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184 thoughts on “Tips & Notes

  1. Hi Anthony and others –

    For REQUEST; jump to the last paragraph for the main question & your advice!

    Because I’m a neophyte, I’ve decided to work on a small-scale project with the intent to explore (1) relationships among (Tobs – Traw), (Tadj-Tobs) and the their sum (Tadj – Traw) temperature record adjustments. I’ve selected 5 geographically contiguous USHCN sites in eastern Massachusetts for my initial trial case with the intent to visit these sites in the coming months.

    I intend to look at multiple statistical correlations among temperature adjustments; assess uncertainty of deviations between the “actual” and “adjusted” USHCH temperatures; assess adjustments for these stations; attempt to deduce and obliquely critique the “homogenization” results among these stations using statistical methods; and finally use an emerging data analysis method (GPM) to establish temperature trends and uncertainty in the selected localized MA region. I have some ideas about the analyses described above. . . but as we all know, the proof is in the pudding!


    (1) For several months, I’ve been trying to access your database describing individual USHCN sites with Photos (the gallery). . . the site has been down because it’s under maintenance. Ive got ten some associated rating data from the USHCN sites. . . but I’d like more (who wouldn’t). Is there an alternate web site where you “” web site results can be accessed.

    (2) Please let me know if the plan for my inquiry is stupid or ill-advised; I know I can learn from it; but, if the plan is totally hopeless, I’d appreciate your help in avoiding a major waste of time any help you might provide to make it more worthwhile. Any suggestions you might have would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks again and Sincerely Yours;

    Dan Backman

  2. Hi Moderator and Anthony –
    Please delete my “Tips and Notes” comment at “August 24, 2014 at 4:45 pm”
    In that last few hours, I have posted a lead-post comment and now a T&N comment that each have “awaited moderation”. . . that included a third comments to “moderators” that was stuck in moderation for some time.

    I’m a climate skeptic that has never gone off topic or been disrespectful to anyone within the WUWT community. . . yet I feel like an outcast! As I said in my first “withheld response” on Anthony’s 8/24 lead thread: This is Anthony’s blog and he’s in charge and I cherish WUWT!

    That’s still certainly true. . . nonetheless, having seemingly been blackballed by WUWT, I refuse to be a “silenced” second class WUWT citizen (non-white-listed) and instead will move on. Best to you all!

    As disappointed as I am; I hope you. . . Anthony particularly. . . keep fighting the noble fight!



    • DanMet’al

      You are conflating an automated process with something I’m personally doing.

      Don’t. Take. It. Personally.

      You haven’t been “blackballed” and I’m not going to delete the comment. The spam filter simply flagged your comment for some reason and I’ve been away this afternoon.

      Also, the surfacestations gallery is set on private use at the moment, it will re-open once our paper has been published. We don’t want any new stations added or any changes made while we finish up.

  3. funded by EPA:

    24 Aug: MIT News: Study: Cutting emissions pays for itself
    Savings from healthier air can make up for some or all of the cost of carbon-reduction policies.
    Audrey Resutek | Joint Program on the Science and Policy of Global Change
    But just how large are the health benefits of cleaner air in comparison to the costs of reducing carbon emissions? MIT researchers looked at three policies achieving the same reductions in the United States, and found that the savings on health care spending and other costs related to illness can be big — in some cases, more than 10 times the cost of policy implementation.
    “Carbon-reduction policies significantly improve air quality,” says Noelle Selin, an assistant professor of engineering systems and atmospheric chemistry at MIT, and co-author of a study published today in Nature Climate Change. “In fact, policies aimed at cutting carbon emissions improve air quality by a similar amount as policies specifically targeting air pollution.”…
    This research was supported by funding from the EPA’s Science to Achieve Results program.

  4. More methane fears.

    BBC – 24 August 2014
    ‘Widespread methane leakage’ from ocean floor off US coast
    Researchers say they have found more than 500 bubbling methane vents on the seafloor off the US east coast.
    There are concerns that these new seeps could be making a hitherto unnoticed contribution to global warming……..

    The scientists say that the warming of ocean temperatures might be causing these hydrates to send bubbles of gas drifting through the water column….

    But it is important to say we simply don’t have any evidence in this paper to suggest that any carbon coming from these seeps is entering the atmosphere.”

  5. Comment on the new layout.

    1 / I think you will find most of WUWT denizens and clientele are in the older age brackets from the 40’s or thereabouts on up.
    I’m 76 and unlike WUWT’s previous layout I now have to concentrate and even squint to be able to read the small and closely set printed word in the comments which becomes much worse when there is a long para with a number of close set lines making up the comment.

    2 / And the individual comments are somewhat overwhelmed by the large size of the comment poster’s ID lettering.

    Teething problems only and judging by a somewhat similar side by side post presentation layout on the GWPF site layout it is a layout which certainly will be much more comparative, much easier and more selective scan wise on what article / post to read first, at least in my case.

  6. Also Darken the lettering a little bit please.
    It seems to be some sort of current fashion to have quite light grey and hard to read lettering in some blogs these days. Contrasts this comments shading of the lettering with the darker lettering in the RH “Recent Comments” column alongside of this comment.

  7. Thanks Anthony.
    I probably need a before and after comparison but the comment lettering now seems a bit larger and a little easier to read.

    The written word is what this site runs on so the easier something is to read in a physical eye ball sense,
    [ we are not talking grammatical, ] the more the eyeballs will be relaxed and the deeper into the subject your public will be likely be to read.

    As I can testify after looking at a lot of sites, a hard to read site gets pretty short shift regardless of content as my old eyeballs just say enough is enough.

    Perhaps it might pay to play, tell your public what you are doing and solicit feedback.

    Font looks good, again speaking only for myself

  8. About the pause or hiatus… this is something James Hansen published back in 2000:


    A common view is that the current global warming rate will continue or accelerate. But we argue that rapid warming in recent decades has been driven mainly by non-CO2 greenhouse gases (GHGs), such as chlorofluorocarbons, CH4, and N2O, not by the products of fossil fuel burning, CO2 and aerosols, the positive and negative climate forcings of which are partially offsetting. The growth rate of non-CO2 GHGs has declined in the past decade. If sources of CH4 and O3 precursors were reduced in the future, the change in climate forcing by non-CO2 GHGs in the next 50 years could be near zero.

  9. ROM August 25, 2014 at 2:01 am

    Also Darken the lettering a little bit please. It seems to be some sort of current fashion to have quite light grey and hard to read lettering in some blogs these days.

    This “fashion” began IIRC with Apple. Its Mac booklets featured tiny gray text in the middle of an ocean of white space.

    (Surely Anthony will want to distance himself from gray-scale Apple-trendiness!)

  10. Is Your Governor a Denier?

    So I go to check this out, though I already know what I’m gonna see at any site called “ecowatch”. Sure enough, a “give us money” pop-up appears immediately with a smiling Ed Begley Jr “we have to act to save the planet” pitch.

    Oddly though, the comments are being dominated by climate realists. We have truly reached the turning point when ecowatch can’t purge dissent fast enough to keep it off their page.

  11. Anthony,

    WordPress has a problem.
    If a reader taps a link down the list, Jonova as example. Then, returns to WUWT, the reader is returned to WUWT somewhere between pages 3 to 6. So, the reader is back in time anywhere from days to a week past.
    This began this morning.

    I think you need cash. I will fling some tonight.


    Bob Doyle

  12. Here are a few quotes on the word skeptic

    Skeptic: from the Greek “skeptikos” meaning “to consider, examine”

    “Skeptic does not mean him who doubts, but him who investigates or researches as opposed to him who asserts and thinks that he has found.” [Miguel de Unamuno, "Essays and Soliloquies," 1924]

    “Trust, but Verify” – President Ronald Reagan

  13. Is it possible to put a “Link” to your “links” on the header? They are hard to find now , since they are at the bottom and get lost when more of the older posts load?

  14. Anthony,

    Please check your site changes on small screens, such as iPhone. Your previous formatting was brilliant in that realm. Early new stuff has huge amounts of white space and dramatic jumps in font size, etc. also some overlap in clickable image boxes.

    Good luck with the fine tuning.

    • @ Man Tran

      It turns out for some reason that the new Theme turned off the “mobile theme” settings when it installed. I’ve re-enabled it. Refresh and try it now.

  15. Very Nice changes to the site!!!

    Note: Reference page drop down menu needs a blank entry after the end of the list so Solar is easier to select. Using Chrome on a Mac.

    Ocean Methane Seepage study is likely to get some spin.

    Natural Methane Seepage on U.S. Atlantic Ocean Margin Widespread
    USGA Newsroom Release: 8/25/2014 9:10:45 AM

    The study, Widespread methane leakage from the sea floor on the northern US Atlantic Margin, by A, Skarke, C. Ruppel, M, Kodis, D. Brothers and E. Lobecker in Nature Geoscience is available on line.

    MSU geologist discovers natural methane seepage in an unlikely place

    “Globally, the upper ocean has been warming for decades,” Skarke said. “Some of the seeps we found are similar to those on Arctic Ocean margins, where warming has been more rapid. But we also know that some subsets of the seeps have probably been active for over 1,000 years. A key question is how the long-term seepage and short-term warming of the ocean are related to methane escape.”

    Skarke said the research “does not provide sufficient evidence to draw objective conclusions about the relationship between these methane seeps and global climate change.

  16. Hundreds of ‘toxic’ methane vents discovered in the Atlantic’s depths – and they could be caused by global warming
    A large number of methane vents have been found off the US East Coast
    Suggests such leakage is far more widespread in the Atlantic than thought
    Previously only three seepage areas had been known of in this area
    Increased levels of methane can make water more acidic and deadly to life
    The vents could be caused by a warming ocean linked to climate change

    Read more:
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

  17. 25 August 2014 – 1:56 pm

    ~ It’s not easy being solar. ~

    SolarWorld Recalls Solar Systems with Copper Grounding Lugs Due to Electrocution, Electric Shock or Fire Hazard

    U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission — Recall number: 14-260
    (21 August 2014)


  18. Re temperature adjustments.
    I find it a bit disturbing that the adjustments are done at single stations as seen by J Marohasy for Australia and also shown for some Iceland stations. I suspect that GISS and others then use the adjusted temperatures again in a new homogensation and so on.
    What would happen if you repeatedly homogenised allready homogenised temperatures?
    It could happen, because the old records sometimes disappear.
    I would like to see an independent check of what these routines really does and how they are validated.

  19. Robert Doyle August 25, 2014 at 7:46 am

    WordPress has a problem.
    If a reader taps a link down the list, Jonova as example. Then, returns to WUWT, the reader is returned to WUWT somewhere between pages 3 to 6. So, the reader is back in time anywhere from days to a week past.

    There may have been a comment that came out of moderation at that earlier point.

  20. Have the press turned cool on warming?

    Over the summer, it seems to me, the number of articles about AGM in the mainstream mead has declined. In addition, the skeptical position has been given more prominence.

    Anyone keep any objective stats on GW coverage?

  21. I like the changes. This format seems to keep loading more stories as you approach the bottom of the page. I don’t think you need to keep the “recent posts” widget. Especially if you start from the top post, there is a “next article” arrow available. Is there a “back” arrow available as an option?

    I would vote for moving the enso meter, the sea ice page and the solar image page widgets up in the right-hand column. I check those items daily, along with the many articles.

    To ROM – consider getting a tablet or a computer that has a touch screen. I agree that there are many sites that have small type. Touch screens let you enlarge the screen quite easily. Another option is ctrl + or ctrl – to increase or decrease the size in case you don’t have touch screen capabilities. Of course, after using the tablet, I find myself trying to use my laptop screen to make the type larger.

  22. Is it possible to include the date of the posts? I know it’s the first day of the new format, but showing the date of the posts allows me to know I’m at the end of ‘todays’ posts.


    REPLY: yes, we’ve covered this in the discussion thread about changes, maybe you missed it -A

  23. They admit it…

    (or…How and why scientists and researchers are cooking the books.)

    Every day the newspapers carry stories of new scientific findings. There are 15 million scientists worldwide all trying to get their research published. But a disturbing fact appears if you look closely: as time goes by, many scientific findings seem to become less true than we thought. It’s called the “decline effect” – and some findings even dwindle away to zero.

    A highly influential paper by Dr John Ioannidis at Stanford University called “Why most published research findings are false” argues that fewer than half of scientific papers can be believed, and that the hotter a scientific field (with more scientific teams involved), the less likely the research findings are to be true. He even showed that of the 49 most highly cited medical papers, only 34 had been retested and of them 41 per cent had been convincingly shown to be wrong. And yet they were still being cited.

    Again and again, researchers are finding the same things, whether it’s with observational studies, or even the “gold standard” Randomised Controlled Studies, whether it’s medicine or economics. Nobody bothers to try to replicate most studies, and when they do try, the majority of findings don’t stack up. The awkward truth is that, taken as a whole, the scientific literature is full of falsehoods.

    Jolyon Jenkins reports on the factors that lie behind this. How researchers who are obliged for career reasons to produce studies that have “impact”; of small teams who produce headline-grabbing studies that are too statistically underpowered to produce meaningful results; of the way that scientists are under pressure to spin their findings and pretend that things they discovered by chance are what they were looking for in the first place. It’s not exactly fraud, but it’s not completely honest either. And he reports on new initiatives to go through the literature systematically trying to reproduce published findings, and of the bitter and personalised battles that can occur as a result.

  24. I don’t like the new layout. Or more specifically, I don’t like the font style and size used in it. I find it hard to read, harder than the old layout.
    Serif fonts work for me in books but not on monitor. And the fact that they’re bigger so they _resemble_ what’s in books or newspapers means less of them fits in my browser window. I did not purchase high resolution monitor so I can have bigger letters on it but so I can fit more of them on it.
    I would really appreciate if there was an option to change the font type and size without resizing the rest (such as graphs or images – these are already small enough).

    • Serif fonts are hard to read, especially with reduced line spacing used here. If it is hard to achieve a consensus on what font to use, is there a way to ban all serif fonts in the browser? I looked around for a solution that might work with Safari and couldn’t find any.

      The size issue is not as bad, as I can control font scaling with a keystroke, but the problem there is that the page uses different font sizes without a good reason. For exampe, as I write this, the comment font is set to 16.8px (a weird size, don’t you think? — and it looks much worse than a 16px font would look), the reply font is 14px (thankfully, Arial), and the form with my name and email address has a 12px font in it. So when I scale the page down to make the comment more readable, other fonts become less readable. Not good. I did not notice any problems with fonts in the old layout.

  25. Dana Nutticelli has just posted this on the Guardian…so now he’s a fortune teller!

    DanaNuccitelli thelonggrass
    25 August 2014 3:46pm

    It mainly depends on when the Pacific Decadal Oscillation switches phases. Solar activity probably won’t go much lower. Hard to say about volcanic activity (it’s been a large number of moderate volcanic emissions that’s caused the temporary cooling). But once we shift to a phase with more El Niños, global surface warming should begin to accelerate, barring a lot of volcanic eruptions.

  26. “Everything we know is wrong”

    Interesting program on BBC radio 4 about how published scientific results do not necessarily reflect the truth:

    “there is no result that you cannot make seem plausible”
    “pressure to hype your result”
    “if you come up with your hypothesis after you have the data it is possible it is a chance result”
    “not a lot of scientific effort is put into replication”
    “one route to success is to be innovative but not clash with existing theories”
    “there is less reproducibility than you would expect”

    Manages to steer clear of Climate Change…

  27. Hi Anthony,
    my tip would be to keep this new format. It looks great. My compliments.

    As for the comment of Kasuha at August 26, 2014 at 2:17 am, with me the font is sans-serif exept for the headers, titles, names etc. So I guess it also depends on the browser or computer settings of the reader.

    The bigger width of the comments text column needs some getting used to for me, but of course I can adapt this with the screen width, and the font size width ctrl / + or -

  28. I’ve been following the development of TS Cristobal into hurricane Cristobal and it seems to me to be an example of more analysis increasing the reported strength. Up until 5 pm on Monday (advisory 9) there was no suggestion that Cristobal would strengthen into a hurricane before Thursday. However, by the 11 pm advisory (no 10) the intensity had been upgraded to a hurricane based on the wind speed measured by an observation flight. Although the measured data is not in any question, what is is all previous measurements as they would not have classified this as a hurricane without the flight data. Here is the wording from the advisory at 11 pm:

    1100 PM EDT MON AUG 25 2014

    Based on a blend of SFMR, flight-level, and dropsonde wind data
    collected by a NOAA Hurricane Hunter aircraft a little earlier this
    evening, Cristobal was upgraded to a 65-kt hurricane. Similar to
    Hurricane Bertha earlier this year in roughly the same location,
    this system’s cloud pattern does not resemble that of a hurricane,
    with little or no evidence of banding on satellite images. Some
    additional strengthening is expected, however, since the SHIPS
    guidance shows a decrease in vertical shear during the next few
    days, and an increase in upper-level divergence is indicated by the
    global models. The official intensity forecast is a little higher
    than the previous one, and is close to the latest LGEM guidance.

    I don’t know how the historical data on hurricanes – especially the new fad for using ACE as a measure for comparison as opposed to simple numbers of storms – can be compared when newer methods of data collection are revealing that previous methods appear to be under-reporting. Do we need someone to “do a Leif” on hurricane data (that is, develop a comparison between historical and modern numbers based on altered observations)?

  29. Here’s a “whoops” from Aug 25, 2014…

    “A Single Android App Is Crippling the Nat’l Weather Service’s Website”

    “If you’ve been trying to look up your forecast on the National Weather Service’s website this afternoon, you may have noticed that the forecasts are days out of date or not loading at all. Apparently, this is the result of a single “abusive” Android app overloading the agency’s servers.”

  30. Hey WUWT:

    when baseball fans first became interested in sabremetrics it turned out that in a sport awash with statistics the data necessary to make the kind of decisions the mettricians wanted wasn’t available. So a “project scoresheet” was begun, amateur and volunteer, to provide the data. Work out well.

    As has your surface stations project. (bravo)

    So how about a “raw data” project where in original temperature observer records are reviewed, put in a standard format, and published in an accessable copendium.

    The baseball analogy:
    we have the box score —
    we didn’t have the wind, the sun, the defensive positioning, the pitch by pitch sequences, the park (environmental) effects…..

    You have proven, i think, that the govt recording of observers data points is ‘inadequate’ in at tleast some cases.

    If it were possible to reconstruct and verify as much of the original data as possible, without interpretation, would this be useful?

    I am a retired programmer available to participate significantly but unsuitable for leadership.

  31. I really REALLY do NOT like the new format!!!!!!!
    From BLOOMBERG online:

    Damage Seen From Climate Change in UN Leak

    Humans risk causing irreversible and widespread damage to the planet unless there’s faster action to limit the fossil fuel emissions that cause climate change, according to a leaked draft United Nations report.

  32. The Catch-22 of Energy Storage
    Barry Brook

    “Several recent analyses of the inputs to our energy systems indicate that, against expectations, energy storage cannot solve the problem of intermittency of wind or solar power. Not for reasons of technical performance, cost, or storage capacity, but for something more intractable: there is not enough surplus energy left over after construction of the generators and the storage system to power our present civilization.”

  33. Not sure if this is the right thread for this comment (apologies if not) but I’m finding this new format a little bit less tablet-friendly than the old one. Although at first glance it looks great, one can no longer double-tap a paragraph to zoom in. For small-screen devices where text is small this is quite an important facility to lose. Don’t know if it can be fixed, or if it is a limitation of this format?

  34. Looks like Dana Nuccitelli is giving a speech at SMUD HQ in Sacramento tomorrow evening.
    Maybe some of your readers in the area want to attend and make sure that “Scooter” is not unchallenged.



    Fire and Water Presentation – Sacramento Citizens Climate Lobby


    How Global Warming is Changing California’s Weather

    and a Bipartisan Solution

    Wednesday, August 27, 2014

    7:00 – 9:00 P.M.

    SMUD Headquarters Auditorium

    6301 S Street, Sacramento, CA 95852

    California has been hit hard by drought and wildfires in recent years.

    These events have left many Californians wondering, is this extreme

    weather linked to global warming, and what can we expect for the future?

    In this ‘Fire and Water’ event, scientist Dana Nuccitelli will discuss and

    answer questions about the latest scientific research into the possible links

    between climate change and California’s wildfires and drought, and

    projections of their future changes in a warming world. The event will also

    include discussion of a proposed free market, bipartisan solution supported

    by many liberals and conservatives alike.


    Dana Nuccitelli, environmental scientist, risk assessor, and climate blogger for The Guardian


    Harold Ferber, retired attorney, member of the Sacramento Chapter of Citizens’ Climate Lobby.

    Sponsored by the Sacramento Chapter of the Citizens’ Climate Lobby.

    For more information please contact Eileen Heinrich, CCL Volunteer, at or 916-481-3703.

  35. Re Aug 25 at 8:31—- Old eyes:have to enlarge font size to read. Then the whole right hand side is off the screen !!! Used to be able to “slide over”to view the right hand side. Cannot do it now. ???

  36. Mods? Does only the top post deserve a “continue” or “more” cue?
    Not intuitively obvious how to read the other posts…I send a lot of students here, including from grade schools…..never too young to learn…but easier can be better..Thanks.

  37. I miss the author’s name on each story of the new format.

    REPLY: all that info is there when you open up a story from the front page summary. The idea for this format is to minimize clutter on the front page so stories can be easily browsed and selected. – Anthon

  38. Re New Format;
    Mine is a very ancient 7 years old Mac OS 4.4.11 running Safari 4.1.3.
    Quite adequate for my browsing.

    For the first time I am now getting slow loading and the regular temporary lock up of Safari as it tries to load WUWT.
    This is not only applicable to WUWT but to other sites also and has become a recent and very annoying experience.
    The reasons appear to be the increasing use of “animated” Ads by Word Press which are now showing up on the WUWT site which run slow scripts which then lock the site until the entire Advertisement animation is loaded or the whole damn lot just freezes up..

  39. Feedback on the layout change.

    The citation with a shadow look very nice, but the greenish blue background sucks, and you still don’t have threaded comments like JoNova. There a response is put together with the comment it responds to. Also the layout is very nice ! This now look more like BishopHills and it’s not good. Thanks for changing the mobile, now it works much better.

    The front side with the last articles is nice and I like the images to each article too. But please skip or change the color on the comment background !


  40. Re slow loading and freeze ups at my post at 5.56 pm.

    That WAS quick!
    No animated ads. No problems loading.
    Still a slight delay of five seconds or so while some centre of page, non animated ads  load, the WUWT content loads fast, but all OK by me if it helps in site costs.

    A very hearty Thank you, Anthony.

  41. Hanover, August 2014: 3.3 degrees

    The Monday night, August 26 [2014], was in the north in many places the coldest since records began. At 3.3 degrees about in Hannover and 6 degrees in Hamburg temperatures dropped to its lowest value registered so far for this date, reported the German Weather Service.

    Hamburg. The average minimum of the past 30 years for the August 26 stood at 11 degrees in Hamburg and 10.7 degrees in Hannover significantly higher. From the Institute for weather and climate communication even freezing temperatures in the north were measured. In Quickborn the soil temperature had fallen in the night of Tuesday to -1 degrees, said the Hamburg Institute.
    [Translation by Google, bold mine]

  42. Andrew,

    Regarding the four new topic options at the top of the page, when they come up when clicked, and present the related posts, could the story you wanted appear first, and then the related posts down after the comments? Clicking twice to get the actual story you want is a bit … “things that make you go … hmmm”.

    Otherwise I love the site upgrade, the header looks awesome, and once I had thickened up the font setting on my PC the font is now properly legible again without any zooming.

  43. Another thing that’s disturbing is when you put images with a link and that link contain the word wordpress, it’s censored in China and I can not see it without using a VPN. Could you please put that with directory under wattsupwiththat something it’s would works nice.

  44. This article: Analysis: energy storage cannot solve the problem of intermittency of wind or solar power is unreadable in Chrome, FYI. The lines are all overlapping very tightly.

  45. Anthony, I’m not a fan of the new look. I don’t like change for change’s sake, but I understand sometimes websites have to incorporate new functionality. Can you please make the text darker, so it contrasts better with the white background? Font size is OK, but the lack of contrast makes it hard for older eyes to read. Also the gray band containing the commenters’ names and post times is very faint. Both it and the text within it need to be made darker. Also the blue text needs to be made darker. Frankly, the whole page looks “washed-out”. And I’m not on a mobile device; 23″ LCD display on a desktop PC. Thank you.

  46. Is there a place I can find real time daily global temperatures ? Spencer’s UAH site used to have this but it’s not operational anymore in a way that keeps you up to the day on temps.

    Any help appreciated Thx

  47. Please note the the Warmistas are having a “Fun in the Sun” conference at the Miami Beach Convention Center on October 1-2 and you can attend too … for $250.
    (The discounted registration price is $125; after August 31, the registration fee will be $250.)
    Who wants to set up a protest demonstration outside the Center? ;)

    The 6th Annual Southeast Florida Regional Climate Leadership Summit
    October 1-2, 2014!!

    Discount Pricing ends (August 31st!!!)

    This year, prominent speakers at the Summit include:
    Dr. John Holdren, Assistant to the President for Science and Technology and Director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy
    Mike Boots, Acting Chair, White House Council on Environmental Quality
    William Golden, Executive Director of the National Institute for Coastal and Harbor Infrastructure.
    The agenda is continually being updated as notable speakers confirm, so stay tuned!

    Now more than ever…YOU as a business leader and owner, a taxpayer, elected official, homeowner, or simply a Florida resident, need to keep up with the current science, policy, impacts, and economics of our changing climate!

    So, sign up now ( for the 6th Annual Southeast Florida Regional Climate Change Summit. Seating is limited and last year’s event was SOLD OUT! Special discounted rates are only available until August 31st. Registration questions may be directed to Karen Chang at / (954-985-4416).

    American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP) Certification Maintenance (CM) credits are pending for this event and we are still looking for companies and organizations that would like to take advantage of our great sponsorship packages!

    Miami Dade County and the City of Miami Beach are co-hosting this year’s event on behalf of the Southeast Florida Regional Climate Change Compact and hope to see YOU there!

    THANK YOU to our Sponsors
    Hazen and Sawyer, Environmental Engineers
    Jacobs Engineering Consultants
    World Resources Institute
    Arcadis Engineering
    E Sciences
    The Nature Conservancy
    The Kresge Foundation
    The Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce
    US Green Building Council – South Florida chapter

  48. What?!!?

    EPA Chief: CO2 Regulations Are About ‘Justice’ For ‘Communities Of Color’

    The Environmental Protection Agency’s proposed global warming regulations aren’t just about stemming global temperature rises — according to agency’s chief, they are also about “justice” for “communities of color.”

    “Carbon pollution standards are an issue of justice,” said EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy in a teleconference call with environmental activists. “If we want to protect communities of color, we need to protect them from climate change.”

  49. Eruption in Bárðarbunga glacier may have started to-day. Large depressions and crackes on the surface. 4 to 6 km long.

    Icelandic Met Office:

    “Scientists from IES and IMO on a flight to Vatnajökull tonigth discovered a row of 10-15 m deep cauldrons south of the Bárðarbunga caldera. They form a 6-4 km long line. The cauldrons have been formed as a result of melting, possibly an eruption, uncertain when. Heightened tremor level/volcanic tremor has not been observed on IMO’s seismometers at the moment. The new data are being examined.
    Written by a specialist at 27 Aug 22:41 GMT”

    • PLOS One paper online. Peer reviewed science. The thin water surface freezes at night due to rapid radiative cooling. In the morning it breaks up amdn then acts as a wind sail to push the rocks in the wet slippery mud.

      Sliding Rocks on Racetrack Playa, Death Valley National Park: First Observation of Rocks in Motion
      Published: August 27, 2014 DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0105948
      PLOS One

  50. Dave Worley
    August 27, 2014 at 8:12 pm

    Playa rock movement slowed by climate change..Whoa!


    The ultimate headline to come:

    Climate Change Triggered by Climate Change!

    We’re all doooomed…

  51. Naomi Klein’s new book on climate change, This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs the Climate, is coming out on 16 September.

    The trailer for the book was released a few weeks ago. It starts with the question ‘Is Earth fucked?':

    According to the synopsis, the book reveals shocking details on both climate deniers and green groups. No one is a saint, and the real culprit is capitalism:,,9780141971803,00.html

    The first breaking news story from the book, revealing that the world’s largest environmental group is actually making millions from an oil well on its land in Texas, was published this month by the New York Times:

    Naomi Klein was also recently interviewed about the book in Vogue:

    Klein says This Changes Everything is ”a book about climate change for people who don’t read books about climate change.”

  52. Using the old version of WUWT I could search for an item using the “Search” box. Now I did the same thing and find that there is no place to click. What happened?

    Ian M

  53. What a “major” climate “disruption” looks like:
    Yellowstone super-eruption would send ash across North America

    A giant underground reservoir of hot and partly molten rock feeds the volcano at Yellowstone National Park. It has produced three huge eruptions about 2.1 million, 1.3 million and 640,000 years ago. . . .
    Cities close to the modeled Yellowstone supereruption could be covered by more than a meter (a few feet) of ash. There would be centimeters (a few inches) of ash in the Midwest, while cities on both coasts would see millimeters (a fraction of an inch) of accumulation

  54. New Format: Please, oh please, can we move the “previous link – next link” panel to the TOP of the page so you don’t have to scroll down to the bottom of each article?

  55. 28 Aug: Montreal Gazette: Len Maier: Opinion: Global warming ‘pause’ is more than temporary, scientific evidence shows
    (Len Maier is an engineer and president of the Friends of Science Society in Calgary)
    The Gazette published two items recently on global warming related to research by Shaun Lovejoy, a McGill University physics professor, and his claim that the current 16-plus-year slowdown in global warming is merely a pause.
    We dispute Lovejoy’s scientific findings and his energy policy recommendations…
    The June 10 article by Lovejoy refers to the work of one of the fathers of the “hothouse” theory, Svante Arrhenius’s 1896 prediction of warming. In 1906 Arrhenius amended his previous calculations and revised his theory downward, deciding that doubling of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere would lead to very little warming, which would be beneficial and pleasant.
    Lovejoy’s op-ed excluded this valuable, relevant information…
    In the same Gazette article, Lovejoy called the name of our group “Friends of Science” Orwellian. In fact it is anything but. When we began Friends of Science Society almost 12 years ago, our purpose, as a group of retired atmospheric and earth scientists, was to evaluate climate science literature based on evidence, not theory or climate model predictions. What could be less Orwellian than requiring scientific statements to be based on scientific evidence?…

  56. Jennifer Marohasy, who started the ball rolling, is quoted:

    29 Aug: Australian: Graham Lloyd: Bureau of Meteorology told to be more transparent
    THE Bureau of Meteorology was told to be more transparent and make public all details of the computer models used to adjust historic temperature records by the peer review panel that cleared its work as world best practice.
    The 2011 independent panel told BOM to clearly explain any changes that were made between raw and “homogenised” data…
    BOM’s 2011 independent panel said it was “satisfied overall” with the bureau’s methodology but it “encouraged” the bureau to improve the public transparency of the process used.
    The panel recommended a list of adjustments be made publicly available along with the adjusted temperature series including the rationale for each adjustment. It said the computer codes underpinning the national ACORNSAT data-set, including the algorithms and protocols used by BOM for data quality control, should be made publicly available.

  57. First, a quick Thank You for the improvements in the site’s readability and overall appearance. I have a minor problem, probably my fault, but I wanted to ask anyway. When I move through the list of “Recent Posts”, previously the article titles I reviewed would change font and color of type, now that does not happen. Is there some setting I need to adjust on my browser? I use IE ver 9, with Vista as an operating system.
    By the way, if this is posted in the wrong space, my apologies to all concerned.

  58. Ohio lawmakers want to limit the teaching of the scientific process (otherwise known as the ‘scientific method’. … … Of course, the long established Scientific Method shows that empirical evidence and observation is very important. Climate Science has difficulty following the Scientific Method because it cannot easily conduct experiments (since we only have one full size oblate spheroidal planet .. and the associated Sun and Moon). Making “projections” based on the output of contrived computer climate models is not using the scientific method!

    • Also …. It looks like the Ohio lawmakers are feeling uncomfortable because they have discovered that their beliefs don’t match up with reality. They obviously want to ignore or deny any information that conflicts with their existing beliefs, and make sure that their children are unlikely to discover scientific methods that will prove that the original AGW hypothesis is incorrect.

  59. Here’s a hyper-alarmist stew on acidification, 30% rise in acidity, warming oceans, oceanic viruses and slime, dying coral, the 6th great extinction, rising sea levels to flood Florida, weird weather, famine, etc. The author was on Coast to Coast AM spreading this last night. A rebuttal thread should be written by someone. (There are lots of links at the end that can be attacked to undermine the foundations of this article.)

  60. I receive regular emails from “Earth Gauge”, which is a project of the National Environmental Education Foundation. There also is or has been some collaboration with the Yale Climate Connections (formerly The Yale Forum on Climate Change & the Media). From today’s email:

    Climate Trivia: Trends in U.S. Tornado Activity

    Climate change has led to more frequent and intense severe weather events across the globe and in the United States. Heavy and extreme precipitation events are more frequent and intense in the central and eastern regions of the United States. Extreme snowstorms, heat waves and North Atlantic hurricanes have also shown increases in frequency and intensity. Although the U.S. is the country that experiences the highest number of tornadoes in the world, scientists had not been able to identify potential climate-related trends in tornado activity until now.

    Trivia Question: What trend in U.S. tornado activity have scientists identified?

    a. The average annual number of tornadoes has increased.
    b. The average annual number of tornadoes has decreased.
    c. The number of days per year with only one tornado occurring is increasing.
    d. The number of days per year with multiple tornadoes is increasing.

  61. Does Antarctic sea ice growth negate climate change? Scientists say no

    While this raises the wind affecting ice claim earlier explored on WUWT, of note to me was the claim made by this reasearcher had a comment on a thirty year record – “It’s even possible that the current growth spurt is just a short upward wiggle in a larger downward trend. “Thirty years isn’t really that long,” Stammerjohn said”

    “The dynamics of the Southern Ocean have also remained elusive. Scientists think changes in the winds have altered ocean circulation, allowing warmer waters below the surface layer to sneak in closer to the shore. These, in turn, may cause glaciers to melt, producing fresh water that freezes at a higher temperature than salt water and thus creates more sea ice. But without long-term observations, it’s hard to measure this effect.

    Changes in snowfall may play a role too. In the Antarctic, sea ice grows thicker when new snow falls on top of it, depressing it and flooding it with sea water, which eventually freezes. However, it’s still unclear whether snowfall has increased in Antarctica, said Ron Kwok, a sea ice expert at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

    It’s even possible that the current growth spurt is just a short upward wiggle in a larger downward trend. “Thirty years isn’t really that long,” Stammerjohn said.

    In January, scientists at New York University offered the most complete explanation yet for the surprising trends in Antarctic sea ice extent. Writing in the journal Nature, they suggested the sea ice distribution in the south could be controlled by ocean temperatures in the North Atlantic Ocean through large-scale changes in atmospheric pressure linked to global warming and natural variability. Other researchers like the idea but say verifying it will take more time.”

  62. Vis NoTricksZone

    World’s Poor Reject Half Modern, Half Primitive (Green) Life…Demand “Real Electricity”, Not “Fake” Greenpeace Solar!
    ……..The India Today article goes on to describe how Bihar citizens “want asli bijli (real electricity) from the government” and that village youngsters were carrying placards demanding “real source of energy“, and “not the fake solar powered” one.

    It’s obvious: Who needs the lights in the daytime? Lights are needed at night. The problem with the Greenpeace solar micro-grid is that you can’t power the lights at night.

    The post links to this paper too.

    Abstract – 26 August 2014
    Commitment accounting of CO2 emissions
    The world not only continues to build new coal-fired power plants, but built more new coal plants in the past decade than in any previous decade. Worldwide, an average of 89 gigawatts per year (GW yr–1) of new coal generating capacity was added between 2010 and 2012, 23 GW yr–1 more than in the 2000–2009 time period and 56 GW yr–1 more than in the 1990–1999 time period. Natural gas plants show a similar pattern. Assuming these plants operate for 40 years, the fossil-fuel burning plants built in 2012 will emit approximately 19 billion tons of CO2 (Gt CO2) over their lifetimes, versus 14 Gt CO2 actually emitted by all operating fossil fuel power plants in 2012. We find that total committed emissions related to the power sector are growing at a rate of about 4% per year, and reached 307 (with an estimated uncertainty of 192–439) Gt CO2 in 2012. These facts are not well known in the energy policy community, where annual emissions receive far more attention than future emissions related to new capital investments. This paper demonstrates the potential for ‘commitment accounting’ to inform public policy by quantifying future emissions implied by current investments.

  63. An article in Tech Republic (part of ZDNET I think) about the smart grid and storing power from renewable sources.

    It includes a long segment promoting Imergy Power, an energy storage company.

    I will have to go back to your postings on your solar power installation. I don’t remember if you were doing battery storage or not.


  64. “Global trends and patterns of drought from space”

    Theoretical and Applied Climatology
    August 2014, Volume 117, Issue 3-4, pp 441-448

    “The results reveal no significant trend in the areas under drought over land in the past three decades. ”

    “The results of this satellite-based study disagree with several model-based studies which indicate that droughts have been increasing over land.”

  65. I stopped getting T&N postings. I suppose it was because of the welcome revamp so I am posting this to get going again.

    Oh, and I have noticed that the EU does not understand the difference between power and energy. They want to make hair dryers half as powerful as they think they will use less energy to dry hair that way.

  66. Topic: energy capture and storage. The following link says of Airbus’s ultralight stratospheric glider: “Its solar cells, which are mounted on its wings, produce 1kW for every 1kg of panel. That power is fed into lithium-sulphur rechargeable batteries which can store 350 watt-hours per kilogram. (For comparison, the lithium-polymer batteries in iPhones store around 200 watt-hours per kilogram.) The result is a plane that can, potentially, stay aloft for months—though its longest test-run so far is a fortnight.”

    It’s a substitute for satellites. Apparently not good in late fall/ early winter at latitudes outside of -40 to +40: the days are too short.

  67. Pest Rise at current rate may cause potato and bread shortages in UK

    Scientists warning of crop crisis
    The end of the potato?

    The hype above, the paper below

    The global spread of crop pests and pathogens
    Main conclusions
    Despite ongoing dispersal of crop pests and pathogens, the degree of biotic homogenization of the globe remains moderate and regionally constrained, but is growing. Fungal pathogens lead the global invasion of agriculture, despite their more restricted host range. Climate change is likely to influence future distributions. Improved surveillance would reveal greater levels of invasion, particularly in developing countries.

    Is this just climate change, or Climate Change? The text suggests one, the hype the other.

  68. I have friends who continually post about climate change. Is there a set of perhaps 20 – 40 or more updated slides that can be used to expose the top 10 or 20 arguments used by climate change people (i.e. polar bears are dying because of climate change Vs actual data on polar bear populations, extreme weather events increasing Vs actual data). Thanks

  69. How is it possible that a Google search for “climate change contagion” or “climate change catastrophe contagion” doesn’t find those exact phrases?

  70. Paris (AFP) – Sea levels around Antarctica have been rising a third faster than the global average, a clear sign of high meltwater runoff from the continent’s icesheet, scientists said on Sunday.

    Satellite data from 1992 to 2011 found the sea surface around Antarctica’s coast rose by around eight centimetres (3.2 inches) in total compared to a rise of six cm for the average of the world’s oceans, they said.

    The local increase is accompanied by a fall in salinity at the sea surface, as detected by research ships.

    These dramatic changes can only be explained by an influx of freshwater from melting ice, warned the study.

    “Freshwater is less dense than salt water, and so in regions where an excess of freshwater has accumulated, we expect a localised rise in sea level,” said Craig Rye from Britain’s National Oceanography Centre, who led the probe.

  71. This update is a bit old but here it is.
    From WUWT

    “There’s more ugliness like what went on recently with Oregon State University. This professor exposed corruption within the California University system that had ties to the California Air Resources Board’s botched PM2.5 rules. As we’ve seen recently, this PM2.5 regulatory action is so vile that the EPA does unannounced human experimentation.
    From WND:
    What’s academia’s response to a whistleblower who exposes fraudulent research and faked credentials on a panel of experts?
    Fire the whistleblower, of course.”
    “His finding contradicted the opinions of “several senior … faculty members. [Environmental Health Sciences] chair Jackson, EHS professors John Froines and Aurthur Winer, epidemiology and EHS professor Bente Ritz, and Dean Rosenstock have all publicly supported the widely popular – though scientifically unfounded – argument that diesel particulate matter and/or PM2.5 results in increased mortality risks for California citizens.”
    Enstrom then contradicted the other researchers in testimony to the state legislature and further exposed the fraudulent credentials of Hien T. Tran, “a key CARB scientist and lead author of the October 24, 2008 CARB report on PM2.5 and premature death.
    “Mr. Tran’s research report served as the primary public health justification for a new diesel vehicle regulatory scheme approved by CARB … Dr. Enstrom’s statements brought to light that Mr. Tran’s Ph.D. was not awarded by the University of California at Davis as Tran claimed. Mr. Tran subsequently admitted that he purchased his Ph.D. at a cost of $1,000 from ‘Thornhill University,’ a fake institution and Internet diploma mill based at a UPS store in New York.”


    “UCLA professor who was ousted after dustup over CARB science gets trial
    By Charlie Morasch, Land Line contributing writer
    An academic who publicly criticized science at the heart of several major diesel truck rules will get his day in court.

    James Enstrom, an epidemiologist who clashed with the California Air Resources Board over findings about the effects of diesel pollution is suing former officials over his firing from the faculty at the University of California-Los Angeles. Enstrom says his opposition to scientific findings accepted by CARB put a target on his back among department faculty.

    The suit is scheduled to go to trial Nov. 18 in U.S. District Court in Riverside, Calif.

  72. I wanted to link to Crysat2 ice data so I went to the site and found it impossible to find any mention of last years arctic sea ice volume increase. I had to Google WUWT to find it !

    Thankfully your site is here as a reference point but if ESA are hiding the good news maybe questions need to be asked what they are playing at.

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