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Study: Global warming belief tracks the weather

From the University of New Hampshire , comes this explanation of what we observe seasonally in the news, that warming events are inevitably linked to global warming. Climate change beliefs of independent voters shift with the weather, UNH study finds … Continue reading

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University of New Hampshire invertedly overheats soil, and pronounces a climate change result

From the University of New Hampshire comes this press release that made me recoil when I read the methodology involved because it is Mannian-Tiljanderish in the approach. Instead of doing top down heating (as occurs in Nature), they do bottom … Continue reading

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Arctic Death Spiral: no sale – the public isn’t buying

From the Carsey Institute: Americans’ Knowledge of Polar Regions Up, But Not Their Concern Environmental Issues in Polar Regions Are Polarizing DURHAM, N.H. – Americans’ knowledge of facts about the polar regions of the globe has increased since 2006, but … Continue reading

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Americans believe climate change is occurring, but disagree on why

This must be “polarization week” in social science, as this is the second study published this week on political polarization of the global warming issue. See the previous story on WUWT: Democrats and Republicans increasingly divided over global warming ============================= From … Continue reading

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