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Amazon rainforest more able to withstand drought than previously thought

From the University of Exeter: New research suggests that the Amazon rainforest may be more able to cope with dry conditions than previously predicted. Researchers at the University of Exeter and Colorado State University used a computer model to demonstrate … Continue reading

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Expansion of forests in the European Arctic could result in the release of carbon dioxide

From the University of Exeter , terrible news: Carbon stored in Arctic tundra could be released into the atmosphere by new trees growing in the warmer region, exacerbating climate change, scientists have revealed. The Arctic is getting greener as plant … Continue reading

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Oh the Entomology! Light pollution “radically altered” environment – making more bugs, more bug predators

From the University of Exeter , some buggy science. Next thing you know, PETA will be campaigning to have us shut off street lighting to “save the insects”. I’m surprised it has taken them this long to figure out that … Continue reading

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Ice capades – Some Himalayan Glaciers Growing, study suggests a negative sea level rise adjustment

I wonder if Rajenda Pachauri will call this “voodoo science“? A previous study by the UC Santa Barbara found that the Karakoram glaciers are mostly stagnating, possibly due to debris, the author said then that: “There is no ‘stereotypical’ Himalayan glacier,” … Continue reading

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NOAA’s Susan Solomon, still pushing that 2 degrees in spite of limited options

From the University of Exeter , more Durban PR rampup: Limited options for meeting 2°C warming target, warn climate change experts We will only achieve the target of limiting global warming to safe levels if carbon dioxide emissions begin to … Continue reading

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Tipping points – easy come, easy go

Yesterday, I highlighted an alarming story from the University of Exeter and East Anglia that saw tipping points behind every rock and tree. Now today comes a peer reviewed study in Nature Geoscience that says no tipping points are expected from … Continue reading

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