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John Cook’s new survey – lots of questions, no answers

I and (according to Cook) 50 other blogs (with a supposed 50/50 skeptic to advocate split) have received this invitation: Hi Anthony As one of the more highly trafficked climate blogs on the web, I’m seeking your assistance in conducting … Continue reading

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Skeptical Science conspiracy theorist John Cook runs another survey trying to prove that false “97% of climate scientists believe in global warming” meme

People send me stuff. Even though I’m supposed to be on break, I thought this worth a few minutes to post up. I have redacted the recipient address as well as the exact time stamp, and the suffix code in … Continue reading

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Australian hybrid fish story – Media jumps the shark

Pretty much everyone who has seen this today shakes their head and wonders. I’m wondering too. First, the story which is being serially regurgitated without any thought in media outlets world wide: Please  read this excepted text from the story … Continue reading

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Climate change hype – it’s turtles all the way down under

From the Society for Experimental Biology via Eurekalert, now making the rounds on websites like ScienceDaily, worrisome news that climate change will possibly, maybe, could, put the endangered Mary river turtle in Australia at further risk. Even the author of … Continue reading

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