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Wyoming experiences that “giant sucking sound” as new coal fired climate supercomputer is turned on

Did your lights dim yesterday? It might have been Trenberth’s “travesty calculator”. Readers may recall when I covered the announcement of the building of this new supercomputer: NCAR’s dirty little secret Measuring 108,000 square feet in total with 15,000-20,000 square feet … Continue reading

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Will a new ‘Weather Commission’ be a benefit or a travesty?

This smells like Trenberth’s doings at the behest of Al Gore and his “Dirty Weather” Campaign. If so, then I’m against it, because all this will do is create another bureaucracy loaded with opinionated thinkers sucking up more tax dollars … Continue reading

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“…somebody had to say it”

Dr. Judith Curry writes about the UCAR meeting she attended: Some insight into the dynamics that resulted in a substantial change in emphasis in climate research is provided by a meeting that I attended earlier this week in Boulder:  the … Continue reading

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Trenberth’s missing heat? Look to the deep

From the National Center for Atmospheric Research/University Corporation for Atmospheric Research  an explanation for Global Ocean Heat Content Is Still Flat. Key point from the press release: Observations from a global network of buoys showed some warming in the upper ocean, … Continue reading

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The rain in Spain is mostly from the planes

OK, bad pun, but I could not resist. From the National Center for Atmospheric Research/University Corporation for Atmospheric Research  something related to what we have always said, airports are not a representative environment for climate measurement. Takeoffs and landings cause … Continue reading

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Warm water, cold winters

From California Institute of Technology: Warm water causes extra-cold winters in northeastern North America and northeastern Asia PASADENA, Calif.—If you’re sitting on a bench in New York City’s Central Park in winter, you’re probably freezing. After all, the average temperature … Continue reading

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More Unsubstantiated Global Warming Hype

Guest post by Michael Lewis, Ph.D. The current issue of the elitist “science” journal, Science, contains an article in its “Perspectives” section (not in the “Research” section):  Earth’s hot past could be prologue to future climate | UCAR. Here’s a … Continue reading

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