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Watch yesterday’s blockbuster performance by Dr. Roger Pielke Jr. and Dr. Roy Spencer at Senate climate hearing

Quite a performance yesterday. Steve Milloy is calling it the “Zapruder film” implying it was the day the AGW agenda got shot down. While that might not be a good choice of words, you have to admit they did a … Continue reading

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A Blast From The Past: James Hansen on ‘The Global Warming Debate’ from 13 years ago

Guest post by Floyd Doughty Some years ago when I was investigating the climate change issue in my spare time, I ran across a short article by James Hansen on the GISS website under “Education Resource Materials”, dated January, 1999. … Continue reading

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Postal Service + Wind Farm + Electric Vehicles – What could possibly go wrong?

I would not have believed this had I not seen this come from this idiot’s Senator’s mouth. Take the three most inefficient and subsidized things in government today, add them together, and there’s no way that spells SUCCESS. It does … Continue reading

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We now return you to our regularly scheduled programming

Thanks to all who supported the SOPA/PIPA blackout which was the main page of WUWT for 24 hours. The thread is here, should you wish to comment further. It appears to have been a success, as many dropped support. A … Continue reading

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Canadian Senate Testimony – Skeptic side now being heard in Canadian politics

Mark Thompson submits this story: Now that we have a majority Conserviative government in Canada and the past history of Liberal obfuscation is being erased, the Canadian and the broader world public is now getting a chance to hear the … Continue reading

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Senate vote on restricting EPA GHG regs likely punted till after next week

Senate sources tell me… It appears that nobody wants to “git ‘er done”. There’s been a lot of backroom maneuvering again today, sources say Democratic and Republican leaders conceded they’ll  hold the actual floor debate on an amendment to kill … Continue reading

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Rebuttal to the Climate Rapid Response Team

WUWT readers may recall this story: Pielke Sr. on the gang of 18 letter to congress Now, other scientists have seen that 18, and raised the stakes. Their letter is below: February 8, 2011 To the Members of the U.S. House … Continue reading

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