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National Academy of Sciences: climate models still ‘decades away’ from being useful

From the National Academy of Sciences report A National Strategy for Advancing Climate Modeling: Computer models that simulate the climate are an integral part of providing climate information, in particular for future changes in the climate. Overall, climate modeling has … Continue reading

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Now if we could only get them to stop using the “D” word, they might actually communicate better

From the University of Missouri: Public Acceptance of Climate Change Affected by Word Usage, Says MU Anthropologist Better science communication could lead to a more informed American public. Public acceptance of climate change’s reality may have been influenced by the … Continue reading

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Carbon capture and storage may have the potential for inducing seismic events

From the National Academies of Sciences News: Hydraulic Fracturing Poses Low Risk for Causing Earthquakes, But Risks Higher for Wastewater Injection Wells WASHINGTON — June 15th — Hydraulic fracturing has a low risk for inducing earthquakes that can be felt by … Continue reading

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NRC’s 2011 ‘Climategate’

Guest post by Rud Istvan Excerpted from book in progress Arts of Truth Based on the forthcoming Gaia, Musings on Sustainability © 2012 Rud Istvan   There is a recent example of artful lack of disclosure in the climate change … Continue reading

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California Academy of Sciences pulls the plug on their climate change exhibit

WUWT readers may recall our guest post from Russ Steele in 2009: CA Academy of Science AGW display apparently not very popular Here are a couple of photos from his visit then: That’s one big hockey stick they got there – … Continue reading

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National Academy of Sciences appointee caught “making up stuff” to win lawsuit, RICO lawsuit follows

Watch the video below, it is quite something. Amazing that they were stupid enough to tape themselves saying this much less turn it into a documentary! UPDATE: The legal pleading has been added, link below, quite a read. ————- Excerpt … Continue reading

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NAS makes 4000 science books free for download

The press release … FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE The National Academies Press Makes All PDF Books Free to Download; More Than 4,000 Titles Now Available Free to All Readers WASHINGTON — As of today all PDF versions of books published by … Continue reading

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Demented thinking: Copenhagen didn’t work – but taxes will

This is from a press release embargoed until 00:01 today (it says). I don’t know why, there’s nothing new here, because Nordhaus said the same thing well over a year ago in this Guardian article where he says “taxation is … Continue reading

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