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Frog extinction theory is going extinct

Remember this WUWT story?  What frog science can teach us about global warming From UC Davis: National survey finds frog abnormalities rare A 10-year study shows some good news for frogs and toads on national wildlife refuges. The rate of abnormalities … Continue reading

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More Tabloid Climatology – now ‘extreme weather’ killed the Mayans

From the University of California – Davis  and the “seek and ye shall find” department, a stunning example of Tabloid Climatology™ trying to link “extreme weather” with the Mayan civilization collapse. They did get one thing right though with this … Continue reading

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Another IPCC claim contradicted with new science

Remember this story bandied all over the press from 2008? Well, not so fast. In the IPCC  Working Group 2 of the IPCC’s AR4, the “Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability” section here, the idea that plants shift to higher elevations in … Continue reading

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