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Virginia AG loses in Mann-UVA litigation — with prejudice

JunkScience reports: The Virginia Supreme Court holds that the University of Virginia is not a “person” subject to a “Civil Investigative Demand” from the attorney general. About these ads

About these ads
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Status Update on UVA/Mann FOIA legal fight

From ATI, Dr. David Schnare It appears UVA gave Michael Mann a copy of the documents we have sought and under law this means UVA waived its right to withhold the documents from us. UVA effectively admitted they gave the … Continue reading

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Legal exemplars cited in Michael Mann’s UVA email case

Mann alludes to his “dirty laundry” which cannot come out, requesting his correspondent to not pass the email or the data attached to it to anyone else (PE-22). The Environmental Law Center of the American Tradition Institute PRESS RELEASE For … Continue reading

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PEERs rush in: Climate Science Legal Defense Fund

Andrew Revkin reports today on the engagement of Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER) to the Climate Science Legal Defense Fund created by Professor Scott Mandia, aka “Supermandia” as he sees himself in the photo below. From Scott Mandia’s blog-he … Continue reading

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Why I want Mike Mann’s Emails

By Dr. David Schnare N.B., Dr. Schnare is the lead attorney in the UVA-Mann email case. This week Nature Magazine published an editorial suggesting that “access to personal correspondence is a freedom too far” and that Michael Mann, whom they … Continue reading

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Michael Mann wades into the UVA thicket as intervenor

By Chris Horner, ATI Michael Mann made his way back to the Commonwealth of Virginia yesterday to watch his U.S. lawyer reprise the dark conspiracy theories previously weaved throughout his Canadian lawsuit against Tim Ball for repeating the old joke … Continue reading

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Mann Fighting Release of UVA emails on Hockey stick

ATI Statement on Results from Today’s Hearing in Freedom of Information Act Case Against U. of Virginia FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Friday, September 16, 2011 Contact: Paul Chesser, paul.chesser@atinstitute.org Today in Prince William County court Judge Gaylord Finch delayed arguments and the … Continue reading

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Mann fights against freedom of information

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Wednesday, September 14, 2011 Contact: Paul Chesser, paul.chesser@atinstitute.org On September 2, lawyers for Dr. Michael Mann filed requests to allow them to intervene in American Tradition Institute’s Freedom of Information Act lawsuit against University of Virginia, citing Dr. Mann’s alleged … Continue reading

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Mann hires attorneys to halt FOIA document production

From the there’s “nothing to see here and my lawyer says so too” department, we have news that Dr. Michael Mann really doesn’t want those UVA emails to get sunlight. From ATI: ‘Hockey Stick’ Creator Michael Mann Seeks Court’s Help … Continue reading

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ATI press release on the Mann UVA emails

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Saturday, August 27, 2011 Contacts: Paul Chesser, Executive Director, paul.chesser@atinstitute.org Chris Horner, Senior Director of Litigation, chris.horner@atinstitute.org UVA Goes All-in on Climategate FOIA Cover-up By Christopher C. Horner, Washington Examiner, 08/27/11 The University of Virginia has joined a list of … Continue reading

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Mann UVA emails released

Via email I’m getting reports that the American Tradition Institute has a CD ROM of the Mann University of Virginia emails in hand and are evaluating them. They are in a 4.3 Megabyte file consisting of 3,827 pages. Given the … Continue reading

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Mann’s Hockey Stick, Climategate, and FOI – in a nutshell

On the Climate Audit thread, The Vergano FOI Request the irascible Nick Stokes provokes another commenter “mpaul”, to lay out all the history in a simple summary that even Nick might understand. I thought it was worth repeating here for readers who … Continue reading

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Virginia university releases correspondence of professor involved in ‘Hockey Stick’ controversy

Silence from pressure groups deafening; media joins hypocrisy FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Tuesday, May 31, 2011 Contacts: Christopher Horner, chris.horner@atinstitute.org Paul Chesser, paul.chesser@atinstitute.org American Tradition Institute’s Environmental Law Center has learned that George Mason University, in response to a Freedom of … Continue reading

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The new contract sport: Foilball

It seems that doing maneuvers to foil Freedom of Information Act requests has become the new contract sport of both sides of the pond. UEA and Sir Muir Russell have the British team, while Mann and UVA have the American … Continue reading

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Mann UVA case clears a roadblock

It seems the process to get supporting evidence from University of Virginia has overcome a roadblock. From the Virginia Court System: h/t to WUWT reader Laws of Nature Appeals Granted Case KENNETH T. CUCCINELLI, II, ATTORNEY GENERAL OF VIRGINIA v. … Continue reading

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Stronger FOIA law now under review in Virginia

ATI Praises VA House Passage of Strengthened FOIA Law FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Thursday, February 9, 2011 The American Tradition Institute today praised yesterday’s passage of a stronger Freedom of Information Act law in the Commonwealth of Virginia’s House of Delegates, … Continue reading

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Cuccinelli-Mann probe takes a bizarre twist

Wow. In the middle of the battle, the warmists erroneously send up a flare from their position, drawing undue attention to the target. I rather expected a moribund outcome from this investigation, maybe a couple of embarrassing quotes, maybe a … Continue reading

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Yes, Virginia, you do have to produce those ‘Global Warming’ documents

Published on Washington Examiner (http://washingtonexaminer.com) By: Christopher C. Horner, David W. Schnare and Robert Marshall Reprinted with permission from the authors.  Yes, Virginia, you do have to produce those ‘Global Warming’ documents Today, Virginia taxpayers, a state lawmaker and a … Continue reading

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