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Were Late Season Snowstorms and the Long Cold Winter Caused by Anthropogenic Global Warming or a Cold Northern Polar Region?

Image Credit: Remote Sensing Systems (RSS) By WUWT regular “Just The Facts” I recommend that everyone watch this brief Weather Channel segment titled “Blame Climate Change for Long Winter“, the video description states that, “In much of the country this … Continue reading

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Germany Weathers Darkest Winter in 43 Years

“Overly Overcast: Germany Weathers Darkest Winter in 43 Years” It seems that there’s a lot of gloom in Germany this Winter, more so than usual. This article in Spiegel explains why: “The days may be getting longer, but there’s still … Continue reading

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Why are we so bad at long range weather forecasting?

By WUWT regular “justthefacts” In researching the use of tidal forces in long range weather forecasting, I came across an interesting August 30th, 2010 Associated Press/ MSNBC article based on interviews with Farmer’s Almanac Editors Sandi Duncan and Peter Geiger, … Continue reading

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Snowmageddon II: Monster blizzard to bomb New England?

Merry Christmas!  The best numerical weather prediction models in the world have been churning out 5-day forecasts for the past few days that will make someone pull their hair out.  The main question is how far east will the major … Continue reading

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