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Gosh, ‘hidden’ climate change may threaten eelgrass meadows

From the University of Gothenburg , the stuff that keeps some people awake at night. A question; why should we care? And, why should we take any of this seriously when you do things like “We raised the water temperature … Continue reading

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Climate models aren’t good enough to hindcast, says new study

From the University of Gothenburg Climate models are not good enough Only a few climate models were able to reproduce the observed changes in extreme precipitation in China over the last 50 years. This is the finding of a doctoral … Continue reading

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New paper suggests that CO2 ‘…could prove to be our salvation from the next ice age’

From the University of Gothenburg , another head exploder for Joe Romm and company. Carbon dioxide – our salvation from a future ice age? Mankind’s emissions of fossil carbon and the resulting increase in temperature could prove to be our … Continue reading

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Climate negotiations relying on ‘dangerous’ thresholds to avoid catastrophe will not succeed

From the University of Gothenburg , some appearance of sanity. The identified critical threshold for dangerous climate change saying that the increase in global temperature should be below 2 degrees Celsius seems not to have helped the climate negotiations so … Continue reading

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Senseless about sensitivity

The speculative press release below is from the University of Gothenburg.  After having a paper published earlier this year  in Science that argues climate sensitivity might be lower than the IPCC stated in AR4, we have a new press release … Continue reading

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Should the Baltic Sea be taxed for CO2 emissions?

The Baltic Sea contributes carbon dioxide to the atmosphere The Baltic Sea emits more carbon dioxide than it can bind. Local variations have increased the exposure of the Bay of Bothnia. These are the results from a study of how … Continue reading

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