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BEST, Volcanoes and Climate Sensitivity

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach I’ve argued in a variety of posts that the usual canonical estimate of climate sensitivity, which is 3°C of warming for a doubling of CO2, is an order of magnitude too large. Today, at the … Continue reading

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Argo, Latitude, Day, and Reynolds Interpolation

Guest post by Willis Eschenbach This is another of my occasional reports from my peripatetic travels through the Argo data (see the Appendix for my other dispatches from the front lines). In the comments to my previous post, I had … Continue reading

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N&Z reply to Willis at Tallbloke’s

This is a note to point out that Nikolov and Zeller have written a rebuttal to Willis Eschenbach’s Mystery of Equation 8. They submitted the manuscript to me two days ago, there were some very angry passages in it, and … Continue reading

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New paper from Loehle & Eschenbach shows extinction data has been wrongly blamed on climate change due to island species sensitivity

Guest post by Dr. Craig Loehle Last year, Willis Eschenbach had a WUWT post about extinction rates being exaggerated in the literature. I offered to help him get this published, and it is now out. We conclude that the extinction … Continue reading

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