    A recent study, this time published in the Scandinavian Journal of Primary Health Care, “High dairy fat intake related to less central obesity“, certainly questioned the link.

    In this study, researchers followed 1,589 Swedish men for 12 years. They found that those following a low-fat diet (no butter, low-fat milk and no cream) were more likely to develop fat around the gut (central obesity) than those eating butter, high-fat milk and whipping cream.

    To be fair there is a fightback.

    BBC – 10 February 2015
    Food fight: Row over saturated fat advice
    A row has erupted over claims that official guidance to cut down on saturated fat had been based on shaky evidence.

    In the 1970s and 80s, there was a big push away from saturated fats in the US and UK as experts cautioned they were bad for the heart.

    Scientists writing in the journal Open Heart have now argued this advice lacked the solid scientific trials needed to back it up.

    But many experts have come to the defence of the original guidelines……

  6. Glowball warming WILL cause a mega-drought! Article written by Justin Doom. Seriously, no kidding – that’s the byline.

    By the end of this century, researchers are predicting years-long dry spells exacerbated by higher temperatures, creating conditions worse than so-called megadroughts ….

    The conclusion is further evidence that human activity is having profound, harmful and long-lasting impacts on the planet….

    Since when does a model driven projection qualify as either a conclusion or evidence?

  7. I just received an invitation to an American Association for the Advancement of Science sponsored
    “Workshop on Communicating Climate Science”, Friday March 6, 2015 at the University of Miami’s RSMAS campus. The workshop is from 8:30am – 12:00pm followed by an hour long Panel Discussion. The panelists will be :
    Mark Cane, Department of Earth & Environmental Sciences and Department of Physics & Applied Mathematics, Columbia University
    Ben Kirtman, Department of Atmospheric Science, University of Miami
    Adam Sobel, Department of Earth & Environmental Sciences and Department of Physics & Applied Mathematics, Columbia University
    Craig Setzer, Chief Meteorologist, CBS Miami

    I suspect that they will also be leading the workshop. Just for fun, I’ve registered to go, and if I get in I will send along a report. A dog in the manger, as it were.

  8. Yes the parallels between low fat diet and man caused climate change is unnerving. Honest science and research eventually won out over the consensus. Mann meet Ancel Keys, striking similarities.

    The low-fat trend all started with a persuasive physiologist in the mid-1900s by the name of Ancel Keys, many nutritionists say. Legend paints him as the kind of man who could convince anyone of anything.

    • Say, citing this consensus medical mistake would be the perfect riposte to the warmist talking point, “Would you ignore the advice of 97% of doctors?” YES, in the case of the anti-fat dogma.

  9. the appropriately named Justin Doom brings us the new big scare:

    13 Feb: Bloomberg: Justin Doom: Worst ‘Megadrought’ in 1,000 Years in U.S. Due to Global Warming
    The U.S. is facing the worst drought in 1,000 years, “driven primarily” by man-made climate change.
    By the end of this century, researchers are predicting years-long dry spells exacerbated by higher temperatures, creating conditions worse than so-called megadroughts that have been linked to the decline of American Indian cultures in the U.S. Southwest, according to an article published Thursday in the journal Science Advances.
    The conclusion is further evidence that human activity is having profound, harmful and long-lasting impacts on the planet, and will continue to threaten the environment even if carbon emissions are significantly curtailed…
    ***“What we really did in this paper was stitch the past together with the future model projections and say, ’OK, we know this warming is happening, we know it’s been dry in the past, how do those two things compare?’” Smerdon (Jason Smerdon, climate scientist at Columbia University in New York, one of the authors of the report) said in an interview…

    • And again at bullcrap broadcasting corporation …

      “The records we have of past mega-droughts are based on tree-ring width estimates, and if you think that through, that’s a little bit encouraging because it means the events weren’t so bad as to kill off all the trees. I am optimistic that we can cope with the threat of mega-drought in the future because it doesn’t mean no water – it just means significantly less water than we’re used to having from the 20th Century,” Dr Ault explained.

      A slightly different variant of doomsaying at least.

  10. “Study: Global warming skeptics know more about climate science”


    But –

    “Liberals were more likely to correctly answer questions like: “What gas do most scientists believe causes temperatures to rise?” The correct answer is carbon dioxide.”

    I can see how some skeptics would not answer that correctly since skeptics (most) seem to know that Water Vapor is the primary Green House Gas, not CO2.

  11. Plastics Weighing as Much as 191 Titanics Clog Oceans–
    From Bloomberg.
    A New Measure of calamity …. The Mass Titanic!!!!
    Of course, if 191 Titanics were plying, say, the pacific and you were drifting on a raft,
    your chances of being rescued are pretty near zero — while all the other oceans in the world would
    remain pristine.

    My reaction is amazement that environmentalism has been so successful that that’s all there is —
    seems like I see that much trash along the roads driving 15 miles to town.

  12. Some corrections for the solar reference page:

    In the section NOAA Space Weather Prediction Center Plots (updated monthly):

    “” has changed to “”

    “” has changed to

    “” has changed to

  13. Bill Maher flub @3:45 (“Germany gets 74 percent of its electricity from renewables”):

    Donald Prothero makes the same mistake in this post (I correct him in comment 12):

    Germany leads the world in having almost 75% of its electricity produced by renewable sources, with one of the highest percentages of usage of wind power in the world, and also significant solar and hydroelectric power as well.

    From the Climate Progress post Prothero linked to:

    On Sunday, Germany’s impressive streak of renewable energy milestones continued, with renewable energy generation surging to a record portion — nearly 75 percent — of the country’s overall electricity demand by midday.

    In the first quarter of 2014, renewable energy sources met a record 27 percent of the country’s electricity demand, thanks to additional installations and favorable weather.

    • There is also an interesting point at the end of this press release “Since 2013, both the JPSS and GOES programs have been included on a list of federal programs that qualify for the GAO’s “high risk” classification. According to the GAO, they were included in the list due to their vulnerabilities to fraud, waste, abuse, and mismanagement, or are most in need of transformation.”

  14. The Governor of Oregon has just resigned. He is accused of a conflict of interest in his carbon dioxide policies due to his fiance taking consulting money from Tom Steyer groups.

    There is greed and corruption in the anti-carbon dioxide movement. And the Governor of Oregon had become the poster child for that.

  15. Scheduled fossil fuel divestment protests at Yale postponed due to negative global warming:

    Yale runs two natural gas co-gen plants: one is 16MW and the other is 10MW. They also run a natural gas fuel cell (256KW, I think). Sounds to me like they kind of depend on fossil fuels to keep the lights on and the buildings heated.

    I guess as political theater it sort of falls flat when you have to move your protest into a heated building because your committed anti fossil fuel activists can’t tolerate naturally cold weather. Bear-skin coats, guys — skin your own bear.

  16. Richard Ilfeld –

    what Bloomberg failed to include in the titanic plastic oceans piece:

    13 Feb: News Ltd: Staff Writers/AP: Research shows 8.8 million tonnes of plastic dumped into world’s oceans each year
    Unlike previous studies which looked at the plastic in the oceans, Jambeck used World Bank statistics on 192 countries’ waste streams to track and estimate plastic pollution from the source…

    all MSM, incl BBC’s “Science in Action” program yesterday, are carrying this study. my fave line was in the UK Independent (and on BBC):

    13 Feb: UK Independent: Steve Connor: Plastic waste in ocean to increase tenfold by 2020
    Jenna Jambeck: “So the cumulative input for 2025 would be nearly 20 times our 2010 estimate – 100 bags of plastic per foot of coastline in the world.”…

    my first response was….what tiny proportion of the costs of just attending all the CAGW meetings over the past couple of decades would it have taken to keep on top of this problem, whether exaggerated or not?

    During United Nations climate talks taking place in Geneva, I asked Christiana Figueres, the UN’s top climate change official, whether there was a chance that some parts of the oversized and cumbersome draft text produced might see some brackets removed or consolidated in negotiations before the talks end Feb. 13.
    “Remove brackets?” Figueres asked with a smile, tapping her watch. “You should know better. It’s only February!”…
    Everything in the UN climate change negotiating process must take place at a specific time and in a specific order, even if it is not always clear…

    indeed, timing is everything:

    13 Feb: Bloomberg: Brian K. Sullivan: It’s About to Get So Cold That You Could Get Frostbite in 30 Minutes
    “By Sunday morning, wind-chill values are really low from North Dakota to the Northeast,” said Bob Oravec, a meteorologist with the U.S. Weather Prediction Center in College Park, Maryland. “Almost across the entire area, the wind chills are below zero.”
    In some cases, they will be well below zero. Cleveland may have a wind chill of minus 27 degrees Fahrenheit (minus 33 Celsius), while Buffalo will feel like minus 28, Oravec said…
    The frigid weather will also follow the Interstate 95 corridor, which serves every major city from Boston to Richmond, Virginia, well into the Deep South…
    The forecast calls for Washington to have a high of 18 on Sunday and a low of 5, according to the National Weather Service. With the wind, temperatures will feel like minus 10.
    The same holds for Philadelphia, where the wind chill may reach about minus 14 on an actual low of 2. In New York City, the low will be 3 degrees and the wind chill may reach minus 15 to minus 20…
    Even with this sort of cold, the chance of sparking a rally in natural gas markets is low, said Stephen Schork, president of the Schork Group Inc., a consulting group in Villanova, Pennsylvania.
    The cold is coming on a weekend and a holiday, which means demand is low to start with, he said…
    ***Frost on oranges, frozen oil and gas wells and real cold in the southern half of the country is what the market needs to spur a rally, he said…
    Average temperatures as much as 8 degrees below normal may reach as far as Florida through Feb. 16…

  18. I’m sorry, but the sheer irony of this made me want to post it.
    So I’ve got some mountain land that I’m looking at, and was looking at rainwater catchment and filtration systems to supply my basic water needs.
    One of the websites that I checked out was where they have (and I quote) this little gem:
    ” A report by Peter H. Gleick estimates that if no action is taken to address unmet basic human needs for water, as many as 135 million people will die from water-related diseases by 2020.”
    Couldn’t resist posting it here.

  19. A bit parochial, but our ‘Leaders’ – David Cameron, of the Tories; ‘Nick’ Clegg, of the Liberal Democrats; and Ed Milliband of Labour – have all agreed to wipe out British Industry by closing coal-fired power stations, unless they fit big, unproven, filters, and storing the CO2 underground.

    No ‘ifs’, no ‘buts’, no nukes. All depending on windmills and solar . . .
    The wind will be required to blow continuously, and they will banish clouds.

    Mind – Ed Milliband has (per the ever correct Wikipedia) does have a n ‘A’ level [School leaving qualification at 18, for the benefit of those outside England and Wales] in Physics. Cameron and Clegg, so it appears, have no scientific education post-16.
    But I expect the Green Blob has told them it’s right to do this.
    I didn’t see anything indicating that the Chinese will also close their coal-fired power stations.
    Or India, or Russia, or Germany . . . .

    So futile, gesture politics, that harm the UK [they can’t all still be taking Brezhnev’s shilling, can they?], but do no discernible good for the planet.

    Auto – deeply depressed by the whole foul jamboree of politics in the UK.

  20. Love seems to be creeping into the activists’ climate change campaign. See below to a link to a short film from Oxfam with thespians headed by Stephen Fry reciting a Shakespeare sonnet and an attempt to persuade people to use Valentines Day “to tell the world what you love that you could lose to climate change”:

    In similar vein, but more to do with death, a talk has been advertised in Totnes, England, for 17th February to be given by Stuart Scott, IESCO Deputy Director for the North American Region and Climate Change with the International Ecological Safety Collaborative Ortganisation (established in China in 2006), on why we must act today to save all our tomorrows, with the title ‘Climate Change – galloping headlong to disaster’. Mr. Scott undertook transition training in Totnes and is the founder of the Transition University in Hawaii as well as establishing the Interfaith Declaration of Climate Change.
    He said: “There is a natural tendency for humans to be in denial about our own mortality, both individually and collectively. That is, of course, exacerbated by fossil fuel and other business interests that want to keep us buying stuff, chained to loans, and just generally increasing the wealth of the wealthy and depleting the stocks of natural resources. Even after we recognise the mortal threat we face, the denial shifts to dejection. That is the part we have to turn into action.And we have to trigger a social tipping point where governments will act on behalf of the well-being of people.”
    I don’t think I can bring myself to go to the meeting.

  21. You might be interested if you can get this BBC programme when it comes out – they just started the ads on TV for it but no start date yet – found the trailer on youtube.

    Climate Change by Numbers its on BBC4 – the BBC is largely pro-AGW so it should be interesting to watch.

  22. So, four term governor John Kitzhaber resigns amid a scandal of influence pedaling and sweet contracts for his fiancé’. Many news agencies conveniently leave out the fact the entire scandal revolves around consulting contracts to develop low carbon energy legislation for Oregon. Something in which she had limited expertise, and frankly, my dear, we did not need.

  23. Dale Vince, owner and ceo of Ecotricity, is investigated in today’s Sunday Telegraph over his possible tax avoidance and his contributions to the Labour party. Ed Milliband, the leader of the Labour party has been attacking tax avoidance recently. Coincidentally, Ed was in charge of Climate dept in the last Labour government when subsidy system that benefits Ecotricity was set up.

  24. Breaking story in NJ:

    Taxpayers in 3 counties could be on hook for millions after solar project fizzles

    “The concept behind the massive solar project sounded simple enough: borrow $88 million to install panels on public buildings in Morris, Somerset and Sussex counties and then sell excess electricity, using the revenues to pay off the debt.

    The concept was called the “Morris model,” held up nationally as an example of how to produce renewable energy through public-private partnerships. It was the second project of its kind and the previous one was hailed as a success.

    But now, nearly four years later, taxpayers could be on the hook for tens of millions of dollars the counties owe bondholders, after work ground to a halt amidst cost overruns and lawsuits.”

    Basically, the plan was great so long as state subsidies were there. Once they went away…

  25. Antony,

    I haven’t seen anything about the SurfaceStations project for quite some time. Mosher and Zeke lately have been vigorously defending adjustments in the BEST reconstruction and saying that UHI is an insignificant factor (which is counter-intuitive to me). Any recent news for the peanut gallery.

    Robert Austin

  26. A test: \textrm{arccosh} \left( \overline{ \int_{}^{} \oint \Re } \right) \sin \left(X \right) \dot{} k

    [Best to use the “Test” page link on the WUWT Home Page for this type of trial and error. .mod]

  27. Check this article which suggests that the number of small tremors in Kansas and Oklahoma related to fracking necessarily increases probability of much larger ones. Since regions have maximum credible events based on a variety of observations, I doubt this argument is valid as stated. Of course, the author is Seth Borenstein…

  28. remember this:

    10 Feb: Nature: Alexandra Witze: Climate geoengineering schemes come under fire
    Influential US group lays out which planet-cooling proposals may work — and which won’t
    “The biggest thing about the report is that the government asked for it,” says Jane Long, former associate director for energy and the environment at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in Livermore, California, and author of a recent Nature commentary on geoengineering. “That is really important, because it legitimizes the discussion.”…
    “Hopefully this will get us an American research programme,” says Alan Robock, an atmospheric scientist at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, New Jersey.
    The Central Intelligence Agency is a major funder of the report, along with science agencies including the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration and NASA. Marcia McNutt, former director of the US Geological Survey and current editor-in-chief of Science magazine in Washington DC, led the NRC panel…

    seems the want more attention:

    15 Feb: Guardian: Ian Sample: Spy agencies fund climate research in hunt for weather weapon, scientist fears
    US expert Alan Robock raises concern over who would control climate-altering technologies if research is paid for by intelligence agencies
    A senior US scientist has expressed concern that the intelligence services are funding climate change research to learn if new technologies could be used as potential weapons.
    Alan Robock, a climate scientist at Rutgers University in New Jersey, has called on secretive government agencies to be open about their interest in radical work that explores how to alter the world’s climate.
    Robock, who has contributed to reports for the intergovernmental panel on climate change (IPCC), uses computer models to study how stratospheric aerosols could cool the planet in the way massive volcanic eruptions do…
    Last week, the National Academy of Sciences published a two-volume report on different approaches to tackling climate change…
    The $600,000 report was part-funded by the US intelligence services, but Robock said the CIA and other agencies had not fully explained their interest in the work…
    Other funders included Nasa, the US Department of Energy, and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.
    The CIA established the Center on Climate Change and National Security in 2009, a decision that drew fierce criticism from some Republicans who viewed it as a distraction from more pressing terrorist concerns. The centre was closed down in 2012, but the agency said it would continue to monitor the humanitarian consequences of climate change and the impact on US economic security, albeit not from a dedicated office…
    Robock said he became suspicious about the intelligence agencies’ involvement in climate change science after receiving a call from two men who claimed to be CIA consultants three years ago. “They said: ‘We are working for the CIA and we’d like to know if some other country was controlling our climate, would we be able to detect it?’ I think they were also thinking in the back of their minds: ‘If we wanted to control somebody else’s climate could they detect it?’”
    He replied that if a country wanted to create a stratospheric cloud large enough to change the climate, it would be visible with satellites and ground-based instruments…
    Asked how he felt about the call, Robock said he was scared. “I’d learned of lots of other things the CIA had done that didn’t follow the rules. I thought that wasn’t how my tax money was spent,” he said. The CIA did not respond to requests for comment over the weekend…
    “I think this research should be out in the open and it has to be international so there won’t be any question that this technology will used for hostile purposes,” Robock said.

  29. Here’s a humorous idea for a WUWT thread:
    Compile a 50/50 list of real and fake alarmist predictions of warming effects and challenge readers to guess which ones are real.
    Inventing the made-up effects could be crowd-sourced to WUWTers initially.

    “Climate Change Is Real!”
    –Won’t it be fun to chant that if the climate turns sharply colder.

  30. Jim Geraghty in NRO, Feb 16:

    The Temptations of Power at the State Level Are Only Bigger at the Federal Level
    Effective Wednesday, former Oregon governor John Kitzhaber is out of office . . . but he’s not out of trouble:
    The Justice Department concluded in an order last week that [Kitzhaber’s fiancée] Hayes, though unpaid, acted as a policy adviser to Kitzhaber with authority over state employees.
    Hayes has maintained she isn’t a public official and that the Oregon Government Ethics Commission has no authority over her.
    The significance of the Justice Department’s order is Hayes could face not only punishment for civil ethics violations but prosecution for official misconduct, the state’s primary public corruption statute. The crime is a misdemeanor punishable by up to a year in jail.
    The legal risks for Hayes and Kitzhaber became even more stark with Friday’s disclosure that the FBI has opened a sweeping investigation.
    Over at Hot Air, Noah Rothman speculates,

    It is a safe bet that Kitzhaber’s implosion has sent the rest of the nation’s Democratic governors, and even a few officeholders in Washington, scrambling to review their affairs. It is the very nature of green energy that its unprofitability ensures that it is only viable in the marketplace if it is subsidized at taxpayer expense. The political class’ favorability toward clean energy and the media’s deference to the project of green technology have created the perfect conditions where corruption can thrive.
    Is Kitzhaber the only politician in America with links to green projects that would not stand up to scrutiny? Don’t bet the house on it. The Democratic Party’s dream of a clean energy future is rapidly evolving into their nightmare.

    In a political landscape full of grifters, con men, narcissists, egomaniacs, power-mad micro-managers, and crooks, why does Kitzhaber stand out?
    How about his perfect example of a Democratic lawmaker reflexively attacking all critics and playing the gender card?

    He claimed, infamously, that Hayes’ critics were unnerved “by strong, successful women in the public arena,” redefining “success” in the process.
    His staff and Hayes’ bodyguards blithely ignored rudimentary public-records requests.

    How about for his ludicrous whining that unfair media coverage somehow created his ethics problem, instead of merely shining a spotlight on it? (Oh, and ask any Oregon Republican how they feel about the press coverage of Kitzhaber.)
    If Kitzhaber’s tale sounds familiar — lawmakers making money hand over fist from special interests, a powerful couple offering two for the price of one, vicious attacks on anyone who dares criticize the official narrative — Maureen Dowd reminded us who is probably still the likely favorite in the 2016 presidential race:

  31. “We’re already seeing the effects of global warming, claims study that used outdoor HEATERS for 23 YEARS to warm mountain meadows”

    “Convergent ecosystem responses to 23-year ambient and manipulated warming link advancing snowmelt and shrub encroachment to transient and long-term climate–soil carbon feedback”

  32. Amateur astronomers have spotted mysterious plumes high in the Martian atmosphere at high latitudes:

    Similar plumes have been spotted before by Hubble at heights up to 100km. But these new plumes were up 250km.

    Unprecedented! => Extreme climate change!

    Obviously these new plumes were created by those pesky little green men, trying to destroy their Martian environment for some evil purpose.

  33. the New York times has a story ” Verbal Warming: Labels . . .” in the Science Times section of Feb 17. Its moderate tone belies the deceptive and misleading contents. Would love to see someone do a complete analysis

  34. From National Park Service website (my bold):

    “A recent survey of climatologists reveals that 97% of those scientists think that global climate change is occurring presently and that human activity is the primary cause.”

    “Let’s be clear. Climate change is happening all around us, and human activities are accelerating it. The evidence is overwhelming, and the theory of global warming is sound. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), which conducted the survey above, consists of thousands of scientists from all over the world who specialize in difference aspects of climate science. A separate study by the National Academy of the Sciences drew the same conclusions.”

    No citations. I assume the NAS reference is to the Anderegg, et al, paper, which was not “by” the NAS. Can someone please point me to the IPCC-conducted survey?


    (BTW, if you click on the “climate change” link at the bottom of the page, you’ll find the phrase appears in 121 articles, with a general message of “bad humans worsening climate.”)

  35. Cold weather comes to the eastern U.S., but it is not a catastrophe. Thank the hard-working miners and drillers whose labor provides heat, light and power. Their detractors demean only themselves.

  36. Today’s E&ENEWS carries an item about the biofuel impact controversy.

    BIOFUELS: RFA’s Dinneen offers blistering critique of Searchinger research, talks future of RFS policy reform
    OnPoint: Tuesday, February 17, 2015
    “Following the release of a controversial paper by the World Resources Institute’s Timothy Searchinger on the land-use and climate change impacts of bioenergy production, the renewable fuels industry is pushing back against the research. During today’s OnPoint, Bob Dinneen, president of the Renewable Fuels Association, gives his take on the efficiency of feedstock production and the impact of biofuels on food costs. He also talks about the ongoing efforts in Congress to reform the renewable fuel standard.”

  37. The dawn of 2015 has proved to be a busy period in the Great Chevron Shakedown case. Having already beaten the Ecuadorian officials who began it and the environmental activists in the United States who supported it, Chevron went after New York attorney Steven Donziger. That unfortunate soul was eventually found liable for RICO violations, but the action hasn’t stopped yet. Now one of the “investors” who backed the cost of the extensive, fraudulent attempt to pick the energy giant’s pockets in exchange for a cut of the proceeds has had to settle in court, abandoning his long time friend Donziger and admitting that he had been “misled” into a fraudulent exercise.

    It has been extremely common for grifters and “activists” to bring nuisance suits against large companies with deep pockets in the hopes that the companies would settle quickly just to avoid a prolonged court battle. Far too often it has worked. It’s just possible that by chasing every last one of the culprits out of the shadows all across the globe, Chevron may be striking a blow here and setting a precedent which will discourage such attempts at extortion in the future.

  38. For the List of 52 Excuses for the Pause in Global Warming, there is one missing that is a hum dinger:

    Global Warming has CAUSED Global Cooling, or has at least caused Colder Winters:

    As a northeast resident, it is depressing to read every excuse on how global warming is causing the sub zero, relentless, year after year, brutal winters we have endured. It’s as if every winter is more brutal than the previous one. Almost a slap in the face to hear these lame explanations (that is, ‘excuses’).

  39. Rajendra Pachauri, the chair of the ‘respected’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, has claimed that his emails, mobile phone and WhatsApp messages have been hacked by unknown cyber criminals who used his computer devices to commit “various criminal activities”. His claims come after a 29 year old female employee at the Energy and Resources Institute, an environmental wonkshop of which Pachauri is Director General, lodged a police complaint against Mr Pachauri claiming she had received “unwanted” physical advances, emails, WhatsApp messages and handwritten notes from the chair of the IPCC.

    An article in India’s Economic Times that reported the claims, has been removed from their website following an injunction from the Delhi high court:

  40. Another Antarctic icebound ship rescue.

    The Australian fishing vessel the Antarctic Cheiftain was rescued Tuesday when the US Coast Guard icebreaker the Polar Star broke through 150 miles (240 km) of ice and towed the damaged vessel free.

    The story here correctly notes the Polar Star (WAGB-10 — commissioned 1976) is almost 40 years old and the only US heavy icebreaker suitable for this job. Her sister ship, the Polar Sea (WAGB-11 — commissioned 1977) has been out of service since 2010 due to complete failure of 5 of her 6 diesel engines. A report submitted in 2013 claimed it was possible to refit and reactivate her, but to my knowledge has not been acted on.

    You want a climate change plan? How about: build more icebreakers, preferably nuclear powered.

  41. Great Lake ice cover approaching very high levels seen during the extreme winter a year ago:

    Lake Ontario has already exceeded last year’s max, Lake Erie is already essentially frozen over, while the other lakes may freeze over within the next couple weeks, if it continue to stay cold and not too windy. (Strong winds, even if very cold, can shift the ice, revealing wide swaths of open winter.)
    More plots here:

  42. This has just come out at a fairly popular blog. This post deals with all the horrors that await us from multiple causes. I copy here only the part dedicated to climate horrors. It is quite entertaining to observe how far gone some people are in their own hallucinations.

    3. The climate of Earth, our home planet, is, to put it as politely as possible, completely fucked. Now, there are quite a few people who think that radically altering the planet’s atmospheric and ocean chemistry and physics by burning just over half the fossilized hydrocarbons that could possibly be dug up using industrial methods means nothing, and that what we are observing is just natural climate variability. These people are morons. I will delete every single one of the comments they submit in response to this post, but in spite of my promise to do so, I assure you that they will still submit them… because they are morons. [Update: Yes indeed they have, QED.]

    What we are looking at is a human-triggered extinction episode that will certainly be beyond anything in human experience, and which may rival the great Permian-Triassic extinction event of 252 million years ago. There is even the possibility of Earth becoming completely sterilized, with an atmosphere as overheated and toxic as that of Venus. That these changes are happening does not require prediction, just observation. The only parameters that remain to be determined are these:

    1. How far will this process run?

    Will there still be a habitat where humans can survive? Humans cannot survive without plenty of fresh water and sources of carbohydrates, proteins and fats, all of which require functioning ecosystems. Humans can survive on almost any kind of diet—even tree bark and insects—but if all vegetation is dead, then so are we. Also, we cannot survive in an environment where the wet bulb temperature (which takes into account our ability to cool ourselves by sweating) exceeds our body temperature: whenever that happens, we die of heat stroke. Lastly, we need air that we can actually breathe: if the atmosphere becomes too low in oxygen (because the vegetation has died out) and too high in carbon dioxide and methane (because the dead vegetation has burned off, the permafrost has melted, and the methane currently trapped in oceanic clathrates has been released) then we all die.

    We already know that the increase in average global temperature has exceeded 1C since pre-industrial times, and, based on the altered atmospheric chemistry, is predicted to eventually exceed 2C. We also know that industrial activity, thanks to the aerosols it puts into the atmosphere, produces an effect known as global dimming. Once it’s gone, the average temperature will jump by at least another 1.1C. This would put us within striking range of 3.5C, and no humans have ever been alive with Earth more than 3.5C above baseline. But, you know, there is a first time for everything. Maybe we can invent some gizmo… Maybe if we all put on air-conditioned sombreros or something… (Design contest, anyone?)

    2. How fast will this process happen?

    The thermal mass of the planet is such that there is a 40-year lag between when atmospheric chemistry is changed and its effects on average temperature are felt. So far we have been shielded from some of the effects by two things: the melting of Arctic and Antarctic ice and permafrost, and the ocean’s ability to absorb heat. Your iced drink remains pleasant until the last ice cube is gone, but then it becomes tepid and distasteful rather quickly. Some scientists say that, on the outside, it will take 5000 years for us to run out of ice cubes, causing the party to end, but then the dynamics of the huge glaciers that supply the ice cubes are not understood all that well, and there have been constant surprises in terms of how quickly they can slough off icebergs, which then drift into warmer waters and melt quickly.

    But the biggest surprise of the last few years has been the rate of arctic methane release. Perhaps you haven’t, but I’ve found it impossible to ignore all the scientists who have been ringing alarm bells on Arctic methane release. What they are calling the clathrate gun—which can release some 50 gigatons of methane in as little as a couple of decades—appears to have been fired in 2007 and now, just a few years later, the trend line in Arctic methane concentrations has become alarming. But we will need to wait for at least another two years to get an authoritative answer. Overall, the methane held in the clathrates is enough to exceed the global warming potential of all fossil fuels burned to date by a factor of between 4 and 40. The upper end of that range does seem to put us quite far towards a Venus-type atmosphere, and the surviving species may be limited to exotic thermophilic bacteria, if that, and certainly will not include any of the species we like to eat, nor any of us.

    Looking at such numbers has caused quite a few researchers to propose the possibility of near-term human extinction. Estimates vary, but, in general, if the clathrate gun has indeed gone off, then most of us shouldn’t be planning to be around beyond mid-century. But the funny thing is (humor is never in poor taste, no matter how dire the situation) that most of us shouldn’t be planning on sticking around beyond mid-century in any case. The current oversized human population is a product of fossil fuel-burning, and once that’s over, human population will crash. This is called a die-off, and it’s something that happens all the time: a population (say, of yeast in a vat of sugary liquid) consumes its food, and then dies off. A few hardy individuals linger on, and if you throw in a lump of sugar, they spring to life, start reproducing and the process takes off again.

    Another funny aspect of near-term human extinction is that it can never be observable, because no scientist will ever be around to observe it, and therefore it is a non-scientific concept. Since it cannot be used to do science, the scientists who throw it around must be aiming for an emotional effect. This is quite uncharacteristic of scientists, who generally pride themselves on being cool-headed and prefer to deal in the observable and the measurable. So, why would scientists go for emotional effect? Clearly, it is because they feel that something must be done. And to feel that something must be done, they must also feel that something can be done. But, if so, what is it?

    Always first on the list is the effort to lobby governments to limit carbon emissions. This has not been a success; as to one of the many reasons why, consider point 2 above: the USA is one of the biggest offenders when it comes to carbon emissions, but the rotting corpse of America’s political system is incapable of any constructive action. It is too busy destroying countries: Iraq, Libya, Syria, Ukraine…

    Second on the list is something called geoengineering. If you don’t know what it is, don’t worry; it’s largely a synonym for mental masturbation. The idea is that you fix things you don’t understand by using technologies that don’t exist. But given many humans’ irrational belief that every problem must have a technological solution, there is always some fool willing to throw money at it. Previous efforts along these lines involved the idea of seeding the oceans with iron to promote plankton growth, or putting bits of tin foil in orbit to reflect some of the sunlight, or painting the Sahara white. These are all fun projects to think about. How about using nuclear weapons to put dust into the atmosphere, to block out some of the sunlight? Or how about nuking a few big volcanos, for the same effect? If that’s politically difficult, how about something politically easy: a limited nuclear exchange? That will darken the skies, bringing on a mini nuclar winter, and also reduce the population, which will cut down on industrial activity. There are enough nuclear weapons to keep the planet cool for as long as it takes us all to die of radiation poisoning. This geoengineering solution, along with all the others, is in line with the popular dictum “If you can’t solve a problem, enlarge it.”

    And so it seems to me that all the talk about near-term human extinction is just so much emotional hand-flapping designed to motivate people to try things that won’t work. Still, I believe the topic is worth pondering, for a simple reason: what if you don’t want to go extinct? We’ve already established that human extinction (whenever it might be said to occur) will never be observable, because no human will be around to observe it. We also know that population die-offs happen all the time, but they don’t always result in extinction. So, who will be most likely to die, and who might actually make it?

    First on the list are the invisible victims of war. By now lots of people have seen photographs of piles of dead Ukrainian soldiers left to rot after another failed attack, or videos of residents of Donetsk expiring on the sidewalk after being hit by a government-lobbed artillery shell or mortar. But we don’t know how many children and women are dying in childbirth because the government has bombed maternity clinics and hospitals: such casualties of war are invisible. Nor will we be shown footage of all of the Ukrainian retirees expiring prematurely because they can no longer afford food, medicine or heat, but we can be sure that many of them won’t be around a year hence. When it comes to war, there are just two viable survival strategies: refuse to take part; and flee. Indeed, the million or so Ukrainians that are now in Russia, or the million or so Syrians who are no longer in Syria, are the smart ones. The Ukrainians who are volunteering to fight are the idiots; the ones who are fleeing to Russia to sit out the war are the smart ones. (However, the Russians, who are volunteering to protect their land and their families from what amounts to an American invasion, are clearly not idiots. They are also winning.) In this sense, war is a Darwinian process, delivering extinction to the foolish.

    Next on the list of extinction episodes to avoid happens in major cities during a heat wave. It’s happened across Europe in 2003, and resulted in 70,000 casualties. In 2010, a heat wave in the Moscow region (which is quite far north) resulted in over 14,000 deaths in Moscow alone. The urban heat island effect, which is caused by sunlight soaked up by pavement and buildings, produces much higher local temperatures, driving them over the threshold for heat stroke. While the fossil fuel economy continues to operate, cities remain survivable because of the availability of air conditioning; once it shuts down, urban heat wave extinction episodes will become widespread. Since 50% of the population lives in cities, half of the human population is at risk of extinction from heat stroke. Therefore, if you don’t want to go extinct, don’t spend your summers in a city.

    The list of places you don’t want to be if you wish to avoid extinction gets rather long. You wouldn’t want to live in California, for example, or in the arid southwestern states, because there won’t be any water there. You wouldn’t want to live along the coasts, because they are likely to be flooded by the rising oceans (they will eventually rise over 100 meters, putting all coastal cities underwater). You wouldn’t want to live in the eastern half of North America, because, paradoxically, a dramatically warmer Arctic region causes the jet stream to meander, producing increasingly fierce winters, which, minus fossil fuels, will cause widespread deaths from exposure. Even now, a bit of extra snow, which is likely to become the new normal, has caused the entire transportation infrastructure of New England (where, luckily, I am not) to roll over and play dead. Nor would you want to live in any of the places where the water source comes from glacial melt, because the glaciers will soon be gone. This includes much of Pakistan, large parts of India, Bangladesh, Thailand, Vietnam and so on. The list of places where you wouldn’t want to be if you don’t want to go extinct for this or that reason gets to be rather long.

    But the entire northern half of Eurasia looks quite nice for the foreseeable future, so if you don’t want to go extinct, you better start teaching your kids Russian.

  43. ***Carbon Brief profile: Leo Hickman is our Director and Editor. He previously worked for 16 years as a journalist, editor and author at the Guardian newspaper. Before joining Carbon Brief, he was WWF-UK’s chief advisor on climate change.

    18 Feb: The Carbon Brief Interview: Lord Deben, part 1
    by ***Leo Hickman
    Lord Deben, or the Rt Hon John Selwyn Gummer, is the current chair of the Committee on Climate Change (CCC). He is also chair of the sustainability consultancy Sancroft International, honorary president of the Global Legislators Organisation (GLOBE International) and a non-executive director of the Catholic Herald newspaper. Gummer was a Conservative MP from 1970-1974 and from 1979-2010. From 1993-1997, he served as the Secretary of State for the Environment.
    CB: As a Conservative peer and former minister, please can you explain the various dynamics and tensions at play within your own party when it comes to tackling climate change? You have the Lawsons and the Ridleys on the one side, and the Barkers and Rudds on the other. Why has it become such a problematic issue for certain sections of your party?
    LD: I’m not sure that it has really in that sort of way. I mean, the truth is that the problem with climate change is that it demands a long-term solution, which is also a consistent solution. We’re talking about cutting our emissions by 80 per cent by 2050…
    This concept of having to deal in the long term is simply very difficult to grasp and, of course, the considerable efforts of those who don’t believe in climate change and to try to undermine the basic science has had its effect. It’s becoming less and less, but it isn’t instinctively something which people on the very extreme right find easy to accept. For most of us, though – for most of the party – it is very clear that we are a party that’s got a name, called the Conservatives. It’s about conserving. It’s about passing onto the next generation something better than we received. And if you are threatened with this existential threat, not one that we’ve ever really seen before, and you know what is happening, and you do have to take the measures…
    It is interesting: it is seven years since we passed the Climate Change Act and for the most part the consensus has continued very strongly indeed…

    from Part 2, link from above:
    CB: What’s your view about the Pope issuing an encyclical on climate change later this year?
    LD: Well, I think it’s one of the most exciting and really important things that has happened, because the churches are the largest group, certainly in the western world, of concerned and committed individuals…
    They want to change the world, they want to affect the world, they care about it. They are in the proper sense the yeast, and you know, the salt has not lost its savour…
    This is not something to be left to politicians, or the like. And it will mean that those who don’t want to have now got to face it. Mr [Tony] Abbott is going to have to say to himself in Australia, ‘I am a Catholic and the Pope has made this very clear.’…
    I mean we’ll be listening to the Cardinal from Korea, we’ll be looking at what the American church will do in the context of Republican denial…
    CB: OK, last question. We can’t really end without talking about your use of Twitter. Your interactions with the, as you describe them, “climate dismissers” can be robust and combative. What is your wider view about taking on the more influential climate sceptic voices?
    LD: Well, all I’m trying to do on Twitter is to keep the discussion in the bounds of sense…

    June 2013: Daily Mail: David Rose: MP paid £400,000 by green firms slams climate change peer… for hypocrisy exposed by the Mail
    Tim Yeo has complained about Lord Deben’s undisclosed green interests
    Mr Yeo has been paid more than £400,000 by three green companies
    Lord Deben is chairman of firm which connects windfarms to National Grid
    A Tory MP has complained about a government global-warming adviser’s undisclosed green interests – despite the fact he himself is paid a fortune by eco-energy and transport firms…
    Tim Yeo, chairman of the Energy and Climate Change select committee, has protested about Lord Deben remaining chairman of Veolia Water UK while also chairing the Committee on Climate Change, an independent body that advises the Government on the impact of climate change…
    Lord Deben, John Selwyn Gummer – who as Agriculture Minister in 1990 tried to persuade his daughter Cordelia to eat a hamburger during the BSE crisis – was required to undergo a ‘confirmation hearing’ before Yeo’s committee last September after being appointed chair of the Climate Change Committee…

  44. Last night I got around to seeing the movie “Kingsman”. To my surprise, Samuel L. Jackson’s villain is a global warming fanatic who’s solution to climate change is to eliminate most of the human race. A number of world politicians are showing secretly signing up for his agenda as long as they themselves are spared, including the POTUS and his Cabinet. In the end, they get their minds blown, Literally.

  45. If you (have to) watch the BBC for news coverage, it is becoming increasingly annoying to receive the new wisdom – that high oil prices are Good, and low oil prices are Bad.

    Over several weeks now they do not miss an opportunity to push this meme.

    Low oil prices mean fewer jobs in the UK oil industry
    Low oil prices mean reduced oil company dividends and that means pension funds get hit
    Low oil prices mean less investment in renewables
    Low oil prices mean cheaper petrol and more driving so our carbon footprint increases

    Blah blah blah.

    I can remember when high oil prices were going to destroy western economies.

    It couldn’t be part of a BBC agenda could it?

    Not with “Planet Oil” coming up. And “Climate by Numbers”

    And an IPCC enviro-trough event on the horizon.

    Surely not……./sarc

  46. Paul Simons, the Times ‘Weather Eye’ columnist. He is a warmist generally but today, influenced by Mike Lockwood’s research at Reading University, says

    “the current drop in solar activity is the fastest rate of decline for 10,000 years and within about 40 years we may be back into Maunder minimum conditions. However that may only affect the North Atlantic region while the rest of the world will continue warming as a result of climate change”

    Fascinating concept. Bit like a baked Alaska pudding?

  47. Lots of global warming doom and gloom from the Sierra Club, with this ominous anti-fracking video.
    Worth watching to see what they are promoting / scare mongering.

    Hydraulic fracturing — or “fracking” — is a natural gas collection method that poses a danger to our environment and our public health. Take action to keep dirty fuels in the ground at

    Fracking 101 (2:30 mins.)

  48. By George, there is a pal reviewed paper demonstrating that global warming really is making it colder. It seems that as it gets warmer, the Jet Stream blows more cold air towards the equator. Soon the Arctic will be a smoldering cauldron surrounded by an doughnut of snow!

    Evidence for a wavier jet stream in response to rapid Arctic warming

  49. This came into my Facebook feed today. Well-known theologian and 9/11 researcher David Ray Griffin has published a book on Climate Change that buys into the warmist creed hook, line and sinker. Just scanning the pages available at Amazon, he quotes extensively from all the usual suspects like Schmidt, Mann, Strong, Gore and McKribben and even includes Chomsky.

    There doesn’t appear to be anything original in his writing and he shows little understanding of the science, preferring to rely on the authority of those he quotes. When writing about 9/11, he was always highly skeptical of official sources and accounts, checked whether they conflicted with other official accounts, and he tried separate the plausible from the implausible and the possible from the impossible. In the present book, he seems to have abandoned this stance for one of blind faith in his authorities.

    Darn it, I suppose I’ll have to read the entire thing now.

    • Tim Groves, reference to Janice Moore

      Darn it, I suppose I’ll have to read the entire thing now.

      Don’t bother.

      Instead, work with Janice Moore. Give her a list of books that SHOULD BE in each reader’s library.
      Don’t spend money buying one that should not be there!
      Worse, don’t waist thyme, money and effort reading something that nobody should bother reading.

  50. 19 Feb: Harvard Crimson: Samuel E. Stone: $800,000 in Grants Awarded to Climate Change Projects
    As part of the Climate Change Solutions Fund’s inaugural round of awarding, seven Harvard affiliates collectively received roughly $800,000 in grants for projects focusing on climate change last week.
    The fund, which University President Drew G. Faust created last April, seeks to support research about “long-term global climate change—as well as immediate threats to the natural environment,” according to a University press release…
    “Harvard has the capacity and responsibility to address the challenge of climate change boldly and with conviction,” the statement said…
    The fund will accept online proposals later this year for its second round of grants. The value of the fund, according to the press release, was $20 million at the time of its creation.

    19 Feb: Harvard Crimson: After Snow Days, College Asks Student Groups To Prioritize School
    As faculty scrambled to rearrange schedules after Harvard canceled three days of classes in as many weeks when historic snowfall hit New England, the Office of Student Life reached out to student groups requesting that they alter their schedules so their members prioritize academics over extracurricular commitments…
    Dean of Freshmen Thomas A. Dingman ’67, for his part, said the number of snow days this early in the semester makes it difficult for students to stay focused on their academics…
    By Noah J. Delwiche and Ivan B. K. Levingston

  51. 17 Feb: RTCC: Sophie Yeo: Catholics across globe to hold 40-day fast for the climate
    Catholics in 45 countries hope to send a climate message through their Lenten chain of fasting
    A chain of one-day fasts will sweep across 45 countries between Ash Wednesday and Easter, beginning in Peru and ending up in Botswana.
    “We think it is very important that Catholics understand climate change and the importance of the UN negotiations in Paris,” said Ciara Shannon, who is coordinating a Hong Kong fast on 23 February.
    The action has been organised by the Global Catholic Climate Movement…
    It has also become a theme for climate activists, since Filipino climate commissioner Yeb Sano initiated a two week fast during the UN’s 2013 climate talks in Lima in protest at the lack of progress.
    Campaigners are also holding a 365-day fasting chain, which began on the 1 December 2014, and will run until the 30 December 2015, when the UN’s climate negotiations kick off in Paris…

    big claim! doubt if Australians in general know this.

    Australia joins Global Catholic Climate Movement

  52. gets funnier with every line:

    18 Feb: Reuters: EU introduces new rules to make cooking greener
    The sale of energy wasting ovens and cooking hobs will be banned across the European Union after the latest set of rules to make household appliances more efficient takes effect from Friday.
    The European Commission said on Wednesday getting rid of inefficient cooking appliances would cut average consumer energy bills by around 50 euros ($57) per year, while the cumulative savings from the rules across the bloc would run into billions.
    The policy, known as ecodesign, chimes with the EU goals of reducing fossil fuel imports and greenhouse gas emissions.

    (LOL) Industry bodies representing European appliance makers, such as Bosch Siemens Haushaltsgeraete [BSHBS.UL] and Philips, were involved in consultations and have welcomed the new rules, which will apply to new ovens and hobs…

    But critics have portrayed ecodesign as another example of Brussels bureaucracy. Last year, rules limiting the power of new vacuum cleaners were whipped up into a media frenzy dubbed Hoovergate…
    ***The Commission said the difference for consumers in terms of performance would be “invisible”…
    “These rules mean that design standards will go up, and low quality Asian imports that cannot stand the heat will have to leave the kitchen,” Stamatis Sivitos, campaigner for the lobby group Coolproducts Campaign, said.

  53. here’s Ciara Shannon, who is coordinating the Hong Kong fast for the Global Catholic Climate Movement:

    CleanBizAsia: Ciara Shannon, Eden Ventures
    Ciara Shannon heads up Eden Ventures advising business on sustainability and climate change strategy, policy and risk management issues. Eden Ventures also does bespoke sustainability leadership training, stakeholder engagement / envisioning and communications. Prior to this, she initiated and ran the Climate Change Business Forum for the Business Environment Council and for her work in motivating business on climate change issues she was named an Outstanding Earth Champion. Hong Kong born, Ciara has worked for more than 12 years on environmental sustainability working with government, business, NGOs and academia, as well as six years on the ‘social’ side of sustainability via working with various development charities.

    should the Pope become a Catholic?

    18 Feb: RTCC: Ed King: Should journalists become climate change campaigners?
    Global warming is a threat, but subject matter and lack of regular climatic events makes covering it a challenge
    That was the provocative title of a debate held in London last week, hosted by Jon Snow, anchor of the UK Channel 4 news, and a purveyor of colourful socks and ties. I say provocative because journalists are not – typically – expected to be campaigners…
    The views from the panel were an intriguing mix. Here’s Tom Chivers, one-time Daily Telegraph hack now working for Buzzfeed:
    “The word campaigning is a tricky one. This is a complex and difficult subject. You yourself are not an expert but you’re taking the words of experts and in a complex subject… and full of uncertainty. And with climate change you’re talking about something which has the added problems of an existential threat to humanity.”…
    Tom Clarke, science editor at Channel 4 news and one time entomologist: “It is the greatest threat facing humanity – I think you could look at it that way – it’s a big story. Yet because it hasn’t changed much in the past 10 years, there’s not much new to say about it. That’s one of the challenges I face as a news reporter.”…
    Guardian columnist Zoe Williams: “Professional neutrality is pandering to the status quo. If you let that stand for journalism you’re making a much bigger ideological mistake. …


    This craziness hit the frontpage of Hacker News today.
    “Almost a quarter of a million windmills worldwide will need to be replaced by 2030. The rotor blades are made of valuable composite materials that are difficult to recover at the end of their energy generating life. New generation rotor blades made of glass or carbon fibre composite material have average lifespans of between 10 and 25 years. Recycling of glass fibre composite is possible though complex. Recycling of the more highly valued carbon fibre composite is currently impossible. In many EU countries landfill of carbon composites is now prohibited. Thus, many rotor blades at the end of their wind turbine life are currently shredded and incinerated. At current growth rates, by 2034, there will be about 225,000 tonnes of rotor blade composite material produced annually, worldwide.”

    So… the prohibition on landfill is presumably because carbon fibres can be a health risk. Inhalation can damage the lungs, and carbon nanotubes may be carcinogenic.

    The solution? Build playground equipment out of it!

  55. As you know here at WUWT, the APS is reviewing their 2007 Statement on Climate. They have included 3 well known skeptics as part of their 6 person expert group. On Jan. 8th they held a workshop in NYC where each of the 6 experts had 30 mins to present their evidence. It is a fascinating read and the presentations are hyperlinked from the index which makes it easy to navigate the 567 pages.

  56. David Archibald’s remarkable prediction for the climate in Hanover NH was made in 2011.

    He used solar data to predict that temperatures would drop about 3 C in 2015.

    He may have been optimistic.

    January 2015
    Average high temperature: 15.2°F (normal: 28°F)
    Average low temperature: 3.9°F (normal: 10°F)
    Average temperature: 9.55°F (normal: 19°F)

    This means the remainder of the year will have to average above normal temperatures to bring the yearly average up to Archibald’s prediction.

    Compare January 2014
    Average high temperature: 27.9°F (normal: 28°F)
    Average low temperature: 10.5°F (normal: 10°F)
    Average temperature: 19.2°F (normal: 19°F)

    • now the February 2015 data is in:
      Past weather Hanover – february 2015
      Average high temperature: 8.2°F (normal: 33°F)
      Average low temperature: 0.8°F (normal: 13°F)
      Average temperature: 4.5°F (normal: 23°F)

  57. Whoa!

    China’s Meteorological Bureau is blaming Ruble currency policy change (devaluation) on affecting their meteorological model and forecast accuracy (inaccuracy).

    What evil could ensue if the Climate Jihadist at IPCC, AAAS, AGU, EPA and White House turn to Currency Change to advance their Anthropogenic Global Warming War.

    Ha ha


    The above article is about anti-vaccinators, but it might as well be about climate alarmists. The myth in the climate case is “Humans are destroying the climate”.

    Four points in the article:
    1. Arguing the facts doesn’t help – in fact, it makes the situation worse.
    2. Repeating the myth inadvertently popularizes it.
    3. Affirmation works – but we rarely use it. When someone has their facts wrong, our impulse is generally not to tell them we think they’re great. We’re more likely to go on the attack.
    4. We consistently underestimate the power of narrative. (have to read the article to understand this, unfortunately they reference Lewandowsky, who is right, but just got the myth ass-backwards on climate).

    So, the short-form is we should tell the climate alarmists how much we love that they care about the planet, and then create a narrative about how a cute little unicorn named NaturalVariability likes to have fun with the planet. She/He/It is so cute! Sometimes she/he/it makes it snow! Sometimes she/it/it makes hurricanes! But most of the time, she/he/it just makes really boring weather.

  59. Long ago, I signed up to get an “Obama” bumper sticker – so I could cut and re-arrange the letters. Since then, I have been receiving their various requests for $3 – I get from one to six per day. I keep signing the petitions with “Roger Calero,” the foreign-born Marxist who was on all 50 state ballots in 2008 (proving that it is possible that appearance on a state ballot is NOT evidence of ever being vetted as a natural-born citizen.

    Here is the latest fund-raiser pitch, noting how the warmists know everything and the “deniers” fail to appreciate science. The letter is supposedly from a bona fide political hack, Frishberg, with NO science background beyond what he should have paid attention to in high school (you can google him)…


    It’s tough out there for climate change deniers.

    One by one, literally every argument and excuse they’ve been using for years is being proven false.

    They’re still grasping at myths and conspiracy theories, but deniers are on the run.

    We’re winning this, but we can’t stop now. Chip in $5 or more to stand up for science and help fund this work.

    In reality, the debate on the basics is over.

    Not only do 97 percent of climate scientists agree that climate change is real and man-made, but new reports are showing climate and extreme weather impacts are affecting us right now.

    Droughts, floods, wildfires, and storms are hitting communities from California to the East Coast, and we’re already spending hundreds of billions on climate-related disaster relief — no one is denying that.

    Instead, what you hear from climate change deniers are mostly excuses for not taking action. Some have hidden behind foreign countries, saying America can’t or shouldn’t lead on climate until someone else goes first.

    Let’s set aside for a minute that this isn’t actually how we solve global problems. The fact is, President Obama is leading internationally through agreements with China and India to cut carbon pollution and expand the use of clean energy. (So there goes that denier talking point…)

    Another thing you might hear from a denier is that we simply can’t get serious about cutting carbon pollution without destroying the economy. That’s just false. For example, the climate and public health benefits from President Obama’s Clean Power Plan outweigh the costs by at least six times.

    Maybe deniers doubt we have the will and ingenuity to take such a huge problem on. Well, the American people are proving them wrong: Since 2009, we’ve increased solar power ten-fold and tripled wind power. Hundreds of thousands of Americans work in clean energy today.

    The arguments from deniers are getting more and more ludicrous.

    We have the facts on our side — and we have to drive that message home. Because as long as deniers and polluters are blocking progress, we’re not doing all we can to combat climate change.

    OFA supporters are committed to taking them to task — will you chip in today?



    Ivan Frishberg
    Senior Climate Advisor
    Organizing for Action”

  60. Consens, Schmonsens:

    “In one short paragraph, the new report from the nation’s top nutrition panel reverses decades of warnings about dietary cholesterol. Long one of the arch-villains of the American diet, cholesterol need no longer be considered a menace to the public health, the group said, as the Post previously reported.”

  61. Republicans To Investigate Climate Data Tampering By NASA

    Are government climate agencies tampering with climate data to show warming? Some Republicans think so. California Republican Rep. Dana Rohrabacher says to expect congressional hearings on climate data tampering.

    Rohrabacher serves as the vice chairman of the House Science, Space and Technology Committee, which has jurisdiction over NASA and other agencies that monitor the Earth’s climate.

    Rohrabacher has long been critical of the theory of man-made global warming. Lately, the California Republican has criticizing NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration for allegedly tampering with temperature data to create an artificial warming trend. Such data is then used to justify regulations aimed at curbing fossil fuel use and other industrial activities.

    Rohrabacher isn’t the only one to call for hearings on the science behind global warming. Oklahoma Republican Sen. Jim Inhofe has also promised to hold hearings on global warming data.

    “We’re going to have a committee hearing on the science,” said Inhofe, who chairs the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee. “People are going to hear the other side of the story.”

    For years, those skeptical of man-made global warming have argued that government agencies are altering raw temperature data to create a warming trend. Allegations of tampering have increased as satellite temperature readings show much less warming than land and ocean-based weather stations show.

  62. 14 Feb: UK Spectator: Roger Lewis: They sought paradise in a Scottish field — and found hunger, boredom and mosquitoes
    A review of The Utopia Experiment by Dylan Evans reminds us that designs for living always end in tears, or worse
    Dylan Evans, the author of this book, was one of those oddballs who rather looked forward to the apocalypse, because it promised ‘challenging times ahead’. If, in the not too distant future, famines and droughts more or less wipe us out, that will be our own fault for allowing population levels to reach an unsustainable nine billion — the predicted figure for 2050. How much better the planet will be with a select handful living in their villages of yurts, log cabins, teepees and straw-bale huts, the children gambolling happily ‘amidst the bracken and the trees’. The air will be cleaner. Wildlife ‘will make a comeback’. Neighbours will help each other out. People will be fitter as a result of their manual labour…
    He sold his house, gave up his academic career and moved to a field near Inverness. He looked at an adjacent waterfall and thought it could ‘generate electricity’. He gazed at an acre of scrubland and believed he could ‘keep a few pigs and chickens’. He spotted a deer and, though he had no butchery or tanning training, imagined turning its hide into shoes and gloves.
    Fair play to Evans: by the time he came to write this book he realised he was delusional…
    It soon became apparent that ‘the whole experiment had been a huge mistake’. Jittery, with a permanently wide-eyed expression and wanting only to kill himself, Evans was eventually detained under the Mental Health Act in a maximum security psychiatric hospital.
    Here the students of the mind explained to him that his project had been bonkers from the beginning.
    ***He fretted unduly about global warming and ‘the looming energy crisis’, he was convinced that deforestation would result in soil erosion, and that with no trees he’d be unable to build canoes and go fishing once the supermarkets had vanished… Evans, the doctors concluded, was already craving the abyss and in the throes of panic-attacks and a breakdown. Bored sick in utopia, Evans had been bored to distraction before, when he was an academic, seeing no ‘passion or joy’ in his pampered and safely salaried public-sector existence…

  63. Hi Anthony,

    Perhaps you could consider posing the question to WUWT viewers:

    What are your Top 5 reasons for being a climate skeptic?


    In your view, what are the Top 5 greatest weaknesses of climate alarmism?

    [Post responses in Comments.]

    I for one would be very interested to hear from others!



  64. I just stumbled across an April, 2001 paper on neutrinos and beta-decay of tritium:

    The author measured decay over a year and a half (fall 1980 to spring of 1982) and reported a deviation from the expected decay curve.

    As an aside, he says that Tesla speculated in a 1932 New York Times article that hard-to-detect particles could cause decay.

    (This might be interesting given your previous discussion of decay:

  65. Hi again Anthony,

    Did you and your viewers see the hit piece in National Geographic:

    Why Do Reasonable People Doubt Science?

    In a under-handed and convoluted manner, the author, using nearly every logical fallacy in the book, makes out that “climate deniers” deny science, and are on par with Jack D. Ripper, and conspiracy theorists of every spot and stripe, including those who deny the moon landing (the evidence of which is that someone made a movie in which the moon landing is questioned).

    What a jackass. At this point, even my parakeet won’t accept National Geographic.


  66. Question:

    Why are some of my comments put through immediately, others sent to moderation, and a couple disappeared into the ether immediately on pressing “Post Comment”?

    I really don’t mind; my question is merely out of idle curiosity … I guess our brains seek to understand by seeing patterns, and I have been unable to see any pattern.

    I am inquiring here because I don’t know where else to ask and I figured this was the least intrusive place.



  67. – Antarctic sea ice soars, as Arctic coverage diminishes

    Sea ice coverage in the Antarctic continues to increase, according to data released on Thursday by the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). The ocean’s sea ice levels were 44.6% higher than the 1981-2010 average, breaking a prevous record set in 2008 by 220,000 square miles. The growth came in a month NOAA says was the second warmest January on record since 1880, 0.77C above the 20th century average.

  68. – Harvard embattled as students, faculty and alumni join forces for divestment

    ‘The lawsuit, filed on by seven graduate and undergraduate students last fall, argues Harvard’s continued holdings in the oil, gas, coal, and related sectors is a “mismanagement of charitable funds” controlled by the board of trustees in the form of the endowment and a direct violation of its obligations to the future of the university’s financial health as well as the planet’s well-being.’


    I’m not sure how often this occurs, but know it’s rare enough that I’ve never noticed it before. I was looking at the NESDIS U.S. snow cover map and was surprised to see ice cover as far south as the North Carolina coast:, as well as in the Chesapeake, Delaware, New York and Cape Cod Bays, and Long Island Sound. I checked the MODIS satellite images from the past couple days (e.g., and confirmed sea ice in all of these areas.

  70. 23 Feb: Joannenova: Category Five storms aren’t what they used to be
    The facts on Cyclone Marcia: the top sustained wind speed was 156 km and the strongest gust 208 km/hr…
    The minimum pressure recorded after landfall was 975Hpa. BOM and the media reported a “Cat-5″ cyclone with winds of 295 km/hr. To qualify as a Cat 5, windspeeds need be over 280km/hr. The UN GDACS alerts page estimated the cyclone as a Cat 3…
    The 295 km/hr wind speed was repeated on media all over the world, but how was it measured? Not with any anemometer apparently — it was modeled. If the BOM is describing a Cat 2 or 3 as a “Cat 5″, that’s a pretty serious allegation. Is the weather bureau “homogenising” wind speeds between stations?…ETC

  71. 23 Feb: ABC Australia: AFP:: IPCC head Rajendra Pachauri to miss meeting over sexual harassment case
    A TOP UNITED NATIONS climate change official has pulled out of a key meeting in Kenya next week as Indian police investigate a sexual harassment complaint against him, officials have said.
    Rajendra Pachauri, chairman of the Nobel Prize-winning Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), withdrew due to “issues demanding his attention”, the UN body said in a statement late Saturday…
    The IPCC said Pachauri had informed them “that he will be unable to chair the plenary session of the IPCC in Nairobi next week because of issues demanding his attention in India”…
    Another Delhi police official said on Sunday that Pachauri will “most likely appeal for anticipatory bail tomorrow at a lower court”, after the Delhi High Court last week granted him “interim protection” from any arrest until Monday.
    “He needs to be in Delhi to seek bail,” the police official said, speaking on condition of anonymity as he was not authorised to speak to media.
    Pachauri’s office did not immediately respond to calls for comment…
    The IPCC won the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize, along with former US vice president Al Gore, for galvanising international action against climate change.
    But its image was then dented by several hitches that were found in one of its major reports, providing ammunition for critics who say the IPCC is flawed or biased.
    A prediction in the report that global warming would melt away the Himalayan glaciers that provide water to a billion people in Asia by 2035 has been dismissed by glaciologists as preposterous…

  72. Paul Homewood has a fascinating post at /

    He describes the work of several Icelandic meterologists who take issue with GHCN and GISS adjustments to the Icelandic temperature. Well supported case that the keepers of the flame cook the books. (I should have invoked James Taranto’s “Metaphor Alert” ahead of the prior sentence.) We’ll never read about this in the MSM so perhaps WUWT will expose this to its broader audience.

  73. A couple of years ago I assumed the adjustments to GISS, BEST etc. were as dodgy as the Hockey Stick. But as I’ve followed various posts and comments on WUWT, Climate Etc. and Climate Audit I’ve come to the conclusion that they are in the main justifiable. The idea that these adjustments are a silver bullet that will kill climate alarmism is ‘clear, simple and wrong.’ The proposed congressional hearings on the subject will be at best a waste of time. I’ve written a blog post with more details here:

  74. I have spent several months revising my blog on the contribution of anthropogenic emissions to the accumulation of CO2 in the atmosphere. http://www.retired This is a signficant assumption that is input to IPPC models. I think I have Established confidense limits on these contributions. My blog gets little traffic so I get few comments. I would like “peer reviews” and possibly motivate others to reproduce or improve on my results. They are welcome to use it in a scientific paper if they wish to submit it for journal publication. Could you cross post it on your blog?

  75. Tip for anyone having trouble getting pages to render (renders as blank white page). If you are using a blocker (I use Ghostery) allow Typekit by Adobe. Took me a while to figure out why after I viewed one specific article, the entire site rendered plain white after that. (Note: if ALL blocking is removed, that article launched some 63 different trackers, beacons, widgets, etc causing the pages to load painfully slow as each of these places were “pinged” for cookie exchange, etc).

  76. IPCC Chairman Rajendra Pachauri Has Resigned

    The chairman of the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, Rajendra Pachauri, resigned on Tuesday, following allegations of sexual harassment from a female employee at his research institute in Delhi.

    About time too. He was due to go in 2017 anyway.


    Policing the Online Climate Conversation

    ‘The Climate Feedback Project is the brainchild of Emmanuel M. Vincent, a post-doctoral research fellow in climate and oceanography at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The project harnesses the power of a browser plug-in known as, which allows users to highlight and critique select bits of well, really anything that appears online. These annotations then appear to all users in a panel directly to the right of the text being analyzed.’

    ‘seeks to enlist a posse of climate experts to use that tool to annotate and critique articles dealing specifically with climate change. At the moment the team is comprised of about a dozen young post-docs in climate science and related fields, along with a smattering of more pedigreed scientists. ‘

    ‘ It has so far visited its wisdom on just three articles, though more are planned. Articles also receive a “credibility score” based on the aggregated annotations of the reviewers.

    Lomborg’s op-ed, which channels the reasoning of the author’s Copenhagen Consensus Center, an international development think tank, was the most recent target. He earned somewhere between a “low” and a “very low” credibility rating.’

    The Empire Strikes Back

  78. An interesting statement in Chairman Grabby Hands’ resignation letter:

    “For me the protection of Planet Earth, the surviv al of all species and sustainability of our ecosystems is more than a mission. It is my religion and my dharma.”

  79. the BBC has excelled itself with this alarmist drivel. I can only guess it was used to help try and cover up Patchy’s resignation:

    “Commenting on the study, Prof Rowan Sutton, climate scientist at the National Centre for Atmospheric Science, University of Reading, said climate models suggest an increase in such events.

    “This study identifies a record breaking high sea level event that occurred along part of the US east coast in 2009-10.”

    Give me a break, while NOAA shows nothing unusual other that this very temporary spike has occurred several times before (both up and down) in recent years.:

  80. here’s a new paper u can believe in (sarc) –

    23 Feb: CarbonBrief: Roz Pidcock: Surface warming ‘hiatus’ could stick around another five years, say scientists
    Don’t be surprised if the slower pace of warming we’re seeing at the Earth’s surface lasts for another five years, scientists say.
    A new paper out today puts the chances of the so-called “hiatus” staying until the end of the decade at about 15 per cent, or one in six.
    But the heat hasn’t gone away…
    Since 2000, the temperature at the Earth’s surface hasn’t warmed as quickly as it has in previous decades, despite greenhouse gas emissions rising faster than they were before.
    A growing body of evidence is homing in on the Pacific Ocean as the main culprit for why we’re seeing “unexpectedly modest” warming, as the Nature Climate Change paper puts it…
    But what are the chances of natural variability being strong enough to offset some, or even all of the warming expected from greenhouse gases?
    The new paper by Dr Chris Roberts, an ocean and climate specialist at the Met Office Hadley Centre, and colleagues at the University of Exeter sheds some new light on this question…
    There’s a good chance we’ll see an accelerated pace of surface warming as soon as the current surface warming slowdown comes to an end, the new paper says…
    Climate models suggest we could see Arctic warming intensify, leading to “increased climate stress on a region that is already particularly vulnerable to climate change”, the paper says…
    Roberts, C. D. et al. (2015) Quantifying the likelihood of a continued hiatus in global warming. Nature Climate Change. DOI: 10.1038/nclimate2531

  81. A quick scan of, Google News, and and I find no mention of the fact that IPCC Chairman Rajendra Pachauri has stepped down after the 70 year old was accused of sexual harassment of a 29 year old woman and at least one other woman. It is being covered by the British press however as Reuters, BBC, and The Guardian have stories on the web. No mention of the story on the NBC, CBS, or ABC websites. Interesting hunh?

    I did this yesterday and today. It seems all the major news organizations in America and Canada were “scooped” by the UK press. When was the last time mainstream media failed to cover a sex scandal at a major international organization?

  82. I would like to make a point about the new “nested” comments system which puts replies to comments directly underneath the original.

    In recent weeks I have found it almost impossible to find sensible comments because threads are being hijacked by either trolls or narrow (often off-topic) comments which are then responded to – seemingly – ad nauseum. It is the very same reason that I rarely follow the comments at Judith Curry’s otherwise excellent site and I am beginning to get a bit fed up here at WUWT as well. Coupled with the (what seem to me) targetted attack comments appearing as soon as any post is published, it is making real discussion almost impossible to follow.

    I understand that it used to be a bit tedious to respond in a discussion stream, but making people think about what it was in a previous post they were referring to (and maybe even quote it) was actually good discipline. I had no trouble following what was going on and I am certainly not the sharpest tool in the shed when it comes to climate physics. At the very least, could you include a more visual system of nesting so that I know where new threads start and can skip over the trolls (and their responders): the tabbed nesting is pretty useless after the fifth or sixth response.



  83. Please don’t let the Soon and Pielke stories distract us from Pachauri. Here is something worth posting, we need to keep this thing on the boil.

    Economic Times India – 25 February, 2015
    Lawyers, activists demand RK Pachauri’s resignation from TERI
    NEW DELHI: Prominent lawyers and civil society activists today demanded the resignation of R K Pachauri from TERI and questioned why he has not been suspended from the position….

    “The question that we wish to raise with you is that why have you not considered it appropriate to suspend R K Pachauri from his position as Director General of the institution pending the enquiry,” the letter said.

    Jaising and others said that no “fair” inquiry can be held while Pachauri is still the DG of the organisation and given his seniority, all members of the Internal Complaints Committee (ICC) would be junior to him thus “exaggerating an already existing imbalance of power”……


    Pachauri goes on long leave from TERI but still wields great power over employees
    Research institution’s governing board must consider whether current arrangements are suited for dealing with spate of complaints.

  84. I have difficulty understanding internet freedom and regulation issues, and would benefit from a prolonged, near-daily discussion of new FCC “net neutrality” rules.

    This appears to be the essence of the newest measures:

    “Hoping that the third time would be the charm, the FCC, led by Chairman Tom Wheeler, proposed yet another set of rules last May. Initially, Wheeler intended to more or less re-adopt the 2010 rules, with minor changes intended to address the problems identified in court.[3] President Barack Obama upped the ante in November, however, urging the FCC to take the extreme step of “reclassifying” ISPs as common carriers under Title II of the 1934 Communications Act. This would turn Internet access providers into public utilities subject to comprehensive regulation of their activities with potential consequences far beyond net neutrality itself. Devised for the static world of monopoly telephone service, Title II regulation could be devastating to today’s innovative and competitive Internet. Yet, acceding to President Obama’s wishes, Wheeler lent his support to the Title II scheme, scheduling a February 26 vote to adopt the new rules.”

    It would be nice to be further informed and educated by WUWT and the commenters, too.

  85. interesting comment from BBC journalist…

    Piece is about flying drones over Paris

    “The police cannot afford to ignore these overflights however. They are probably the work of drone enthusiasts giving the authorities the run-around, but not certainly. It could also be an organised group – eco-warriors or jihadists, for example – testing out how the security forces respond to drones.”

    So are eco-warriors now the same as Jihadists??? Big leap for the BBC, or did this journalist not get the memo that eco-warriors are saving the world??

  86. I recently finished reading the Monckton et al paper ‘Why Models Run Hot’. Although the model itself could be quite useful, I think the way in which it is applied lacks justification, while the claimed conclusions cannot be supported.
    Specifically, Figure 6 (which purports to show that the simple model more closes matches observations than any IPCC projection) is fundamentally flawed. Among other problems, there is no justification given for the graphed rates of observed warming. In any case, observed temperatures include the net effect of all climatic processes, not just the response to anthropogenic CO2, which is all that the authors have modelled. So how can the two possibly be directly comparable? Finally, even if it is true that the simple model closely matches observations, unless the net total of non-anthropogenic forcings is zero this can only be accidental.
    In the conclusions, the paper claims that the model confirms that GCMs run hot, although it is actually the authors’ parameter selection that produces this result. The model itself is neutral.

    I’ve posted a more detailed review on my blog:

    Oh, and before I get called a warmist troll, please read this:

  87. 23 Feb: CarbonBrief: Robert McSweeney: Uncertainty behind climate projections could be cut in half by 2030, study shows
    More certainty about the climate’s sensitivity to emissions means a better assessment of our chances of keeping global temperature rise below the two-degree limit, the researchers say…
    In its 2013 report, the IPCC estimates TCR is likely to lie between 1.0 and 2.5 degrees Celsius. The new research, published in Nature Geoscience, suggests scientists will be able to reduce the uncertainty around these estimates by about 50 per cent by 2030…
    Co-author Prof Piers Forster, director of research at the University of Leeds, says he’s looking forward to getting past his frustrations with uncertainty in climate projections…
    Mhyre, G. et al. (2015) Declining uncertainty in transient climate response as CO2 forcing dominates future climate change, Nature Geoscience, doi:10.1038/ngeo2371

  88. ***Big Royals, Big Media, Big Business & Big Oil demand Bigger “climate” targets!

    25 Feb: RTCC: Ed King: UK warns Brussels against “watering down” EU climate targets
    Secretary of State Ed Davey writes to Commission, says credibility of Brussels leadership on climate change is at stake
    The European Commission’s latest set of proposals for a UN climate deal could “severely undermine” efforts to cut greenhouse gas emissions, UK climate and energy chief Ed Davey has warned. He said the UK strongly objected to plans – released on Wednesday – that would see naturally occurring carbon sinks like forests and wetlands used to meet the EU’s emissions reduction target of 40% on 1990 levels by 2030…
    “Implying that the land-use sector is included has the potential to severely undermine ambitions, as land is a sink and could impact ambition by 1-2%,” he wrote.“This is not insignificant and the inclusion or not of land within the -40% was very clear’y not agreed in the October [2014] Council.”…
    A perception the EU is trying to wriggle out of its climate commitments could impact alliances with other countries in the run-up to Paris… In a statement sent to RTCC, Davey said he would push for land use to be added “on top of a 40% target” where it could not be used to help other sectors avoid decarbonisation…
    European officials released the ‘Road to Paris’, outlining the bloc’s proposed contributions for the UN pact, on Wednesday…
    In addition to land use and the 40% target, concerns have been raised over the Commission’s claim that domestic EU commitments cannot be increased ahead of Paris…
    ***Sandrine Dixson-Decleve, Director of the Prince of Wales’s Corporate Leaders Group, which includes Unilever, ***Sky, Shell and 3M as members, said the prospect of faltering EU ambition would concern the business community.“Moving to include emissions from forestry and land use change in the EU’s target sends the signal to other industrial sectors that they are being let off the hook – just when greater effort is needed,” she said.“This is bad news for our business leaders who have invested up front in low-carbon solutions and who believe that a robust target is needed to deliver wider change.” …

  89. 25 Feb: European Commission: Climate Action: EU sets out vision for Paris agreement alongside Energy Union strategy
    The Communication, “The Paris Protocol – a blueprint for tackling global climate change beyond 2020”, is part of a package unveiled by the European Commission as part of the EU’s Energy Union strategy. As well as securing Europe’s energy supply, ensuring affordable and competitive energy and an integrated energy system, the strategy also aims to tackle climate change through the transition to a low-carbon, climate-friendly economy…

  90. 25 Feb: Bloomberg: Top U.S. Solar Makers Plan Venture to Own Low-Risk Power Plants
    byChristopher MartinEhren Goossens
    A decision by the two largest U.S. solar manufacturers to form a joint venture to own and operate their power plants offers the companies more long-term cash and a low-risk opportunity for investors.
    First Solar Inc. and SunPower Corp. are jumping on the yieldco train, an increasingly popular business model that lets renewable-energy companies generate money over the long term by keeping their power plants instead of selling them.
    The move is a significant shift for the companies, which have previously sold most of their projects to power producers. The venture will be backed by decades-long contracts to sell electricity and may be worth as much as $2.8 billion…
    “It’s a way to further monetize the projects they were already developing,” he (Shayle Kann, analyst. GTM Research in Boston) said…
    Under this model, energy developers such as SunEdison Inc. and TransAlta Corp. have created separate units, the yieldcos, to own and operate power plants…
    Six energy companies have formed yieldcos through initial public offerings in North America since mid-2013. The growing use of the model is a sign the clean-power industry is maturing, said Angelo Zino at S&P Capital IQ.
    Yieldcos’ power plants come with decades-long contracts to sell electricity. Those deals provide both stability and visibility, making the companies low-risk investments and reducing their borrowing costs…
    “This is a great way for investors to support solar without taking on the risk that manufacturers and developers carry,” Zino said…

  91. Figured if I searched for various ties to big oil, I’d find something on Democratic Arizona Congressman Raul Grijalva who is behind the Witch Hunt against Climate Skeptics…

    Right away found that he invested in Royal Dutch Shell and other energy companies in 2013…

    Plus, I found that he has a conflict of interest when he opposes the Keystone Pipeline. Like Democrat Tom Steyer, his wife has invested in a competing pipeline. Not just a pipeline, but a ‘TAR SANDS PIPELINE’. See Enbridge Energy Partners. Snort!
    “These are all the top Democrats that Tucson produces. We are proud when Raul Grijalva leads the charge to stop the Canadian oil pipeline, but why must he make money off of this also? It turns out he has his own conflicts of interest by profiting off of his actions when his wife bought stock in the competing oil pipeline company.”

    State Department agrees to 800,000 barrels per day
    “Barring litigation, or action by the State Department, Enbridge will achieve what has eluded TransCanada. And it will have done so with scant attention from the media and without the public debate generated by campaigns against the Keystone XL.

    Enbridge will be transporting the same tar sands described by former NASA climate scientist James Hansen as one of the “dirtiest most carbon-intensive fuels on the planet.” Mining and burning Alberta’s tar-sands oil alone, University of Saint Thomas (Minnesota) engineering professor John Abraham warned in Scientific American, will result in a global temperature increase that’s equivalent to “half of what we’ve already seen.”

    “It’s a complicated story,” an environmental lawyer said of Enbridge’s pipeline, “so it’s not getting much media coverage.” Also lacking media attention is Enbridge’s role in the largest inland oil spill in U.S. history, the result of a ruptured pipe in 2010.”

    With All Eyes on Keystone, Another Tar Sands Pipeline Just Crossed the Border
    “The Keystone XL pipeline may be in political limbo, but that hasn’t stopped another Canadian company from quietly pressing ahead on a pipeline project that will ramp up the volume of tar sands oil transported through the U.S. What’s more, the company, Enbridge, is making those changes without a permit, and environmental groups say it is flouting the law.

    Calgary, Alberta-based Enbridge is the same company that spilled more than 1 million gallons of thick, sticky tar sands crude into the Kalamazoo River in Michigan in 2010. The spill was the largest of its kind in the U.S. and took four years to clean up.

    Enbridge applied for a State Department permit two years ago for its latest project: a bid to increase the capacity of its “Alberta Clipper” pipeline from 450,000 to 800,000 barrels of tar sands crude per day. The Clipper crosses the border from Canada into the U.S. in North Dakota, so a presidential permit from the department would be required by law.”

    Keystone critic decried conflict of interest as wife backed competitor
    “The wife of a leading House Democrat owned stock in a top competitor to the company behind the Keystone XL pipeline while he raised red flags about potential conflicts of interest in the government’s review of the project, documents show.

    Rep. Raul Grijalva (D., Ariz.) was very concerned about the potential financial benefits of approving the pipeline for the federal contractor that conducted an environmental review of the project last year.”…
    “However, Grijalva may have faced his own financial conflict even as he warned of the potentially compromised positions of those supporting the case for the pipeline’s construction.

    According to disclosure forms filed last year, Grijalva’s wife bought between $1,000 and $15,000 in stock in a major Canadian oil pipeline company just months before the congressman penned his letter to Obama.

    The company, Enbridge Energy Partners, is Canada’s largest transporter of crude oil and is a direct competitor to TransCanada.

    Enbridge is expected to benefit as Keystone continues to languish in bureaucratic limbo awaiting a go-ahead from the Obama administration for its southern leg, which would carry Canadian “oil sands” crude to the U.S. Gulf Coast.”

  92. 25 Feb: Forbes: James Taylor: Record Cold And Snow Destroy Global Warming Claims
    Yet another bitterly cold, snowy winter is destroying alarmist global warming claims, proving once again that over-the-top global warming predictions are proving no more scientifically credible than snake oil.
    This morning, stunning photos show New England lobster boats frozen in port, looking like they are stranded deep within the Arctic Circle. The boats have been frozen in place for weeks, which would be remarkable enough if this were the middle of January. However, the calendar is about to turn to March…
    Connecticut is experiencing its coldest February in recorded history. So is Michigan. So is Toronto. Cleveland and Chicago are experiencing their second coldest February in recorded history. Frigid and record cold temperatures are being set from Key West to International Falls. At the same time, blizzard after blizzard is burying much of the nation with record winter snow totals, with winter snowfall records beings set from Boston to Denver…
    Global warming activists are in full-throttle damage control, desperately claiming global warming causes record snow and cold…
    National Geographic published an article titled, “Blizzard of Nor’easters No Surprise, Thanks to Climate Change.”…READ ALL

  93. Thought you might find this paper of interest. Notice that the authors mention the hiatus in
    global temps.:

    With the extra-ordinary intensity of 170 kts, supertyphoon Haiyan devastated
    the Philippines in November 2013. This intensity is among the highest ever
    observed for tropical cyclones (TCs) globally, 35 kts well above the
    threshold (135kts) of the existing highest category of 5. Though there is
    speculation to associate global warming with such intensity, existing
    research indicate that we have been in a warming hiatus period, with the
    hiatus attributed to the La Niña-like multi-decadal phenomenon. It is thus
    intriguing to understand why Haiyan can occur during hiatus. It is suggested
    that as the western Pacific manifestation of the La Niña-like phenomenon is
    to pile up warm subsurface water to the west, the western North Pacific
    experienced evident subsurface warming and created a very favorable ocean
    pre-condition for Haiyan. Together with its fast traveling speed, the
    air-sea flux supply was 158% as compared to normal intensification.

  94. From an email:
    CO2 heat pump water heaters have the potential for large energy savings using an environmentally friendly refrigerant, and also have the capability to produce both water and space heating needs.

    So now, in order to make sales, CO2 is “environmentally friendly”?? It is not until you get into the slides that you realize they are comparing it to standard refrigerants. it is “friendly” as long as you don’t have a failure and flood your house with CO2…
    Have to admit they did not say “friendly” to oxygen-breathing life forms.

    • A standard heat pump contains about 4-6 lbs. of refrigerant. Unless this co2 heat pump contains considerably more you would not even notice it. I would not hesitate to unload a 5lb. co2 fire extinguisher in my house just to cool down beer.

  95. Please write Anthony Watts and tell him about the subsidence of the east coast.

    I found one article that shows some very interesting charts, maps and studies proving this.…subsidence…east_coast…/02bfe510c22441de97000...
    by S Spasojevic – ‎2008 – ‎Cited by 49 – ‎Related articles
    [1] The dynamic subsidence of the United States east coast is addressed using the … subsidence of the east coast since the end of Eocene, although the exact.

    Done dear Brother. Signed : MAX

  96. @Anthony,

    My Foxfire browser will not display your home page. It loads but then displays a blank screen. I use Safari and it loads and displays ok. Not an inconvenience for me, but somebody should know.

    Mac OSX 10.10.1 Yosemite
    iMac 21.5 inch mid 2010
    Firefox 32.0 Yahoo edition 1.25

    [Noted. .mod]

  97. From the front page of The Times (London) 24th Feb 2015 –

    “Met Office to strike

    Met Office staff will strike for the first time in living memory this week, prompting fears that the accuracy of forecasts would be put at risk while they set up picket lines”

    “fears… accuracy” You couldn’t make it up!


    The “Pause” in Global Warming Is Finally Explained

    ‘Let’s be clear: The planet is still getting hotter. The so-called pause, or hiatus, in global warming means the rate of temperature rise has slowed. The average global temperature is still going up, but in the past 10 to 15 years it hasn’t been going up as quickly as it was in the decades before.’

    And a quote about the Mann:

    ‘Separate work by Mann, presented in a Scientific American article he wrote last April, also indicates that the pause will not last long. Mann calculated that if the world continues to burn fossil fuels at the current rate, global warming would rise to two degrees Celsius by 2036 (compared with preindustrial levels), crossing a threshold that would harm human civilization. And even if the pause persists for longer than expected, the world would cross the line in 2046. The article includes a monumental graph showing all the details. Mann also published the data sources and formula he used, on Scientific American’s Web site, so anyone could replicate his calculations.’

    Gosh, I am convinced, aren’t you?


    Democrats Target Climate-Deniers-for-Hire

    ‘By itself, the revelation isn’t likely to slow Soon’s lucrative romp through GOP talking points. When the Boston Globe reported in 2013 that the same companies had contributed more than a million dollars to Soon’s climate research, Republicans continued to cite his work and his double-barrelled affiliation with the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics. Which is why two Democrats are launching investigations into the climate-change denial machine.’

    The Warmunista Gremlins are hard at it…

  100. hoping Anthony will make this a thread, as Australian CAGW sceptics have become visible in the MSM of late. Jennifer Marohasy re BOM/TC Marcia categorisation, and now:

    28 Feb: Joannenova: Australian BOM under fire – questions about “adjusted” temperatures exploding around the world
    A hard hitting article today from Graham Lloyd in The Australian. Finally the scientific debacle of climate records is being hung out like dirty laundry…
    David Stockwell, Australian Research Council grant recipient and adjunct researcher at Central Queensland University, raised the Bradman analogy in his submission to a newly formed independent panel that will oversee the operation of the Bureau of Meteorology’s national temperature dataset.
    Stockwell was highlighting public concerns at the BoM’s use of homogenisation techniques to adjust historical temperature records to remove anomalies and produce a national dataset called ACORN-SAT (Australian Climate Observations Reference Network — Surface Air Temperature). The panel, or technical advisory forum, which will hold its first discussions with BoM staff on Monday, was formed in December after a series of questions were raised publicly about the treatment of historic temperature records that has resulted in temperature trends at some Australian sites being changed from long-term cooling to warming…
    In a separate article this weekend, also by Graham Lloyd, the headline points out that a lot of warming in Australia is created by adding warmer and dropping cooler stations from long term averaged records…
    This is a very long feature, with interviews of Judith Curry and Richard Tol…

  101. Why isn’t anyone blogging about the new NASA CO2 satellite data? The mainstream press has been very silent about this. I suspect there is some kind of inconvenient truth there refuting CAGW.

    What I note is the following:
    1. Canada’s and Siberia’s boreal (covered in snow at this) is unable to photosynthesize CO2 away, so we see more CO2 there.
    2. China is doing something bad, coal?
    3. Africa is doing something bad, biomass burning?

  102. a good Prince:

    26 Feb: RTCC: Ed King: Prince Charles mocks climate sceptics in Royal Society speech
    Prince Charles has used a speech at the Royal Society in London to dismiss suggestions global warming is a hoax, warning of severe consequences if governments fail to take action.
    “The gravity and immediacy of the threat it poses to us and our children and grandchildren is… accepted by constituencies that can scarcely be accused of being part of some half-baked conspiracy dreamt up by extreme environmentalists intent on undermining capitalism,” he said.
    “These constituencies include the UN, the World Bank; The Pentagon and the UK Ministry of Defence, the CIA, NSA. … and, I’m happy to say, nurses and doctors.”
    Failure to agree a global climate change deal at the UN later this year could lead to a “death certificate” for the planet, the heir to the British throne said…
    A keen environmentalist who has frequently spoken about global warming – the Prince used his address to call on scientists and politicians to offer a message not just of alarm, but hope.“Actions which are good for the planet are also good for human health: taking a more active approach to transport by walking and cycling and adopting healthy diets reduce greenhouse gas emissions, but also reduce rates of obesity, heart disease, cancer and more – saving lives and money,” he said.“Reductions in air pollution also result – with separate and additional benefits to human health. A healthy planet and healthy people are two sides of the same coin.”The Prince is expected to discuss climate change with US president Barack Obama when he travels to the States on an official visit next month.

    some Princes, like some billionaires, are more lovable – or politically correct – than others, it would seem.

  103. a ranting, rambling stunt, according to The Guardian’s Woolf:

    27 Feb: Guardian: Nicky Woolf: Republican Senate environment chief uses snowball as prop in climate rant
    Senator James Inhofe, who has famously claimed global warming is a hoax, wields snowball on Senate floor to in stunt against climate change evidence
    The snowball stunt was part of a rambling speech to America’s most august deliberative body in which, among other points, Inhofe took aim at evidence by scientists that 2014 was the warmest year on record due to climate change.
    (According to detailed research Nasa and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, two of the top bodies of government scientists, it was.)…
    “I think it’s lovely that Senator Inhofe enjoys the winter weather so much,” said Gavin Schmidt, a climate scientist and director of Nasa’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies. “I’m a winter sports fan myself. But there’s a big difference between people playing with the snow, and global climate change.”
    Schmidt told the Guardian that, despite Senator Inhofe’s views, 2014 had indisputably been the warmest year on record, and January 2015 had been one of the warmest Januaries on record.
    “Europe was toasty warm. Alaska was toasty warm. Australia was toasty warm. All these things cancel out the fact that it happens to be cold in Washington DC this week,” he said.

  104. The ‘hacked’ account of Pachauri. It’s a sticky situation.

    February 27, 2015
    Rajendra Pachauri is trying to avoid the probe, say Police
    Police on Thursday opposed R K Pachauri’s request for anticipatory bail in court citing they needed to take him into their custody to interrogate him. Police said Pachauri was not cooperating in the investigation….

    “You are rejecting my fervent offer to keep and nurture my heart! :(here I am sitting and chairing an IPCC meeting and surreptitiously sending you messages. I hope that tells you of my feelings for you!)”…

    Many more apparent ‘leaked’ quotes in the link below.

    “Sexual Harassment for Dummies” by R. K. Pachauri
    ……“You are rejecting my fervent offer to keep and nurture my heart! :( here I am sitting and chairing an IPCC meeting and surreptitiously sending you messages. I hope that tells you of my feelings for you ! *.*”………………

  105. Anthony, please do a piece on Michael Mann’s latest write-up in the Huffington Post.

    He plays the semantics game (no pause, no hiatus, but it is a “speed bump”). And he claims to have coined the acronym AMO in 2000 when I was studying it as a meteorology student back in the 1990s! Read his claim:

    “We focused on the Northern Hemisphere and the role played by two climate oscillations known as the Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation or “AMO” (a term I coined back in 2000, as recounted in my book The Hockey Stick and the Climate Wars)”

    And then Wikipedia:

    “The Atlantic multidecadal oscillation (AMO) was identified by Schlesinger and Ramankutty in 1994.[2]”

    He has amazing powers of self-delusion.

    • I see Bob Tisdale covered the same post when it showed up in RealClimate- but I still believe he is playing loose with saying he first “coined” AMO when he did not.

  106. There is a story on the blaze blaming the pause on the Atlantic and Pacific multi decadal oscillations. Would make sense to sheeple or a non climatologist like myself. Please have a go at it old boy.

  107. Dear Mr. Watts:


    The main burden of the letter seems to be that anyone getting any money from any source remotely associated with the Koch brosthers must be totally corrupt and shojuld, therefore, be immediately and publically ostrazied. You may want to consider writing something comparing this position to that ennunciated in the United States Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works Minority Staff Report

    The Chain of Environmental Command: How a Club of Billionaires and Their Foundations Control the Environmental Movement and Obama’s EPA

    You can find it here:

  108. Looks like Google will now decide what is “truth” and “facts”. First the crazies at Wikipedia and now Google will tell us what to believe.

  109. Now it’s ocean cooling killing the corals:
    “A new study has found that La Niña-like conditions in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Panamá were closely associated with an abrupt shutdown in coral reef growth that lasted 2,500 years. The study suggests that future changes in climate similar to those in the study could cause coral reefs to collapse in the future.”–+ScienceDaily%29

  110. American Meteorological Society’s input re: congressional investigation of climate researchers


  111. Major breaking news:

    Remembering that Google’s chairman recently attacked climate skeptics (saying “the facts of climate change are not in question,” et cetera), Google is about to take their support for the CAGW movement to whole new level:

    Google plans to rank websites based on what Google pretends are “facts,” rather than links, outright admitting that they intend to effectively hide pages with other info:

    THE internet is stuffed with garbage. Anti-vaccination websites make the front page of Google, and fact-free “news” stories spread like wildfire. Google has devised a fix – rank websites according to their truthfulness.

    Google’s search engine currently uses the number of incoming links to a web page as a proxy for quality, determining where it appears in search results. So pages that many other sites link to are ranked higher. This system has brought us the search engine as we know it today, but the downside is that websites full of misinformation can rise up the rankings, if enough people link to them.

    A Google research team is adapting that model to measure the trustworthiness of a page, rather than its reputation across the web. Instead of counting incoming links, the system – which is not yet live – counts the number of incorrect facts within a page.

    The software works by tapping into the Knowledge Vault, the vast store of facts that Google has pulled off the internet. Facts the web unanimously agrees on are considered a reasonable proxy for truth. Web pages that contain contradictory information are bumped down the rankings.

    As a reminder of the context this is in, for disagreement with what kind of so-called “facts” would be considered doubleplusungood, see

    (It matters for far more than climate topics, numerous other political matters as well).

    This change would make google itself unreliable, albeit an effective activist method if implemented without most people learning of the change and appreciating what it really means.

  112. Can we get Michael E. Mann on a Title IX violation ?

    This is like asking if Al Capone can be undone by a Tax code violation.


    Ha ha

  113. keep in mind there are about a dozen movies based on Michael Crichton’s books, but NOT his expose of the CAGW scam, “State of Fear”. why not?

    on the other hand, good billionaires Jeff Skoll & Pierre Omidyar have provided the funding for an exciting new documentary “Merchants of Doubt” featuring the “charismatic” Naomi Oreskes & James Hansen.
    fortunately for them, the truly charismatic Marc Morano is also featured (tho smearing him is the purpose). in fact, was the March release date for this docu part of the reason for the WITCHHUNT!

    btw Skoll funded another great documentary:

    TED Talk: Film producer Jeff Skoll (An Inconvenient Truth) talks about his film company, Participant Productions, and the people who’ve inspired him to do good.

    1 Mar: Newsweek: Greg Evans: Exposing the Doubt-Mongers Trying to Convince You Climate Change Isn’t Real
    In Merchants of Doubt, their 2010 book that vivisects bad science and industrial cynicism, science historians Naomi Oreskes and Erik M. Conway decried the uneven battle for the popular imagination fought, on one side, by scientists ill-equipped for high-volume cable-TV tussles and, on the other, by the “well-financed contrarians” bent on dismantling whatever lab results, peer-reviewed theories and settled science might lead to even the most benign corporate regulations.
    The authors unraveled the deny-and-obfuscate tactics concocted in the 1950s by Mad Men and Big Tobacco to cloud understanding of what even the proto-mainstream media was beginning to grasp…
    Joining the fray is filmmaker Robert Kenner, whose surprisingly rollicking screen adaptation of Merchants of Doubt opens March 6 in New York and Los Angeles…
    ***He (Kenner) was prepared, he said, for more of the anti-science vitriol documented in his film. “It’s pretty amazing, this anger out there.… I’m going to be attacked. I just hope it only takes the form of written words.”…
    Newsweek’s Greg Evans: When I read Merchants of Doubt, I didn’t think, Wow, great cinematic potential. What did you see there?…
    KENNER: I didn’t think it was a movie, but it led me into an arena….
    KENNER: I really get offended when people on the left say, “Oh, these people (CAGW SCEPTICS) are so stupid.” They’re not stupid… Marc Morano [climate change skeptic and frequent Fox News interviewee] said, “Our job is simple. All we have to do is stop action.” I think he’s very funny, he’s very smart. And I wish he was backing other things…
    NEWSWEEK’S GREG EVANS: What are the differences between the left’s use of science and the right’s use of science?
    KENNER: There is some bad science all around…But I think because regulation has fallen into disfavor, [science skepticism] has become much more of a calling card for certain corporations and certain conservative or libertarian forces at the moment. But there are incredibly good, smart people who merely have different economic ideas than I might have, and different solutions. They’re ready to recognize the problem of climate change and want to debate the solutions. That’s where the debate should be today…
    NEWSWEEK’S GREG EVANS: So you’re optimistic that we’re moving from a debate over the existence of climate change and toward a debate over solutions?
    KENNER: There is no debate about the existence! The media has been partially responsible for implying there’s a debate on climate change. There are great debates to be had on solutions…
    NEWSWEEK’S GREG EVANS: How did you make a film about global warming entertaining?
    KENNER: First of all, I don’t think it is about global warming. I think it’s about people who create doubt. Their next big payday just happens to be climate change…
    NEWSWEEK’S GREG EVANS: What do you want people to come away with?
    KENNER: And I would hope that newspapers stop presenting deniers as scientific experts. I think the news networks should be embarrassed to do that…What images will we be looking at years from now, wondering, What were we thinking?
    Senator Jim Inhofe saying, “Look, it’s snowing—global warming is not happening.” These guys are not going to look great to their grandchildren.


    COMMENT BY GREG LADEN: I think we are seeing the last of this, frankly. Mainstream media is now starting to call what they formerly referred to as “skeptics” what they really are, denialists. Major fossil fuel companies and the institutions that represent them are even getting on board, recognizing that climate change is for real and important. In Canada, recently, a lawsuit against an anti-climate science denialist was won by one of the victimized scientists. With Willie Soon Gate we are now seeing, every day, more and more evidence of crappy research sold as “deliverables” to Big Fossil and in some cases testimony before Congress as well.

    COMMENT BY JACK WOLF: These deniers are nuts. Their security clearances should be looked at.

  114. there are about a dozen movies based on Michael Crichton’s books, but NOT his expose of the CAGW scam, “State of Fear”. why not?

    on the other hand, good billionaires Jeff Skoll & Pierre Omidyar have provided the funding for an exciting new documentary “Merchants of Doubt” featuring the “charismatic” Naomi Oreskes & James Hansen.
    fortunately for them, the truly charismatic Marc Morano is also featured (tho smearing him is the purpose).

    btw Skoll funded another great documentary:

    TED Talk: Film producer Jeff Skoll (An Inconvenient Truth) talks about his film company, Participant Productions, and the people who’ve inspired him to do good.

    was the March release of this docu partly behind the timing of the WITCHHUNT?
    note Greg Laden comment at bottom:

    1 Mar: Newsweek: Greg Evans: Exposing the Doubt-Mongers Trying to Convince You Climate Change Isn’t Real
    Joining the fray is filmmaker Robert Kenner, whose surprisingly rollicking screen adaptation of Merchants of Doubt opens March 6 in New York and Los Angeles…
    ***He (Kenner) was prepared, he said, for more of the anti-science vitriol documented in his film. “It’s pretty amazing, this anger out there.… I’m going to be attacked. I just hope it only takes the form of written words.”…
    Newsweek’s Greg Evans: When I read Merchants of Doubt, I didn’t think, Wow, great cinematic potential. What did you see there?…
    KENNER: I didn’t think it was a movie, but it led me into an arena….
    KENNER: I really get offended when people on the left say, “Oh, these people (CAGW SCEPTICS) are so stupid.” They’re not stupid… Marc Morano [climate change skeptic and frequent Fox News interviewee] said, “Our job is simple. All we have to do is stop action.” I think he’s very funny, he’s very smart. And I wish he was backing other things…
    NEWSWEEK’S GREG EVANS: So you’re optimistic that we’re moving from a debate over the existence of climate change and toward a debate over solutions?
    KENNER: There is no debate about the existence! The media has been partially responsible for implying there’s a debate on climate change. There are great debates to be had on solutions…
    NEWSWEEK’S GREG EVANS: How did you make a film about global warming entertaining?
    KENNER: First of all, I don’t think it is about global warming. I think it’s about people who create doubt. Their next big payday just happens to be climate change…
    NEWSWEEK’S GREG EVANS: What do you want people to come away with?
    KENNER: And I would hope that newspapers stop presenting deniers as scientific experts. I think the news networks should be embarrassed to do that…What images will we be looking at years from now, wondering, What were we thinking?
    Senator Jim Inhofe saying, “Look, it’s snowing—global warming is not happening.” These guys are not going to look great to their grandchildren.


    COMMENT BY GREG LADEN: I think we are seeing the last of this, frankly. Mainstream media is now starting to call what they formerly referred to as “skeptics” what they really are, denialists. Major fossil fuel companies and the institutions that represent them are even getting on board, recognizing that climate change is for real and important. In Canada, recently, a lawsuit against an anti-climate science denialist was won by one of the victimized scientists. With Willie Soon Gate we are now seeing, every day, more and more evidence of crappy research sold as “deliverables” to Big Fossil and in some cases testimony before Congress as well.

    COMMENT BY JACK WOLF: These deniers are nuts. Their security clearances should be looked at.

  115. 27 Feb: ABC Australia: 4 religious leaders explain why the coal industry is immoral
    by: Raja Jayaraman is Vice Chair of the Hindu Council of Australia. Jonathan Keren-Black is a rabbi at the Leo Baeck Center for Progressive Judaism and Founder of the Jewish Ecological Coalition. Thea Ormerod is President of the Australian Religious Response to Climate Change. Stephen Pickard is Executive Director of the Australian Center for Christianity and Culture at Charles Sturt University.

    MOMENTUM SEEMS TO be building for a global deal at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris this December. With this sense of optimism comes a keen awareness that the use of fossil fuels must be phased out globally as rapidly as possible. Indeed, the idea that greenhouse gas emissions should be reduced to zero by 2050 is gaining wider acceptance…BLAH BLAH


    This weekend I was watching The Weather Channel to catch the local radar and witnessed TWC trying to answer Sen. Inhofe’s snowball speech. After showing a clip of the Senator questioning NASA’s integrity, Kait Parker and Greg Postel came on to refute his speech. It was obvious that the TWC staff were ticked off at his revealing how NASA played fast and loose with the WARMEST YEAR EVER press release, but the OCMs refrained from name calling, but they did drag out the usual straw men. They failed to address charges that NASA and NOAA press releases buried the error statistics in the sub-footnotes and instead kept insisting that the world is growing warmer, even when it isn’t. They insisted that weather is not climate (well, yeah) and that the warmth/cold isn’t uniform. But they skipped over the global temperature trend of the last 17 years.

  117. How do you instantly begin using electricity where over 50% of the supply comes from renewable and greenhouse gas-free sources? Apparently, in California at least, all you need to do is turn on the light switch:

    “On average, approximately half of the electricity PG&E delivers to its customers comes from a combination of renewable and greenhouse gas-free resources.”
    21% nuclear, 11% large hydro, 19% renewable

  118. “[UK] National Grid seeks back-up power plants to keep lights on next winter”

    “However, Britain’s spare capacity margin – the “safety buffer” between peak demand and maximum supply – is forecast to fall to as low as 2pc in winter 2015-16, half the level seen this winter, as more old power plants close. ”

    Sheesh, 2%! We got away with it in UK this winter, no prolonged cold and snow like you guys over on the sinister side of the pond. 2% is essentially no margin at all. Slightest blip and industry shut downs start.

  119. New paper in the Cryosphere.

    Talked about here:

    Lov that opening salvo:
    “Climate models can be good tools for predicting future sea ice levels — unless, of course, they are completely wrong.” Whoa ! LOL Applause from the peanut gallery.

    The research paper is about the Southern Ocean sea ice extent and how it been increasing.

    It’s by a Chinese research team.

    Mickey Mann Mann will surely get on a local State College TV station to explain the “discrepancy”.

    “Of course the this research paper is wrong. Look who wrote it: Chinese. They obviously used the wrong measuring stick. Look! Here is mine!” Manny then get up from the chair, unzips his trousers and starts twirling this Pee Pee for the camera.

    Ha ha


    I have seen this article percolating for a few days, distributed by Global Warming alarmists as the “Smoking Gun”. To which I have two observations:

    1) The abstract states that this is the first time a study has been run to verify the direct connection between CO2 and Climate. If this is true then the science is even less settled than I thought!

    2) The study at hand uses clear sky observations to correlate the increase in CO2 with an increase in temperature. The “clear sky” is the operative word that the AGW folks seem to have missed. It is impossible to get a real world CO2 forcing while ignoring the largest contributor to global climate after the sun: Clouds.

  121. Watched the BBCs “climate change by numbers”. Did what it said on the tin: a paean to the power of statistical analysis and mathematical modelling. Focus was entirely on data since 1881, so need to worry viewers with what might have triggered warmer and colder periods in pre-industrial times, let alone the evidence of climate change in recent geological era. It was basically the same old same old and ended with the usual dangerous storms ‘n floods photo album.

    Showed a number of flash but fuzzy graphics. I got stuck on the one that showed sea surface temperatures as recorded 1881 to around 2000, including a spike around 1941 attributed to no one wanting to go on deck to put the bucket over the side in some non-pacific parts of the ocean, with the result that fewer readings were taken, which was then overlaid with a curve showing the same data after treatment, with 1930s readings all jerked upwards, long before the cause of the spike came into play. Curious.

    • Yes I noticed that sleight of hand with the sea surface temperature spike and felt like throwing something at the TV. The programme in general was full of half truths, unsubstantiated claims, misleading statements and just plain wrong stuff.

      Especially annoying was the equation showing the temperature effect of CO2 in the atmosphere. How the mathematics genius could fail to note and comment upon the logarithmic element of the equation, and therefore the diminishing effect of increasing CO2, was beyond belief.

      And surely Arrhenius’ “4 degree C for a doubling of CO2″ proposition has long since been debunked?

      No surprise at the level of propaganda in this programme given that the executive producer was Jonathan Renouf, of “Climate Wars” infamy.

    • Questin Vole & Tonybr, my lovely wife had already threatened to switch it off because (for some strange reason) I kept shouting very loudly at the TV. It was typical BBC ‘AGW party-line’ propaganda – and I watched nearly all of it until I finally gave up and nodded off in the chair.

      You can watch it on BBC iPlayer here:

      Thanks to Michael Spurrier (February 14, 2015 @ 12:20 pm) for originally flagging this up, and Richard (March 2, 2015 @ 1:50 am) for confirming the programme was on. I defy any of our WUWT community who watch this programme not to get angry with their TV.

    • It is true. If you look at the first OCO-2 map (NASA CO2 satellite), you can see that the rainforests (with lots of bugs) are generatings tons of CO2. Also, a later map from OC0-2, in the winter, shows much CO2 in the boreal forests, because they are covered with snow and unable to photosynthesize the CO2 expelled from the bugs (termites in this case).

  122. Global Warming Causes Fish to Change Sex

    Scientists warn that fish are changing sex due to warmer climate. Numbers of male fish were higher when the water temperatures rose to levels predicted for the year 2100 (so only 85 years to wait to see if it is true). Inbred fish were more vulnerable, highlighting the risk to endangered species with small, isolated populations.

    The study by Exeter University (home of the Met Office) and chemical giant AstraZeneca (so no conflict of interest there then) was published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (who should know better).

  123. Hunting Beach CA. Snow Day on the Beach March 2nd 2015
    “Are you going to believe the models or your own damn lying eyes?”

  124. I know strange things happen on the webz every minute of every day.
    Every now and then you stumble on some small, subtle nuance that just catches your eye.
    This evening, I got into a “discussion” with a couple of workmates who are true believers in AGW.
    I mentioned Antarctic Ice setting new records…they both denied it. Knowing that even NASA agreed this was happening, I came home and got online to send them a few links.
    Opened up Chrome, and in the address/search bar, I typed in Antarctic Sea Ice.
    When the search results were displayed, the very first article was on shrinking ARCTIC ice.

    I grabbed the screenshot, just don’t know how to post pics here. Guess they have to be hosted elsewhere.

  125. people like to post the March 2000 UK Independent quote from Dr. Viner:

    UK Independent: Charles Onians: Snowfalls are now just a thing of the past
    According to Dr David Viner, a senior research scientist at the climatic research unit (CRU) of the University of East Anglia,within a few years winter snowfall will become “a very rare and exciting event”.
    “Children just aren’t going to know what snow is,” he said…

    surely the MSM would want to confront Dr. Viner with the amazing pics of Boston in DM below & ask him what went wrong with his prediction!

    4 March: Daily Mail: Ashley Collman: Keep digging until you see spring: People of Boston pictured from the air as they toil to get their city back from under more than eight feet of snow
    Boston has received some 8 1/2 feet of the snow in the past few weeks, and is just a few inches shy of their snowiest winter yet – a record that was set 20 years ago.
    That record could be broken as soon as Wednesday evening, when yet another storm front is expected to hit the city…

    to help the MSM find him, Dr David Viner has been the principal climate resilience advisor at the giant Mott MacDonald Consultancy since 2012. and what have they been up to recently?

    26 Feb: Mott MacDonald joins with Khudairi Group to deliver Iraqi projects
    Mott MacDonald has joined up with Khudairi Group to deliver oil and gas projects in Iraq. The move combines the consultancy’s full range of engineering and procurement technical support services with Khudairi Group’s procurement, inspection, expediting and construction management services.
    Khudairi Group is a leading provider of solutions to the oil and gas and construction industries in Iraq…
    The consultancy also supported increased production from the Rumaillah oilfield – the second biggest field in the world…

    never mind. on Mott’s About Us – Sustainability Approach page (link from above), they claim they have pledged to reduce their 16,0000 employees carbon footprints by 5% year on year, so they are doing their bit to save the planet from CAGW.

    About Mott MacDonald: Sustainability Approach: Carbon as a metric of business success
    For us carbon reduction is synonymous with business success. We pledged in 2008 to cut our carbon emissions per employee by 5% year on year because we want to play our part in tackling climate change…
    Since 2008 we have embraced the Carbon Disclosure Project to provide external visibility of our performance which we report annually as part of our corporate responsibility report.

  126. Dec 2014: WaterPowerMagazine: Making hydropower resilient to climate change
    Dr David Viner from Mott MacDonald says that the hydropower industry cannot ignore climate change…
    Dr David Viner is the principal climate resilience advisor at Mott MacDonald.
    The result is that institutional investors, increasingly aware of the risks posed by climate change, are requiring risk assessments to be undertaken before committing to finance and planning…

    Dr. Viner’s LinkedIn not keen to name Mott.

    LinkedIn: David Viner
    ***Exceptionally Experienced International Climate Change Expert: Science, Impacts, Resilience, Adaptation and Mitigation
    Current: World Leading Infrastructure Consultancy
    Principal Adviser working for an global company. Responsible for Strategic Business Development, Project Director, Stakeholder Management and Strategy Development.
    My Climate Change Programme at the British Council was described by the Foreign Office as a “National Asset”…
    Specialties: All aspects of the Climate Change and Development, working at the highest international level in global roles since 1991.

  127. Free American Chemical Society sponsored webinar (probably biased)

    “Bringing CO2 Monitoring to You: Communicating Atmospheric Chemistry”
    Thursday, March 12, 2015 @ 2pm ET

    Global climate change presents one of the most urgent environmental crises in recorded history. Yet, as recently as 2009, more than half of the US population doubted mankind’s role in rising temperatures. Join Alexis Shusterman as she discusses how to better communicate climate science with a general audience and gives us a glimpse into the atmospheric science happening at UC Berkeley today.

    • littlepeaks,

      I tried to register. But as soon as I began questioning AGW, I could no longer comment. Did you have the same interference? You do know, I’m sure, that sites can read what’s being typed in real time. I suspect that’s what is happening. Hope I’m wrong.

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